AIESEC in Hawassa EB15/16 application

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e DNAs- AIESEC in Hawassa EB Application Booklet Generation 15/16 May 2015


AIESEC in Hawassa EB15/16 application

Transcript of AIESEC in Hawassa EB15/16 application

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The DNAs- AIESEC in Hawassa

EB Application BookletGeneration 15/16

May 2015

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EB 15/16 Proposedstructure

Role Description:EB member is one of the main representatives of the LC and AIESEC in Ethiopia in a local and internation-al level. He /she is the person who will put the plan and timeline for his /her function and the LC along with the help of other EB members. He /she is a role model to the members, a person who is always available to support and help.

EB members are responsible for creating the LC vision and direction. They are accountable for all opera-tions of LC and LC growth, results and sustainability. EB members are the final decision makers of the LC matters.

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Message from the EB of AIESEC in Hawassa 14/15Dear EB Applicants 15/16 of AIESEC in Hawassa,

First of all we would love to congratulate you in taking this bold big step forward to lead your Local Committee. We would love to also appreciate your initiative in taking ownership of this organization in to leading a big family with a dream of making a positive impact in the society and developing others.

Facing a challenge and finding a solution; seeing your team develop personally and professionally; being challenged by one of your members because he/she wants to know more about AIESEC to develop his/her local chapter; has made me to become one of the hap-piest people on earth. For that reason we remain strong and original in what we do as a team every day which is making positive social impact in the world; and empowering others to develop themselves through this amazing organization. In AIESEC in Hawassa, we are like a big family.

Being an EB is the most challenging experience; intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially that we have ever been through. But at the same time it would remain to be one of the most rewarding, exhilarating in our experiences in AIESEC. It has heped us be more self aware, solution oriented, feel responsible for the world and move always with intention of empowering others. From an expansion to a Local Committee, we have put our commitment and effort to bring AIESEC in Hawassa to where it is today. The aim of such an ex-tensive questionnaire is to give us the opportunity to get to know you as a person and as an ‘AIESECer’. This application will not only al-low you to access yourself but also to prepare you for the position. Treat this application form as part of your preparation process where you can get your mind to think on those big questions and explore the new possibilities and passion in AIESEC.

Finally, We would love to say we are proud of you in your big decision of applying and wish you the best of lucks!

The DNAs For more info: Abiy Ayele : LCP / MaC AIESEC in Hawassa 14/15 - 0911643621Estifanos Mulugeta : LCVP OGX /TM AIESEC in Hawassa 14/15 -0913617978Tsedeniya Zerihun : LCVP iGCDP/ BD AIESEC in Hawassa 14/15 - 0913011500

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Application Criteria

- Full Member of LC Hawassa

- At least 3 months of AIESEC experience

- Committed to serve for a year July1st/2015 – June30/2016

- Leader experience

- AIESEC Knowledge

- Has good understanding of Hawassa & AIESEC’s Vision

- Currently in an active role in the LC

Application Benefits

- Management skills

- Practical Team leader and Team member experience

- Stakeholder management

- Crisis management

- Global network and international relations manage-ment

- Negotiation and sales - Cooperate relations

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Guides & Timeline

- Be as creative as you can be, in how you would like to present yourself, your vision, your ideas etc. through your application form.

- The purpose of this application is not meant to only assess the ability and suitability of each candi-date for the position; it’s also meant as a tool to prepare each applicant for the role, through their intense thinking process and research efforts to live up to what is expected of this application. Approach and ask people! We are here to help you have a better understanding of the current realities.

- It is highly important for you as a candidate to research about the role you’re applying to through meet-ing the current executive board of Hawassa and MC Gursha Revolution, and for the function to whoever works in it. These meetings outcomes hold so much more value than you might research on your own.

- When having a colleague applying with you, help each other out the journey and the process of apply-ing together gives you less nervousness through it all. Have a support team to help you out with this.

- If you don’t understand a question from the questionnaire please approach any EB member.

- No late submission, even by a minute, will be accepted! No excuse!

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1. A CV [A] listing major qualifications and experience of the candidate (no longer than 2 pages). Also include detailed list of your past and current roles in AIESEC and Conferences you have at-tended in the past – max 2 pages

2. Complete answers of the application questionnaire, no more than 20 pages, Font min size 11 [Each Applicant is supposed to answer the General Questionnaire but The specific question goes to specific portfolios. So answer the Specific Questions found in the portfolio you are applying for.]

3. Blank Page challenge [Be Creative] – 1 page

4. A short video clip, no more than 5 minutes to introduce yourself and your motivation to apply for your applied position. upload in you tube and copy paste the link on a pdf document

5. A minimum of 3 Endorsement Letter [From parents, and both from in & outside of AIESEC]

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Upload your application package all together in a .zip or .rar folder till May 21st, 2015, 23:59 GMT+3 By the name: [Ethiopia]_[AIESEC in HAWASSA]_[LCVP 15/16]_ [PORTFOLIO]_[NAME]

And send the link to: [email protected] & [email protected] CC: [email protected] & [email protected]

Make sure every file in the package is in Pdf format. Your Application Form will be automatically invalid if either one of the criteria has been missed. PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK EVERYTHING BEFORE SUBMITTING THE FORM!!


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Section one: personal information

Surname: Date & place of birth:Current Role:Mobile:Skype:Email primary & secondary:

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Section two: AIESEC Experience

1. List Down all the positions you have had in AIESEC. Also briefly elaborate on your contribution/ performance, as well as the main learning you derived from each role. 2. What has been your main achievement and non-achievement in AIESEC in the past? 3. List the Local/ National/ International conferences you have attended and in what capac-ity. 4. What are your three basic learning/ values for life, which you have derived through your AIESEC experience? 5. Describe how your AIESEC journey impacted you as an individual?

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Section three: General questions

1. What is your motivation to stand for EB/LCP position?2. Who are you and why did you decide to run for LCP/LCVP of AIESEC in HU? What are the qualities required for this role & what makes you best suited for this role? 3. What is your vision as a person? And how LCP/LCVP experience will contribute and align with it? 4. Highlight your time commitment throughout the whole of next year (Academic or otherwise). Ideally, how much time should an LCP/LCVP give to his/her role?

5. What are your three most substantial personal accomplishments (non-AIESEC), and why do you view them as such? Provide a candid assessment of your strengths and weaknesses?

6. What is your vision for AIESEC in HU 15/ 16? What legacy would you want to leave behind? Also, frame a mission statement for the LC

7. Describe your leadership style? Explain how your style would be suitable for AIESEC in HU in its current state?

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Section four: specific questions For LCP Applicants1. What inspired you to be EB Team Leader?2. What would be your value to AIESEC if you are LCP?3. List Down the different aspects of the job role of an LCP?4. Describe the role a VPs will play in the LC (around performance & attitude) in 2015/ 16?5. What is your understanding of External Relations and Business Development? What ac-cording to you falls under this portfolio?6. Define a financially sustainable LC. How do you envision AIESEC HU in 2014/ 15 with respect to financial sustainability?7. Analyze the recruitment conducted before. What innovations do you propose in the exist-ing processes to make them even more effective for next year?8. Comment on how you envision the role of Information System in the functioning and ad-ministration of the local committee in 2015/ 16.9. Make SWOT Analysis of your LC?10. What is your strategic plan to conquer the challenges in your LC?11. What do you think are the three main priorities of AIESEC in HU to ensure reaching high numerical goals and sustainable development? What initiatives do you propose for each one?

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Section four: specific questions

For LCP Applicants [contd]

12. Describe your availability in representing your LC in National and International Confer-ences?13. What will be your personal and professional priorities as LCP to be achieved till the end of the contribute for the success and sustainability of your LC?14. Imagine if you are selected as LCP, your LC got in to financial and TM crises and loses its full membership rights, what would be your immediate action to get back to the track? 15. Let’s say one of your EB member quit, what will be your immediate action towards it?16. How will ensure the motivation and the performance of your team till the end of your term?

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For LC VP Marketing and IM Applicants

1. Present a SWOT for AIESEC HU and make your focus IM and Marketing. What will you start, stop and continue? 2. What is the role of a VP IM/Marketing in the LC? What will the LC lose if the portfolio were to be closed and how does it align with the goals of the LC? 3. Present a tangible strategy to ensure that all stakeholders of AIESEC HU are well informed of the ac-tivities and plans of the LC? 4. What marketing tools or strategies would you implement in order to increase exchange numbers during off peak seasons? 5. Asses the current internal communication in the LC. Present what you would do different to ensure better internal communication. 6. For the past two terms, no documentation system was in place in the LC. What effect do you think this has on our activities or growth of the LC and what plan do you have to change it? 7. Describe a successful campaign using GTCM strategy. What will be your MOS and KPIs? (Please be as detailed as possible)8. How will you build a marketing process to create a strong AIESEC brand to drive results? How will this make AIESEC in HU number one choice for intern destination and increase Outgoing exchange. 9. Initiate a new branding project to make a graduate go on GIP. 10. Create poster templates for Member recruitment, EP recruitment, EP testimonial, Intern Testimonial and TMP/TLP program. The posters have to be attached in a separate PDF in the application to be valid.

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For LC VP BD & F&L Applicants

1. Present a SWOT analysis of AIESEC in HU and focus on BD and F. What would you like to start, stop and continue? 2. What is the Value proposition of each of the products of AIESEC in HU and what the specific targets are for each of them? (Please think outside of the box) 3. How can business development team live up to its name in making the LC financially sustainable? 4. Asses the current stakeholder management of the VP BD and present what you would like to change.5. Present a proposal for an AIESEC event that is to be implemented for the first time in AIESEC in Ethiopia. The proposal should describe the event briefly to potential stakeholders.6. Develop a plan to engage the University Administration in our activities as a financial partner. 7. What kind of investments can the LC engage in? Analyze the risks and returns expected? 8. What financial initiatives will you implement in the IM/Marketing, PR/Events and OGX portfolios? 9. Design a budget template and financial reporting template for the LC?

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For LC VP iGCDP Applicants

1. Present a SWOT analysis of AIESEC in HU and make your focus iGCDP? What would you start, stop and continue? 2. What are the opportunities that you have observed regarding IGCDP? What initiatives do you want take up in the term 15/16 in order to capitalize on the opportunities available?3. What new market would you like to utilize regarding TN takers for iGCDP? Include a detailed de-scription of your plan? 4. What is the goal that you envision for iGCDP for the next year (divide by quarter, take into consid-eration the global wave-summer peak, and winter peak, off-peak?) 5. State your three main strategies to scale up the exchange numbers of iGCDP in each season. Include a plan description for each strategies and GCPs.6. What are your initiatives in order to make iGCDP a financially sustainable portfolio? Include a GCP and a detailed description of one of your initiatives. 7. What is the value proposition of GCDP in terms of AIESEC, Market & Member?8. What approaches would you implement for better relation with interns and TN takers? 9. What are strategies you would implement regarding the interactions of interns with AIESEC Ethio-pia?

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For LC VP TM Applicants

1. List Down the different aspects of the job role of an LCVP TM? How does the function contribute to the drivers of AIESEC in HU? 2. What is the relevance of TMP/TLP for Ethiopian youth? What strategies would you implement to en-sure that AIESEC in HU is delivering the ultimate AIESEC experience?3. Present SWOT analysis of the LC and make your focus TM. 4. According to this SWOT analysis, what do you think should be the top three priorities in the Talent management area of the LC? What strategies would you implement and what results would you like to see by the end of your term? 5. Analyze the recruitment’s conducted before. What innovations do you propose in the existing pro-cesses to make them even more effective for your term? 6. What strategy would you implement to ensure a proper and effective members tracking, MEC and LEAD in the LC. 7. How would you asses the LC Meetings in the previous terms? What should AIESEC in HU start,stop and continue with regard.

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For LC VP OGX Applicants

1. Please Present a SWOT analysis of AIESEC in HU and make your focus oGCDP & oGIP. What would you start, stop and continue? 2. What initiatives will you take to scale up the exchange number for oGCDP and oGIP for the next year?3. What is your understanding of synergies between different portfolios? What synergies would you im-plement to improve OGX performance in the LC in 15/16? 4. Give an analysis of the current OGX markets. State the strengths and weaknesses. Design a market-ing strategy using the GTCM model for targeting a new market. 5. Which of the three packaging methods (operational factors, product features and customization) would you use to package oGCDP and oGIP for all our stakeholders involved and why? (You can use more than one method) 6. What are the top 3 benefits of oGCDP from the perspective of Ethiopian youth?

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