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Transcript of ADTECH Project Completion Report Eastern Star Gas Bibblewindi Flowline r · PDF file...


    Eastern Star Gas – Bibblewindi Flowline 32,500m

    Location : Narrabri NSW

    Service : Coal Seam Methane

    Product : Centron® GRE API 15HR Design 500psi 10” (250mm)

    ADTECH FRP Pty Ltd. ACN 073 320 546 1 / 345 Victoria Rd, Malaga WA 6090 , Australia Fax +61 08 9249 3966 Phone +61 08 9262 7000 Email: [email protected]


    Eastern Star Gas – Bibblewindi Flowline 32,500m

    Location : Narrabri NSW

    Service : Coal Seam Methane

    Product : Centron® GRE API 15HR Design 500psi 10” (250mm)

    General Overview

    Design Points for Bibblewindi Gas Flowline

    � The Wilga Park Power Station currently operates 4 x 1MW gas generating sets. The delivered gas will secure gas supply to the existing 1MW generators and allow future expansion of the power station to

    approximately 40 MW.

    � Initially, the flowline will transport 2.5 MMscfd of CSG. The flowline must also have flow expansion

    capacity up to 12 MMscfd, to provide gas as the Wilga Park Power Station generating capacity increases, and so a 250NB selection was made by Eastern Star Gas.

    � The flowline was manufactured to meet API 15HR as referred to by AS2885-1:2007.

    � The flowline is designed to meet ISO 14692-3:2002 as referred to by AS2885-1:2007.

    � Some requirements of AS2885-1:2007 were also met, such as pipeline marker spacing, depth of burial, mainline valves.

    � Eastern Star Gas also requested that the Bibblewindi Flowline be rated and hydrostatically tested at its

    maximum potential, even though the flowline will be operated at a lower pressure. This design

    approach will allow ESG to potentially use the line for another service (e.g. water) in the future.

    � Relevant design information for the Bibblewindi flowline is as follows:

    Design Code ISO 14692-3:2002 as referred to by AS 2885-


    Location Class (to AS2885-1:2007) R1 (Rural) - Buried

    ADTECH FRP Pty Ltd ACN 073 320 546 Unit 1, 345 Victoria Road Malaga WA 6090 Australia Fax +61 08 9249 3966 Phone +61 08 9262 7000

    Email: [email protected] Website:

    The Fibreglass Pipeline Specialists

  • Design Application Saturated Coal Seam Gas

    Design Life 50 years

    Design Pressure (MAOP) 3,000 kPag

    Hydrostatic Test Pressure 4,000 kPag

    Design Temperature -20 to 65oC

    Flowline Length 33 km

    Line Pipe Diameter DN250 (10”)

    Line Pipe Material Anhydride Resin System

    Line Pipe Selection SPH 500 Series

    Manufactured Lengths 9m Male-Female

    Nominal Inside Diameter 246.9 mm

    Wall Thickness: Nominal WT Manufact. Tol. Design WT

    5.2 mm (0.206”) 0.5 mm (0.02”) 4.7 mm (0.185”)

    Nominal Outside Diameter 257.3 mm (10.06”)

    OD of Box Joints 315 mm

    For Comparison Only, the Minimum Req’d Wall Thickness: to API 15HR to AS 2885-1:2007

    4.7 mm 4.0 mm

    Fittings SPH 2000 – UV Gauze Wrap

    O-Rings Buna-Nitrile

    Flanges To ASME B16.5

    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 25.7 x 10-6 mm/mm/oC

    � For Bibblewindi, ISO 14692 was used to provide a thorough assessment of the flowline’s ability to withstand stress in a safe manner. This was done by:

    o Generating a short-term stress envelope on a plot of hoop and axial stress. This was

    achieved by using proven destructive testing techniques whereby a Regression Curve was generated in accordance with ASTM D2992.

    o Further destructive testing (long term) was then used to develop a scaled version of the failure envelope suitable for a sustained 20 year salt water, steady pressure load at a

    temperature of 65oC;

    o Further scaling of the envelope using correction factors, which adjust the test results to

    suit the actual Project conditions; - Design life other than 20 years; - Operating temperature other than 65oC; - A fluid other than salt water;

    - Cycling loading conditions and fatigue;

    o Applying a suitable design factor (Factor f2) to further scale the failure envelope

    depending on the load duration being either sustained or occasional.

    o As a result of this methodology, design envelopes were generated to verify whether the design loads were Acceptable or Not Acceptable.

    o The design loads were determined using all relevant combinations of loads which may generate stress in the GRE pipe wall, including:

    - hoop & axial stresses resulting from internal pressure; - pipe deflection;

    - installation curvature; - thermal loads;

  • - buckling stresses;

    - water hammer; - vehicle wheel loads;

    - and others

    o The following is an excerpt from ISO14692-3:2002 and illustrates how the factored long-

    term design envelope is generated (scaled) from the short-term envelope. o

    � By adhering to the comprehensive requirements of ISO 14692, together with the high hydrostatic test pressure, Eastern Star Gas will inherit a high-integrity flowline system.

  • Adtech Scope of Work

    Engineering Design of Bibblewindi Flowline (3 rd

    Party Validated)

    Logistics coordination: Manufacturing of product

    International Shipping - Australian customs clearance,

    rail to Narrabri, pick up of containers at railhead,

    transport to pipe lay down areas, destuffing of

    containers, pick up and return of empty containers to


    Civil Works ROW preparation through farm land

    (ESG controlled and coordinated 10m forest clearing by local forestry licensed

    contractor as separate contract)

    Directional Drills: Newell Highway and Bohena Creek


    Pipe handling: string out along ROW

    Make up of pipe to Manufacturers specifications


    Backfill of trench & reinstatement

    Gas leak detection survey

    Handover for service

    ROW Preparation. Running parallel to high voltage power line easement (Narrabri Black soil)

  • Productivity

    Adtech’s goal on ESG’s 10” Bibblewindi Flowline was to provide the highest level

    of quality control possible throughout the installation process and set new record

    installation rates with no accidents or incidents throughout the installation.

    To achieve the installation quality control goal all steps in the process, including the

    initial handling of export packed pipe in the 40ft containers, were reviewed starting

    with safe handling practices for personnel and product, as well as productivity.

    To achieve high rates of installation required pipe to be destuffed from containers,

    loaded onto pipe trailers, transported to ROW and off loaded, ready for make up.

    This was critical also when working in a limited 10m ROW. The pipe had to be

    strung out before the trencher had cut the trench or there was no room for the

    stringing crew to enter, turn around and exit.

    Adtech designed and manufactured an extraction system to enable the full 40ft

    container load of 10” pipe to be removed from the container as one operation.

    The pipe could then be removed from the bundles in multiples and loaded onto the

    pipe trailers or stacked. Result was 8 to 10 times faster than individual lengths

    extracted from the container. Less stress on personnel and pipe.

    61 x 40ft Hi-Cube containers delivered to site

  • Unloading and loading multiple pipe joints

    Pipe strung out to keep in front of trencher

  • High Quality Control & Efficiency with Minimal Stress on Crew

    The Patented Adtech Installer makes light work of the 250mm (10”)

    Centron GRE pipe.

    Product is made up to manufacturers specification and then lowered into the trench in same process. Bend radius is controlled during installation and lowering process resulting in minimal stress on pipe.

    Adtech set new productivity installation records everyday on the 10” with best result of 1590m installed in

    1 day (6 crew & equipment) (If the crew had known they were at 1590m mark close to knock off they would have made up 2 more joints

    to get over 1600m. Good crew and good team effort)

    Centron® proprietary dual seal SPH tapered 4 thread per inch sealing thread with back up o-ring

  • Environmental Achievement

    Adtech worked with ESG Engineers and the Environmental Manager over many

    months prior to the project award, assisting in the environmental discussions with

    the Forestry Department and committing to installing the 10” flowline working with

    a 10 meter ROW.

    Approximately 15 kilometres of the flowline ran through the Pilliga State forest.

    Adtech committing to a 10m ROW to perform the installation assisted in Eastern

    Star Gas providing the Forestry Department with the smallest environmental

    footprint possible for the flowline, saving hectares of forest from clearing.

    A Win Win for all.

    Pilliga State Forest