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Abhinav Bhatnagar, LCP Candidates 2014, Manifesto.

Transcript of Abhinav Bhatnagar Manifesto 2014

  • Opening Note

    Rediscovering Grace

    When we were little, we come across these small things that we feel we relate to, maybe a like minded life enthusiast or a hard core academic, someone who wants strive to be the best footballer

    in the world, someone who just wants to be with his family all his life.

    These people, You feel you get them and even they might feel the same for you.

    Sometimes, you come across ideas that you relate to, maybe a political or philosophical point of view

    in a debate or just a video that you saw, a song that you heard that stuck on in your head till day, defined you, made you feel that it was written just for you!

    There can so many such things that youve felt since childhood that come close to your identity, you feel theyre a part of you know.

    So, has it ever happened before, that you saw a way of life that you felt was just You?

    Ever happened that some people drive you more than you thought anyone ever could?

    Ever happened that the need to achieve something became so bad that you ended up giving all you

    had to do it?

    Because I did. And some other smart people around me do it every single day.

    That is the power of this organization, to a certain set of us, it starts making sense, little by little, its not easy to find out what it really does, people sometimes take a couple of years to themselves realize and be able to convince someone else how it works.

    Some understanding of it might come though, through the simplicity with which it claims that it was made for nothing less than to change the world.

    And nothing comes simpler than this, that is its beauty, it churns out leaders day after day and people never even find out that through the course of the hardest phase of their lives, they became

    the strongest of individuals that humankind could ever produce.

    Through the course of that phase, there lay a code, a code which silently but consistently was shaping them up from inside, somehow so beautifully that even they didnt get to know.

    AIESEC is deeper than we think, it runs you on a more holistic level than we can see, buried deep inside lies the code, a code which ones revealed will help us in providing the same experience to

    hundreds and thousands of people. Make more leaders in an year than the world has seen in all its time, make more experiences that an MNC could produce in 10 years.

    So I invite you, on this journey with me, to understand how we can dig out this code, the most

    beautiful secret of our time, the most powerful secret of our lives.

    Hope you join the search for Grace. Abhinav Bhatnagar


    Local Committee President 2014

  • Section A

    Personal Information

    Name Abhinav Bhatnagar

    Address 5659, Duplex, MHC, Mani Majra, Chandigarh

    Telephone 01722735270

    Mobile +918968611344 Email [email protected]

    Academic Information

    Bcom II 49%

    Bcom I 58%

    Class 12th 83.8% Class 10th 88.6%

    Additional Achievements and Experiences

    Attended Football Nationals Training Camp in 2010, was Captain of School, House and Class

    Football team

    Attended the Delhi Photo Festival in 2011

    Won 2nd prize in the Photography Competition of PECFEST 2011

    Attended the Shodh Yatra 2012 in May this year. It is a like TGY but it is in one particular

    district and is on foot; is based on Rural Development

    Attempted Cross-Country in 2012 in June, July this year, travelling across the country in

    General Compartments, living the life of the average Indian


    Football | Travelling | Photography | Video Editing | Music | Gaming

    Section B | AIESEC Experience

    Current AIESEC position Vice President | Marketing

    Applying for

    (if more than one, list according to preference) Local Committe President 2014

  • Section C | AIESEC Experience

    1. List all positions held in AIESEC along with duration of the role. Also briefly elaborate on

    your contribution/performance, as well as the main learning you derived from each role.

    Team Member (Exchange Coordinator: iGIP)

    Duration: 3 Months

    I was barely able to contribute but the team experience of being around similar minded people was

    what made a difference for me. My 1st Team-Leader Subigya Basnet, one of the most simplistic

    leaders Ive ever come across, made it so easy for me to connect despite of having been so different

    than the rest of the members of my team.

    Team Leader (Vice President: Marketing 2013)

    Duration: 1 year

    The difference or the gap was fulfilled when I applied for the executive board for this portfolio called

    Marketing, going back to something that I was passionate about, and the experience turned out to be

    one of the most intellectualy competitive and physically challenging, probably because it was not just

    the role of a strategic head that lay there, but also because there was the position of one of those 13

    leaders who were going to lead an LC.

    The experience of being an EB member of AIESEC in Chandigarh is one of the most envigorating ones

    out there, it challenges you to the core, brings out the best in you and also shows you your worst. I

    would never have imagined going through anything like this ever in my life had it not been day I

    decided to make the call of joining this oganization.

    The team experience of being in a group of 13 motivated individual transforms you, going through

    the same highs and lows living life as if it were a fight undertaken by set of individuals together,

    having come together to the point where we could really look at each other and see SuperHeroes.

    Lost in the

    Crowd Connect

    Knowing myself better

    The Why

    Let's do it now

    The How

    Let's do it now

    The What

    Failures Dissappointment


    Believe 2.0



    Deliver Let's

    make it big

    By making it


  • 2. What have been your main achievements and non achievements in AIESEC in the past?

    3. List the Local/ National/ International conferences you have attended and in what capacity.

    Main AIESEC Achievements:

    1. EBC Experience (Wanderlust)

    2. Strategic Responsibility for Driving oGCDP in Q1

    3. Delivering a strong Q3 and Q4 with my Team

    Main Non Achievements:

    1. EBC Experience (The Reds)

    2. Portfolio State of Q1 and Q2

    3. NTT Application

  • 1. Describe the experience of being a part of the Executive Body of AIESEC Chandigarh. How

    do you think other members on the team would evaluate your contribution to the team &

    LCs organizational direction?

    Being on the executive board of AIESEC in Chandigarh has been a nothing but a privilege, an experience that I

    feel has shaped my AIESEC Journey and will always be the guiding light for me whenever it comes to the core of


    In its essence, I would divide my experience on these 3 lines:

    Value Based Leadership Development:

    Through the course of my EB Term, I established this strong belief that it is nothing but Values that form the basis

    of a Leadership Body or an Individual Leader. Values form over the course of going through a challenging inner

    and outer journey and that is the process that we want every single team and individual to go through in this

    organization. Values pave the way for Greatness more so than any Strategy or focus area, because they guide the

    collective direction of an organization over a longer course of time. When the Value Systems of an organization

    are shaken, it is shaken by its very core, something which needs to be re-built by people who think they are

    worthy of it.

    The Essence of a Team:

    The essence of a team lies in its ability to believe in a common long term stand and the ability to uniformly take it

    forward. Failing in either of the 2 makes it a make or break situation where both people and the organization

    suffer, where we say that Team Experiences drive Organizational Growth. One Leadership stand taken by the

    entire organization together can make us achieve the impossible, provided again, we keep it simple and clear, and

    uniformly take it forward.

    General conduct & behaviour: 6

    Contribution in meetings: 8 Contribution to LC culture: 8

    Communication style: 6

    Understanding of AIESEC: 8 Ability to motivate people: 8

    Marketing/Selling skills: 8 Ability to organise own work: 6

    Commitment towards Job role: 9 Willingness to cooperate: 9

    Performance*: 5

    Crisis Management: 7 Handling pressure: 6

    Assistance to others: 9

  • 2. What are your three basic Learnings/Values for life, which you have derived through your

    AIESEC experience?

    I have always connected to AIESEC values very deeply. Starting from the time I joined, I stayed

    because of my belief in long-term impact generation models and absolute disbelief in short term

    gratification gimmicks. Also the idea of working on someone elses growth and development and

    someone else looking over you, was the second bigger reason that I believed in this organization


    Over the course of time; I realized how these values we call AIESEC Values are the sources of

    guiding light when youre particularly going through a hard time, through a challenging

    environment, through a strong inner and outer journey, they make you see the bigger picture with

    so much ease.

    The problem with us is that we dont stand and stare. How many times do we look back in the day

    and see how many values we followed, for some itll be hard to say that they even followed one, for

    some it might even be that they managed to follow more than 4 out 6, one in a million will be that

    person who might say, he followed all 6.

    We talk more about passion, ambition and growth while we stop even looking at integrity,

    excellence and leadership.

    And that is the challenge, the journey that we undertake, together to make a 800 of those people

    feel like they lived through a leadership experience, ready to change the world with the ideals that

    they just formed here in our beautiful city of Chandigarh.

    I have come to associate very closely with the following 3 values;

    Striving for Excellence:

    I associate very closely to this because I had always felt that I had been a fighter, probably a

    tendency that every boy gains if he was ever close to a sport. Ive faced the hardest of struggle in

    this EB Term, and the feeling of striving continuously, tirelessly never ended, when it did, I knew

    that it would turn out to be the start of something bigger.

    Activating Leadership:

    I figured a little later how satisfying it is to enable an individual to reach an end goal, no matter

    who they are, what they do, how they think, it always feels like the best thing to do even if it takes

    them even a step further.

    Demonstrating Integrity:

    This I think is probably the easiest and hardest part of Leadership. It gets harder when the going

    gets tougher and few manage to stick by it. My experience majorly left me at cross roads whether

    to stick by it because it was getting too difficult too manage, but then you probably need to fall

    once and then rise above. Integrity is hard to find if it hasnt been looked for long enough, when it

    is, it is the simplest to live by.

  • Section D | Motivation

    1. Why did you decide to run for LCP of AIESEC Chandigarh? What are the qualities required for

    this role & what makes you best suited for this role?

    I genuine believe that every individual carries unlimited potential and unlimited power to change the

    world. I believe the same for myself. All it needs is experiential learning. These 3 things coming

    together makes me believe that Leadership can change the world, and that is the thought that makes

    me believe in AIESEC.

    If I think of what I could tangibly do to take a step forward towards that, the idea of delivering these

    life-changing experiences is the best thing that comes to my mind.

    Also, having seen the Local Chapter so closely, in its highs and lows with its strength and

    weaknesses, I feel it brings in me a need to apply, because the learnings I have gone through, I feel

    there is a lot to give back to this place where I learned so much, a lot more to do in the place where I

    could have done so much.

    The Power of an Experience

    The Power of Multiple Experiences

    Change the world

  • 2. Describe your future short-term and long-term career and personal goals. How do you expect

    an LCP term to help you achieve these goals and why now?

    Short Term Goals

    Passion for


    Drive Belief and value Driven Mindsets

    Foresightedness and Clarity of thought

    Driving Actions to build and operationally and organizationally

    strong organization

    Idealism and Righteousness


    Direction and Growth

    Local Committee President 2014

    Completetion of my PG Diploma

    Gain the ideal Leadership Experience

    Go for an internship to

    Morroco,Turkey and/or South


    Beat ManU 6-0 with India on


    Optimize Personal and Professional


    Develop 1 person everyday - Intiate


    Explore Interest

    Training and Developmen


  • Long Term Goals

    3. Highlight your time commitment throughout the whole of next year (till Dec 2013; Academic

    or otherwise). Ideally, how much time should an LCP give to his role?

    Study Advertising from MICA

    Work at Nike in Advertising

    Make Videos like those on Vimeo, Incredible India

    Click Photographs like Steve McCurry

    (Probably on exchange!)

    Study Marketing or Training from Ivy


    Achieve a state of Happiness with

    High Potential and High Growth

    Activate Global Leadership as a Life and Organizational


    My Post Graduate Diploma ends in the April of 2014, post that I do not have any Academic Plans for

    the year, at least physically from Chandigarh. I will aim to complete at least 2 Virtual Courses from

    Coursera, but nothing apart from that. I will start preparing for Management Studies during the latter

    part of the year, since I intend to start studying at MICA from the year 2015, if at all.

    I also aim to follow a strict diet and a workout schedule, with running and swimming being an integral

    part, mental and physical fitness has become important for me again, we can probably look forward to

    an LC Health Drive next year! It is desperately needed.

    An LCP needs to give a 100% time commitment to the role, more so of mind than for the body, with

    most of his/her time being spent in analysis, developing thought to drive the organization, supporting

    his team closely, followed by the management body with his team, followed by the LC with his

    management body.

    An LCP needs to know LC, MC, Program and External Cycles like the back of his hand, and have plan A,

    plan B, plan C which should ideally never come out, since he empowered his Strategic Heads to make

    their own Plans, resources and estimate and fulfil requirements.

    In that sense, an LCP needs to give every single second to his role, just because it takes a lot more

    than it seems to lead an organization of 200 people and deliver a 1000 leadership experiences.

  • 4. What are your three most substantial personal accomplishments (non-AIESEC), and why do

    you view them as such? Provide a candid assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

    5. What is your vision for AIESEC in Chandigarh for the year ahead? What legacy would you

    want to leave behind? Also, frame a mission statement for the LC for 2014.

    To deliver 820 leadership experiences by rediscovering the essence of AIESEC in its purest form, and create 500 responsible and entrepreneurial leaders who are ready to take it forward locally, nationally and globally in the years to come.

    The Vision 2014

    This year will leave behind a legacy of rediscovering the essence of the AIESEC experience, with challenging team and individual experiences to take forward the local chapter and create the strongest leaders for the organization in this process.

    The Legacy 2014

    To achieve high Customer Centricity and Brand Relevance in the market by Internal Core Strengthening of the organization, thereby setting the course of magnanimous growth in 2015

    Mission 2014

    Football Camp

    o A fighters spirit

    o Passion and Strength

    o Sportsmanship

    Success in Photography

    o Purpose

    o Openness to Learn

    o Commitment

    o Perfection and Practice

    Travelling and Exploring

    o Overcoming a challenge

    o Inner Discovery

    o Understanding People, Societies and the Country

  • 6. Describe your leadership style? Explain how your style will be suitable for AIESEC Chandigarh

    in its current state.

    Right now, the LC needs a leader who is mix of Transformational, Charismatic and a

    Bureaucratic Leader.

    He needs to be passionate, inspiring and value driven but should also Lead by Example and guide by

    his Way of Being. He needs to be aligned, driven by simplification, clarity, efficiency and clarity.

    Paternalistic Laissez-Faire





    Passionate & Value Driven

  • Section E | LC Administration

    1. List down the different aspects of the job role of an LCP.

    Governance and accountability

    Being the face of AIESEC in Chandigarh Guarantee the legality and accountability of the Local Committee and ensure

    the education, review and application of the internal legislation - the local


    Representation on National Role

    Representative of the LC in the National and International Association Defining and aligning the year plans according to the National Growth Strategy

    Strategic Direction

    Facilitating the direction, envisioning and implementing the strategy of AIESEC in Chandigarh for the year 2013 leading to 2015

    Nurturing the brand, culture and identity of the Local Committee

    Executive Body Management

    Mentorship of the executive body to reinforce efficiency, accountability and sustainability of operations.

    Being a constant support to the team at all levels.

    Administration and Operations

    Committing to high quality functions and programs , contributing to a remarkable performance of the LC

    Developing and maintaining local BoA and stakeholder relations. Empowering the management of the Local Committee to maintain efficiency

    and propel sustainability.

  • 2.Analyse the trends of the past three years (including 2013) of AIESEC Chandigarh's

    strategic direction (include performance & culture). How do you see the organization

    direction of AIESEC Chandigarh shaping up in the coming two years? Also, give a SWOT

    analysis of the LC for 2013

    Year/Criteria Strategy Culture

    2011 -Growth in


    -Focus on MC

    Contribution in

    terms of






    throughout the


    -Driven by Changing strategies and


    -Evolving LC to 2015

    -Strong MB Culture

    2012 -Sustained



    -High Focus on

    Functions, Talent

    Capacity and



    major successes

    of the year

    -Emotional Connect throughout the


    -People driven by a common goal,

    -High value for Leadership, Purpose

    Driven State for the LC, Resilient

    Management, Relatively high

    member performance,

    -Loss of connect to 2015 due to

    immediate state

  • 2013 -High Volume

    Exchange and






    -L&D and

    Pipeline as focus

    areas in Q3 and


    -Driven by Operational Growth

    -Good office culture in Q2 and Q3

    -Strong conferences and forums

    driving culture but lack of an LC


    -Loss of emotional connect to 2015

    despite of relatively high


    The next 2 years

    Year/Program iGIP oGIP iGCDP oGCDP

    2014 180 75 350 200

    2015 250 120 470 280

    Given the idea of 2015, its targets and strategies, it is clear that the next 2 years need to be about

    growth, but growth in a manner which is defined and sustained. Such growth can only come from

    an equal focus internally and externally. External Market understanding and positioning followed by

    selling and servicing, all of this encompassed by organizational and operational Growth.

    It will also be about rediscovering AIESEC, the essence of AIESEC, the idea of 2015, the idea of

    transformative Leadership changing the course of impact that we as an entity are going to create in

    the city till 2015.

    It will be about team experiences driven by team purpose, team missions collectively coming

    together to deliver 2000 leadership experiences creating an impact across all organizations or

    individuals that might come in the way.

    It will be about discovering the direction that we need to take as an ideal local chapter, that we

    need to take to pioneer across the global network.

  • 3. What focus areas do you propose for AIESEC in Chandigarh in 2014? Give action steps that

    will contribute to these focus areas.

    4. Propose the organizational structure that you plan to follow for the next year including the

    middle level management, functional roles as well LC entities

    The Focus Areas for 2014 will be defined on the line of:

    Achieving 100% growth by simplicity and rediscovering AIESEC

    Action steps

    Improving Client/Customer Experience, building loyalty in the external market

    Improving Delivery Rate and Reducing Delivery Time by right positioning, right

    raising, right expectation settings, optimizing IR building and OS evolution to

    serve stakeholders as independent products and sub-products

    Increasing efficiency, affectivity and flexibility internally with functions evolving

    as sub-systems inside individual portfolios

    Increasing Conversion Rate by client delivery, servicing and engagement.

    Evolving External Positioning according to the new products and strategies

    Going into phase 1 of Engagement and Servicing

    Documentation according to previous data from existing customers.

    Board, alumni and existing customer engagement and support.

    Gaining Market Sense through external feedbacking and surveys.

    Driving documentation along standardized parameters so as to provide a strong

    base for growth.

    Internal Core Strengthening as the basis for the above 2 (Building Operational and

    Organizational Strength)

    Revising Program Definition for the LC

    Defining Key Focus Areas, Strategies, Key Activities for each Program along the

    lines of integrated functional understanding and implementation independently

    and focus on external positioning

    Defining key synergy points for programs and functions, building Q1 OS and

    initiating Training with the same

    Implementation of L&D to empower individual teams to deliver high

    performance as well as providing a flexible environment for them to innovate

    according to their clients needs


  • Key Changes in the Structure:

    The structure has been evolved to a 2 tier OS with Independent Product Responsible

    and Senior Body Members in the management body level.

    iGIP has been divided according to Sub-Products being handled by Team-Leaders and

    Markets being overlooked by Senior Body Members.

    iGCDP has been divided into Projects being handled by Team-Leaders and Issues being

    overlooked by Senior Body Members; a similar OS with the existing OC structure will

    evolve into the same; the only difference being the time based nature of some of the


    oGCDP has been divided according to geographical markets and sub-markets with

    independent processes being handled by each team separately thus bringing in

    accountability for its overall functioning.

    oGIP follows a similar structure because there still needs to be utilization of the existing

    market in terms of raising.

    Marketing and BD have 1 senior body member according to the need of the focus

    areas and strategies to be driven for the same. These will ensure synergy in terms of

    strategy and lead generation for the exchange departments in all their respective areas

    of functioning.

    Finance, TM and CIM have Managers according to Programs, senior body members will

    need to be there if the portfolios have excess information and operations to track and

    strategy to drive.


    VP iGIP (1)

    SB Market 1

    TL Sub Product 1

    TL Sub Product 2

    TL Sub Product 3

    SB Market 2

    TL Sub Product 1

    TL Sub Product 2

    TL Sub Product 3

    SB Market 3

    TL Sub Product 1

    TL Sub Product 2

    TL Sub Product 3

    VP oGIP (1)

    TL Marketing

    TL IR

    VP iGCDP (1)

    SB Issue 1

    TL Rising India

    TL Rural Developmen


    TL iCAN

    SB Issue 2

    TL Conserve

    TL Footprints

    TL Worldview

    TL Healthcare

    VP oGCDP(1)

    SB Market 1

    TL Sub Market 1

    TL Sub Market 2

    TL Sub Market 3

    SB Market 2

    TL Sub Market 1

    TL Sub Market 2

    TL Sub Market 3

    VP Marketing

    SB Brand Positioning

    Manager Social Media

    Manager OGX

    Manager ICX

    VP ER and BD

    SB Sales

    Manager ICX (project selling)

    Manager ICX (NEP)

    Manager CRM and

    other Sales

    VP TM

    Manager OGX

    Manager ICX

    VP CIM

    Manager OGX

    Manager ICX

    VP Finance

    Manager OGX

    Manager ICX

  • 5. Give an activity calendar of AIESEC in Chandigarh for the year 2014.

    Events Timeline Objectives

    Managing Body Summit January Presenting EB and

    Senior Body Plans to

    the MB, Preparing LC

    Direction and Major

    Growth Strategies,

    Training and L&D

    Review Defining

    Individual Product and

    Project Plans

    Recruitment January-February Pocket Recruitment to

    fill Talent Capacity as

    per MB Plans

    oGCDP Promotions and

    iGIP Raising Drive

    February Initiating

    implementation of Q1

    strategies by focusing

    on right positioning

    and selling

    Internal Stakeholder


    End of March/April To bring major

    stakeholders together,

    EPs Interns, Alumni

    together, showcase Q1

    for AIESEC in

    Chandigarh, creating

    pool for growth from

    the same

    CSR Summit (Pre Event

    and Post Event)

    End of June and

    Beginning of July

    To Deliver Q1 of

    Project Selling and

    other BD/ER Clients,

    Used as a platform for

    Branding iGCDP

    Projects, Strong OC


  • MB Summit Mid July Revising Q1 and Q2,

    Looking ahead

    towards Q3 and Q4,

    Planning for the same

    July Local Congress End of July Revisiting Q1 and Q2

    with the MB,

    Presentation of Plans

    to the GB

    Recruitment Beginning of August to

    Beginning of


    Filling Talent Capacity

    for Q3 and Q4,

    Delivering Strong OC


    October Strategic


    Beginning of October Road to 2015, journey

    of 2014, Assessing

    final growth path of


    Corporate Conclave November To promote final drive

    for NEP and iGIP, Used

    as a platform to brand

    GIP as a brand,

    service all BD/ER


  • 6. Critically analyse the culture of AIESEC in Chandigarh. What aspects of the current culture

    will you retain and what aspects will you change in the coming year? How do you plan to

    do the same?

    Culture in 2013

    - Operational Growth in

    terms of Individual


    - Operational Processes

    have been strong

    - Decently empowering


    - Conferences a highlight

    -Resilient Leadership and

    Management Body

    - Resilient Leadership and

    Management Body


    Understanding driving

    growth; Synergy

    A Collaborative


    Proactivity and


    A global environment

    (TMP/TLP+X and


    -Intern and Member


    -Overall LC Culture

  • Culture in 2014

    Retain Add How?

    Operational Growth driven by

    strong department culture

    and Strong Operational



    strength as the

    biggest driving




    Value Based



    Consistent direction, Constant Alignment throughout

    leadership and management body, Conferences and Forums

    Building strong Talent Management Practices inside

    departments, Culture comes directly and naturally though

    X+TMP/TLP TMP/TLP+X and Alumni engagement

    Conferences and Forums Operational

    Growth driven

    by functional


    OS Evolution, Functions acting as subsystems inside individual

    departments with strategic support from functions, team

    experiences being driven by an entrepreneurial outlook, L&D

    as a tool to boost the same

    Resilient Leadership and

    Management Body

    Reviving the



    spirit strongly

    driving culture

    IXP and




    Intern Engagement Plans

    A culture of



    support and

    proactivity, a

    culture of



    Basic Lead Sensing and Lead Planning, Value Based Approach,

    Independent and Entrepreneurial Outlook driving Effective

    Leadership, Timely achievement of plans driving work

    satisfaction and mutual relationships, Strong Support approach

    and processes from the leadership and L&D

  • 7. Describe the role a VP will play in the LC (around performance & attitude) in 2014.

    8. Propose a Governance & Accountability model for the LC for the year 2014.


    The Governance & Accountability Model of 2014 would be based on programs delivering experiences

    to their customers in the right manner by effectively tracking utilization of functional processes and

    A VP will play the following the role in the year 2014 :

    According to Performance:

    As a product responsible, he will be solely responsible with his team for the growth of his

    product working on aspects of Product Development, Packaging and Selling, Market Understanding

    and Research, Branding the product as a whole and seeing the financial viability of the same.

    As a strategic head, he will only cater to the overall functioning of the product with regards to

    the external and internal market.

    He will also be responsible for guiding behaviour of the department in regards to the product and

    the learning curve of his/her senior body members, team leaders and members in accordance to the

    skills and development that GIP and GCDP develop build in the TMP/TLP Program.

    He will be responsible for balancing resources, talent and finance, according to the needs of all


    As an EB Member, he will play the role of the ideal EB member, driving events as a coordinator,

    conferences, forums and summits as conference manager, agenda manager and facilitator.

    According to Attitude

    He will play a role in thought and directional assessment being part of a decision making authority,

    overall and product strategy creation, defining ambition, goals and targets, and will all of these,

    driving all of the above 3 in all teams he is responsible for, play the bigger role in defining the

    course that this LC needs to take it to where it deserves to be, a giagantic force that contributes,

    pioneers and becomes the support system in the national network by working passionately for the

    LCs 2015 vision, selflessely for the experiences of his and his members and the stakeholders that

    he engages.

  • independancy of the units functioning as Products, Sub-Products, Projects or Markets.

    Basic Framework

    The framework will incorporate basic exchange targets plus functional performance for eg Member to

    Exchange Ratio in case of TM, No of Stakeholders engaged in case of Marketing, Percentage of

    Recievables collected in terms of finance, Project selling appointments done in case of BD and

    Dcumentation Procedures followed in case of CIM.

    Focus Areas and Tracking

    The Governance and Accountability Model will also be based upon focus areas of the year decided,

    for eg, Learning and Development, Financial Sustainability and NPS etc. The same will be created and

    tracked by Special Task forces created within the senior body for these specialized areas.

    9. According to you, what role will AIESEC play in the city of Chandigarh as an International

    Youth Organization in 2015? In context to this, how will the year 2014 count to the

    progress to the same?

    2015 for Chandigarh

    We will be the most credible and diverse youth voice in the student sector by extending

    our outreach to deeply penetrate Chandigarh and surround regions.

    We will be recognized for building leadership, which as a product will start holding value in

    the city, with us providing the maximum amount of TMP/TLP and Exchange opportunities

    in the city, via which we will easily become a monopoly for providing leadership

    experiences in the city.

    We will be known for generating cross generational impact on the society by engaging

    more and more people under the TMP/TLP program and by providing a high quality AIESEC


    2014 for Chandigarh

    We will grow our scale of operations to cater to wider markets for all programs thereby

  • becoming the youth voice of the city

    We will build loyalty among our customers there by creating a strong base for us to

    penetrate the market and increase our client base.

    We will build and improve our processes to provide high quality AIESEC Experiences and

    thereby create cross-generational impact on the society.

    Section F | Programmes

    1. What will be the changes that will leverage the volume of AIESEC in Chandigarh ELD

    Experiences in 2013? How are these connected with the external environment?

    Program Evolution Proposed Top 3 strategies Relevance with

    External Market

    iGIP Board & Alumni

    engagement for


    Understanding and

    Expansion as a

    measure for

    calcualated growth

    GIP Branding

    Brand Positioning

    Process Optimization

    External Brand

    Relevance for iGIP,

    Value-Based Delivery

    oGIP Branding YGIP

    through effective

    collaboration, content

    generation and

    showcasing impact

    Process Mapping for

    effective Marketing

    Content Generation

    for Branding YGIP

    Uniform and

    dedicated IR building

    Brand Outreach for

    the Product of YGIP

    iGCDP Project Selling via

    proper packaging


    Sustainability through

    project budgeting

    planning and selling

    IR Building though

    continuation of Open

    Heart with process

    mapped content


    Project Branding for

    increasing the

    relevance for iGCDP

    as a product and

    support growth of



    Sustainability driving

    better experiences,

    better delivery,

    helping Upscaling,

    branding issues,

    increasing outreach,

    resulting in more


  • oGCDP Market Segmentation

    according to

    geographical division,

    independent units

    working to provide

    more experiences

    Marketing synergy

    driving growth,

    Implementation of

    Campus Units

    according to new OS,

    OGX Based Events

    driving ELD

    Conversion to OGX,


    showcasing impact


    implemented across

    all teams

    Better Delivery for

    EPs, Brand


    TMP OS Evolution driving

    growth in GIP GCDP

    Entrepreneurial Units

    acting independently

    to achieve optimum

    utilization of

    functional strategies,

    Performance tracking

    and Appraisal with

    L&D implementation,

    Predefined Job-Roles

    based on Program

    Behaviour and



    Value of AIESEC

    Experience more

    externally relevant,

    Brand Strengthening

    in the student sector


  • 2. Please give your (probable) targets for the next year. Please justify the same, especially

    along the lines of:

    Portfolio Project Project Target Portfolio Target


    Issue Health and Lifestyle 65


    Issue Cultural Understanding 40

    Issue Equal Rights 80

    Issue Poverty Reduction 65

    Issue Environment 50

    Issue Economic Growth 30


    Sub Product Marketing 60


    Sub Product IT 35

    Sub Product Business



    Sub Product ET 75


    In-Bound 60

    200 Out-Bound 80

    Expansions 60


    Education 15

    50 Marketing & Communication (Mgt) 10

    IT 15

    Alumni 10

    TMP 2000

    TLP 500

  • Volume

    (According to Backward Planning)

    Floating Membership: 200

    No of TMP: 2000

    No of TLP: 500


    (Experiences will be clearly enabled on 2 major aspects)

    Program behaviour: Experience that TMP and TLP promise to provide under GCDP and GIP will be tracked according to the same parameters along with national and global guidelines.

    Leadership Role: Experience that a GB, MB and EB role promise to provide according to the leadership development of an individual will be tracked according to specified parameters.

    There will be proper definition and differentiation of GIP GCDP TMP and TLP roles according to

    responsibilities, requirements and learning curve achieved in the beginning of the year and all program

    heads will work towards building the same competencies throughout the year.

    This will help in uniform delivery of TMP/TLP experiences by enabling us to understand lead sensing and

    enabling us to implement leadership development at all levels across all programs.

    Tools to Implement the above:

    Structured Long Term TM planning in the beginning of the year integrated within departments

    Building an L&D Plan for the same supporting both in terms of Operational, organizational and

    Individual Growth

    X+TMP/TLP, TMP/TLP+X, IXP, Reintegration and CEED to be brought in as a culture with proper

    structure and support

    Specialized EB and MB Training and Development a focus from the beginning of the year

    Review Mechanisms and PGSs be structured within departments and with the TM Cell as need be

    Proper focus on competency and skill based Recruitment

  • a. Logistical Management


    (Trainee House Needs)

    Trainee House Outsourcing to be responsibility of VP Finance & VP ICX, increasing to 5

    Trainee Houses by the end of 2014

    Quality Task Force to be formed inside ICX departments that would cater to Trainee and

    Landlord and other stakeholders needs. VP ICX to ensure effective documentation and tracking of complaints, have the task force be enabled with training and resources to


    Office Culture

    (Building an Environment)

    Office to be arranged for by the end of Quarter 1 and Beginning of Quarter 2 to boost understanding, engagement and performance with OS Evolution.

    Implementing workplace ethics, creating an enthusiastic and flexible environment with

    the same, supported by logistics to initiate a new work culture drive in the LC.

    Logistical management

    (Small Logistics)

    Building and maintaining a pool of reusable logistics with the LC, ensure Logistical

    Management within departments with an end responsible, doing the same LC logistics by

    the finance department

    Having standardized LC and Internal Departmental processes for Logistic Management,

    using basic tracking for the same.

  • b. Stakeholders Experience Delivery

    d.University Clients

    (University Support Groups)


    Please refer to part (a).


    Please refer to part (a).

    Corporate Clients

    (Driven towards Increasing Customer Loyalty)

    Reducing Delivery time for each client and increasing delivery rate for each

    client by data analysis and interpretation for reducing matching time.

    CRM Process Mapping and Implementation for physical and virtual engagement

    for all Clients and Customers.

    Virtual Engagement and Communication Plans involving content generation for

    newsletters, photos and videos.

    Event Participation in the Corporate Conclave as part of the CRM Package.

    Taking forward University Support Groups with fixed engagement plans created and

    standardized by the oGCDP department.

    Investing in Gift Packages for University Contacts, eg Mementos, Trophies or any other token

    of thanks as a gesture.


    Regular Physical and Virtual Media Engagement through newspaper articles, logo spaces,

    pictures etc integrated into the showcasing module.


    Reintegration plan for EPs till the point of allotment

    Delivering Pre Scheduled and Pre Prepared EPICs like we deliver our own conferences, with a

    specified agenda and effective delivery

    Engagement through showcasing module


    Defining delivery mechanisms and task forces within teams and proper training of delivery


    Intern Engagement Plan defined in the beginning of the year and implemented throughout.

    A minimum of 25 Trainee events to be planned through the year to engage 350 trainees.

    Minimum MoS to be set as 1 trainee having attended at least 1 trainee event.

    Engagement thorough showcasing module.

  • e. International Relations

    3. How important is the integration of Net Promoter Score in evaluation of our Program

    Delivery? What are the action steps that you propose leading to better delivery of our


    4. Propose key synergy areas for GCDP & GIP, and how it would lead to growth of GCDP & GIP.

    Sensible Demand and Supply Analysis

    Promotion of

    Continuation of Strong Internal Marketing Campaigns with Content Generation and Showcasing

    integration of national resources with the same

    CEED, IXP, National Conferences

    EP Task Forces

    Focus on Co-Delivery to build long term IR

    Net Promoter Score distinguishes our customers on the basis of Promoters, Detractors and Passive

    Customers. It is the driving factor behind growth because we as an organization have reached a

    saturation point in terms of delivering quality experiences with the kind of knowledge that we have 1st

    hand access to. NPS involves Data Analysis and Intrepretation to give us the exact areas that we need to

    focus on in providing quality experiences to all our stakeholders. It gives us a basis for strategy

    formulation along the lines of customer experiences without which we would not be able to grow.

    Following are the action steps

    OS Evolution forming a base for improved stakeholder servicing

    Prejoct Delivery Model to be standardizaed according to the TN Taker

    Reduction in Delivery Time and Increase in Retention rate by Optimized Matching CIM in process optimization

    Supply Demand Management

    Effective IR Building with constant content generation focussed on LC-LC Partnerships

    Improved IM processes to engage clients better

  • Be as elaborate as possible.

    Project Primary



    Portfolio 1


    Portfolio 2

    Timeline Final Results from


    Budgeting & Tracking,


    tion of Contracts,

    Investment Module

    Finance All Exchangers CIM Through the year

    Better tracking, All books in place,

    Better investments

    driving growth, Increased ROI,

    Better processes, Legalization,

    Professional and Accountable

    Project Primary Porfolio

    Supporting Portfolio 1

    Timeline Final Results from Project


    n & BI Reports

    CIM Marketing Throughout the


    Standardization of

    Documents and Visual materials to be

    presented to externals

    Project Primary


    Supporting Portfolio


    Timeline Final Results from


    Knowledge Management


    Communication as a


    CIM All Exchangers Through the Year

    Database of all the Documents Recorded. A

    maintained, updated

    documents wiki # of files stored on

    Podio, Myaiesec.net (all operation recorded)

    Internal Communication,

    Feedbacks, Processes

    Optimized, Legalization.

    Project Primary Porfolio

    Supporting Portfolio 1

    Timeline Final Results from Project



    TM CIM Throughout the


    Delivery of Resouces

    and Learning to the membership to

    achieve Organizational goals

    Project Primary Porfolio Supporting Portfolio 1 Timeline Final Results from Project

    Recruitment TM Marketing February, August New Members in the LC | Brand strenghtening

  • Project Primary Porfolio Supporting Portfolio


    Supporting Portfolio 2

    Timeline Final Results from Project

    Project Selling

    iGCDP BD Marketing End of the year

    Projects from iGCDP/iGCDP as a

    product being sold | Contribution to

    Footprints corpus

    Project Primary



    Portfolio 1


    Portfolio 2

    Timeline Final Results from



    TM oGCDP February/August

    Integrated Expeience to EPs

    Project Primary



    Portfolio 1


    Portfolio 2

    Timeline Final Results from


    Campus UNITS

    oGCDP TM Marketing Throughout the Year

    Different campus Unit resulting in

    more raises and experience delivery

    Project Primary



    Portfolio 1

    Timeline Final Results

    from Project

    Showcasing Impact and Social Media

    Marketing All Exchangers July - September

    Brand Strengthening |

    Credibility | Online EWA

    (COW) | Engagement of


    Stakeholders | Strong

    Promoters of AIESEC

    Project Primary Porfolio Supporting Portfolio 1 Timeline Final Results from Project

    UR Marketing oGCDP August - october ELD Conversion - Establishing brand in internal Campus -

    Initiating Education support


    Project Primary Porfolio Supporting Portfolio 1 Timeline Final Results from Project

    AM TM oGCDP Year long oGCDP Conversions from AMs

  • Section G | Functions

    External Relations

    1. What is your understanding of External Relations and Business Development? What all

    according to you falls under the purview of the portfolio?

    2. Give your (probable) ER target for the next year. Justify the same, considering the ground

    realities faced in the LC in 2013.

    External Relations and Business Development collectively provide a pool of

    resources to the organization to grow in terms of its operations as well as


    Following are the key activities of External Relations and Business Development


    Raising money according to previously packaged products via sponsorships and other


    Striking business partnerships for exchange

    Alumni Relations and Board Engagement, Support and Utilization

    CRM or Customer Relationship Management across the Local Chapter

    ER Target: Rs 15,00,000

    Following were the major bottlenecks of 2013

    Lack of Product Packaging

    Lack of Market Knowledge

    Inability to capitalize on Hospitality and Education

    Low capitalization of IT Sector

    Delivery of Events not a focus area

    Lack of Utilization of existing clients and Upscaling

    Lack of Utilization of NEP in Q1 and Q2 but strong growth in Q3

    Following are the ways we can achieve our ER target in 2014:

    Proper Product Packaging in the beginning of the year along with extensive Market


    Focus on NEP as a major fund raising source

    Customized Product Selling according to the needs of the Client

    Focus on the IT sector and partly on the hospitality and Education sector for both NEP

    and Fund Raising

  • 3. What sources of revenue do you propose that will bring in regular income to the LC (apart

    from direct exchange programs)?

    Financial Management

    1. Describe your understanding of the role of Vice-President Finance in the LC.

    We as an organization with a major outreach in all sectors and a multitude of products to offer can

    provide extensive deliverables to the external market. The focus should be on packaging and

    customized selling. Following are the avenues where we can sell from:

    Event Sponsorships

    Finishing Strong | 25th Year | Alumni Event

    Annual Stakeholder Events

    CSR Summit | Balakalakar 2014

    Youth Corporate Conclave 2014 | Youth To Business Forum

    Packaging Operational Activities

    GCDP Project Selling

    oGCDP Promotion Programme


    Youth Empowerment Plan

    Intern Engagement Events

    EPIC Programme Plan

    Stakeholder Databases

    Packaging LC Activities


    General Body Meetings

    Management Body Meetings

    Executive Body Meetings


    LC Days



    Implementation of Finance as a sub system:

    Tracking of Project Budgeting and Overall LC Budgeting

    Creating and Tracking Financial Policies, Strategies and Focus Areas

    Reviewing financial accountability, setting mechanisms to track and review the same

    Timely overview of Cash inflow and outflow

    Setting Governance procedures to ensure smooth flow of finances and ensuring overall


  • 2. Define a financially sustainable LC. How do you envision AIESEC Chandigarh in 2014 with

    respect to financial sustainability?

    A financially sustainable LC is that state of an LC where it is sustainable in terms of its short and long-

    term financial strategy, and ensure that all incomes, expenditure, investment and savings are

    regulated to ensure growth driven by Profitability.

    Characteristics of a Financially sustainable LC

    Fixed Deposit of more than 2,50,000 at all times

    Bank Balance of more than 1,50,000 at all times

    Short Term and Long Term financial strategy in place with an aim to help the LC grow by

    investing and sustain by saving

    Standard financial processes in terms of planning, timelines and profitability models

    Standard review and tracking mechanisms, timelines as to collection and transfer set

    Proper Documentation at program levels and at an LC level

    Constantly Trained membership and Leadership to take forward financial policies and


    Zero Debt, Liabilities or Receivables at quarterly periods

    Strong ROI Plans for all investments to be made short term and long term

    Financial Sustainability for 2014

    Defined exchange, ER, expenditure, investment plans from the beginning of the year

    Programs equipped with Training, resources and documentation to take forward their

    independent plans for growth

    Every program becomes a self sustainable unit, thereby making the local chapter move from

    financial sustainability to financial growth and prosperity

  • 3.What long-term action steps do you propose that will prevent the LC from facing a similar

    financial situation as it did in the previous year?


    Inflow- iGCDP- Rs 8,00,000

    oGCDP- Rs 18,00,000

    iGIP- Rs 21,00,000

    oGIP- Rs 8,00,000

    BD- Rs 13,00,000

    Outflow- iGCDP- Rs 7,00,000

    oGCDP- Rs 3,60,000

    iGIP- Rs 3,60,000

    oGIP- Rs 1,00,000

    Misc- Rs 4,00,000 (conferences, subsidies, RnR)

    Talent Management

    1. What is your understanding of the distinction between TM as a function and TM as a

    program? Evaluate the performance of both in 2013.

    Long-term action steps to ensure financial sustainability and growth

    Empowering iGCDP to become financially sustainable by project planning and


    Initiating Long term program planning by the EB in support with the SB/MB

    Corpus: 1.80000 800000

    Bank Balance 100000 1.50000

    Working for Client Retention in all programs

    Up scaling with existing clients by better delivery and CRM

    Sustained growth in all programs in terms of expansion

    CIM strengthening and evolution in programs

    Building infrastructure to sustain high operations and synergy

    ER Partners to build infrastructural support

    Standardizing control, tracking and review. Governance and accountability models.

    1. Attach an outline budget with respect to your ELD program targets, including ER income

    from events, collaborations etc.

  • The Difference

    Talent Management (As a function)

    Talent Management (As a Program)

    Recruitment Allocation, Induction and Training

    Learning and Development Performance Tracking and Appraisal

    Contribution to GCDP GIP Implementation of Team Experiences

    Alignment to TMP/TLP Principles

    Performance of the Portfolio

    Talent Management (As a function)

    Talent Management (As a Program)

    4 recruitments done throughout the year; 2 major and 2 pocket recruitments

    High Contribution to GIP GCDP by TLP; Very less contribution from TMP; Low

    member engagement; lack of retention

    Allocation and Induction focus areas for

    August Recruitment, Training also worked out for August recruitments

    Membership Crunch due to lack of

    member retention and haphazard recruitment; pressure on TM as afunction

    Lack of Member Engagement and retention from programs brought in the

    need for 2 extra cycles of recruitments; putting pressure on allocation induction

    and training in both cycles

    Need assessment of Membership has been low; Team Experiences need to be

    more holistic

    Learning and Development a focus area

    for Q3 and Q4, implemented majorly in Q4, working out well

    Alignment to TMP/TLP Principles has

    been low due to lack of understanding of TM as a program

    Performance Tracking and Appraisal has been problem with lack of tracking

    procedures in place and delay in synergy

    with exchangers

  • 2. Analyse the recruitments conducted this year. What innovations do you propose in the

    existing processes to make them even more effective for next year?

    Recruitments in 2014

    January Recruitments Pocket Recruitments

    No of People recruited: 30

    No of registrations: 120

    Source of Recruitment: Social Media

    Retention Rate: 60% (relatively high)

    Poor induction and training

    Wanderlust (Exchange Support+OGX OC) (Recruitment plus oGCDP raising)

    Source of Recruitment: Campus Promotions and Social Media

    No of people recruited: 30

    No of Raises for OGX: None

    Retention rate: 20% (Very Low)

    Poor induction and training

    May Recruitment (No OC) Pocket Recruitment

    Source of Recruitment: Social Media

    No of Registrations: 75

    Conversion Rate: 30% (Low)

    No of people recruited: 20

    Retention Rate: 25% (Very Low)

    Poor induction and training

  • August Recruitment (The Reds)

    Major Recruitment (Focus Area)

    Source of Recruitment: Social Media, Campus Promotions, Word of Mouth, YE, Empower No of Registrations: 1600 (including online)

    Conversion rate: 60% (Low)

    No of people recruited: 116

    Retention Rate: 75%

    Good Induction and allocation; Lack of Training

    Major Problems for Recruitments in 2014

    Poor conversion rate because of lack of proper sales training

    Lack of Proper Packaging and late in timelines in the case of Wanderlust; Lack of a proper

    OC Experience due to unorganized structure and lack of direction

    Tracking and Conversion of registrations and form sales a major problem

    Social Media conversion has been low due to lack of tracking, engagement and follow up

    Innovations Proposed for 2014:

    Recruitment to be done only twice an year with programs and EB focusing on member

    engagement, retention and growth in membership learning curve Recruitment be done only in batches of more than 120; at the minimum

    Campus Promotions and Word of Mouth to become a major strategy for effective


    Timely Product Packaging, Market Research and Selling so as to be able to make

    investments and generate profit IM processes to be stronger in OC Culture

    Market Segmentation to be done according to requirements

    Proper Promotion timelines to be followed

    Proper Packaging to be done along with OC training by LTT

    Proper Finance Tracking

    Synergy and timelines between promotions and selections to be decided

    Phase wise promotion and selections for separately clustered colleges

    Timely and focused induction

    Focus on skill based allocation so as to improve retention rate and followed up with

    strong training

  • 3. Propose learning & development plan for 2014, and how would lead to evolution of

    membership learning curve and provide high quality leadership experiences.


    1. What emphasis does Marketing as a function hold currently for AIESEC in Chandigarh?

    Critically analyse the same. Also evaluate its contribution to growth in ELD programs.

    Learning and Development will need to be focus area next year, given the state of TMP/TLP as a

    program right now, with low productivity, hampering of experiences, and state of growth driven by


    Following will be the effective measure to evolve the state of Learning and Development in the LC:

    Expansion of L&D Task Force for 2014 with EB and SB/MB responsible

    Setting quarterly task forces to implement LTT at the local level

    Building year long LC Plan for L&D with EM and SB/MB and the LTT taskforce

    Focus on Tracking performance measures in January and February to build a reality check of

    current membership learning curve and leadership development with on going basic trainings.

    Marketing as a function serves the following roles for AIESEC in Chandigarh in the year 2013:

    Brand Building and Strengthening

    Enabling Operations to achieve direct growth in Sales (Tracking)

    Brand Building of Products and Projects offered by AIESEC in Chandigarh, along with a

    basic focus on branding AIESEC in totality (Partnerships and Social Media)

    Content Generation to serve Social Media and PR

    Current State

    The Highs:

    Processes based specialized OS in Q4 resulted in minor growth but improvement of synergy and

    understanding of the function in exchange portfolios thus also resulting in minimal growth in

    terms of sales.

    The Year has seen some good online campaigns, generating high traffic and high number of

    registrations. Innovation and dedicated content generation has been the key in making Social

    Media work.

    Youth Empowerment has been a success in Q3 and Q4 with Recruitments and oGCDP delivering

    results in UR and On Ground Promotions.

    The Lows:

    Constantly changing direction has hampered the growth of our Brand and the products

    Lack of Synergy with programs has slowed down the growth of both Brand and Sales

    PR and Partnerships have seen an all time low, due to delay in timelines of both events and

    programs, and lack of product packaging due to the same

  • 2. How should Marketing evolve in the LC in 2014? How do you see it contributing to ELD

    programs in 2014?

    Communication & Information Management

    1. What are the various spheres in the LC in which Communication & Information Management

    plays a huge role or can a play a huge role?

    2. Comment on how you envision the role of Information Systems in the functioning and

    administration of the local committee in 2014.

    Marketing will see growth in 2014 majorly as a function acting as a driver for individual products

    and sub-products driving sales and brand building.

    Major changes for the same will include:

    Change in OS according to product to supplement growth of individual products and the

    brand of AIESEC

    Exchange portfolios majorly being responsible for the growth in sales of their products by

    performing marketing operations on their own as independent units and the marketing

    department acting as a strategic unit to support the same in terms of direction and leads

    External Branding of Products will see a bigger role than the brand of AIESEC

    Business Intelligence: Data Collection, Analysis and Decision Making

    Process Optimization: Documenting Procedures, Creating SOPs, Reducing Delivery Time,

    Increasing Delivery Rate, Client Servicing, Loyalty and Retention

    Internal Communication: Channels & Frequency of Internal Communication, Developing an

    Internal Communication Plan

  • Increasing Customer Loyalty

    To attain high client retention rate and improve NPS, thus also helping in Up scaling.

    Reducing Delivery time for each client and increasing delivery rate for each client by data

    analysis and interpretation for reducing matching time.

    CRM Process Mapping and Implementation for physical and virtual engagement for all

    Clients and Customers.

    Virtual Engagement and Communication Plans involving content generation for newsletters,

    photos and videos.

    Brand Positioning and Strengthening

    Leading to Growth (Internal and External)

    Feedbacks and Surveys to understand market requirements and documenting the same.

    Utilization of the above information to create specified internal and external brand

    strengthening plan for all new programs according to their new brand policies (majorly

    involving dedicated content generation within departments).

    Capitalization and effective utilization of all leads and sign ups generated from the same


    Increasing Team Performance and Work Satisfaction

    By increasing collective productivity of teams, departments and the local chapter

    Providing the right resources to be used at the right time so as to effectively capitalize on

    available opportunities in the right way.

    Enabling personal relationship building bringing the Human Element in work in the process

    of handling their own stakeholders.

  • Blank Paper Challenge

    The 6 Ss

    2013 2014

    Structure: Basic, Sustainability Driven Structure: Evolved, Growth Driven

    Systems: Operational, Undefined, Less


    Systems: Functional, Defined and Structured,

    High Prodcutivity

    Strategy: Basic, Low Implementation, Operational Growth

    Strategy: Evolved, Grounded, Directional, Functional, Sustained and Growth Driven

    Staff: Low Capacity, Management high,

    membership Low

    Staff: High Capacity, Management High,

    Membership High

    Skills: Management and Leadership Highly

    Skilled, Membership unskilled, lack of resources

    and structures

    Skills: Management and Leadership will have

    Leadership Development, Membership Highly


    Style: Operational, Goal Driven, Action Oriented,


    Thought Driven, Action Oriented, Sustained and


    Shared Values

    2013 2014

    Needed Growth, Strong Departmental Culture, High level of participation, Resilient Management

    and Leadership, Value Based Development

    Thoughtful Growth, Evolutiion in Organizational and Operational functioning, Synergy Driving

    Growth, Customer to Product centric behaviour