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What if, questions asked to define your business model, are used in a modified way for recruiting as well? Will it enhance cultural match and performance?

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  • The 9 most important Recruiting Questions to ask www.breakingbarriers.com
  • Defining and organizing a business, using the business model canvas has become standard. To find employees offering the perfect match for your companys business model is the next challenge.
  • So WHY not use similar questions for recruiting as for defining your business model?
  • Ask
  • What value proposition do you bring to work? www.breakingbarriers.com #1
  • To whom are you providing your value? www.breakingbarriers.com #2
  • What kind or relationship with your colleagues do you prefer? www.breakingbarriers.com #3
  • Which channels do you prefer to communicate and deliver your value? www.breakingbarriers.com #4
  • What do you expect in return for your value? www.breakingbarriers.com #5
  • What are you prepared to give? www.breakingbarriers.com #6
  • What are the key (knowledge/ experience) resources you have? www.breakingbarriers.com #7
  • What are/will be your key activities you accomplish to provide your value? www.breakingbarriers.com #8
  • Which partners do/will you take on board helping you to provide your value? www.breakingbarriers.com #9
  • Match
  • answers with your business model and decide where the candidate fit best.
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