7 ways to create free website traffic

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Transcript of 7 ways to create free website traffic

  • 1. Welcome
    7 Ways to create
    Traffic to YourWebsite in the next24 hours!

2. Create your online marketingVision / Game Plan
All Marketing is Math!
3. Design a Website around
Your MWRMost Wanted Response
[Sell 1 thing and sell it well]http://www.GuruMarlon.com
4. Track Your Results & Tweak!
Once the ratios work .. Rollthe site out! Traffic = Results
5. #1 Safe ListI send emails to over million opportunity seekers monthly ..Spam free, using Safe List.
How they work ..
6. I am a member of dozens of Safe List.Top Rated Program
Free Email AdvertisingEmail random members using credits that you earn by reading email or referring other people. Email 1000 random ListJoe members within 5 minutes of signing up as a FREE member. Earn 250 bonus credits for every referral. Upgraded member email 3,000 random members every 3 days.Get Results Our Members average 150 clicks per mailing to 3000!*
7. List Joe http://www.listjoe.com/j/mlmhelp

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