7 Smart Ways To Attract MLM Leads & Cash Via Blogging

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7 Smart Ways To Attract MLM Leads & Cash Via Blogging By Joshua Gill aka “The Urban Marketer”

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Transcript of 7 Smart Ways To Attract MLM Leads & Cash Via Blogging

  1. 1. 7 Smart Ways To Attract MLM Leads & Cash Via Blogging By Joshua Gill aka The Urban Marketer
  2. 2. Question You want leads in your business, right? (duh lol)
  3. 3. But how much do you want to pay for those leads?? this is a good question
  4. 4. What if I told you, that you didnt have to pay ANYTHING for them?
  5. 5. Sounds good, right?
  6. 6. What if they PAID YOU to become a lead AND Joined your team on autopilot?
  7. 7. Well, its possible! No
  8. 8. Its more than possible because your leads are searching for solutions to their problems on the Internetright now!
  9. 9. And guess what? If you dont have a blog? You are missing them!
  10. 10. A free website like Weebly or Wix doesnt cut it A join my business and make XYZ money pitch on social media DOESNT cut either!
  11. 11. If you do that, youll notice the people you attract into your business dont stay for long unless they get fast results they dont weather the storm and revert back to slaverysorry a Job ;-)
  12. 12. Type of people that stay Who you should be looking for are OTHER struggling network marketers Why? They already know the MLM game all they need is leadership and solutions to why they arent succeeding.
  13. 13. In short Lead them, teach them methods that get them results, and youll have a loyal team member they will hail you like royalty!
  14. 14. So how do you attract struggling network marketers without busting their ego up and/or overselling??
  15. 15. Well heres one way 1. Find out their problems 2. Create a blog post with a solution 3. Blog post will get indexed on Google 4. Struggling MLM reps searches for a solutions on Google 5. They see your blog post 6. You provide the solution and they buy
  16. 16. But how do they join your business Well If youre selling a product that solves their problem instead of your business opportunity then you make mullah! Youre blog post must explain how and why the product solves their problem.
  17. 17. I go over all this in my blog post here You dont need to know all their problems to do this. I give you some problems I know and solutions to implement on my post (fast solution, right? )
  18. 18. But lets go over what you came here for which is the 7 smart ways to attract mlm leads and make cash via blogging
  19. 19. Ill go over them real quick and you can read how to implement this, why you want to choose these methods, and how this gets leads to pay you to be a lead!
  20. 20. 1. Sell Affiliate Products On Your Blog 2. Advertise the Kalatu Blogging Platform 3. Advertise Getresponse On Your Kalatu Blog 4. Make A Training And Sell Access Via Your Blog 5. Create & Sell Access To Your Own Inner Circle Audios 6. Guest Blogging For Others For Money 7. Have Guest Bloggers Pay You To Guest Blog
  21. 21. Thats itnow get to my blog to see the details @ http://www.theurbanmarketer.com/attract- mlm-leads-make-money-blogging/ Thanks for reading!