50,000 dollars 100,000 dollars 1,000,000 dollars 500,000 dollars.

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Transcript of 50,000 dollars 100,000 dollars 1,000,000 dollars 500,000 dollars.

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Slide 2 Slide 3 50,000 dollars 100,000 dollars 1,000,000 dollars 500,000 dollars Slide 4 Well the food goes through the mouth, down the esophagus, into the stomach where enzymes break it down, then it goes through the small intestines, where the nutrients is sucked up and then shipped off the circulatory system and goes to the red blood cells which circulates the body and then it is handed off to cells. This is used so the cells can have energy an protect themselves. Process of nutrients to cells Slide 5 Cells get rid of waste from other cells like red blood cells. The cell will produce waste from the mixture of nutrients, water, and oxygen. The waste comes out at urine, feces, or carbon dioxide. The cells bring the urine to the kidneys, which cleans it, and then brings it to the urinary system. Then releases it out our reproductive areas. Red blood cell Slide 6 The tissue involved are Red blood tissue, muscle Tissue, nervous tissue, Epithelial tissue Lungs, Heart, Stomach, Large and Small intestine, kidney, bladder Circulatory, respiratory, digestive, muscular, nervous muscular, nervous This is how the tissues, organs, and organ systems work together to get rid of waste and carbon dioxide. Slide 7 If the cells in the body do not get nutrients, they will die. The body needs energy to be able to get up and move. If the cells dont have enough energy, they will not be able to function. Then the body will not be able to live if the cells do not get nutrients. They will also die without protein because the cells would not be able to heal other parts of the body, and the cell would not be able to protect itself. Then the cells would die, and the body would not survive. If the cells do not get rid of the nutrients in them, which has now become waste, it will die. The cell will burst unless it gives it to the blood cells, that will take it to the urinary system to dispose of it. Slide 8