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  1. 1. 35 Best MotivationalQuotes By Chankyahttp: //www. hindutav. com
  2. 2. 1. An individual ought not to be excessively fair.Straight trees are cut first and legit individuals are screwed first. 2. Before you begin some work,dependably ask yourself three inquiries For what good reason I am doing it,what the results may be and will I be effective.Just when you think profoundly and discover agreeable responses to these inquiries,go ahead. 3. A decent wife is one who serves her spouse in the morning like a mother does,cherishes him in the day like a sister does,and satisfies him like a whore in the night. http: //www. hindutav. com
  3. 3. 4. When you begin chipping away at something,don't be anxious about disappointment and don't desert it.Individuals who works are earnestly are the happiest. 5. The greatest master mantra is:Never impart your insider facts to anyone.In the event that you can't keep mystery with you,don't expect that others will keep it?It will pulverize you. 6. There is some self enthusiasm behind every kinship.There is no kinship without speculations toward oneself.This is an intense truth. http: //vwvvv. hindutav. com
  4. 4. 7. Individuals rage is most importantly wraths. 8. God is not introducing in symbols.Your sentiments are your god.The spirit is your sanctuary. 9. -Instruction is the closest companion.An Educated Person is Respected Everywhere.Training beats the Beauty and the Youth. 10.The serpent,the lord,the tiger,the stinging wasp,the little tyke,the puppy possessed by other individuals,and the moron:these seven should not to be stirred from slumber. http: //vwvw. hindutav. com
  5. 5. 11.0! Astute man Give your riches just to the commendable and never to others.The water of the ocean got by the mists is constantly sweet. 12.Regardless of the possibility that a snake is not noxious,it ought to claim to be venomous. 13.Never make companions with individuals who are above or underneath you in status.Such companionship will never provide for you any joy. 14.Books are as helpful to a blockhead as a mirror is valuable to a visually impaired individual. http: //www. hindutav. com
  6. 6. a servant while in the release of his obligation,a relative in trouble,a companion in affliction,and a wife in setback. The life of an uneducated man is as pointless as the tail of a puppy which not one or the other neither covers its backside nor shields it from the nibble of creepy crawlies. One whose information is limited to books and whose riches is in the ownership of others can utilize not learning or riches when the requirement for them emerges. He whose child is submissive to him,whose wife'sbehavior is as per his wishes and who is content with his wealth has the paradise here on earth. http: //vwvw. hindutav. com
  7. 7. him who tries to talk sweetly before you however try to destroy you betraying your trust,for he is similar to a pitcher loaded with toxic substance with milk on top. As water gathered in a tank gets immaculate by filtration,so amassed riches is safeguarded by being utilized in philanthropy. Time culminates men and also crushes them. It is ideal to have one and only child invested with great quality than a hundred without them.For the Moon however one,disperses the haziness,which the stars,howevervarious,don't http: //www. hindutav. com
  8. 8. 23. Don't put your trust in waterways,men who convey weapons,mammoths with paws or horns,ladies and parts of an illustrious crew. 24. Those folks who don't instruct their children are their foes:for as is a crane among swans,so are oblivious children in an open get together. 25. Trees on a waterway bank,a lady in an alternate man's home,and lords without instructors go without uncertainty to quick pulverizehttp: //www. hindutav. com
  9. 9. 26.27.28. -Lakshmi,the goddess of riches happens to her own particular accord where morons are not regarded,grain is decently hidden away and the spouse and wife don't squabble. The goddess of riches is insecure;along these lines is the life breath.The term of life is dubious,and the spot of home is indeterminate,however in ll this questionable world religious legitimacy alone is relentless. A father who is ceaseless indebted person,a double- crossing mother,a lovely wife,and an unlearned child are adversaries in one's own particular home. http: //www. hindutav. com
  10. 10. 29.30.31.Excellence is ruined by an indecent nature;respectable conception by terrible behavior:learning without being idealized;and riches by not being legitimately used. -There are three jewels on this planet:sustenance,water,and satisfying words - boneheads consider bits of rocks as diamonds. Whoever forces extreme discipline gets to be frightful to the individuals:while he who recompenses mellow discipline gets to be wretched.Anyway whoever forces discipline as merited gets to be respectable.For discipline when recompensed with due thought,makes the individuals committed to nobility and to works gainful of riches and happiness:while discipline,when not well granted affected by insatiability and outrage or owing to lack of awareness,energizes rage even among recluses and self-denial stayingin woods,not to discuss householders.http. ,,VWW, ,_hindutav_com
  11. 11. 32.33.34. In the event that a lord is vivacious,his subjects will be just as enthusiastic.On the off chance that he is careless,they won't just be rash in like manner,additionally consume into his works.In addition,a neglectful ruler will effortlessly fall under the control of his foes.Thus the lord might ever be alter-He who is prepared for the future and he who deals cleverly with any situation that may arise are both happy,but the fatalistic man who wholly depends on luck is ruined. ""Before you start some work,always ask yourself three questions - Why am I doing it,what the results might be and will I be successful.Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions,go ahead. "http: //www. hindutav. com