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  1. 1. Motivational Goal Quotes Compiled by Laura Candler
  2. 2. Motivational Goal Quotes is a collection of ten stunning nature photos with famous quotes about goal setting and motivation. These quotes were originally compiled as a part of my Classroom Goal Setting ebook available from Teaching Resources. You can use the images to spark discussion about the importance of setting goals and creating action plans. You may display them one after another in this PowerPoint show, or display one image at a time using the set of images that accompanies this presentation. ~ Laura Candler About the Images Motivational Goal Quotes has been a collaborative family project. About half the photos were taken by me, and the others were taken by my sister, Sheila Colby. The quotes were overlaid onto the images using Photoshop by my daughter, Amy Candler. We hope you are inspired by both the words and images! Goal-Setting Resources Visit Teaching Resources to download your free copy of Motivational Goal Quotes or to purchase the Classroom Goal Setting ebook. Motivational Goal Quotes Laura Candler