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Laura Eddleston, A2 Media Studies, Mrs Doggart

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Artist: 30 Seconds To Mars

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Album cover: Video for ‘This is war’, the main single from The album:


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The Album Cover.

• The album cover, like the rest of their albums, is quitesimple. With just one, maybe symbolic thing in thebackground.

• The name of the band, and also the title of the album,is also very simple font and color.

• The band may have slightly changed their Image overthe years, but they have always kept with the samecolor scheme of red, white and black (as you can see from the writing).

• Even thought they have constantly slightly changed image, they usually stick with something simple,and nothing too over the top.

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The music video

Meaning behind the video (found online):This song is Jared Leto's (the lead singer) adaptation of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World". The title, and the quote from this song come from William Shakespeare's "The Tempest”,being "O, brave new world, which has such people in it." The novel is about a dystopian future where people are brainwashed and drugged into thinking the way they live (which would appear immoral by most people today, with things such as drug use) is right. Leto is saying that we must "go to war" against such a future, where people have no freedoms or free thought. If one looks at the way society is heading today, one can see that we are going in that direction. Leto, with the song, is warning us of such a future. By the time Leto gets to the bridge of the song, the tone is showing hope that we will see the error of our ways when he says "I do believe in the light, raise your hands towards the sun".

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• So as you can see by the actual meaning behind the actual lyrics of the song, it’s a very Serious thought provoking song. The actual video, also shows this.

• The video stars all the band members, as what looks like soldiers, presumingly at war.

• The video starts with the quote ‘If we don’t end war, war will end us’, by H. G. Wells.

• It then tells us, before the video kicks in, ‘This song is about peace’.

• The costumes in the video (when they are dressed as solders), definitely links with song, being about war and peace.

• And also, the whole album is filled with very meaningful songs.

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Their brand image.

The band itself and their image, have changed over time and after each album. Thisparticular album, their latest one, is a rather album. For example, in one of there songs, the main single and actual name of the album, ‘This IsWar’, is about war, peace, life and death.

I think the band has chosen this brand image, because maybe they want to use their fame, large fan base and popularity, to spread a message and view, that is maybe importantto them, and that they want to be a band known for singing about important and meaningful things, rather than just songs written by the record company, ect.

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Brand ImageThe band and its image have changed over the years, but not drastically.Its always wise and important, when in a band, or as an artist, to not change their look orgenre of music too drastically, as their fans that they have at the time, might not really like the change.But that aside, it is still very important for a band to change a little every now and then, to not only keep their fan base entertained, but so that they can gain a larger fan base.

30 Seconds To Mars, from the time they formed (1998), till now (they have recently gone on a break), have never really changed their image too drastically. Things have changed, such as how they dress and how they look, but only slightly.They are definitely a band that likes, and wants to stick with one image, not like artists like Madona and Lady Gaga.

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30 Seconds To Mars(through the years)