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Welcome to Oman Sail's 2nd querter newsletter which covers the events over the months of April, May and June 2010. These include Majan completing the Indian Ocean 5 Capes Race, the Extreme 40s being rebranded and competing in France, the Tour de France a la Voile, the Clipper Race and much, much more.

Transcript of 2nd Quarter Newsletter 2010

  • S E C O N D Q U A R T E R

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  • 02. EXTREME 40SMasirah is relaunched in her new colours, both oman Sail teams took to the podium at the rst Extreme Sailing Series event and Loick Peyron rejoins the fold as skipper of Masirah.

    08. OMAN SAILING SCHOOLthe inaugural Sailing Schools regatta took place with 5 schoolscompeting, omans forces also came to the Marina to do sailingcourses and the Laser team performed well in Singapore.

    14. DISCOVER OMANoman is a beautiful and picturesque country and who knows better than the omanis themselves? Five sta choose ve places and tell you why they are their personal favourites.

    18. RENAISSANCEan introduction to the latest edition to the oman Sail eet and how she has already been successful in the lead up to the all-important tour de France la Voile.

    24. MAJANafter successfully completing the Indian ocean 5 Capes race Majan was received home to a rapturous welcome. She is now starting her summer programme in Europe in the colours of oman air.

    28. CLIPPER RACE ahmed and abdullah continue their odyssey around the world and are enjoying coming closer to oman but have mixed emotions on nishing this life-changing race.

    30. JEWEL OF MUSCATthe journey so far


    PhotograPhy by:

    Mark Lloyd, Mark Covell, Steve Graham, Bruno Bouvry, Oman Sail

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  • I have just come o the phone with Saleh al Jabri, Captain of Jewel of Muscat,and the excitement in his voice wascontagious as its only a few days beforeJewel of Muscat arrives in Singapore. I spent a moment reecting on thisincredible project, completed under theauspices of The Ministry of Foreign Aairs,and using completely traditional methods.Tom Vosmer led the build of this faithfullyreplicated 9th century ship on the beach in the unspoilt and spectacular villageof Qantab, close to Muscat. On completionhe handed her over to Captain Saleh, oneof Oman Sails Chief Instructors, who ledthe voyage from Muscat to Cochin, Sri Lanka and Malacca before Singapore.Jewel of Muscat is a gift from His Majestyto the people of Singapore, fantastic on so many levels, just fantastic.

    In Europe the Extreme 40s, in their newlivery for the 2010 season, have got o to an awesome start. KhamisAl Anbouri on The Wave, Muscat has surprised thesailing fraternity. Sailing in a veryexperienced, completely professionalseries, the boat may be considered theunderdog but is achieving staggeringresults read more inside.

    Our sponsors Renaissance Services LLCcontinue their support for the 2010 season;they are now title sponsors of our newboat, the Farr 30 Renaissance.

    The crew is 50% Omani and in the twowarm-up regattas for The Tour de France la Voile they have done exceptionally well. They are being careful that this doesnt give them a false sense of condencethough. Rob Greenhalgh is the skipper and Nasser Al Mashari is leading the Omani team, both ensuring complacencydoesnt set in amongst them. The Tour deFrance la Voile is a brutal, demandingand highly competitive race and this is therst time Oman Sail has done it and we area mixed professional/ amateur crew. Good luck team!

    Oman Air is pressing forward quickly in the market place. I admire the clarity oftheir strategy; not only do they have agrowing list of direct ights to major hubsand a eet of brand new planes, but from a passengers point of view it is a signicantstep-up on the competition with regards to service, comfort, technology andenjoyment on board. If you havent tried them you should, you wont bedisappointed. I am delighted that we areworking together, particularly in France,and our agship trimaran is going to have a face lift watch this space

    Our community programme is deliveringcompetent sailors even at this early stage.In March Ali Ambusaidi, the Centre Managerof our school at Marina Bander al Rowdha,organised a competition between theschools the Sailing Schools Regatta.

    Inspired by Omans professional sailors these children are passionate,determined and competitive sailors whoare demonstrating that we are indeed reigniting Omans rich maritime heritage.



    David grahamChief Executive Ocer

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  • Brand Oman Management Unit and

    Oman Sail have joined forces in order to

    promote a unied brand of the Sultanate

    internationally. Through the 2010 Extreme

    Sailing Series Europe, one of the worlds

    premier international sailing competitions,

    it will raise the awareness of Oman as a

    tourist and business destination.

    The new, bold and exciting national

    identity for Oman has given Masirah an

    even greater reason to pull out the stops

    for the Extreme Series. The reigning

    champion and her crew are inspired by the

    new look whose spirit matches Masi rahs

    determination to once again take the

    trophy back home to Oman.

    Masirah shines in her new colours



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    This important partnership will help usreposition the Sultanate. Were on anevolving journey and our partnershipwith Oman Sail is a milestone in that,not the final destination.His Highness Sayyid Faisal bin Turki Al Said, COO,

    Brand Oman Management Unit


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  • Round 1: Extreme Sailing Series Europe

    On the 27th May in the picturesque Mediterranean town of Ste,

    France, the 2010 Extreme Sailing Series got o to a yer with

    both Omani boats condent that their winning ways from the

    Asian series will continue in Europe. The eight identical Extreme

    40s lined up for the starts just metres away from the excitable

    French crowd. For four days the competition was fast and tight

    and the lead was ever-changing. In the end the racing resulted

    in a double podium nish for the Oman Sail boats. Masirah took

    2nd and The Wave, Muscat close behind in 3rd showed the rest

    of the eet that Oman Sail wont give up their dominance easily.

    Groupe Edmond De Rothschild won on home waters but the Oman

    Sail crews are determined to knock them o the top spot in Cowes,

    the next venue.

    Extremely Strong Team

    To compete at the highest level, the Oman teams must be at the

    top of their game and both Oman Sail boats are crewed by some

    of the best in the business. This season Khamis Al Anbouri joins

    full-time on The Wave, Muscat. Khamis commands the bowman

    position - the powerhouse of the boat - and his agility,

    concentration and stamina must be second to none for the

    crew to drive the boat home.

    Legendary oshore sailor Loick Peyron returns to the Oman eet,

    this time as helmsman and skipper of Masirah. His calm demeanor

    hides his passion to win but after this rst event it is clear that

    Masirah is once again the boat to watch.


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  • JP Morgan Round The Island RaceOnce again, Khamis Al Anbouri tookhonours in this iconic annual race. As bowman onboard The Wave,Muscat, and in a fleet of almost 1,800boats, he and his team won their classwith Masirah seconds behind them.


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    Masirah:Loick Peyron (Helmsman and skipper)

    Pete Cumming (Mainsail trimmer)

    Mark Bulkeley (Tactician and trimmer)

    David Freddie Carr (Bowman)

    Nasser Al Mashari (5th Man)

    The Wave, Muscat:Paul Campbell-James (Helmsman and skipper)

    Alister Richardson (Mainsail trimmer and Tactician)

    Nick Hutton (Trimmer)

    Khamis Al Anbouri (Bowman)

    Fahad Al Hasani (5th Man)

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  • Oman Sailing SchoolNew Kids On The BlockThe last weekend of March was a turning point for the Oman Sailing School as it hosted the inaugural Sailing Schools Regatta. Twenty Omani school children rigged their boats and put all their weeks of sailing experience together to compete for the overall title. As well as the sailors from five Muscat schools, there were scores of cheering classmates on support boats lining the racecourse.


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  • Sailed in moderate winds, the regatta

    was competed over four races. The course

    tested the students' skills in balancing

    their boats, steering towards a turning

    mark and adjusting sails to go as fast as

    possible without capsizing. In the end,

    16 year old Hamza Al Jabri dominated the

    other sailors to win overall for his school,

    Rashid bin Nadhar. Talent obviously runs

    deep in the Al Jabri family as Hamzas

    father, Saleh, is one of Oman Sails Senior

    Instructors and Captain of Jewel of Muscat.

    Hamza Al Jabri could well be a name to

    look out for in Omans sailing future.


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  • 1. Al Bustan School

    2. Al Zahra School

    3. Sultans School

    The schools that took part in the regatta were:

    4. Al Saidiya Schoo