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  • World Conflict in the 20th Century How did developments related to WW I help lead to WW II?

  • History Benchmark DConnect developments related to World War I with the onset of World War II

  • Developments relating to World War IForces Behind the Outbreak of WarNationalismEach ethnic group has right to have own country/territoryMilitarismGlorification of military powerBuild of armies, weapons and infrastructure

  • Outbreak of World War IAlliancesTriple AllianceTriple EntenteAssassination Austria-Hungary -- Archduke Ferdinand & wife

  • New kind of WarNew weapons (WMD)Machine guns, submarines, airplanesChemical weapons Trench warfare

  • United States enters WarNeutral at firstGerman submarines attack American shipsU.S. enters war 1917Nov. 11, 1918Germany, Austria-Hungary & Ottoman Empire surrender

  • The Legacy of World War ICollapse of empiresAustria-HungaryOttoman Empire (Turkey)GermanyRussiaTreaty of VersaillesLoss of landDisarmamentWar GuiltLeague of Nations