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IntegrityWe are committed to ensuring trust and respect for all persons in an environmentthat cultivates individual and institutional integrity.

DedicationWe are committed to developing a high-performance work ethic and dedicationto discipline or vocation.

ExcellenceWe are committed to providing quality and excellence in all our endeavors.

CreativityWe are committed to the development of original ideas, knowledge, and innovativeapproaches to solving complex problems.

CommunityWe are committed to creating a connected community, sharing commonattitudes, interests, and goals supporting personal and professional growth.

Lindenwood’s MissionReal Experience. Real Success.Enhancing lives through quality education andprofessional preparatory experiences.

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This has been an astounding year at Lindenwood University. On these pages, you will see some of our most notable happeningsand accomplishments.

Most recently, we completed a long and comprehensive process tocreate a new strategic plan for the university that will help guideus into the future of this great institution, and we completed ourrecent accreditation review by the site team from the Higher LearningCommission. Both were very involved processes that entailed personnelcommitments across our entire campus community. I’m proud ofeveryone who contributed to both efforts.

The most visible development of the year was the completion andopening of our new Library and Academic Resources Center on theSt. Charles campus. It was under construction for more than two years,and its opening was celebrated appropriately.

We’ve added some new degree options for our students in the in-demandfields of digital content strategy, game design, paramedicine, andmany others to prepare our students for the employment opportunitiesof the future.

Across the street from the St. Charles campus, University Commonscontinues to expand; we saw openings of several businesses, as wellas the new U.S. Post Office on land donated by the university. As withthe entire University Commons development, that new facility was theculmination of years of effort and teamwork by the university and itspartners in the community.

Those who attended our commencement ceremonies this year sawsomething new—a ceremony designed to celebrate the journey of ourstudents toward graduation. Meanwhile, on our Belleville campus, wewelcomed a new athletic director and head football coach and usheredin major improvements to our athletic facilities there.

We made major improvements to our technology infrastructureon both campuses, providing for an improved experience for ourstudents, as well as for the increasing technical demands of ouracademic programs.

Finally, we are proud of our students, who showcased their academicaccomplishments all over the country and the world, as well asathletically with national team championships and truly impressiveindividual accomplishments like Nicole Hensley’s NCAA top-10 award.

To honor our many donors, the second half of this book containsour Donor Report, detailing the generosity and support of everyonewho helps this university with their gifts. This is one of the ways wesay “thank you.”

It has, indeed, been a great year. Of course, we are already lookingforward to the next one.

“Like No Other,”

Michael D. Shonrock

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6 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Lindenwood University’s 100,000-square-foot Library and Academic Resources Center (LARC) is in full use, and has quicklybecome a campus destination for study, relaxation, and recreation. The building is known for its unique and programmable glassthat resembles the branches of the beautiful trees on Lindenwood’s campus.


“”Libraries create access to information and resourcesand space and technology and people

that inspire educational creativity.LIZ MACDONALD

Dean of Library Services

The $24 million facility made its official debut to the campuscommunity amid quite a bit of fanfare Sept. 16 on Family Day.The marching band played, cheerleaders greeted guests, and theribbon-cutting ceremony featured President Michael Shonrock andmembers of Lindenwood’s Student Government.

A sneak peek event for donors on August 24 drew significant attentionas well, largely due to a ceremonial Book Brigade earlier in the day,a human chain of students, faculty, staff, and alumni passing books

from the old Butler Library (1929) to the new LARC.About 400 people took part in the event.

Lindenwood broke ground on the three-story structurein the spring of 2015. In addition to providing a more

spacious and modern library, the building pulls together many of theuniversity’s student services, including the Writing Center, English asa Second Language, Lindenwood Online, Veteran Services, Student andAcademic Support Services, and others.

Not only does LARC house traditional and electronic book stacksand the Mary Ambler Archives, it offers virtual reality equipment, amultimedia area with individual editing suites, an 80-seat theater,and a variety of spaces designed for student collaboration. Of course,one of the building’s most utilized spaces is the full-service Starbuckscoffee shop.

“I am asked a lot if in the digital age libraries are really relevant,”said Liz MacDonald, dean of library services. “Libraries create accessto information and resources and space and technology and peoplethat inspire educational creativity. That results in something tangibleand usable that represents the innovation and potential of the diversecommunities Lindenwood serves. That is truly wonderful.”

Student Government President Nick Stone thankedPresident Shonrock and the Board of Trustees for “sucha beautiful building that makes total sense.” Stone alsoremarked that the students were grateful for the hardwork of the faculty and staff, and he thanked his fellow

students: “We make this campus ‘like no other.’”

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L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W 7

Emily Jones and Stu Hollis, faculty members of the Theatre Department,were the lead designers of the changes, which were requested byLindenwood System President Michael Shonrock to tell, through theceremony, the school’s story and the students’ story.

Jones said the first meetings on the ceremony occurred in January withmost of the stage work starting in March. Hollis designed the stagepieces, giving them a theatrical feel. Behind the traditional school flagswas a multi-piece backdrop depicting the university’s historic AlumnaeGate on Kingshighway. The stage was lit with special lighting to focusattention there, and a suspended 30-by-17-foot video screen told thevisual story of the ceremony through multimedia.

“Families will be able to see their students very prominently as theywalk across the stage to get their diplomas,” Jones said. “We tookthe university’s brand, ‘Like No Other,’ and applied it to the ceremonyas a celebration that still respects the academic traditionsof commencement.”

The video screen will play prerecorded music, includinga performance by Lindenwood’s premier a capella group,Voices Only. The script has been streamlined andfocuses on the awarding of the degrees. Jones saidthe project included the combined efforts of manydepartments, including Academic Services, Theatre,Music, and LUTV.

“What I hope is that the visual changes toCommencement will support the longstandingtraditions and heritage of Lindenwood University,speak to the present, and bring into focus

the accomplishments of each individual graduate as they cross thestage and receive their degree,” Jones said.

More than 1,300 undergraduate and graduate studentsfrom Lindenwood University walked across the stageat the May Commencement exercises. There was acapacity crowd at Saturday evening’s ceremony forundergraduates as 851 students walked across thestage. More than 450 graduate students participatedon Friday evening.

The Lindenwood graduates and their families who attended the Commencementceremonies on May 5 and 6 at the St. Charles Family Arena experienced something differentfrom previous ceremonies. With changes to stage pieces, lighting, music, and the script,the revamped ceremony created a better sense of flow and placed more focus on the studentsas they reached the academic finish lines.

“”Families will be able to see their studentsvery prominently as they walk across the

stage to get their diplomas.EMILY JONES

Theatre Department faculty


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8 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W


LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY LAUNCHED A SLATE OF NEW DEGREEPROGRAMS THIS YEAR in the School of Arts, Media, andCommunications and School of Health Sciences.




Lindenwood now offers a Bachelor of Science, minor,certificate, and Master of Science in digital contentstrategy, a field Communications Professor Andrew Smithsays is poised for enormous growth.

“Digital content strategist is a job that did not exist 10 years ago,”Smith said. “More and more companies are now figuring out they needpeople who understand digital media to go with their more traditionalmarketing and public relations personnel.”

A new Bachelor of Arts in game design is designed to prepare studentsfor work in a game studio environment. Professor Jeremiah Raticansaid the program will focus on game art, game design, and qualityassurance. Students will have the opportunity to work with the latestequipment, including virtual reality devices, in classroom spacesspecifically configured for game design.

“We will cover game testing, rapid and paper prototyping, leveldesign, and character design, and we will use various game engines,”Ratican said.

Lindenwood also added master’s degrees in fashion business andentrepreneurship and journalism, for which bachelor’s degrees werealready offered.

“The School of Arts, Media, and Communications is excited to offernew degree programs that support the talents, interests, and future ofour students,” said Dr. Joe Alsobrook, dean of the School of Arts Media,and Communications. “These programs not only lead to exciting andgrowing career paths but also provide students with convenient andflexible completion paths.”

A bachelor’s in therapeutic recreation has also been added in theSchool of Health Sciences, plus a Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine(BSP). The Department of Paramedicine is led by Professor NickMiller, a respected professional in the field of paramedic educationand training.

Miller said that there are two tracks students can take within theprogram: Traditional, for students without any previous paramediceducation, and Licensed Paramedic, which allows current paramedicsto continue their education at the baccalaureate level.

“The BSP program is more than just a paramedic certificationprogram,” Miller said. “It is an integrated bachelor’s degree that isdesigned to develop critically thinking paramedics that can perform asadvanced clinicians and practitioners. It also provides students withmarketable expertise, and the foundational education necessary toadvance throughout their careers.”

“”DR. JOE ALSOBROOK Dean of the

School of Arts, Media, and Communications

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L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W 9

StarRez is an industry-leading and comprehensivestudent housing solution that includes online housingapplications, online roommate and room self-selection,roommate matching, social media outlets, andmuch more.

“StarRez is a great solution to our current operational needs,” saidDr. Terry Russell, director of residential life in St. Charles. “It allows usto better serve our students and their housing needs. The diversity ofthe program gives students the ability to select their desired housingand bring in roommates of their choice.”

Handshake is a web-based career management system that allows theCareer Center to provide support to students and alumni 24 hours aday, seven days a week. Currently, more than 3.5 million students andalumni from more than 170 colleges and universities are using thesystem to connect with more than 120,000 employers, 50 percent ofwhich are Fortune 500 companies.

Handshake and StarRez were introduced in thespring 2017 semester to join the slew of onlineresources available to students.

Career Center Director Dana Wehrli said the Career Center has grownin recent years to better assist students and alumni and Handshakeis yet another resource. With Handshake, students and alumni areable to apply for jobs and internships, register for career fairs, andstay up to date on the latest trends in career planning.

“I firmly believe that Lindenwood produces top-notch performerswho are ready to make an immediate contribution to the worldof work,” Wehrli said. “The transition to Handshake has leveledthe playing field for our students and alumni, allowing them toconnect with the same employers that recruit at schools likeCarnegie Mellon, Princeton, Stanford, and UC Berkeley.”

“”I firmly believe that Lindenwood produces top-notchperformers who are ready to make an

immediate contribution to the world of work.DANA WEHRLI

Career Center director


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10 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

BELLEVILLE SPORTS PROGRAMSGET NEW LEADERSHIPLindenwood University-Belleville saw two big changes inits sports department during the 2016-17 academic year.

In August 2016, Ryan Kaiser was introduced as Lindenwood Belleville’snew athletic director. Five months later, in January, Kevin Turco washired to lead the Lynx football team in a new direction.

“We are so pleased to welcome a leader with Ryan’s experience, vision,and commitment to our athletics department,” Lindenwood BellevilleCampus President Dr. Brett Barger said of Kaiser’s hire. “We performeda national search to find the right person to build on the considerablesuccess of our athletics programs and take us to an even higher level.We are confident that Ryan Kaiser is that person.”

Kaiser, in turn, expressed excitement about the addition of Turco tothe university.

“Kevin is a tireless worker and our student-athletes are going to be heldaccountable,” Kaiser said. “He is going to celebrate accomplishmentswhile building better student-athletes.”

Before joining Lindenwood Belleville, Kaiser was the associatedirector of athletics for internal operations at Northwest OklahomaState University, where he worked since 2012. In that role, he led thetransition from NAIA classification to NCAA Division II, among an arrayof other responsibilities. From 2005 to 2012, he worked as associatedirector of athletics and director of athletics at Newberry College andWarner Pacific College.

“My wife Corie and twin sons Carson and Caden are ecstatic to moveto an area that has the metropolis feel but is located in a smallercommunity,” Kaiser said of his move to Belleville. “LindenwoodBelleville has the opportunity with hard work and dedication to buildupon the many tradition successes already achieved by this fairlynew institution.”

Turco is a Troy, Ohio, native. He comes to Lindenwood Belleville withnearly two decades of coaching experience, most recently as theassistant head coach and offensive line coach at Urbana University,where he worked since 2015.

Prior to starting at Urbana, Turco spent four seasons at NorthwesternOklahoma State University in a variety of coaching positions. In2014, Turco was named the offensive coordinator and then interimhead coach. He played an integral part in Northwestern OklahomaState’s transition from NAIA to NCAA Division II. Turco also coached atNewberry College.

“I’m honored and humbled to be named the next head football coach atLindenwood University-Belleville,” said Turco. “Although nothing earnedis easy, we’re going to build this program one day at a time, holdingtrue to our core values.”

“”Although nothing earned is easy,we’re going to build this program one day at a

time, holding true to our core values.

RYAN KAISERLindenwood Belleville athletic director

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When the walls and floor were done, new furniture where student-athletes can rest or study was added, along with art featuringcurrent and former Lindenwood Belleville athletes, quotes from proplayers, and Lynx logos.

“It’s definitely helped with recruiting,” said Kaiser of the facilities.“As much as we hate it to be an arms race, we now have facilities thatare inviting and competitive with the ones offered by the schools weplay against.”

L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W 11

IMPROVEMENTS TO LYNX ARENA,SOCCER AND RUGBY FIELD HELP ATTRACT STUDENTSA little bit of money and a lot of elbow grease helped spruce upLindenwood University-Belleville’s athletic fields over the summer.

“We feel like it really made a huge difference,”said Athletic Director Ryan Kaiser. “There are threecheckboxes when student-athletes are trying to decidewhere they’re going to go. They want to know where they’regoing to eat, where they’re going to sleep, and wherethey’re going to train and play. If they feel comfortable inthose three areas, you’ve got a good chance to get them.”

Improvement projects included the following:

Rebranding and resurfacing the basketball andvolleyball floor in the Lynx Arena

Grading and sodding the soccer and rugby field

Adding a second campus weight room in theLynx Arena auxiliary gym

Painting and epoxying the floor in the basementoffice and locker room area of the Lynx Arena

The total cost of the four projects was about $100,000.

“Redoing the soccer and rugby field was the project that made me themost nervous,” Kaiser said of the project that turned the natural turffield into a barren landscape for several weeks. “But I think it turnedout the best, and now I’m really glad that we did it.”

After the grass started to grow, the field was as smooth anduniformly covered as an artificial turf playing surface.

“To get the downstairs office suite and offices of the Lynx Arena fixedup, we basically held a painting party all summer,” Kaiser said.“Coaches, members of the athletic training staff, and anyone elsewe could convince to help us painted the whole thing–and it looksworlds better than it did before.”

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According to Howard Wall, director of the HammondInstitute, the Discussion Club’s leadership decided after62 years to keep the legacy of its founder, Henry F.Langenberg, alive and well under the auspices of theHammond Institute.

Dr. William Rogers, a research fellow in the Hammond Institute’sCenter for Economics and the Environment and associate professorof economics at Lindenwood, previously served as president of theDiscussion Club. “Past speakers included Nobel laureates, leadingauthors, public policy makers, political leaders, and scientists,” Rogerssaid. “Not all of the speakers at our events were famous, of course,but all of the individuals presenting were accomplished speakers andleaders in their respective fields of interest. We intend to continue thisspirited focus on public debate and discussion here in the HammondInstitute under the broad subject umbrella of political economy.”

Langenberg, who served as longtime president of the Discussion Clubsince the group’s inception in 1955, placed a strong emphasis onadvancing an understanding of the importance of liberty in all facetsof life, especially with area youth.

“This is a tradition we’re pleased to see the Hammond Institutecontinue on our behalf,” said Harry Langenberg (Henry’s son). “We lookforward to the continued line-up of speakers who will further discussthe moral, cultural, and institutional foundations of a free marketsociety, along with debates surrounding timely, social, political, andeconomic issues.”

The H. F. Langenberg Memorial Speaker Series began inthe fall of this year with the first event held on October11, featuring Dr. Michael Munger, an economist from DukeUniversity. Future evening sessions will be held at theMissouri Athletic Club’s West Clubhouse, 1777 Des PeresRoad in St. Louis. Two or more such events will be heldeach year.

For more information about the Hammond Institute forFree Enterprise and upcoming events associated with theH.F. Langenberg Memorial Speaker Series, please visitonline at www.Hammond.Institute.

Earlier this spring, the Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise, located in the Plaster Schoolof Business & Entrepreneurship at Lindenwood University, received a sizeable donationfrom the Discussion Club, St. Louis’ premier interactive speaker series.

12 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W










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It is home to well-known retailers like Schnuck’s, GNC,CVS Pharmacy, Great Clips, AT&T, Matress Direct, andCrown Optical. The development also has food choices likeMOD Pizza, Raising Cane’s, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, and,most recently, Arby’s.

Lindenwood donated 3.83 acres of land for the development of a newUnited States Post Office at the site. Ground breaking for the postoffice was held in October 2015, and the ribbon was cut Aug. 1, 2016,with Lindenwood University System President Michael Shonrock andSt. Charles Mayor Sally Faith among those who handled the scissors.

A coalition of the U.S. Postal Service, SSM Health, LindenwoodUniversity, the city of St. Charles, DESCO Development, and St. CharlesCounty teamed together to bring the project to fruition.

“University Commons is an important asset to Lindenwood Universityand its vision,” Shonrock said. “This development, coupled withour ongoing campus improvements, makes the overall experienceat Lindenwood like no other.”

The negotiations to bring the new post office to University Commonsforged a strong partnership between those involved, Faith said. St.Joseph Hospital–St. Charles served as the general contractor for the21,500-square-foot, $5.2 million post office, located at West Clay Streetand Boone Drive. In exchange for serving as contractor, SSM Healthacquired the property of the former post office at 112 S. Fifth St.

“While this exchange agreement is mutually beneficial to the U.S.Postal Service and to SSM Health, it’s St. Charles residents whostand to benefit the most,” said Mike Bowers, president of St. JosephHospital–St. Charles. “Acquiring this property gives our hospital muchneeded room for growth.”

Steve Ehlmann, St. Charles County executive, cited improved accessas a key component for the county’s participation in the project.

“Our office’s primary focus has always been on improvedcommuter access throughout the region,” Ehlmann said.“We invested in the West Clay extension because ofthe positive impacts it will provide everyone along theFirst Capitol corridor.”

Diane Moore, Lindenwood’s vice president foroperations, said the businesses of UniversityCommons make for a great opportunity to connectstudents with the St. Charles community.

“University Commons is not just a great thing forLindenwood University, it’s a great thing for thiscommunity,” Moore said. “People from the newCedarhurst retirement community are excitedabout having people who live in the senior livinghome to be able to engage with our students andpartner with them in different ways.”

Located on property owned by Lindenwood, University Commons is a mixed-use project,developed by DESCO Development and the university, that is playing an important role inthe city and county’s growth trends.

13L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W


“”This development, coupledwith our ongoing campus

improvements, makes the overallexperience at Lindenwood like no other.

MICHAEL SHONROCKLindenwood University President

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This year featured several technical advancements to Lindenwood University’snetwork infrastructure, including several improvements for residents, plus an award forthe new Lindenwood website.

14 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W



In August 2016, the Lindenwood information technologyteam completed the Layer 3 Network EnhancementProject, which was initiated to improve network securityand the general design of the Lindenwood network,making the network more efficient and easier to maintain.The team also rolled out improvements to the fiber optic,core, and wireless networks to support greater networkefficiency and ease of use.

Information Technology worked closely with Residential Life andCharter Spectrum to design and install dedicated 100 MB-per-secondInternet and Charter Spectrum cable service to each of the 436 studenthouses in Belleville and St Charles. This new service enables greaterconsistency in services provided to residential students while enablingLindenwood to assess a communications fee to all students living inuniversity housing.

Vice President for Information Technology T.J. Rains said that theprojects were initiated as capital maintenance for the network and thatthe upgrades took one year to complete.

“Over the course of the past year, the Lindenwood IT team has workeddiligently to redesign the Lindenwood network to deliver a relevant andhigh-quality network experience for the Lindenwood community,” Rainssaid. “The new network design allows for greater access, flexibility,security and improved performance in supporting the educationalexperience at Lindenwood.”

The redesigned Lindenwood University website, which launched Sept.13, 2016, earned silver in the Website Features–Home Page category inthe 11th annual W3 Awards.

According to the W3 website, entries are judged on the followingfactors: creativity, usability, navigation, functionality, visual design,and ease of use.

“We designed this website with the user in mind,” said Rains. “Weset out to create an intuitive and enjoyable experience for everybody–current students, prospective students, faculty, staff, and alumni.The fact that it looks good, too, is an added bonus.”

The W³ Awards honor creative excellence on the World Wide Weband recognize the creative and marketing professionals behindaward-winning sites, videos, and marketing programs. The W³ issanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and VisualArts, an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals froma “who’s who” of acclaimed media, interactive, advertising, andmarketing firms.

Lindenwood developed the website with Fastspot, a Baltimore-basedcompany specializing in web design, web content creation, andmarketing research and strategy.

“”Over the course of the past year, the Lindenwood IT team has workeddiligently to redesign the Lindenwood network to deliver a relevant

and high-quality network experience for theLindenwood community.

T.J. RAINSvice president for information technology

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In February 2017, a team of students from the Robert W. PlasterSchool of Business & Entrepreneurship was one of only six fromMissouri and Illinois to take part in the Certified Financial AnalystsSociety of St. Louis competition at Edward D. Jones. The CFA InstituteResearch Challenge is a global competition that tests the equityresearch and valuation, investment report writing, and presentationskills of university students.

The university’s DECA team won multiple first-place awards at theMissouri state DECA competition in March in restaurant and foodservice management, advertising, banking, and entrepreneurship.The team followed that up by winning multiple awards at the nationalcompetition in April in Anaheim.

A team of advertising students won the top prize at the St. LouisADDY Awards, presented by the American Advertising Federationin the spring. The team went on to earn a Special Judges CitationAward at the National Student Advertising competition for its district,which covers a multi-state area. Advisor Krista Tucciarone also wasrecognized as advisor of the year for the district.

Lindenwood’s student-run HD television station, LUTV, was notifiedin the spring that it would receive two NATAS Mid-America RegionalStudent Television Awards at the Mid-America Emmy Awards ceremonyon Sept. 9 in St. Louis. Three students received the awards for a livefootball broadcast and for their sports program, Lion Pride Sports.

Three graduate students in the School of Health Sciences woncompetitive research grants from the National Strength andConditioning Association Federation. Two of the students won two offive scholarships available in their category for their research intothe effects of nutrition on training performance. The third won a GNCnutritional research grant.

Essi Virtanen, who is editor-in-chief ofthe Lindenwood Legacy student newsmagazine and its online componentLindenLink for 2017, spent a portionof her summer working as an internat CNN International in London.She worked primarily in televisionproduction and research and alsohad the opportunity to do somereporting and writing. A featurestory she did on a Paralympiccyclist was published on Aug. 9.

Lindenwood University’s students have a long-held tradition of distinguishingthemselves in local and national competitions, whether it be in groups or asindividuals. The following are a few notable examples from the past year.

15L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W


DECA team

Essi Virtanen

Krista Tucciarone (left) and advertising students

Robert W. Plaster School of Business & Entrepreneurship students

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Stugart was announced as the new Lions head coach after sevenseasons as the head coach at NCAA Division II University Sioux Falls,which advanced to the NAIA National Championship game in 2010 andbegan the transition to the NCAA, division II in 2011. At Sioux Falls,Stugart amassed a record of 65 and 17, including a 32-5 mark over thelast three years, during which time the team established itself as oneof the best in the country.

He was also head coach at former Lindenwood rival MidAmericaNazarene from 2006 to 2008 and has coached at the NCAA Division Ilevel for two teams, UNLV and Northern Colorado.

“I became familiar with Lindenwood while I was at MidAmericaNazarene and recognized that they have the facilities and support tobe a football powerhouse,” said Stugart.

The Lindenwood football team is playingits first season under new head coach JedStugart in 2017, and the program madehuge strides as it looks to make its way upthe MIAA standings.

Outside observers will notice the obvious improvements about theteam, such as the better statistics and a more competitive teamon Saturdays. Stugart is quick to point out though that the biggestupgrades are inside factors that will build the foundation for future success.

“We started hitting our goals during the season such as playing fourcompetitive quarters each week, being able to overcome adversity,and believing in each other,” said Stugart.

Stugart’s top goal is to build a family atmospherethat will enable all of the players to excel both onand off the field.

Follow Lindenwood University Lions football schedules and results athttp://www.lindenwoodlions.com/index.aspx?path=football

“”I became familiar withLindenwood while I was at

MidAmerica Nazarene and recognizedthat they have the facilities and support to

be a football powerhouse.

JED STUGARTLindenwood Lions football coach

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17L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

“It was an incredible experience to see all of the accomplishmentsof the award winners, not just in their respective sports, but in theclassroom and community as well,” said Hensley. “Every single athletehad a unique impact on their school and community. I was so humbledto be included in such an ambitious group of individuals.”

While Hensley was being humble about her accomplishments, shefit right in with the top athletes of the NCAA. In the classroom, shegraduated from Lindenwood with a perfect 4.00 grade point averagein exercise science, and she was the first three-time Academic All-American in Lindenwood history. On the ice, Hensley became the firstwomen’s collegiate goalie to make over 4,000 career saves at theNCAA Division I level.

Hensley was not only the first Lindenwood student-athlete to receivethis award; she was also the first member of the College HockeyAmerica conference to win the honor. Since the start of the award in1973, only four other women’s hockey players have received the honor.

Hensley will likely make more history this winter when she is expectedto become the first Lindenwood athlete to compete in the WinterOlympics. Hensley was selected to the national team last May afterserving as the primary goalie for Team USA when it won gold at the2017 World Championships.

Each year, approximately 460,000 athletes participate at the NCAA level. The NCAA Top 10Award recognizes the 10 best NCAA student-athletes academically, athletically, and in thecommunity. At the 2017 NCAA Honors Convention, Lindenwood’s own Nicole Hensley waspresented this prestigious award for the 2015-16 academic year.

17L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W


“”It was an incredible experience to see all of theaccomplishments of the award winners, not just in their

respective sports, but in the classroom and community as well.NICOLE HENSLEY, ’16

former Lindenwood Lions goalie

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18 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W


“Players like Pierre and Connor have gotten a lot of media exposure,and that is a great promotion of not only the players but also ourprogram and Lindenwood University,” said Stugart. “From a recruitingstandpoint, it gives a lot of credibility when you tell high-level talentsthat they can come to Lindenwood and still get a chance to play at theprofessional level if they develop during their careers.”

Desir and Harris were both All-Americans at Lindenwood, and eachwas named National Defensive Player of the Year. Desir played his finalseason in 2013, and he made 13 interceptions and 93 tackles as aLion. Harris graduated from Lindenwood in 2017 and finished his careeras the NCAA’s all-time leading tackler with 633 stops.

Most collegiate student-athletes typicallyend their playing careers at the conclusion oftheir senior seasons. A few talented players,though, are able to extend their competitivesports life at the professional level. In 2017,two of those players sought to make a namefor themselves and Lindenwood Universityin the biggest sports league in the UnitedStates, the National Football League.

Pierre Desir and Connor Harris were both in NFL training camps overthe summer in 2017. Both players were on the bubble on the final cutday, but neither made the opening-day roster with their original teams.After being waived by the Seahawks, Desir was quickly picked up bythe Indianapolis Colts. He made the active roster by week two and haseven started. Harris, meanwhile, fell short of making the New York Jetsroster. The Arizona Cardinals saw his potential and signed him to theirpractice squad early in the season.

Current Lindenwood Head Coach Jed Stugart sees value to both hisprogram and the university when players get a chance in the NFL.

“”Players like Pierre andConnor have gotten a lot of media

exposure, and that is a great promotion ofnot only the players but also our program

and Lindenwood University.

JED STUGARTLindenwood Lions football coach

Pierre Desir

Connor Harris

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19L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Olympic weightlifting started in September with the National UniversityCoed title and then duplicated the feat in April when the governing bodyof the sport moved the 2017 championship to earlier in the calendaryear. Men’s rugby won the USA Rugby Touch title in October, which wasfollowed by the third straight Collegiate Water Polo Association Men’sDivision I title in November.

The calendar turned to 2017 and Lion Line joined the championshipcircle with a UDA College Dance Team title in Open Jazz in January.Several programs added to the national championship total in April,starting with the 14th consecutive ACUI Clay Target championshipfrom shotgun sports. A week later, the Lionettes won the Jazz DivisionII at the NCA/NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship, andsynchronized swimming captured the U.S. Senior Team High Pointtitle. Later in the month, cheerleading hoisted a trophy as Large Coed

Division II champions, and the roller hockey Gold Team wonthe National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association DIII crown.The final team championships were earned by men’s andwomen’s rugby as both captured USA Rugby CollegiateSevens titles.

With the additional 12 titles for the season, the totalnumber of Student Life Sports national team titles roseto 81 overall. They include 14 for shotgun sports, 10 forD1 and 13 D3 roller hockey, 4 for cheerleading, 7 forLion Line, 1 for Lionettes, 3 for men’s ice hockey, 4 formen’s rugby, 1 for women’s rugby, 6 for men’s waterpolo, 2 for men’s bowling, 2 for women’s bowling, 2for women’s table tennis, 3 for Olympic weightlifting,and 4 for synchronized swimming (one collegiate/three U.S. National). Women’s ice hockey won fourbefore joining the NCAA, and men’s volleyball wonone title before joining the NCAA.

The 2016-17 season was one of the most successful ever for theStudent Life Sports programs at Lindenwood, with 12 national team titles won.


19L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W


Page 20: 2017 - Lindenwood

20 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Named Honors Awards

Alvin M. Francis Award inEducational Leadership

Art History Award

Beason Award for Accounting

Bertha Floyd Lifelong Learning Award

Bruce Buck Honors Award forAchievement in Sculpture

C.W. Stewart Computer Science Award

Charlotte G. Evans Psychology Award

Conover Award for OutstandingMale Music Student

Creole U. Flowers Award in Finance

David R. Williams Political Science Award

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key

Dennis C. Spellmann NonprofitAdministration Award

Dorothy and Sterling Mollett Art Award

Dorothy Doyle Library Science Award

Dr. Donna Card Charron Philosophy Award

Easton Award

Edith Zanville Frontiers of ScienceHonors Award

Francis and Elizabeth Huss Graduate Awardin Education Administration

Frank Watson Political ScienceAward-Belleville

Garrett Reuter Honors Award

Genevieve Flowers Elementary Education Award

George L. and Marie E. Weaver Honors Award

Harmon Religion Award

Howard Barnett Essay Award

James Magee II Award

Jean Fields Writing Award

Joe and Nora Killian PhysicalEducation Award

John and Lucille Thomas Music Award

Joseph G. Mathews Sales and Marketing Award

JR Strzelec Honors Award in Musical Theatre

Kern Honors Award

Larry Doyle Outstanding Doctoral Student inEducational Administration Honors Award

Larry Doyle Secondary Education Award

Lectra Corporation Fashion Design Award

LeRoy E. Evans Mathematics Award

Lighthouse Consulting Doctor ofEducation in Administration Award

Lighthouse Graduate Business Honors Award

Linda L. Ross Creative Writing Award

Lois A. Evans Gifted Education Award

Lucette Sumberg Flanagan Award inFine and Performing Arts

Maria Leonard Alpha Lambda DeltaSenior Book Award

Martha Boyer Radio Award

Mueller Graduate Award inHealth Management

Nancy Polette Early ChildhoodEducation Award

Norman F. Ackermann Honors Award

Otto-Janssen Family HumanResource Award

Pals Student Entrepreneur ofthe Year Award

Randy and Coralyn Halsey Honors Awardfor Leadership in Political Science

Reiken Trust in Psychology Award

Richard and Karen Boyle SpecialEducation Award

Rick and Susan Sullivan Leadership Award

Robert and Guendolyn FeurerbacherGreek Character and Service Award

Robert and Pauline Hammen Honors Award

Robert Mulock Environmental Biology/Earth Science Award

Rose Lyn Zannville Leadership andCharacter Award

Rufus Easton Debating Society Award

Ryan Guffey International Student Award

Schoenhard American Heritage Award

Sibley Award

St. Charles Presbyterian BicentenialHonors Award

Sue Spellmann Graduate Awardin Education

T.R. Hughes Criminal Justice Award

Tim Renfro Honors Award

Honors AWA R D S

Page 21: 2017 - Lindenwood

21L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Honors Awards Available for Naming

Biology Award

Chemistry Award

Community Service TranscriptDesignation Program

Dance Award

Emerging Student Leader Award

Female Scholar Athlete Award: NCAA

Female Scholar Athlete Award:Student Life Sports

French Award

Graduate Scholar Award

Health Promotion and Programming Award

Lindenwood Student GovernmentAssociation President Award

Male Scholar Athlete Award: NCAA

Male Scholar Athlete Award:Student Life Sports

Outstanding Student Sibley Day Project

Phi Alpha Theta History Award

Pi Sigma Alpha Award

Pre-Professional Award

Professional Counseling Award

Psychology Honors Award-Belleville

Public Administration Award

Public Relations Award

School Counseling Award

School of Sport, Recreation, and ExerciseScience Student of the Year Award

Social Work Award

Spanish Award

Student Leader of the Year Award

Theatre Award

Video Award

Honors AWA R D S

Page 22: 2017 - Lindenwood

22 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Endowed S C H O L A R S H I P S

Acropolis MBA Scholarship

Acropolis Finance Scholarship

Aimee Becker Scholarship

Alice Parker Scholarship

Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority-Beta EtaChapter Scholarship

Art and Carol Goodall Math andScience Scholarship

Arthur S. and Nannie S. GoodallMemorial Scholarship

Barbara J. Wade Scholarship

Beaulah M. Boston SacredMusic Scholarship

Belle C. Blanton Memorial Scholarship

Belleville Criminal JusticeEndowed Scholarship

Belleville Endowed Scholarship

Billy B. Hagan Memorial Scholarship

Brazeale Family Endowed Scholarship

Carol Kellogg Stoub Scholarship

Caroline Gillette Levy MemorialEndowed Scholarship

Charles E. Berry, Sr. Scholarship

Charlotte Bennison Skaer Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Ethan PrydybaszMemorial Scholarship


Curtis Flowers Veterans Scholarship

David C. Baue Memorial Scholarship

David E. Babcock Scholarship

Dierberg’s Markets Leadership Scholarship

Donald and Marjorie SemonEducational Scholarship

Donald G. Collier, Jr. Scholarship

Dorothy Warner Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. H.C. Ritter Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Clever Men’sBasketball Scholarship

Dr. Betty T. Osiek Scholarship

Dr. James F. Hood Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Jane E. Cooper Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Jessie Bernard Sociology Scholarship

Dr. Rao Ayyagari Research Scholarshipin Cell Biology/Genetics

Dr. Richard Boyle Football Scholarship

Duane and Linda Flowers Scholarship

E. Preston and Eloise WorthingtonCalvert Memorial Scholarship

Edith Doerrie Memorial Scholarship

Edward H. Osiek Memorial Scholarship

Elvin Bass Memorial Scholarship

Emma Purnell Business ManagementMemorial Scholarship

Enviroturf Football Scholarship

Ethel B. Cook Memorial Scholarship

Exchange Club of Belleville Scholarship

Frank Brockgreitens Memorial Scholarship

Gabriel Sucich MemorialEndowed Scholarship

Gary and Joyce Shaw BusinessAdministration Scholarship

George L. and Marie E. Weaver Endowed Scholarship

Goodall Military Endowed Scholarship

Goodall ROTC Endowed Scholarship

Guy C. Motley Scholarship

Halliday Scholarship

Harry Hendren Memorial Scholarship

Helen Fangman Memorial Scholarship

Henry Elmendorf Endowed Scholarship

In the Crease Women’s IceHockey Scholarship

Jack Sago Scholarship Program

James D. Evans Endowed Scholarship

James F. Bryant Memorial Scholarship

James H. Feely Renaissance andLiterature Scholarship

James Lee Rackers Scholarship

Jan R. Kniffen Scholarship

Jane Guffey Scholarship

Jean Ann R. Hagen Endowed Scholarship

Jean Elizabeth Hale Memorial Scholarship

Jean Fields Memorial Scholarship

John Creer Track and Field Scholarship

John Guffey Memorial Scholarship

John T. and Maude J. GarrettMemorial Scholarship

Judith Snow Nursing School Scholarship

Judy Boswell Seifert and Charles W.Boswell Sr. Endowed Scholarship

Page 23: 2017 - Lindenwood

23L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

EndowedKathleen Carlson Memorial Scholarship

for Instrumental Music

Keith Fietsam Scholarship

Kiernan-Robine Scholarship

Kriete Stumberg Scholarship

Ledell P. Bitzer Communications Scholarship

Lenore Anthony Borgeson Scholarship

Leonard Kaplan Scholarship

LeRoy and Charlotte EvansFirst-Generation Student Scholarship

Lindenwood UniversityMarketing Scholarship

Lindenwood University Men’s FootballEndowed Scholarship Program

Lindenwood University Women’sBasketball Endowed Scholarship Program

Lindenwood University Women’s FieldHockey Endowed Scholarship Program

Lindenwood University Women’s SoccerEndowed Scholarship Program

Lindenwood University Women’s SoftballEndowed Scholarship Program

Linnemann Scholarship

Lion’s Scholarship

Lissner Family Endowed Scholarship

Lloyd and Margaret Hoover Ketcham Scholarships

Lou Brock Scholarship

Lucette Stumberg FlanaganMusic Scholarship

Margaret L. Butler Bethesda HealthGroup Endowed Scholarship

Margaret Meyers Richeson Memorial Scholarship

Marian Kasper Childers InternationalStudies Scholarship

Marie Sherwin Krause Memorial Scholarship

Mark M. Fitz Endowed Special Education Scholarship

Martha Boyer Excellence inCommunication Scholarship

Mary Ann Collier Scholarship

Mary E. Lear Memorial Scholarship

Mary Easton Sibley Scholarship

Mary F. and Benjamin E. Jelkyl Scholarship

Mary Todsen and Churchill Carter Scholarship

Maurita and Neil Stueck Scholarship

Midtown Home ImprovementEndowed Scholarship

Nancy Drury Hardy Memorial Scholarship

Nancy M. Orr Memorial Scholarship

Pals-Hodges Scholarship

Phillip B. Rogers Memorial Scholarship

Presbyterian Bicentennial Scholarship

Ralph Pfremmer Scholarshipin Entrepreneurship

Robert and Grace Moeller Scholarship

Robert P. Mulock Memorial Scholarship

Roger Hurst Scholarship

Shaw Nonprofit Administration Scholarship

Sidney W. and Sylvia N. Souers Scholarship

Spellmann Endowed Scholarship inNonprofit Administration

St. Charles Lion’s Club Scholarship

Tom Bruening Men’s Basketball Scholarship

Tom Hannegan Scholarship for Design

Tracy W. Lasater MemorialEndowed Scholarship

Triad Development Employee Scholarship

U.S. Senator Alan J. and Mrs. Joan DixonBusiness Scholarship

U.S. Senator Alan J. and Mrs. Joan DixonCounseling Scholarship

U.S. Senator Alan J. and Mrs. Joan DixonCriminal Justice Scholarship

U.S. Senator Alan J. and Mrs. Joan DixonEducation Scholarship

U.S. Senator Alan J. and Mrs. Joan DixonLiberal Arts Scholarship

U.S. Senator Alan J. and Mrs. Joan DixonPsychology Scholarship

Vance and Lena SpreckelmeyerMemorial Scholarship

Victoria Kern Ray Memorial Scholarship

Watson Memorial Scholarship

William H. Weber Scholarship

William Randolph Hearst Scholarship


Page 24: 2017 - Lindenwood

24 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Butler S O C I E T Y

The BUTLER SOCIETY is comprisedof a select group of alumni and

friends who have promoted the growthof Lindenwood University through

significant charitable gifts.


– Mr. & Mrs. Ben F. Blanton

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hammond

Mrs. Grace Harmon

Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Kern

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Scheidegger


–Ms. Patricia A. Ahrens

Mr. & Mrs. James Allsup

Mr. & Mrs. Randall Andrae

Dr. L. Rao Ayyagari

Mrs. Wenda L. Bacon

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Bakewell

Mr. Joe E. Bernoflo

Mr. Peter W. Bezemes

Dr. Joseph F. Boston

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Boyle

Mr. & Mrs. Lou Brock

Mrs. Judith L. Brougham

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Bruening

Ms. Nancy A. Calvert

Mr. Keith M. Carlson

Mrs. Mary Todsen Carter

Dr. Victor E. Childers

Ms. Roseann Clever

Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Collier, Jr.

Dr. & Mrs. J. Michael Conoyer

Mr. & Mrs. John Creer

Dr. & Mrs. Larry M. Doyle

Mr. John H. S. Dressel

Ms. Martha R. Dressel

Mr. Oliver D. Dressel

Mr. Waldemar Dressel

Mr. Richard J. Duree

Mr. & Mrs. L.B. Eckelkamp, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Ehlmann

Dr. & Mrs. James D. Evans

Mr. James B. Favier

Mrs. Katie Fietsam

Mrs. Lucette A. Flanagan

Mr. John Flowers

Mr. & Mrs. Duane Flowers

Dr. Andrea P. Frazier &Mr. William Ackermann

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Goodall

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Gorgen

Mr. John Guffey

Ms. Sheryl K. Guffey

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Halsey

Mr. Thomas P. Hannegan

Ms. Lynn Harmon

Dr. & Mrs. Harlen C. Hunter

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Huss

Mr. James E. Issler

Mr. David Kandel

Mr. Leonard Kaplan

Mr. & Mrs. Larry G. Kelley

Mr. Jan Kniffen

Dr. George Levy

Mrs. Charlyn Lewis

Dr. Yu Chen Lin

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Lissner

Mr. & Mrs. Rob Matheny

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Mathews

Dr. Joan L. Maupin

Mr. Burton C. McGregor

Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. McGregor

Mr. Robert W. McGregor

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Mueller

Ms. & Mr. Julie M. Mueller

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Ohmes

Dr. Betty T. Osiek

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis E. Ottolini

Dr. Allen Palmer

Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Pals

Page 25: 2017 - Lindenwood

25L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W


–Ms. Marsha Hollander Parker

Mr. Donald W. Paule

Mr. Ralph Pfremmer

Dr. & Mrs. Terrence L. Piper

Dr. Robert Poetz

Dr. Ruamjerd Pongcharoenkiat

Ms. Lucy D. Rauch

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Reynolds

Mrs. Janet L. Riddle

Ms. Susann L. Riffe

Mrs. Jane Calvert Rogers

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Rollings

Ms. Linda L. Ross

Mr. Dennis Sappington

Mrs. Glenda D. Schaefer

Mr. Jack Scharr

Mr. & Mrs. Gary N. Shaw

Mrs. Rita Shoemake

President & Mrs. Michael D. Shonrock

Mrs. Marilyn T. Shutz

Mr. & Mrs. Randall R. Simons

Mr. & Mrs. Rex Sinquefield

Mrs. Sue Spellmann

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Steward

Mrs. Carol A. Stoub

Mrs. Maurita E. Stueck

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Sullivan Jr.

Mr. Charles Thies

Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Trulaske

Dr. & Dr. Cheng C. Tsai

Mr. John Warner

Mr. & Mrs. Ed D. Watkins, III

Mrs. Kay M. Wilkinson

Mrs. Shirley H. Wipfler

Dr. Holly K. Zanville


–Ms. Mary Ann Collier

Mrs. Ethel Elmendorf

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gatto

Dr. Oliver L. & Ms. Mary Hagan

Mr. & Mrs. Lee E. Lasater

Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Stewart

Dr. Jann Weitzel

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wood


– Acropolis Investment Management LLC



Ahrens Contracting Inc.

Allen P. and Josephine B. Green Foundation

Allsup, Inc.

The Alley Partnership


American Electric Power

American Guaranty & Trust

AmeriServe Corporation

Ameristar Casino Saint Charles

Anheuser-Busch Charitable Trust

Army Emergency Relief

Association of College Unions International


S O C I E T YButler

Page 26: 2017 - Lindenwood

26 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Butler S O C I E T Y

Baer Heating & Cooling Inc.

Ben Hur Construction

Bethesda Health Group

Blanton Construction

Blue Star Energy

The Boeing Company

Book-X-Change LLC

Brown Group, Inc. Charitable Trust

Cardinals Care

Cavallo Bus Line

Charles Koch Foundation

Charter Communications

CHC of Missouri

The Chrysler Foundation

Chrysler Corporation Scholarship Fund

Chugach Heritage Foundation

Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation of Amer.

City of St. Charles

The Clean Machine Corporation

Commerce Bancshares Foundation

Commercial Flooring

Dains Custom Athletic Lockers

Dierbergs Markets Inc.

DMAK Partners Trust

Emerson Electric Co.

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Environmental Turf Services, LLC

Exchange Club of Belleville

Exxon Mobil Corporation

Family Support Services


First State Bank of St. Charles

Fred Weber Inc.


Gaylord Foundation, Clifford Willard

General Motors Foundation

Guth Foundation Charitable Trust

Hardin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Harmony Emge School District #175

Hastings & Chivetta Architects, Inc.

Highland View Baptist Church

Hit Holdings of St. Peters, LLC

Ho-Chunk Nation

Hospitality Services, Inc.

Interco, Inc. Charitable Trust

J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation, Inc.

John Bayliss Broadcast Foundation

Johnny Mac’s

Kamehameha Schools


Kid’s Chance Inc. of Missouri

Kiwanis Club of St. Charles

Kresge Foundation

KSDK-TV (Multimedia Inc.)

The Laclede Group Foundation

Lectra Software

LePique & Orne Architects, Inc.

Liz Whitney Tippit Foundation

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

Maritz Inc.

Mary Ranken Jordan and Ettie A. JordanCharitable Foundation

MasterCard International

May Department StoresCompany Foundation

McDonnell Douglas Corp.

McLeod USA

MFA Foundation

Midtown Home Improvements

Midway USA Foundation

Midwest Block and Brick, Inc.

Page 27: 2017 - Lindenwood

27L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Midwest Region Educational Foundation

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians

Missouri Arts Council

Missouri National Guard

Modern Business Interiors

Monsanto Fund

Monticello College Foundation

Muscogee Creek Nation

National Association ofIntercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)

National Collegiate Athletic Association

National Healthcare Corporation

National Merit Scholarship Corp.

Nestle Purina Company

The New York Community Trust

Norman J. Stupp Foundation

Pedestal Foods


Philip Morris Companies, Inc.

Presbyterian Church U.S.A

Presbyterian Synod of Mid-America

Private Land Conservation, MDC

Pundmann Motor Co.

Pyramid Electrical Contractors Inc.

Ralston Purina Trust Fund

Raymond and Grace HarmonCharitable Foundation

Ring-Will Agency, Inc.

Ritz Foundation

Robert J.Trulaske, Jr. Family Foundation

Robert W. Plaster Foundation

Rodeheaver Family Charitable Foundation

Rosalie Tilles Scholarship Fund

Rotary Club of St. Charles

SBC Foundation

Schaltenbrand Construction

Scholarship America

ScissorTail Energy LLC

Sigma Aldrich

Signature Medical Group

Smart Scholarship Funding Corp

Southwestern Bell Foundation

SSM Health Care

SSM St. Joseph Health Center

St. Anthony’s Medical Center

St. Charles Alumni Club

St. Charles Bowling Lanes

St. Charles County Economic Development Center

St. Charles Presbyterian Church

St. Louis Cardinals LLC


State of Illinois

Streetscape Magazine

Sunmark Capital Corporation

Superior Waterproofing andRestoration Co. Inc.

Thoele Oil Co.

Toenjes Brick Contracting Inc.

True Fitness Technology

UAW-GM Scholarship Program forDependent Children

United States Bowling Congress

US Bancorp Foundation

Vandalia Bus Lines, Inc.

Verizon Foundation

Whirlpool Foundation

William Randolph Hearst Foundation

William T. Kemper Foundation-Commerce Bank, Trustee

World Wide Technology

S O C I E T YButler

Page 28: 2017 - Lindenwood

28 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Butler S O C I E T Y


– Miss Mary E. Ambler (‘30)

Mrs. Phyllis Aspoas (‘41)

Mr. David E. Babcock

Mrs. Jill Baue

Miss Aimee M. L. Becker (‘08)

Mrs. J. Marshall Bell (‘39)

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Berry

Mrs. Ruth Campbell Billings (‘24)

Mrs. Ledell Bitzer

Miss Jane A. Blood (‘48)

Miss Ellen L. Boyce (‘27)

Ms. Jessie D. Brier (‘29)

Mrs. Ruth B. Brown (‘34)

Miss Jean L. Christensen (‘39)

Dr. Henry W. Clever, Jr.

Dr. Jane E. Cooper (‘59)

Mrs. Jane A. Crider

Ms. Zilpha C. Curtin (‘55)

Mrs. Edith Doerrie (‘39)

Ms. Ruth Dolan (‘19)

Mr. Harold K. Donnelly

Mr. Roy R. Dressel

Mr. Henry Elmendorf

Mrs. Sara Margaret English (‘39)

Ms. Juanita C. Everitt

Mrs. Helen Fangman (‘44)

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Feldhausen

Mrs. Elaine A. Fellowes

Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Fleming

Ms. Isabelle Gladney

Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Good

Dr. Arthur S. Goodall

Miss Marian Greene (‘23)

Ms. Helen Groves

Mrs. Betty C. Haas (‘40)

Dr. Oliver L. Hagan

Mrs. Barbara Ringer Hamill (‘32)

Mrs. Sandra Hammond

Mrs. John C. Hannegan

Mrs. Mary L. Hannegan

Mr. Raymond W. Harmon

Mrs. Selma F. Harris

Ms. Harriet Hull

Dr. Francis Huss

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Hyland

Mrs. Sara L. Kearns (‘25)

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Ketcham

Mrs. Margaret H. Ketcham

Mrs. Sarah Greer Mayer (‘34)

Mrs. Helen Studer Mendenhall (‘25)

Mrs. Maurine M. Milligan

Mr. Paul F. Niedner

Mrs. Loretta O’Bryen (‘33)

Mrs. Margaret A. Ohrman (‘29)

Mrs. Nancy Orr (‘35)

Miss Eugenia Pearson (‘29)

Mrs. Nancy H. Peteler (‘48)

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Rauch

Mr. Garrett C. Reuter

Mrs. Margaret Richeson (‘36)

Mr. George B. Ross

Mrs. Marjorie J. Semon

Mrs. Lillian Shaw Smith (‘32)

Mr. Jim J. Shoemake

Miss Virginia C. Sodemann (‘35)

Admiral & Mrs. Sidney W. Souers

Mr. Dennis C. Spellmann

Mrs. Lena Spreckelmeyer

Mrs. Roberta L. Sprich

Dr. William Symes

Dr. Jonas Tejero

Mrs. Lucy K. Tejero

Mr. John W. Tlapek

Ms. Dorothy J. Trump (‘43)

Mrs. Helen Hook Vainikos (‘29)

Miss Barbara J. Wade (‘49)

Mrs. Patricia Walker

Mrs. Louise Geeslin Walker (‘41)

Mr. Willard J. Walker

Mrs. Dorothy D. Warner (‘36)

Mr. George L. & Mrs. Marie Weaver

Mrs. Ellen M. Wick (‘69)

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Wright

Mr. Kenneth K. Wright

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Wright (‘41)

Page 29: 2017 - Lindenwood

29L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

The SIBLEY HERITAGE SOCIETY iscomprised of a select group of alumni

and friends who have secured the futureof Lindenwood University and her students

with provisions in their estate plans.


Ms. Patricia A. Ahrens

Ms. Anne C. Aspoas

Mr. & Ms. Ryan Aubuchon

Dr. Deb Ayres

Dr. & Mrs. Brett Barger

Mrs. Sandra L. Barklage

Mr. Thomas Barklage

Mrs. Jane & Mr. Ron Baum

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bearden

Ms. Sharon Bell

Ms. Christina D. Besselman

Dr. Cynthia & Mr. Douglas A. Bice

Mr. & Mrs. Randy L. Biggerstaff

Dr. Jerry Bladdick

Mr. & Mrs. Ben F. Blanton

Mrs. Carolyn C. Bloebaum

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Boyle

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse P. Brannan

Mrs. Carol Brewer

Dr. Sandra C. Broadrick-Allen

Ms. Nancy A. Calvert

Mr. & Mrs. Glen T. Cerny

Mrs. Candice M. Chaffee

Dr. William Charron (‘06)

Dr. Victor E. Childers

Ms. Carla Coleman

Ms. Mary Ann Collier

Mrs. Carolyn Corrigan

Ms. Heather Dell

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Dellas

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey M. Dickson

Dr. & Mrs. Larry M. Doyle

Mr. John R. Drew

Ms. Darlene E. Eaton

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Emrick

Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey P. Espe

Dr. & Mrs. James D. Evans

Mr. John W. & Mrs. Linda M. Feely

Mr. & Mrs. Duane Flowers

Ms. Charlsie L. Floyd

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Freitag

Mrs. Sondra R. Galperin

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gatto

Mrs. Michelle M. Giessman

Mrs. Sharlene Glock

Mr. & Mrs. James N. Goellner

Mrs. Diane Goldtrap

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Goodall

Mr. Jared Goodman

Mrs. Margaret Greer

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Grigg

Mr. John Guffey

Dr. & Mrs. Ryan V. Guffey

Ms. Sheryl K. Guffey

Mrs. Ginny V. Hahn

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Hall

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hammond

Mrs. Barbara A. Hanes

Mrs. Grace Harmon

Mrs. Elizabeth Heise

Sibley H E R I TA G E S O C I E T Y

Page 30: 2017 - Lindenwood

30 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Sibley H E R I TA G E S O C I E T Y

Mr. John M. Hilliard

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Huck

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Hudwalker

Dr. James Hutson

Dr. Harriet R. Jardine

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos W. Jenkins

Mrs. Taeko Jenkins

Mrs. Kathy L. Johnson

Mrs. Mary Ellen Kantz

Mr. Terry L. Kapeller

Mr. & Mrs. Larry G. Kelley

Ms. Catherine Kreher

Mrs. Martha A. Kuenzi

Mrs. Barbara Landreth

Mrs. Martha A. Latham

Mrs. Betsy LeDoux

Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Lee

Mrs. Cortney & Mr. Adam Lenk

Ms. Michele L. Lesley

Ms. Barbara N. Levy

Mrs. Janet F. Lewien

Ms. Elizabeth L. Lewis

Dr. Yu Chen Lin

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Lohmar

Mrs. Judy Ludwig

Mrs. Marie D. Mahaffy

Dr. Carolyn W. Martin

Dr. Joan L. Maupin

Ms. Mildred M. McChesney

Mrs. Barbara A. McKinney

Ms. Marcia G. Minsky

Drs. Boyd & Lucy Morros

Mrs. Jeanne Gross Mudd

Ms. Julie M. Mueller

Dr. Susan A. Myers

Ms. Martha R. Neuman

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley K. Nowak

Mrs. Mary Ann M. Oelklaus

Dr. John Oldani & Dr. VickiHedges-Oldani

Mrs. Faith E. Orlando

Dr. Betty T. Osiek

Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Pals

Mr. Ralph Pfremmer

Dr. & Mrs. Terrence L. Piper

Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Queen

Mrs. Lorraine A. Remmers

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Reynolds

Mrs. Elaine Richardson

Dr. Dorothy Ricketts

Mrs. Janet L. Riddle

Mr. & Mrs. Terry W. Rigdon

Mrs. Jane Calvert Rogers

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Rollings

Mrs. Lynn E. Russell

Dr. & Mrs. Terry Russell

Mr. Dennis Sappington

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Scheidegger

Mrs. Debbie K. Schnedler

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Schoenhard

Mr. Robert R. Schwarz

Mr. & Mrs. Gary N. Shaw

Mrs. Donese Shepherd

Mr. Thomas Shepherd

Mr. & Mrs. Grant J. Shostak

Mrs. Marilyn T. Shutz

Mrs. Patricia L. Siddens-Straub

Page 31: 2017 - Lindenwood

31L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Mrs. Sue Spellmann

Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Stewart

Mrs. Maurita E. Stueck

Mr. & Mrs. Eric O. Stuhler Mr. & Mrs. AlanSuit

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick S. Sullivan

Mr. & Mrs. Leo Tigue

Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Trulaske

Mrs. Janice K. Vassar

Mrs.Tammy Villemarette

Mrs. Suzanne Wagar-Harris

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Walsh

Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Watkins

Mr. & Mrs. Ed D. Watkins, III

Mrs. Kay M. Wilkinson

Mr. James E. Winka

Mr. Jesse A. Winters

Mrs. Martha S. Wright


– Mrs. Elaine Allrich

Miss Mary E. Ambler (‘30)

Mrs. Phyllis Aspoas (‘41)

Mr. David E. Babcock

Mrs. Susan A. Badgett (‘55)

Mr. William S. Badgley

Ms. Jean H. Baggerman

Ms. Marcella Baldwin (‘25)

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Barklage

Ms. Helen M. Bartlett

Mrs. Jill Baue

Mrs. Beverly M. Baumunk

Miss Aimee M. L. Becker (‘08)

Mrs. J. Marshall Bell (‘39)

Mr. William S. Bell

Mrs. Ruth Campbell Billings (‘24)

Mrs. Ledell Bitzer

Miss Jane A. Blood (‘48)

Ms. Thea M. Born

Miss Nancy Bowser (‘58)

Miss Ellen L. Boyce (‘27)

Ms. Evelyn Bradley (‘41)

Ms. Jessie D. Brier (‘29)

Mrs. Barbara A. Broadfoot (‘70)

Mrs. Ruth B. Brown (‘34)

Mr. and Mrs. Byron W. Cain

Mrs. Eloise Worthington Calvert (‘37)

Dr. Donna C. Charron (‘06)

Mrs. Marian L. Childers (‘57)

Miss Jean L. Christensen (‘39)

Ms. Barbara K. Clark (‘63)

Mrs. Helen Coldwater (‘29)

Dr. Jane E. Cooper (‘59)

Mrs. Jane A. Crider

Ms. Zilpha C. Curtin (‘55)

Mrs. Edith Doerrie (‘39)

Ms. Ruth Dolan (‘19)

Mr. Harold K. Donnelly

Mrs. Nancy H. Dosman (‘63)

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Dunseth (‘38)

Mrs. Sara Margaret English (‘39)

Ms. Juanita C. Everitt

Mrs. Helen Fangman (‘44)

Ms. Norma J. Fields

Mrs. Genevieve Garst (‘44)

Mr. George Francis &Mrs. Caroline Levy Gillette (‘46)

Ms. Isabelle Gladney

Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Good

Dr. Arthur S. Goodall

Sibley H E R I TA G E S O C I E T Y

Page 32: 2017 - Lindenwood

32 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Miss Marian Greene (‘23)

Ms. Helen Groves

Mrs. Betty C. Haas (‘40)

Mr. Carlton R. Hale

Mrs. Barbara Ringer Hamill (‘32)

Mrs. Maurine M. Hannah (‘40)

Mr. Raymond W. Harmon

Colonel Arminta J. Harness (‘49)

Ms. Donna S. Houchins (‘59)

Mrs. Jeanne Huesemann (‘43)

Mrs. Estelle Huff (‘40)

Ms. Harriet Hull

Mrs. Jean G. Johnson (‘43)

Mrs. Arabel W. Johnston

Ms. Virginia R. Jones

Mrs. Sara L. Kearns (‘25)

Mrs. Mary P. Lais

Mrs. Elisabeth P. Leighty (‘30)

Ms. Jacquelyn Lyerly

Mrs. Chloe N. Machado (‘35)

Mrs. Sarah Greer Mayer (‘34)

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene McGaughey

Mrs. Helen Studer Mendenhall (‘25)

Mrs. Norma M. Meyer

Mrs. Maurine M. Milligan

Mr. Gordon Mudd

Mrs. Loretta O’Bryen (‘33)

Mrs. Lorraine R. O’Connor (‘31)

Mrs. Froma J. Oberkramer (‘59)

Mrs. Margaret A. Ohrman (‘29)

Mrs. Dorothy Gehlbach Ordelheide (‘29)

Mrs. Nancy Orr (‘35)

Dr. Alice Parker

Ms. Helen M. Parks (‘51)

Miss Eugenia Pearson (‘29)

Mrs. Nancy H. Peteler (‘48)

Mrs. Mary K. Pritchard (‘38)

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Rauch

Mrs. Patricia E. Richardson (‘48)

Mrs. Margaret Richeson (‘36)

Mr. Harold C. Rieken

Mrs. Marjorie J. Semon

Mr. Martin L. Sherman

Mrs. Lillian Shaw Smith (‘32)

Miss Virginia C. Sodemann (‘35)

Admiral & Mrs. Sidney W. Souers

Mr. Dennis C. Spellmann

Mrs. Lena Spreckelmeyer

Mrs. Rosemary Williams Thomas (‘39)

Mr. John W. Tlapek

Ms. Louise M. Towns

Mrs. Helen Hook Vainikos (‘29)

Miss Barbara J. Wade (‘49)

Mrs. Louise Geeslin Walker (‘41)

Mrs. Susan Wallweber (‘77)

Mrs. Helen Joan (Stahl) Walter (‘46)

Mrs. Dorothy D. Warner (‘36)

Mr. George L. & Mrs. Marie Weaver

Dr. David R. Williams

Mr. Francis A. Woertz

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Wright (‘41)

Sibley H E R I TA G E S O C I E T Y

Page 33: 2017 - Lindenwood

33L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W


– Ameren Illinois

Ameristar Casino Saint Charles

Ms. Thea M. Born

Mr. Keith M. Carlson

Mrs. Mary Todsen Carter

Charles Koch Foundation

Emerson Electric Co.

Mr. & Mrs. Duane Flowers

Lou Brock Golf Tournament

Midway USA Foundation

Missouri Colleges Fund

Mrs. Sheila R. Painter

Pedestal Foods

Robert W. Plaster Foundation

Scholarship America

Smart Scholarship Funding Corp

St. Charles Bowling Lanes

United States Treasury

Warren Garst Estate


– Acropolis Investment Management LLC

Amateur Trapshooting Association

Mr. & Mrs. Ben F. Blanton

Central Trust & Investment Company

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Goodall

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Gorgen

Ms. Lynn Harmon

Mr. Roger C. Hill

Kamehameha Schools

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Lissner

Liz Whitney Tippit Foundation

Mr. David Martin

Midtown Home Improvements

Ms. Christina Moore

National Collegiate Athletic Association

Northern Nevada Italian Association Inc.

Raymond & Grace Harmon Charitable Foundation

Mr. Dennis Sappington

Selma J. Hartke Community FDN Agency

President & Mrs. Michael D. Shonrock

St. Anthony’s Medical Center Scholarshipfor Sons & Daughter

Tulsa Community Foundation


– Ms. Patricia A. Ahrens

Balda Family Foundation

Ballmann Family Private Foundation

Barnes and Noble

Bobby Orf#17 Foundation

Mrs. Ina R. Brazeale

Circle of Concern

Mr. John H. Ehrhard

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

ESA Foundation

Dr. Andrea P. Frazier &Mr. William Ackermann

Mrs. Carol A. Hess

Ho-Chunk Nation

International Scholarship andTuition Services Inc.

Ms. Shari M. Lococo

Memorial Network BJC Healthcare

MFA Foundation

Ms. Jan Noble

Mr. Donald W. Paule

Pittsfield High School

Pyramid Electrical Contractors Inc.

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Reynolds

Rhoda Leake Scholarship

Sergeant Laboratories Inc.

SSM Health Care

St. Charles Alumni Club

Mrs. Maurita E. Stueck

The Berner Charitable andScholarship Foundation

The Gallop Family Foundation

The New York Community Trust

The Next Step

The Private Client Reserve

The Treasurer of City ofSt. Charles, Missouri

Ungerboeck Software International

Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Watkins

Mrs. Shirley H. Wipfler

Zonta Club of St. Louis

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Page 34: 2017 - Lindenwood

34 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D


–A.J. Schwartze Scholarship Trust Fund

Alpha Chi Honor Society

American Red Cross

Army Emergency Relief

Association of College UnionsInternational

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Battaglini

Dr. & Mrs. Henry W. Clever Jr.

Ms. Carla Coleman

Commerce Bancshares Foundation

Community Foundation ofGreater Chattanooga

Community Foundation of the Ozarks

Consolidated Financial Investments, Inc.

Drs. Roger & Peggy Ellis

Etta Mae Anderson Trust

Mrs. Margaret M. Filstrup

First Mid-Illinois Bank and Trust

Mrs. Lucette A. Flanagan

Glen M Taylor Jr Memorial Fund

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Hansen Furnas Foundation Inc.

Hardin Scholarship Fund Trust

Health First ChiropracticClinic, LLC

Mrs. Paula L. Hildebrand

HNB National Bank Trust Services

ICEF Public Schools

Mr. John P. Junge

Kevin J. Kerber

Kid’s Chance Inc. of Missouri

Kiwanis Club - St. Peters

Dr. Yu Chen Lin

Lutheran Trust

Marguerite Ross Barnett Memorial Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Mathews

Dr. Joan L. Maupin

McClatchy Newspapers INC

Med-Sense Guaranteed Association

Miss MO Scholarship Foundation Inc.

National Merit Scholarship Corp.

Nucor Steel Kankakee, Inc.

Robert & Joyce Oberkotter Family Foundation

Ms. Kathleen M. O’Neal

Quail Forever

Robertson Benevolent Fund

Dr. Christie L. Rodgers

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Schoenhard

Scholastic ShootingSports Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Gary N. Shaw

Shelter Insurance Foundation

Site Advancement Foundation

The Jewish Community Center

The Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund

The UPS Foundation

Trapshooting Hall of Fame, Inc.

Troy Buchanan High School

Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Trulaske

Mrs. Margaret L. Tso

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Tuttle

Unified School District #368


–Fenton Area Chamber of Commerce

International Chapter

P.E.O. Sisterhood

Dr. Marilyn Abbott

Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Alsobrook

American Legion Auxiliary-PeterSmith Unit 327

American Legion Post 323


Angels in the Outfield

Anna M. Guilander Scholarship Trust

Arlington Grand Prairie GuideRight Foundation

Dr. Deb Ayres

Mrs. Bonnie Barczykowski

Dr. & Mrs. Brett Barger

Mrs. Valerie A. Beeson

Dr. Cynthia & Mr. Douglas A. Bice

Mrs. Ledell Bitzer

Blue Mountain Community Foundation

Ms. Nadia R. Bowmer

Mrs. Carol Brewer

Bridgeton Swim Club

Page 35: 2017 - Lindenwood

35L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Busey Wealth Management

Mr. & Mrs. Gaspare V. Calvaruso

Ms. Nancy A. Calvert

Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Carr

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

Dr. Joseph A. Cernik

Mr. & Mrs. Glen T. Cerny

Chaffee Public School Foundation

Cincinnati ScholarshipFoundation

Coles County Agricultural

Cole’s Hope Foundation

Mr. Peter M. Colombatto

Communications Workers ofAmerica Local 6300

Community Kindness, Inc.

Dr. & Mrs. J. Michael Conoyer

Crowley Foundation, Inc.

Cuivre River ElectricCommunity Trust

Miss Mary E. Darmstaetter


Decision Partners, Inc.

Dr. Ricardo Delgado

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Dellas

Don Rodgers LTD

DOT Foods Inc.

Douglas JS Alumni Association

Dundee Township Rotary Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Rockey Dvorak

Ms. Jillian A. Eader

Ms. Annette A. Eckert

EOD Warrior Foundation

Esponsor Now, Inc.

Extraco Events Center

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Farquhar

Ferguson Lions Charity Fund

First PresbyterianWomen’s Association

Ms. Linda Fischer

Mrs. Miriam L. Fischer

Florissant RotaryClub Foundation

Dr. Gina V. Ganahl

Garland ISD EducationFoundation Scholarship


Daniel A. Gieschen

Mr. Benjamin J. Giessman

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri, Inc.

Gray Summit Lions ClubAdministration Fund

Greenville Gas Mart

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Grigg

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hammond

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hasz

Hawaii Community Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Daren Hensley

Herrin Football AlumniAssociation Football Reunion

Hickory Ridge Athletic Booster Club

Hidalgo Lions Club

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Holloway

Holy Trinity Catholic Schools, Inc.

Houston TransportationProfessional Association

Huntleigh Security Corp.

Mr. Joseph Hurley


Illinois Scottish Rite Scholarship Fund

Illinois State Bowling Proprietors Association

Immanuel United Church

In Focus Marketing, LLC

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Infuze Credit Union

International Thespian Society

ISIA Education Foundation

ITW Foundation

Jack J. Isgur Foundation

Jeannette Rankin Women’sScholarship Fund

John R. Lucash Scholarship Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Art Johnson

Mrs. Kristi E. Jones

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Page 36: 2017 - Lindenwood

36 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Joplin Schools

Kal Tire

Mrs. Alan B. Keller

Mr. Thomas G. Kerns

Mr. Herman O. Krabbenhoft

Ms. Ann M. Kroeger

Mrs. Martha A. Kuenzi

La Vernia Sports Booster

Laverna Evans Scholarship

Mr. Ralph Lee

Lincoln County R-2 School District

Mamoru and Aiko TakitaniFoundation Inc.

Manon Rheaume Foundation

Mr. Todd M. Marchant

Rev. Michael Mason

Masonic Scholarship Fundof Missouri

Mathews-Dickey Boys’ Club

Mr. Mark A. McColl

Miss America’s OutstandingTeen, Inc.

Missouri Employers Mutual

Ms. Judy Pontius

Mrs. Jeanne Gross Mudd

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Mueller

Ms. Susan Mulcahy

Mr. & Mrs. Pauline M. Murphy

Muscogee Creek Nation

Nashville Lions Club

National FFA Foundation Inc.

Nevada High School Scholarship Foundation

Nevada R-5 School District

New London Education Foundation Inc.

North Kansas City Schools

Ohio State Trapshooting Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Ohmes

Oklahoma Bowling CentersAssociation Grand Prix Scholarship

Optimist Club of Brainerd Inc.

Pacific Northwest Regional Councilof Carpenters

Dr. Rebecca Panagos

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Pecoraro, Jr.

Dr. Patricia Penkoske

Mr. & Mrs. Chip Peterson

Mr. John Piccininni

PNC Financial Literacy Scholarship

PNC Institutional Asset Management

Dr. Ruamjerd Pongcharoenkiat

Dr. Renee Porter

Dr. Jenice Prather-Kinsey

Mr. & Mrs. Precourt

Presbyterian Church U.S.A

PSJA Tri City education Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Puszkar

Ralls County School District R-2

Ms. Lucy D. Rauch

Reorganized School District R-II

Reynolds Family Foundation

RHHS Hawk Booster Organization

Mayor & Mrs. Herb Roach

Dr. Carlyn G. Romeyn

Roy Creasey Revocable Trust

RSPA Scholarship Fund Inc.

Mr. Christopher M. Rumsey

Schools First Federal Credit Union

Dr. Cynthia A. Schroeder

SCI Engineering

Semo Electric Foundation

SEP Dollars for Scholars

Serra Automotive, Inc.

Six Flags

Ms. Adela Slovakova

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry F. Smith

Sonnenberg Paving & Landscaping

Southwestern Illinois Laborers’District Council

St. Charles County Pachyderm Club

St. Clair City Scholarship Fund

St. Louis Carpenter’s District Council

Ste. Genevieve Senior High School

Mrs. Carla Stucklen

Mrs. Cordelia Stumberg

Sumner One

TCA Scholarship Fund, INC.

Texas AFL-CIO Scholarship Fund

The Albert Baker Fund

The Community Foundation ofMacon County

Page 37: 2017 - Lindenwood

37L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

The Donald E. “Coach”Nelson Scholarship

The Donald E. Thompson FamilyCharitable Foundation

The McHenry County Community Foundation

The Republic of Tea Foundation

The William Pablo Feraldo Memorial Foundation

Toyoda Gosei/TG Missouri Corporation

Toyota Motor Engineering &Manufacturing Scholarship

Transitions Recruiting LLC

Truckload Carriers Assoc.

Tulsa Area USBC Bowling Association

Mrs. Marie C. Tustin

UFCW District Union Local OneHealth Care Fund

University of Canada

USA BMX Foundation

USTA Foundation Inc.

Mr. Bill Vahle

Mrs. Suzanne Wagar-Harris

Washington Media Scholars Foundation

Wednesday Club of St. Louis

Dr. Jann Weitzel

Wells Fargo WM NC Philanthropic CTO1

Mr. Jared E. West

West Michigan Volleyball Officials’ Association

West Side Business Association

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Woodhouse

Mrs. Martha S. Wright

Mrs. Marilyn Zimmerman

Mr. Joseph M. Zlatic


– AH Realty Advisors, LLC

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 379

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Beckerle

Mr. & Mrs. Randy L. Biggerstaff

Birkel Electric

Mr. Douglas A. Bletcher

Brad Wamser Educational Fund

Branson Bank

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Bray

Ms. Penelope J. Bryant

Mr. Jeff Buelow

Ms. Joan Butler

Calhoun 40 Alumni

Dr. Peter V. Carlos

Mr. Stanely G. Coker

Community Foundation of NorthwestMissouri, Inc.

Community Teachers Association

Constructors, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David Cosby

Ms. Jennifer Cox

Ms. Julie L. Cox

Mr. Greg Cromer

Mr. Larry R. Davis

Dawson Family of Faith

Dawson Memorial Baptist Church

De Soto Public School District #73

Delta Kappa Chapter Delta ThetaTau Sorority, Inc.

Distinguished Young Women

Mr. & Mrs. Kristofer Dorn

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Doughty

Ms. Xenia Du Mont

Dunklin School District R-5

Miss Brenda L. Ebeling

Farm Mutual Insurance ofSt. Francois County

Festus-Crystal City Elks#1721

First State Community Bank

Mr. William Fiser

Mrs. Marie E. Fitz

Mrs. Michelle M. Giessman

Gift of Hope, Inc.

Girls Club of Ottawa Inc.

Glencliff High School Alumni Association

Ms. Stacey Goetz

Grand Prix Bowling Scholarship Program

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Page 38: 2017 - Lindenwood

38 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Greater St. Louis Area Council BoyScouts of America

Dr. & Mrs. Ryan Guffey

Guild of Placentia Linda Hospital

Ms. Tracy A. Hanners

Hazelwood School District

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Heidenreich Jr.

Hillsboro Community Unit SchoolDist. 3

Educational Foundation Inc.

Mrs. Freda A. Hocking

Hormel Foods Corporation

Ms. Molly Hudgins

Dr. James Hutson

Mr. Carl H. Hutter, Jr.

Illinois Sheriffs’ Association

JB Accounting and Tax Services PC

Ms. Shelley Jeronimo

Ms. Kathy Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. H. S. Judd

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kamm

Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Karty

Mr. & Mrs. Erik Kocher

Mr. Alan J. Koffron

Ms. Jolie Kwedat

Mr. Charles F. Laird

Lee’s Summit Cares

Dr. John Long

Longview Bank & Trust/ PrairieLodge Trust

Ms. Elizabeth MacDonald

Madison County Firemen’s AssociationScholarship Fund

Melinda Jackson Scholarship

Mr. Ken Modl

Ms. Joanne Moses

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Motley

Nicholas Charitable Trust ByRobert G. Ingold, Trustee

Ms. Deborah L. Nicolai

Dr. Michiko Nohara-LeClair

Mrs. Mary Ann M. Oelklaus

Oklahoma State USBC Youth

Organization of OrchestraParents, Inc.

Mr. Gregg Ortell

Mr. Dean J. Ossello

Dr. & Mrs. Joe Parisi

Peoples National Bank

Mrs. Judith A. Peters

Phelps County Pageant Association

Plattsburg Fall Festival

Mr. John W. Plunkett

Ms. Doris B. Pree

Prior Lake Optimist

Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Queen

Mrs. Mary J. Radcliff Reuter

Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Reader

Ms. Janette Rector

Mr. Michael P. Resimius

Mrs. Sandra Sorensen Riley

River City F. O. P. 614 Inc.

Rock Island/Miland Boosters Club

Rock Island-MilanEducation Foundation

Mr. David Rosenwasser

Sams Carpet Service

Mrs. Stefani M. Schuette

Sealaska Heritage

Seidal Club

Shanna NeedhamMemorial Scholarship

Mrs. Jennifer C. Shedden

Ms. Elaine M. Smith

Southern Bowling Congress, Inc.

St. Charles County AmateurSports Hall of Fame

St. Charles West Booster Club

St. Louis Public Schools Foundation

Terrace View Presbyterian Church

The Anthony Armstrong 88 Foundation

The Summit Foundation

Mr. Roland Thouvenot

Three Rivers Business &Professional Women

Vista Murrieta High School

Mr. & Mrs. Arch Watson

Ms. Laura Wehmer-Callahan

Dr. Graham M. Weir

Wells Fargo CommunitySupport Campaign

Whitetails Unlimited, Inc.

Page 39: 2017 - Lindenwood

39L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

WM Edgar Scholarship

YTF Flower Mound Clay Target Team

Zeta Psi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi

Mrs. Donald Zimmerman

Wyoming State USBC Bowlers’ Scholarship Fund

YABA of Northern IL Bowling Foundation

Mrs. Donald Zimmerman


–Ms. Erin M. Abbott

Mr. Gary J. Allison

American Legion Walker RoneyPost Number 99

Mr. Steve Bailey

Mr. Michael Belongia

Mr. Adam D. Benkendorf

Ms. Laurie Benzing

Dr. Clifford A. Birge

BluCurrent Credit Union

Brentwood Church of Christ

Mr. Don A. Bryant, Jr.

Mrs. Candice M. Chaffee

Ms. Wendy N. Clark

Ms. Vanessa L. Cochran

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Coons

Mr. Curtis Corba

Crawford County R-I Association

Dr. Tom Cupples

Mrs. Betty L. Danielson

Ms. Emily C. Davis

Mrs. Rachel Douchant

Mr. Christopher A. Duggan

Ms. Chris Elkenberg

Farmington Elks Lodge #1765

Dan Federowski

Ferguson-Florissant School District R-2

Reverend Barry W. Freese

Mr. Steven Gietschier

Mrs. Jill A. Graff

Ms. Jane M. Groce

Ms. Barbara J. Hedlund

Ms. Leslie Hoeckelman

Mr. Steve Hood

Mr. Richard D. Hornick

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Huss

Jefferson City School District

Mr. Bill Johnson

Mr. James S. Jump

Mr. Ryan Kaiser

Mrs. Mimi Kemp Hall

Mr. Tim Kerns

Kohl Wholesale

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Larson

Mrs. Diana L. Lassen

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Len

Mrs. Janet F. Lewien

Lincoln County University ofMissouri Extension Council

Ms. Christine M. Lindquist

Ms. Mildred M. McChesney

Mr. Zachary McCreedy

Mr. Deion Melvin

Metro East Pride of Southwestern IL, Inc.

Mid-East Missouri Reciprocity

Mineral Area College

Miss Missouri Scholarship

Mrs. Lisa Monteleone

Dr. Annette Najjar & Mr. Hannibal Najjar

Nu Bowl Lanes Inc.

Ms. Jane Orthel

Reverend & Mrs. Ronnie Osborn

Mr. & Ms. Stephen Parrish

Pat D Hough Football-TrackScholarship

Pekin Community ScholarshipFund, Inc.

Pennsylvania Jr. Bowlers

Mr. Leo F. Perron

Ms. Karen Petering

Plattsburg High School

Pride in the Tiger Foundation

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

Dr. Rick & Mrs. Charlotte S. Read

Dr. Tracy M. Reed

Mrs. Karen L. Rensink

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Page 40: 2017 - Lindenwood

40 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Mrs. Jane Calvert Rogers

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Scheidegger

Mr. Kurt Schneider

Dr. Elliott Shostak

Mr. & Mrs. Grant J. Shostak

Mr. Samuel J. Spallitta

St. Louis Community Foundation

Mrs. Mary Lou Stehr

Stewartsville C-2 School District

Mr. Bryan T. Stone

Dr. & Mrs. Steve S. Suess

Mr. Mike Teter

The Country Club of St. Albans

Dr. Maryann M. Townsend

Ms. Heather Waldau

Mr. Mark Watson

Waupaca Area USBC Association, Inc.

Ms. Abigail E. Weber

Wells Fargo Foundation

Dr. Michael J. Whaley

White Top Inc.

Mr. James E. Winka

York Rotary Club

Your Cause/Corporate 8Employee Giving

Dr. Holly K. Zanville


– Mr. Frank Accarrino

Mr. Scott A. Allison

Mrs. Ruth A. Andris

Mr. Gregory P. Aubuchon

Mr. Tim Augspurg

Mr. Mazen Badra

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Bakewell

Mrs. Jan Baron

Mr. Mark Beckman

Belleville Alumni Club

Mr. Randy Bellinghausen

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Bergfeld

Mr. Donald R. Beussink

Mr. Dustin R. Bevard

Mrs. Carolyn B. Birge

Dr. Colleen Biri

Mrs. Louise R. Blackwood

Mrs. Carolyn C. Bloebaum

Boeing Matching Gift Program

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bohr

Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Bohr

Mr. Kyle N. Bosworth

Mrs. Karen Braatz

Mr. Mike Bradford

Mrs. Judith F. Brown

Mrs. Marla Dill Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Brown

Ms. Rachel L. Brown

Ms. Jill Brownfield

Mr. Kenny Bunselmeyer

Mrs. Jane Burford

Ms. Jan Burkemper

Mr. Gregory A. Burwell

Mr. Tom C. Calhoun

Ms. Alison Cannady

Dr. Peter A. Carich

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley R. Carlson

Ms. Violet M. Carlson

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Carroll

Ms. Aura Castrellon

Mr. Casey J. Cathcart

Mr. Joseph Centineo

Mr. Richard Cochran

Mr. Steven Coleman

Ms. Tracy Colwell

Mrs. Jill Connaghan

Cooper Distributing Company

Mr. & Mrs. Shawn D. Cosby

Mrs. Constance E. Cozzoni

Mr. Daniel Cross

Ms. Amy Davidson

Ms. Edith M. Davis

Mrs. Christy DeBartolo

Ms. Susan Decatur-Davis

Mrs. Dolores B. Decker

Mr. Ronald W. Dellbringge

Delta TAU Delta Lindenwood

Mrs. Connie DeMaire

Ms. Amy Determann

Ms. Adele M. Di Medio

Page 41: 2017 - Lindenwood

41L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Mr. Robert Dodd

Mr. Anthony R. Dohrman

Ms. Twana Dollison

Ms. Carol Doyle

Mr. Rake A. Dundalov

Ms. Joan C. Dykema

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Dyroff

Mrs. Mari A. Dysart

Mr. Michael Elam

Ms. Emily E. Elbert

Ms. Charlene Engleking

Mr. Alex Enyart

Mr. & Mrs. Erwin H. Ermeling

Ms. Jane M. Ervin

Mrs. Sarah K. Fandey

Ms. Javeria Farooqi

Mrs. Billie J. Farrell

Mr.& Mrs. Craig W. Felzien

Mr. Barry P. Finnegan

Ms. Stacey Fiser

Mrs. Shirley J. Fitzgerald

Mr. Lawrence D. Focazio

Mr. Dale Fowler

Ms. Hannah Frey

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Fricke

Mrs. Jane Friday

Mr. Peter J. Frisella

Mr. Christopher Garner

Mr. Ryan T. Garner

Ms. Anna C. Gay

Mr. Grant L. Gorczyca

Ms. Cathy Gray

Mr. Jeffrey Groby

Hackman Lumber Company and Home Centers

Mrs. Ginny V. Hahn

Mr. Darrell E. Hanson

Mrs. Marilyn B. Hanzlik

Mrs. Carol J. Harrington

Mr. Jeffrey G. Harris

Ms. Shenika Harris

Ms. Elizabeth Harry

Mrs. Sally J. Hart

Mrs. C. J. Hawkins

Mrs. Ann Hays

Ms. Annette Heaton

Mr. & Mrs. Scott E. Hein

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Held

Ms. Hollis C. Heyn

Ms. Barbara Hinkley

Mr. Markus S. Hoff

Mr. George Holets

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Hollander

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan K. Hollmann

Ms. Alice L. Holtgrewe

Mr. Todd Horn

Mrs. Susan Hubbard

Mrs. Ann T. Huesemann

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Huffman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Huot

Jackson R-2 School District Foundation

Ms. Diana Jacobs

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Johnson

Mr. Randy Karraker

Mr. Matthew J. Kastigar

Ms. April D. Kernan

Ms. Lena Kirchner

Mrs. Mary S. Kofakis

Mrs. Patricia H. Kosh

Mr. Djuro Krosnjar

Ms. Patty Kubitschek

Mrs. Christina Kuhlmann

Mr. & Mrs. Dale A. Kurrus

Mr. Russell E. Laforest

Mr. William J. Lawlor, III

Mrs. Betsy LeDoux

Legra Engineering Inc.

Mrs. Cortney & Mr. Adam Lenk

Mr. Hans Levi

Mr. Jason Lively

Mr. & Mrs. Christian Ludwig

Mrs. Lorrie Macy

Mrs. Deana I. Marcus

Mr. Sloane Marshall

Ms. Elisabeth V. Maurice

Mrs. Lois D. May

Mays Maune McWard, Inc.

Mrs. Katherine McCombe

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Page 42: 2017 - Lindenwood

42 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Mrs. Peggy L. McCord

Ms. Kathryn A. McCracken

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. McDaniel

Mrs. Michelle K. McKinney

Mr. Daniel P. Meiners

Mrs. Jane M. Meirose

Dr. Paige A. Mettler-Cherry

Mr. John L. Meurer

Ms. Cheryl Miller

Mr. Pat Moore

Dr. Carla Mueller

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher C. Mullins

Mr. Raul Munoz

Mr. David M. Murphy

Mr. Elijah W. Murrell

Ms. Jeanne F. Murrill

Mr. Hannibal G. Najjar

Mrs. Sharon O. Navarrette

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Nelson

Ms. Joi R. Niedner

Ms. Taras Odushkin

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Oliver

Dr. Betty T. Osiek

Ms. Terri Oswalt

Mrs. Carol E. Padilla

Ms. Marsha Hollander Parker

Mrs. Rosalyn W. Patterson

Dr. Billi J. Patzius

Mr. Nathan Payne

Ms. Felicia S. Pearson

Reeta Piirala-Skoglund

Plancorp, LLC

Mr. Jesse D. Politowski

Mr. David D. Powell

Mrs. Cheryl Primm

Ms. Patricia Prunty

QuikTrip-Corporate Headquarters

Ms. Katelyn Ratkowski

Ray Federal Credit Union

Mrs. Sydney A. Reding

Mr. Harold Reeder

Mrs. Elaine Richardson

Mr. & Mrs. Rick L. Rickenbaug

Dr. Dorothy Ricketts

Mrs. Marilyn D. Rickmeyer

Mrs. Suzanne Robbins-Bonitz

Mr. Robert E. Roderique

Mrs. Susan Rowley

Dr. Mary M. Ruettgers

Mrs. Lynn E. Russell

Mrs. Maggi Groce Sample

Mr. John K. Sauer

Ms. Chelsea R. Scheigert

Mr. Timothy Schmidt

Ms. Karolina Schneider

Mr. Benjamin Scholle

Mrs. Bobbie L. Schonaerts

Mrs. Lila J. Schotte

Mr. & Mrs. Terry E. Scott

Mr. Dan Seidel

Mrs. Linda W. Shackelford

Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Sheehan

Ms. Becky R. Shelton

Mrs. Barrie Bowen Shinn

Mr. David R. Siddall

Mr. Sampath Reddy Singi Reddy

Ms. Angela L. Smith

Mr. Andrew Solomon

Ms. Elaine Sosnowski

Mr. William S. Stark

Ms. Jane Stewart

Mr. Chawn Stitch

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stocker

Ms. Lisa Strauss

Mrs. Janet R. Strzelec

Mr. & Mrs. Eric O. Stuhler

Mrs. Rebecca R. Summerlin

Mr. Daniel Sweeney

Ms. Kathryn Tessmer


The Boeing Company

The Z Group, Inc.

Mrs. Linda H. Thom

Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Tiehes

Ms. Linda S. Tippit

Mr. Denis Tita

Torch Bear Rho of Beta Sigma Phi

Mr. & Mrs. David Touchette

Page 43: 2017 - Lindenwood

43L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Mr. Thomas L. Trice

Mr. Richard Trimble

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Tusing

Mr. Adam J. Ulrich, Jr.

Mr. Justin Ungerboeck

Mrs. Sue Unnerstall Holdmeier

Ms. Josefina Vaca

Ms. Jill M. Vaughn

Dr. & Mrs. Wilmer VerMeer

Dr. Sharman B. Vesecky

Dr. Donna Wagener

Mr. Robert J. Wahlbrink

Dr. Howard Wall

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Ward

Mrs. Theodore Watts

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Weber

Mr. Christopher R. Weilandich

Mr. Gary E. Wells

West Platte Jr/Sr. High School

Mr. Donald W. Wieland

Ms. Jeanette Wiley

Mr. Stephen R. Willett

Mr. & Mrs. Reed J. Williams

Mrs. Maria R. Wilson

Mrs. Gloria D. Winder

Mr. Kevin M. Winkelman

Mr. Henry G. Wisnewski

Mr. Willis R. Woolrich III

Mr. David W. Wright

Mr. Daniel R. Wyatt

Mrs. Patricia M. York

Ms. Patricia E. Zalenski

Mr. Joe Zlatic


– Ms. Carina Abbott

Mr. Wesley T. Abernathy

Dr. Lawrence Acker

Dr. Andrea M. Alameda

Mr. Robert Alexander

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Allen

Mr. Henry Allhoff

Mr. Kevin Alsterda

Ms. Laurie F. Anderson

Ms. Mary Anderson

Ms. Melissa Anderson

Mr. Ryan M. Anderson

Ms. Eliza Angarano

Ms. Adriana Arango-Arterburn

Ms. Jen Arnold

Ms. Savannah R. Arnold

Ms. Vanessa Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Baldwin

Ms. Alisa C. Baumer

Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Beier

Ms. Cristin K. Berendzen

Mr. Ira Bergman

Big St. Charles Motorsports LLC

Bi-Petro, Inc.

Ms. Michelle L. Bischoff

Mrs. Janette L. Bizzell

Ms. Melynie S. Blackshear

Mr. & Mrs. Mike N. Boley

Mr. Logan Bone

Mr. & Mrs. Carl V. Borgerding, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bouchey

Ms. Barbara A. Bove

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Bowman, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Boyher

Ms. Andrea Boyles

Mrs. Mary Cox Branch

Ms. Stephanie A. Brauer

Mr. William Breckenridge

Ms. Lois A. Brewster

Ms. Virginia M. Brinker

Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Brinkmann

Mrs. Janet L. Brooks

Ms. Barbara Brown

Ms. Donna S. Brown

Ms. Lindsey A. Brown

Ms. Sandra S. Brown

Ms. Beverly Brown-Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. Kent R. Brueggemann Jr.

Mr. James A. Buck

Mr. Carl Buehler

Ms. Tina Buie

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Page 44: 2017 - Lindenwood

44 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Bunselmeyer

Ms. Linda Ann Bunselmeyer

Ms. Lacey Burch

Mr. Ted F. Burden

Mrs. Peggy Burke

Ms. Sharon D. Burroughs

Ms. Elizabeth Burton

Mr. Gary Campana

Mr. Bruce Canan

Ms. Cheri Cann

Mrs. Charlotte L. Capelle

Mr. Eugene P. Carlson

Mr. Tim Cary

Mr. Gilbert A. Cattoor

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Cavalier

Ms. Angela R. Chall

Charles Esplin Scholarship

Mrs. Therese Chavaux-Turnbull

Chevron U.S.A., Inc.

Mr. Cameron J. Chinnery

Mr. James M. Chleboun

Mr. Kenny Clayton

Mr. Patrick Clifton

Mr. Gordon L. Coleman

Mrs. Maddelene C. Collins

Mr. Terry Copeland

Mr. Tom Coppotelli

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cormack

Ms. Jessica M. Coser

Mr. & Mrs. Berry T. Cothern

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Cowan

Mr. Stephen Crain

Mrs. Paula Creek

Mr. Angelo Crinzi

Ms. Margaret R. Cunningham

Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Curran

Mr. Joseph Cusumano

Mr. Derek Dadian-Smith

Ms. Laura Dame

Mr. James Daniels

Dave and Buster’s Saint Louis

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Dave

David Wood Enterprises, Inc.

Mrs. Ann Davidson

Mr. Terry Davinroy

Mr. James Davis

Ms. Jennifer L. Davis

Ms. Tamara Deines

Mr. Chris J. Dickey

Mr. William Dill

Ms. Becky J. Doering

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher D. Doerner

Mr. Jim Dowdy

Ms. Sara K. Drenkhahn

Mr. David Drey

Duckett Electric

Mr. & Mrs. R. N. Duncan

Mr. Christopher Dussold

Mr. James Dykhuizen

Mr. Justin Edgren

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Eiler

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Eitel

Mr. Edgar Ellis

Mr. Corey R. Ellzey

Ms. Rebecca J. Elschlager

Dr. James Enyart

Ms. Caitlin R. Erickson

Ms. Tracie Estes

Mr. Randy L. Evans

Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Everingham

Mr. Chris Fahs

Mr. Dennis Fancher

Ms. Jennifer Ferguson

Mr. Richard E. Finger

Mrs. Laverne M. Flachsbart

Mr. Emanuel D. Forbes-Franklin

Mr. Evan Forhetz

Ms. Doris Fountain

Mr. Daniel Frazier

Ms. Christine Frederiksen

Ms. Mildred A. Freeman

Mr. Michael Freshman

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Galka

Ms. Judith A. Galka

Ms. Amy Gangloff

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Gann

Mr. & Mrs. Juan R. Garcia

Mrs. Nancy Gardner

Page 45: 2017 - Lindenwood

45L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Garms

Ms. Melissa Garrett

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Gasaway

Ms. Rachel L. Gasawski

Ms. Tracy D. Gerber

Mrs. Kimberly A. Gersman

Ms. Meghan L. Giessman

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Gill

Mrs. Harriett Q. Giordano

Ms. Anna Girdwood

Mr. Alan D. Glass

Ms. Terry L. Glenn

Dr. Wojciech Golik

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Goodridge

Mr. Christopher Gourdine

Mrs. Robin E. Granzow

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Graveman

Mr. Brian Greathouse

Mr. David M. Gulick

Mrs. William D. Guthrie

Mrs. Joan M. Haight

Ms. Joi N. Haire

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Halsey

Mrs. Frances R. Hamilton

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hamlin

Ms. Teresa Hamra

Mr. Nicholas Hand

Ms. Katherine Hannah

Ms. Patricia A. Hardin

Ms. Tracy Hatton

Mr. Brian Hauswirth

Mr. Nicholas Hayden

Ms. Sarah Hayden

Mrs. Marie Heye

Mr. Alan Hibbler

Ms. Shannon J. Highley

Mrs. Amanda Highsaw

Mr. Peter Hofmann

Mr. Dan Hogan

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Hogan

Mr. Douglas W. Hoggatt

Mrs. Cathy L. Holder

Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Hollar

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Hollmann

Mrs. Gretchen V. Hoppe

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Horstmeier

Ms. Dana M. Houle

Mr. & Mrs. Ethan A. Howard

Mr. Tim Howard

Mrs. Jane A. Hubbell

Ms. Francine Hurst

Mr. Roy T. Huskey

Ms. Kathy R. Jackson

Ms. Lisa Jacob

Ms. Shauntey James

Mrs. Brenda Johnson

Mrs. Charlotte N. Johnson

Mr. Christopher J. Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Darrin L. Johnson

Mr. Jason D. Johnson

Mr. L. Dwight Johnson

Mr. Logan Johnson

Mrs. Carol R. Jones

Mr. Keith E. Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald P. Jones

Ms. Suzanne M. Jones

Jostens, Inc.

Ms. Lisa Kalau

Mr. Gulnar Kambarova

Mrs. Mary Ellen Kantz

Mr. Rahim Karimpour

Ms. Rebekah P. Kash

Mrs. Margaret C. Katz

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Kedroski

Ms. Maria Rose Keethler

Mrs. Olivia T. Kegler

Ms. Stacy Keller

Mr. John C. Kennedy

Ms. Leilani Q. Kesler

Mr. Jeremy Keye

Mr. & Mrs. James Kostelac

Ms. Kendra M. Kostelac

Ms. Margaret A. Krahman

Mrs. Kimberly E. Kruse

Mr. Kenneth Kubicek

Lair Scholarship Fund

Ms. Mary Clare Lally

Mrs. Darline G. Lamson

Ms. Joan M. Landgraf

Mr. James W. Lange, Jr.

Mr. Brendan Leahy

Ms. Holly N. Lee

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Page 46: 2017 - Lindenwood

46 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Mr. Michael Lee

Mr. Bartholomew J. Levy

Ms. Shantel M. Lewis

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Linderman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Linderman

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Lingle

Mrs. Kassandra N. Linzmeier

Ms. Gina M. Little

Mr. Michael R. Little

Ms. Rebekah Lockwood

Mr. Mike Loftus

Mrs. Joyce W. Logan

Mr. Colin B. Long

Ms. Regiere Lovett

Ms. Whitney Lucero

Mrs. Genevieve G. Lunning

Mr. Lewis Lyles

Ms. Clara MacGillivray

Mrs. Amy Mader

Mrs. Marie D. Mahaffy

Mr. & Mrs. Eric J. Major

Mrs. Janet Mallinson

Ms. Lori Malloy

Dr. Cindy K. Manjounes

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Manning Sr.

Ms. Sharon R. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Martinez

Mr. Jacob S. Massey

Mathenia Insurance

Mr. Michael T. Matthews

Mr. Daryl May

Ms. Karin May

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur R. May

Mr. Michael McBrien

Ms. Wendy M. McCandless

Mr. Kendal J. McCracken

Ms. Stephanie N. McGovern

Mr. Dan McNabb

Ms. Beth Mead

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin D. Meinders

Ms. Susan Meiners

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Messina

Ms. Janet L. Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Martin F. Meyer

Mrs. Rene C. Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Mikecin

Mrs. Angela C. Miller

Mr. David Miller

Ms. Jennifer L. Miller

Mr. Steve Miller

Mr. Ian M. Milster

Ms. Angela M. Mircsov

Mr. Chris Mitchell

Mr. Ben Mizera

Mrs. Cherie L. Moore

Mr. Nicholas Moramarco

Mr. Greg Moran

Ms. Peggy Moritz

Ms. Karen Morris

Ms. Lori Morris

Mr. & Mrs. David Moser

Mr. Ryan J. Moyer

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Muehlenbrock

Mr. Lennon Mueller

Mr. & Mrs. Rasim Mujanovic

Ms. Sandra Mulitsch

Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Mundy

Mrs. Janice N. Murphy

Ms. Lindsay Murphy

Ms. Susan Murphy

Ms. Madeline Nesbit

Mr. William H. Netzhammer

Ms. Martha R. Neuman

Mrs. Carolyn Newcomb

Ms. Rose M. Neyland

Ms. Sarah B. Nisler

Ms. Cindy Noll

Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Oates

Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Obrecht

Mr. Jason D. O’Dell

Mr. Kyle J O’Donnell

Mrs. Karen E. Oelschlaeger

Ms. Clarice A. Orr

Ms. Bethany Osborn

Mr. Bradley D. Palmer

Mr. Christopher Pape

Mrs. Glenda J. Park

Mr. & Mrs. Derek T. Parker

Mr. Zachary A. Pashea

Ms. Megan Peabody

Mr. Richard L. Pearce

Mr. John A. Pettis

Page 47: 2017 - Lindenwood

47L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Mr. Chris Phillips

Piddles Trucking LLC

Ms. Kelnita C. Pierson

Ms. Jill M. Politte

Ms. Kimberly R. Poole

Ms. Christine Pouyer

Mr. Page Press

Ms. Rebecca Preston-Campbell

Ms. Kelly Prince

Mr. Jason V. Quackenbush

Dr. Emily B. Rademan

Mr. & Mrs. Neil A. Ralston

Mr. Lance Randall

Mrs. Marilyn Raphael

Mr. & Mrs. Chad N. Rasmussen

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Rawson

Ms. Elizabeth S. Ray

Dr. Sherrill Rayford

Mrs. Donna Raymon

Ms. Charla R. Rebbe

Red Brush Ranch Trucking LLC

Mr. Andy Reeves

Mr. Jeff Reis

Mr. Bryan Reising

Ms. Rebecca Reisinger

Mr. Jason Rejfek

Mr. Daniel Restrepo

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Rhodes

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry W. Richard

Ms. Julie Ritchey

Mrs. Tamara A. Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Roessler

Mr. Robert T. Ronkoski

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Ross

Mr. George P. Rossi

Ms. Linda M. Rossow

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Rothermich

Ms. Jacqueline Roy

Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Rudin

Mr. Roland Rudis

Mr. William J. Ruhlman

Dr. and Mrs. Terry Russell

Mr. Chris Sabo

Ms. Michelle Sanford

Mr. Nathan J. Sapp

Mrs. Glenda D. Schaefer

Mrs. Sally Schaefer

Mr. Allen Scharf

Dr. Nancy J. Schneider

Mr. Mitchel S. Schwartzman

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Scott

Mr. James A. Shank

Mr. Mirek L. Sharp

Mr. Paul Sharp

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Sharpe

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Sharpe

Mr. John Shear

Mr. Collin C. Sheehan

Ms. Melissa A. Shreve

Mr. Scott Shreve

Mr. Robert A. Singer

Mr. Roman Sivkov

Mr. Stephen W. Slone

Dr. Nina M. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Smith

Mrs. Charlotte L. Sodey

Mrs. Briane M. Sprengnether

Ms. Valerie J. Stam


Ms. Cynthia A. Sterner

Ms. Paula R. Stewart

Ms. Yvonne Stich

Mr. Vernon Stidimire

Mr. & Mr. Mark Stocker

Mr. Matthew J. Stocker

Ms. Meghan Stouffer

Stoutner Property Maintenance LLC

Ms. Rozalie Stovey

Ms. Anna Strackeljahn

StudyMetrix Research

Ms. Sally C. Stumberg

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Stys

Mr. Torrin Suedmeyer

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Suerig

Ms. Deborah A. Suttles

Ms. Claudine Talbott

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Talbott

Mr. Jeffery E. Taviner

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Page 48: 2017 - Lindenwood

48 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Ms. Brooke Taylor Duckworth

Ms. Jennifer Taylor

Ms. Teri Terranova

Mr. & Mrs. Edward N. Theis

Mr. Jeffrey D. Tippit

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Touchette

Mr. Ryan Trimble

Mr. John E. Troy

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Tuepker

Ms. Sila Tuju

Mr. Kevin Turco

Mr. Howard W. Uptain

Ms. Tessa M. Valdez

Ms. Shannon L. Vallowe

Ms. Bridget Van Pelt

Ms. Heather V. Venable

Mr. Phillip Vida

Ms. Shannon Vines

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Wachler

Ms. Katherine M. Walkenhorst

Dr. Patrick Walker

Mr. Rick W. Wallace

Mrs. Diana L. Walter

Mr. Charles Walther

Ms. & Mrs. Eugene Walton

Ms. Shannon Warnecke

Reverend Glenda Watts

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Wells

Ms. Jennifer Welsh

Mr. Robert J. Wesling Sr.

Mr. Mark Wiesehan

Mr. Bron Wilkerson

Ms. Melissa Ann C. Wilkerson

Mr. Stephen C. Wilkerson

Mrs. Camilla Williams

Mrs. Jacqueline A. Williams

Mr. David Wilson

Ms. Debra A. Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Lance C. Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Wilson, Jr.

Mrs. Sherilynn Wimmer

Mr. Nicolas A. Wittu

Mrs. Mary Kay Wolfe

Mr. Steven Wolk

Ms. Melody Wombacher

Ms. Amanda K. Wood

Mrs. Ruth A. Woodland

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Woodring

Mr. Robert A. Woodsmall

Dr. Stephanie J. Yearian

Ms. Lisa Young

Mr. & Mr. Dave Zabawa

Ms. M. E. Zerr

Ms. Stacey Zubrod

Dr. Wanita Zumbrunnen

Gifts T O L I N D E N WO O D

Page 49: 2017 - Lindenwood

49L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Planned G I V I N G

LEAVE YOUR LEGACYOur staff can work with you and your financial and legal advisors toplan a gift that will leave a lasting legacy at Lindenwood. Some ofthe more popular planned gifts are discussed below.

BequestsA will or trust is the easiest and most effective means to ensure thatyou provide for your family and that your assets will be distributed asyou wish. A bequest will benefit Lindenwood upon your death, whileallowing you to have use of your property during your life.

Appreciated Real PropertyDonations of appreciated property can provide a generouscontribution to Lindenwood and financial benefits for you.

Gifts of SecuritiesTransfers of stock and other appreciated securities to Lindenwood cangive you a substantial tax savings. Donors may receive an income taxdeduction equal to the fair market value of the stock on the date ofthe gift—thus reducing your taxable capital gains.

Charitable Gift AnnuityA charitable gift annuity frees up your assets in order to generatecash flow during your lifetime. You make an initial gift toLindenwood, and then a set payment is paid during your lifetimeor beginning at a designated time, such as retirement.

Charitable Remainder TrustThis is a managed and invested trust that provides you and/or otherbeneficiaries of your choosing with a stream of income for life or aperiod of years. If funded with appreciated property, a significantcapital gains tax savings may result. A charitable remainder trustcan yield substantial tax benefits.

Charitable Lead TrustThis is effectively the opposite of a charitable remainder trust.Instead of the donor receiving the income, Lindenwood would receivethe income for a specified number of years. At the end of the trust,the remaining principal is returned to you or another person of yourchoosing. Charitable lead trusts can generate a substantial gift orestate tax savings, and, in some cases, you may receive a charitableincome tax deduction.

Life InsuranceEither the donation of a fully or partially paid policy or the purchaseof a new policy naming Lindenwood University as the beneficiarycan lead to a substantial deduction for you and a generous gift toLindenwood. Lindenwood can also be named as a beneficiary of apolicy that you own.

Tax-Qualified Retirement Plan GiftsWith careful planning, gifts involving tax-qualified retirement planassets, such as IRAs, can reduce your taxes and allow for a charitablegift. The university will be the effective steward of your generosity.

For information regarding any of these giving opportunities, please contact the Office of Development at (636)949-4908.

This information is not intended as tax, legal, or financial advice. Consult your own legal, tax, or financial professional for guidance.Gift annuities are not available in all states.

Page 50: 2017 - Lindenwood

50 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Ways O F G I V I N G

JOIN THE MISSIONLindenwood University has made a difference in the lives of countlessstudents throughout its 190-year history. Many of the opportunitiesreceived by students were made available through the generosity ofalumni and friends who made gifts to the university. You are invited tohave an impact on a student’s life in a variety of ways. Lindenwood hasgift programs and giving societies to help support students involvedin the arts, education, sciences, communications, business, and otheracademic, athletic, and student life programs.

Ways To Give To Lindenwood

Outright Gifts:

• Cash • Gifts of Stock and Other Securities

• Real Estate

Planned Gifts:

• Bequests • Wills and Trusts

• Life Insurance • Tax-Qualified Retirement Plan Gifts

• Gift Annuities • Other Planned Gifts

Matching Gifts

Many employers make matching gifts that allow youto double your donation to the university.

Student Support OpportunitiesYou may directly impact Lindenwood students throughthe following giving opportunities.


Scholarship donations of any amount assist students needinghelp in earning their degrees. Every year, with gifts of $25,000or more, generous donors endow, in perpetuity, scholarshipsfor students with exceptional merit or with financial need.

Honors Awards

Honors award naming starts with gifts of $10,000. Donors may attend the annual Honors Award Convocationwith the student recipients.

Page 51: 2017 - Lindenwood

51L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Support O P P O RT U N I T I E S



Annual FundsGifts to the annual fund help cover the operating costs ofthe university, so that tuition and room and board can bekept affordable for the students. These gifts are unrestricted,which means that they are available to be used where theneed is the greatest.

Capital ProjectsGifts can be designated for various capital campaigns and projectscurrently in progress at a variety of locations on both campuses.Naming opportunities are available to recognize contributions.

Endowed GiftsYou may establish or contribute to an endowed fund and create alasting legacy. Income from an endowed gift provides ongoing supportfor the donor’s chosen priority in perpetuity.

• Unrestricted • Scholarships

• Fellowship • Professorships

• Research • Facilities Maintenance

The LU LegendsBecome a legend by leaving a lasting impression at one ofmany locations on campus.

• Brick Paver Stones • Plant A Tree

• Young Hall Auditorium Seats • Professorships

• Athletic Lockers

The President’s CircleThe President’s Circle is a giving society whose members contribute cumulative gifts of at least $1,000 annually.

The Lions’ Reserve FundThousands of students at public and private colleges across thecountry are falling further behind in their higher education financialcommitments. For a number of reasons, their sources of fundingdry up before making it to graduation. Lindenwood University hascreated the Lions’ Reserve Fund to provide a bridge for students to getacross the finish line and earn their degrees. This fund will providestudents the additional financial support needed to complete thefinal part of their academic journey.

Page 52: 2017 - Lindenwood

52 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W52 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Board O F T RU S T E E S


J. Michael Conoyer, ChairmanPhysician, Midwest ENT Centre, P.C.,

St. Peters, Mo.

Christopher Lissner, Vice ChairmanPresident, Acropolis Investment

Management, L.L.C., St. Louis, Mo.

Kevin Bray, Treasurer Senior Vice President and Group Manager,

Commerce Bank, St. Peters, Mo.

Patricia Penkoske, SecretaryAlumna ’69, Physician, Washington

University, St. Louis, Mo.

Ex Officio

Michael D. Shonrock, LindenwoodUniversity System President


Patricia A. Ahrens, President, AhrensContracting, Inc., St. Louis, Mo.

Ben F. Blanton, Chairman, Ben F. BlantonConstruction Co., St. Peters, Mo.

Jacqueline Brock, Community Leader,St. Charles, Mo.

Cortney Hupper Lenk, Alumna ’99,Broker-Sales Associate, Crouse Real

Estate, Troy, Mo.

Gaspare Calvaruso, President, Capital Region Medical Center,

Jefferson City, Mo.

David G. Cosby, Board Chair ofSSM Health Corporation, St. Louis, Mo.

Ron Gorgen, Alumnus ’98, Retired General Partner, Edward Jones

John W. Hammond, Retired BusinessOwner, Chesterfield, Mo.

Grace Harmon, Community Leader,Chesterfield, Mo.

Art W. Johnson, Principal, A.J. Consulting, LLC, Chesterfield, Mo.

Joseph G. Mathews, Broker, Mathews andAssociates, Lake Saint Louis, Mo.

Doug Mueller, President and FoundingShareholder, Mueller Prost, P.C.,

St. Louis, Mo.

Ronald W. Ohmes, Community Leader,Roach, Mo.

Ronnie D. Osborn, Minister of Word andSacrament, St. Charles Presbyterian

Church, St. Charles, Mo.

Harry H. “Chip” Peterson, President,Insight Partners, Inc., Farmington, Mo.

Lucy Rauch, Retired Circuit Judge,St. Charles County, Mo.

Herb Roach, Mayor, City of O’Fallon, Ill.

Jerry E. Scheidegger, Board Chairman,Corporate Group, Inc., St. Charles, Mo.

Bill Schoenhard, Community Leader,Kirkwood, Mo.

Gary N. Shaw, Senior Vice President,Morgan Stanley, Chesterfield, Mo.

Don Tuttle, Managing Partner and Owner,Top Gun Ventures LLC, Godfrey, Ill.


Nancy Calvert, Alumna ’61,Communications Consultant,

Naperville, Ill.

Jane Calvert Rogers, Alumna ’67,President, Preston/Rogers Assoc., Inc.,

Medfield, Mass.

Jonathan Ford, Community Leader,Indio, Calif.

Elizabeth Huss, Community Leader,St. Charles, Mo.

Larry G. Kelley, Community Leader,St. Louis, Mo.

Dale Rollings, Attorney, Rollings FamilyTrust Services L.L.C., St. Charles, Mo.

Patrick S. Sullivan, Community Leader,St. Charles, Mo.

Page 53: 2017 - Lindenwood

53L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Alumni A S S O C I AT I O N B O A R D 2 0 1 7 - 1 8


Cortney Hupper Lenk (’99), President

Paula Hildebrand (’80), First Vice President

Brian Mundy (’98), Second Vice President

Jan Lewien (’85, ’04 & ’07) Secretary

Judith Forstmann Brown (’67),Immediate Past President


Nancy Calvert (’61)

Jane Calvert Rogers (’67)

Shawn Cosby (’06)

Mary Gismegian (’81)

Ron Gorgen (’98)

Paula Hildebrand (’80)

Mary Ellen Kantz (’77 & ’91)

Randy Karraker (’84)

Betsy Light LeDoux (’63 & ’91)

Marie Mahaffy (’63)

Mark McColl (’85)

Brian Mundy (’98)

Mary Ann Oeklaus (’65)

Patricia Penkoske, M.D. (’69)

Judy Pontius (’68)

Emily Rademan (’07)

Elizabeth “Libby” Ray (’10)

Dr. Dorothy Ricketts (’72)

Patti York (’92, ’97)

Page 54: 2017 - Lindenwood

54 L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Page 55: 2017 - Lindenwood

55L I N D E N W O O D R E V I E W

Page 56: 2017 - Lindenwood

56 L I N D E N W O O D A N N U A L R E P O R T


209 South Kingshighway St. Charles, MO 63301 / 636.949.4949

WEBSITE http://www.lindenwood.edu