2017 CRUISE COMPANION Timeless Wonders of Vietnam ... · PDF file Passports: All Uniworld...

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Transcript of 2017 CRUISE COMPANION Timeless Wonders of Vietnam ... · PDF file Passports: All Uniworld...

  • 2 0 1 7 C R U I S E C O M PA N I O N

    Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia

    & the Mekong

  • uniworld.com / 1

    Ic o

    n /L

    E T

    T E

    R c

    o D

    E L

    E G

    E n


    Icon/Letter Code Legend

    The symbols below will help guide you through the

    descriptions of the daily itineraries. They will give you

    an idea of the length and pace of the excursions, and

    they will note which meals are provided.

    Uniworld Signature Icons

    u UNESCO Site b Motorcoach d Flight S Boat a Additional Cost e Embark/Disembark

    Dining Letter Codes

    CB Continental Breakfast BB Buffet Breakfast

    L Lunch D Dinner

    WD Welcome Gala Dinner FD Farewell Gala Dinner

    Tour Duration Icons

    5 1/4 Day 7 1/2 Day 9 3/4 Day 8 Full Day Shore Excursion Icons All tours involve walking unless strictly noted as a

    panoramic tour. In many cases, the walking takes place

    over uneven ground, cobblestones or flagstone walkways,

    and several tours involve stairs or short uphill climbs.

    Please wear comfortable, non-skid walking shoes while

    on all tours. These symbols give an idea of what to

    expect on each program.

    1 Easy walking Includes walking of 15 minutes or less from multiple motorcoach stops to and around historical sites.

    Possibly some steps, or gentle uphill and downhill walks.

    2 Intermediate walking Includes walks of up to two hours on uneven terrain. Limited seating at sites. Multiple stairs and/or uphill/

    downhill walking.

    3 Strenuous walking Involves walking at all sites. Many stairs and uphill/ downhill passages. Those with physical limitations

    and those who may need private arrangements should

    contact the Cruise/Tour Manager when onboard.

    W E L C O M E

    Our World Begins with You Thank you for selecting Uniworld Boutique River Cruise

    Collection. We want to do everything we can to ensure

    you have the most enjoyable and worry-free vacation.

    With that in mind, we have prepared this booklet for

    you, so you can plan your trip with the greatest of ease.

    Consider it a guideline to help you get ready for your

    upcoming trip. It contains valuable tips and advice

    on what to pack, your flight and transfer experience,

    onboard information, day-to-day details and much more.

    We highly look forward to hosting you onboard our

    beautifully appointed ships and making your vacation

    the most memorable and enjoyable experience possible.


    The Uniworld Team

    Cover: Monk in Bayon Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia ▲ Hanoi, Vietnam

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    T A

    B L

    E O

    F C

    O N

    T E

    N T

    S T

    A B

    L E

    O F

    C O

    N T

    E N

    T S

    uniworld.com / 3

    C R U I S E / T O U R C O M PA N I O N

    Helpful Hints Before You Go

    4 Travel Documents Passports

    Visa Requirements

    Passenger Information Form

    Travel Protection Plan

    6 Cruise/Tour Documentation Final Documentation Includes

    6 Baggage Limitations

    7 Vaccinations

    7 Travel Essentials

    8 Health and Mobility Physical Limitations


    Special Diets

    9 General Money Matters

    Getting There

    10 Airport Security and Check-In

    10 Transfers Airport Arrival Transfers

    Airport Departure Transfers

    Late Flight Arrivals and Missed Flights

    Additional Contacts in Case of a Late Arrival

    Baggage Delays

    13 Pre- or Post-Cruise/Tour Land Stay or Optional Extensions

    13 Hotel Check-In and Hotel Check-Out

    About Your Uniworld Cruise/Tour Package and Onboard and Onshore Services

    14 Crew-Only Areas

    14 Dining

    14 Electrical Current

    14 Elevators

    15 Emergency Procedures

    15 Excursions

    15 Fitness Centers

    15 Footwear

    15 Gift Shops

    15 Going Ashore

    16 Gratuities

    16 Handicapped Facilities

    16 Insect Precautions

    17 Internet Access

    17 Intra-Asia Domestic Air Ticket

    17 Land Tours and Shore Excursions

    17 Laundry

    17 Massage

    17 Mooring and Docking Facilities

    17 Moving about the Ship

    18 Muster Station

    18 Responsibility and Waiver

    18 Safety Deposit Box

    18 Security

    19 Ship’s Office

    19 Shopping

    19 Smoking

    19 Suite Amenities

    19 Visitors

    20 Water

    20 Weather

    21 What to Wear

    21 Omissions

    22 Frequently Asked Questions

    2 0 1 7 R I V E R C R U I S E / TO U R P R O G R A M

    Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong

    25 Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi / 15 Days

    39 Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City / 15 Days

  • C R

    U IS

    E / T

    O U

    R C

    O M

    P A

    N IO


    uniworld.com / 54

    For entry to Cambodia, our Cruise/Tour Manager will

    take care of obtaining Cambodian visas for each guest

    on the cruise/tour. Each guest will need to provide

    the Cruise/Tour Manager with his or her passport, one

    (1) passport photo and $50 US dollars (USD) in cash,

    per person, while on the cruise/tour for this purpose.

    The Cruise/Tour Manager will then submit all passports

    to the Cambodian Immigration Authorities and obtain

    the visas. For southbound Mekong cruises, this will be

    done at the Siem Reap Airport. For northbound Mekong

    cruises, this will be done onboard the Mekong Navigator prior to entering Cambodia.

    Any visa(s) or other documentation required for a

    particular itinerary is solely the responsibility of the

    guest. As a courtesy, our website, uniworld.com, offers

    a link to a visa service company in the “Already Booked”

    section; this company can provide additional information.

    Obtaining and carrying required documents is solely your

    responsibility. Uniworld will not be responsible for advising

    and/or obtaining required travel documentation for any

    passenger, or for any delays, damages and/or losses,

    including missed portions of your trip, related to improper

    or absent travel documentation. Due to government-

    imposed security immigration measures, passport infor-

    mation and emergency contact information are required

    for all passengers prior to release of documentation.

    Passenger Information Form: By now, you should have completed the Uniworld Passenger Information Form.

    The information on this form is used to comply with

    certain foreign government and airline security restrictions

    in advance of your arrival. If you have completed this

    form, we thank you for your prompt attention. If you

    have not completed this form, please visit our website

    at uniworld.com and complete the online Passenger

    Information Form in the “Already Booked” section. Each

    guest must complete the form.

    Please note that the name on your airline tickets must

    match your name exactly as it is shown in your passport.

    This applies to both international flights as well as the

    flight between Vietnam and Cambodia (or vice versa)

    that we will book for you, so please be sure we have your

    name correct on your booking.

    Travel Protection Plan: Uniworld strongly recommends that each guest purchase a Travel Protection Plan. Please

    carry all policy information with you during the course of

    your trip.

    During the cruise/tour, it is advisable to have copies of

    important documents (i.e., first page of your passport,

    photo, credit card numbers and bank/credit card

    company phone numbers) in a separate packet, in case

    the originals are lost or stolen.

    Helpful Hints Before You Go

    Travel Documents Passports: All Uniworld river cruise/tours require a

    passport. In most cases, passports must be valid for six

    (6) months after the scheduled return date from the

    trip. Travel to Vietnam and Cambodia will require visas.

    Each guest is fully responsible for obtaining and carrying

    the travel documents necessary for his or her travel

    itinerary, with the exception of Cambodian visas.

    Uniworld will not be responsible for any delays, damages

    and/or losses (including missed portions of your trip)

    related to improper or absent travel documents.

    Visa Requirements: For US and Canadian citizens,

    a multiple-entry visa is required for entry to Vietnam.

    A visa is not required for entry to Thailand for US and

    Canadian citizens.

    Non-US or non-Canadian citizens must contact the

    appropriate consular office for entry requirements

    pertaining to their particular trip.

    C R U I S E / T O U R C O M PA N I O N

  • C R

    U IS

    E / T

    O U

    R C

    O M

    P A

    N IO

    N C

    R U

    IS E

    / T

    O U

    R C

    O M

    P A

    N IO


    6 uniworld.com / 7

    Cruise/Tour Documentation Uniworld sends all final cruise and air documents

    between 21 and 30 days prior to your trip departure,

    provided tha