2010 ForKids Annual Report

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ForKids Financials and Outcomes

Transcript of 2010 ForKids Annual Report


  • 7,700 children will fall into homelessness this year in Hampton Roads.

    One in three homeless people is under the age of 18.

    Homeless children and families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population.

    ForKids is currently serving 250+ families with 500+ children each week including 40 families with 80 children in residence each night.

    ForKids serves families throughout South Hampton Roads and Western Tidewater.



  • Dear Friends,

    Thanks in large part to the generosity of our community, ForKids

    continues to rise to the challenge of meeting the exploding need for

    services for homeless families. The good news is that, as of this writing,

    ForKids is serving well over 250 families with life changing programs;

    however, this good news is tempered by the continued increase in the

    number of families we turn away and the lack of growth in funding from

    our institutional funders. Turnaways, eligible families that we cannot

    serve due to capacity constraints, have risen over 50% and no end is in

    sight. The lingering effects of the recession will continue to impact our

    community for years to come as many have exhausted their savings

    and are just one unplanned bill away from becoming homeless. As a

    program and not just a shelter, ForKids is able to prevent our families

    from slipping through the cracks only to raise the next generation of the

    homeless. We can stop this cycle.

    The transformative effect of ForKids presence is on display on 38th

    St. in Norfolk as evidenced by the beautification of nearby homes,

    the private investment in the surrounding real estate and the recent

    rebuilding of the city playground. What started as a single duplex

    on a run-down block now encompasses thirteen apartments and a

    central service center surrounded by white picket fences and rose

    bushes tended to lovingly by our volunteers. ForKids continues to face

    significant challenges as government funding has not kept up with the

    increased demand for services and in many cases has declined. As a

    result, ForKids has pushed for efficiencies, but we have been forced to

    reduce the depth of services to remain fiscally sound. The community

    continues to step up as your contributions approached 50% of our

    budget this year and are projected to easily exceed that level next

    year just to maintain the current levels of service. Further erosion of

    our services is likely as stimulus funding expires in the year ahead.

    With direct services in Norfolk, Suffolk and Chesapeake, ForKids is

    now truly serving the region and hopes to break down historic barriers

    between cities to develop a regional solution to the problem of family


    Thank you again for your support and belief in the life changing work of

    ForKids. We are making a difference in the lives of hundreds of families

    and children at a time when they need us the most.

    Thomas Steffens

    Board President

    Thaler McCormick

    CEO & Corporate Secretary

    FY 2010 SERVICES AND OUTCOMES ForKids served 333 families with

    715 children this year, an increase of 60% over last year.

    95% of school aged children in ForKids programs at the end of the school year advanced to the next grade.

    79% of families found transitional or permanent housing upon exiting ForKids programs.

    Our dedicated volunteer base logged over 8,700 service hours representing nearly $175,000 in value to the agency.

    Completed a 3 year strategic plan to guide the agency forward.

    Implemented prevention services in Chesapeake.

    NEW INITIATIVES FOR FY 2011 Expand Hot Meals and

    Homework in Chesapeake.

    Start up ForTeen, a targeted program for teen residents of ForKids.

    Open the ForKids Family Thrift to financially support our programs and to provide household items to families as they exit ForKids.

    Implement improved assessments for all educational programs.


  • Jennifers storyJennifer is a motivated 18 year old who seemed to

    always find herself in the wrong place with the wrong

    crowd. When she and her mother entered the Elizabeth

    Place Transitional Housing Program, she was on the

    wrong path heading nowhere fast. She was currently

    repeating 9th grade for the 3rd time and was on track

    to fail for the 4th time. Just a few weeks after entering

    the program, Jennifer was suspended from school for

    fighting. To make matters worse, her classmate pressed


    With her failing grades and court charges of assault

    and battery, Jennifer felt hopeless until her ForKids

    case manager suggested Commonwealth Challenge.

    Commonwealth Challenge is a free military-based

    program designed for at-risk youth in Hampton Roads.

    It provides structure and training, so struggling students

    can earn their GED. Given Jennifers involvement with

    the NJROTC at Maury and her dream of joining the

    military, the Commonwealth Challenge was the perfect


    When approached with the idea, Jennifers face lit up

    as she expressed her excitement to join the program.

    She continued to attend tutoring and worked diligently

    to participate in all the Childrens Services initiatives at

    ForKids. Jennifers case manager and her mothers case

    manager labored to gather all the items Jennifer needed

    for the Commonwealth Challenge, even donating some

    items themselves.

    With the necessary items in hand and the support of

    ForKids, Jennifer joined Commonwealth Challenge

    Youth Academy. Jennifer completed the Hard-Core Pre-

    Challenge and was promoted from Candidate to Cadet.

    Shortly thereafter, she wrote a letter to her mother

    telling her how much she loved her. She wrote that she

    was currently a road guard, but that she would soon be

    promoted to squad leader.

    At the end of her letter, Jennifer asked her mother

    to thank ForKids for all they had done in helping her

    make a change in her life. Jennifer is grateful for the

    opportunity and has plans to join the Navy and attend

    college after her graduation from Commonwealth

    Challenge. 24% of homeless children graduate from high

    school, but with the help of ForKids, well over 90% of

    our kids graduated to the next grade (compared to 60%

    nationally). Jennifer is a living example of breaking the

    cycle of homelessness and poverty, and this is why we

    do what we do.


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  • FY09 represented another year of dramatic

    growth and change at ForKids due to the

    expanded regional presence of the agency

    coupled with growing demand for services.

    Net fixed assets increased to nearly $3.6

    million, an increase of $1.5 million as a

    result of the contribution of Suffolk House

    ($615,000) and the purchase of Dillon Place


    Revenue growth reflects continued growth

    in fundraising, the contribution of property

    associated with Suffolk House along with

    a number of one time gifts associated with

    the merger including nearly $200,000 in

    professional services that were donated to

    complete the acquisition. The Dillon Place

    purchase was funded by Government

    Grants and a $200,000 loan.

    I am once again pleased to report that

    ForKids received its 18th consecutive audit

    with no findings conducted by Cherry,

    Bekaert & Holland.

    Looking ahead, ForKids is continuing to

    expand its services despite the challenging

    governmental funding environment due to

    the increasing need and the requests from

    the communities we serve. Growth will

    only be possible with the generous support

    of the community although the Board of

    Directors is working with staff to address

    the corresponding fiscal challenges to

    manage growth responsibly.

    On behalf of the Board, thank you for your

    support of ForKids meaningful work. We

    ask for your continued support as we strive

    to break the cycle of homelessness and

    poverty for families and children in our


    Chuck Saunders, Treasurer


    FY10 represented another year of dramatic growth

    and change at ForKids due to the expanded regional

    presence of the agency coupled with growing demand

    for services. ForKids completed a healthy year hitting

    its expense and revenue budgets with an outpouring

    of support in June. The statements reflect the final

    transactions associated with the addition of Suffolk

    House. Services growth continued although revenues

    and assets declined on an aggregate basis as we did

    not have any major property acquisitions the year.

    Community contributions grew to 45% of total revenues

    and will exceed 50% in FY11.

    I am once again pleased to report that ForKids received

    its 19th consecutive audit with no findings conducted

    by Cherry, Bekaert & Holland.

    Looking ahead, ForKids is continuing to expand its

    services but at a much slower rate as government

    funding is stagnant at best. Growth will only be

    possible with the generous support of the community

    although the Board of Directors is working with staff to

    address the corresponding fiscal challenges to manage

    growth responsibly.

    On behalf of the Board, thank you for your support of

    ForKids meaningful work. We ask for your continued

    support as we strive to break the cycle of homelessness

    and poverty for families and children in our community.

    Charles T. Saunders, CPA




    YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2010


    Federal Agencies $1,118,335

    Government Grants $356,016

    Contributions & fundraising $1,384,209

    (net of expenses)

    Donated Services $34,590

    Contributed Property $0

    United Way Fund $203,216

    Rent & Program fees $67,104

    Other Income $29,301

    TOTAL SUPPORT & REVENUE $3,092,770


    Program Expenses $2,789,253

    Management & General $369,827

    Fundraising $166,917

    Total Functional Expenses $3,325,997

    CHANGE IN NET ASSETS ($233,227)

    Net assets $4,419,073

    beginning of year

    Net assets $4,185,846

    end of year


    JUNE 30, 2010


    Total Current Assets $1,210,363

    Property & Equipment, $3,465,106

    net Investments $35,026

    TOTAL ASSETS $4,716,459


    Current Liabilities $262,913

    Long-term Liabilities, $267,700

    net of current portion



    Unrestricted $3,785,200

    Restricted $400,646

    Net Assets $4,185,846

    TOTAL LIABILITIES & $4,716,459














































  • OVER $25,000The Beazley Foundation

    Cherry, Bekaert and Holland

    Hampton Roads Community Foundation

    Mary Ludlow Home

    Norfolk Southern Foundation

    Vince and Susan Pilato

    The Pruden Foundation

    Sentara Health Foundation

    Tidewater Jewish Foundation

    United Way of South Hampton Roads

    Anonymous (2)

    $10,000 TO $24,999Amerigroup Charitable Foundation

    Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.

    DOMA Technologies, LLC

    Mark and Rebecca Dreyfus

    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

    Paul and Marie Finch

    Kim and Andrew Fink

    Global Supply Solutions, LLC

    Gwathmey Memorial Trust

    Mary C. Henninger Haddad and Louis S. Haddad Foundation

    Raymond Key Commerical Contracting

    Saunders & Matthews, PLLC

    Tom and Ellie Steffens

    The United Way Womens Leadership Council




  • $5,000 TO $9,999Association of Legal AdministratorsBirdsong CorporationW. Gary BroomeAlison and Pete CarrVerizon WirelessCathy ColemanCommunity Action Coalition of

    VirginiaCommunity Associations Institute,

    SEVA-CAIJohn and Sally DeVanDouglas and Marianne DickersonE. C. Wareheim FoundationDavid and Shelly EdwardsFamily and Childrens Trust Fund of

    VirginiaGreater Miami Jewish FederationRay and Deb GromelskiPaul and Susan HirschbielITA International, LLCJoshua P. and Elizabeth D. Darden

    FoundationMahoney Family Management Inc.Management Consulting Inc.Thaler and Nat McCormickMark and Julie MedleyMarty MerzwaMonarch BankNorfolk Rotary Charities, Inc.Jim and Dianna OBrienAmy and Scott PeseskyPilato and Counts Interior DesignRob and Julie PoellnitzRhodes Communications, Inc.Robert W. Hayes Company, Inc.Janet StokleyThe Suffolk FoundationRobert and Janice WellsAnonymous

    $2,500 TO $4,999AGL Resources-Virginia Natural GasAlpha Xi DeltaAmy Pesesky, P.L.C.Bank of Hampton RoadsRichard F. Barry IIIHarry and Alice CrossJackie EvansFranklin-Southampton Area

    United WayGEICO Philanthropic FoundationDavid KassirCecil MaysJoanne McCaffrey-Albero and

    Frank AlberoMonarch 5K and Adventure RaceNorfolk Sertoma ClubNuckols Tree ServicePatten, Wornom, Hatten &

    DiamonsteinGary Radtke and Christine KnorrRashkind Family FoundationRichard Bennett TrustSt. Andrews Episcopal ChurchSt. Pauls Episcopal Church

    Suffolk 60 CareHernani TosocJerry and Kathy ValianosWilliam and Mara Vorachek-WarrenWilbanks, Smith and Thomas Asset

    Management, LLCThe William E. Wood FoundationCherry and Hans Wittelsberger

    $1,000 TO $2,499Carolyn Abron-McCaddenAlpha Iota Chapter Omega PSI PHIAnders Williams and CompanyAshman Distributing CompanyFrank and Wendy AuerbachBank of America United Way

    CampaignTom Baragona and Arlene Klinedinst

    BaragonaBayview United Church of ChristBBG, IncorporatedBerea Womens FellowshipRosemary and Benyam BerhaneStuart Birkel and Nathalie CassisBroome Real Estate Properties, LLC The Capital Group Companies

    Charitable FoundationCeridian Cobra ServicesChapel of the Good ShepherdClark NexsenColonial Webb ContractorsDaniel CooganBetty Wade and Tim CoyleSamuel and Laverne CrownConstance G. and Stuart DavisDIA, Inc.Jeffrey DicksonDr. and Mrs. Joseph DilustroDominion FoundationMaryanne DukasDawna EllisEstate of James Walter WytheFarmers BankPaul and Jean FarrellFirst Baptist ChurchFirst Colonial InnFirst Potomac Realty TrustRobert and Alice FradyPaul and Lynn FrancoisTasos GaliotosGeicoDennis and Robin GilbertBarbara GorntoGromelski and AssociatesConrad and Marie HaasHarbor Front Kiwanis Club Civic

    ActionHarvey Lindsay Commercial Real

    EstateHerff Jones, Inc.HK on the BayLarry and Sally HullHusteads Canvas CreationsThomas and Julianne InglimaIssueTrak, Inc.Katec, Inc.

    Dr. Denise M. Kenna MDHelen and Graham KesslerEdward and Anne KimpleJohn and Maria LapetinaLarchmont United Methodist Church

    FoundationTommy Leeman Lewis Family Fund of the Norfolk

    FoundationLifeNet HealthFrances and Harvey Lindsay, Jr.Mike and Caroline McCartneyPeter McCormickKeith McGhee and Leanne CurrieNaval Station Norfolk Religious

    Offering FundNew York Times Shared Services

    CenterRobert and Phaik ObermeyerJack and Marilyn ODonnellOlive Garden Italian RistoranteLaTisha S. OwensKevin and Amy PetersenMarc and Allyson PoutassePure EnglishQVCMichael and Lee RashkindDavid and Debbie RussellChuck and Judy SaundersBrian and Jacqueline SchaefgenSignature Financial Management, IncDavid and Elaine SmithLisa Smith and Maurice JonesJames Squires and Karen Jones

    SquiresMark SteinerStihl, Inc.Suffolk Christian ChurchSuffolk Rotary ClubSuperior Auction SalesTargetGeorge and Nancy TattersonSandra TeWaltEdward C. Thomas, IVTile & Terrazzo, LLCAngelo and Elaine TorreTowneBankMike VeraldiVirginia School Counselor AssociationJan and Heather Von DobeneckAlan and Jody WagnerWall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, P.C.Wardell Orthopedics, P.C.Warden Family FoundationWards Corner Lions ClubRandy and Lelia Graham WebbWestminster Reformed Presbyterian

    ChurchBurt WhittWinn NurseryXanGo, LLCAnonymous

    $500 TO $999Alpha Lambda ADKAmerican Legion AuxiliaryAudrey Amerski

    David Baudoin and Karla MontanoBB&T, Downtown NorfolkBishop Sullivan Catholic High SchoolBody of Christ Community ChurchCash Converters United, LLCChristi A. CasselThe Cellars RestaurantSamantha ColemanConsumer Portfolio ServicesFinley Cooperwood and John MillerCosmopolitan Club of Norfolk

    Foundation, Inc.Mary CovellStephen Cox and Jean WebsterKatie and Clifford CreechKate and Lee CrossDelta Sigma Theta Suffolk Alumnae

    ChapterCindy DillonDominion Employee Giving ProgramJ. Robert and Vicky DoxeyEdward JonesElectronic SystemsFlir Systems, Inc.Andra FosterFriends of Barclay WinnGeorge and Lousie FullerGlebe Episcopal ChurchDavid and Susan GoodeHearts of Hope FoundationHelen G. Gifford FoundationVikki HendersonHoly Neck Christian ChurchJ & A RacingDavid and Kendra JarrellSam and Anne JonesJohn KanarasJohn and Roz KleinBarbara LesterLevoc Family ServicesPenelope and Donald LewisJoAnne LillisJohn and Marianne LittelLondon & Norfolk, LTDHank LuhringMagnolia United Methodist Church

    MissionsBrian and Rebecca MatthewsMichael W. McCabeMcGuireWoods LLPLaRhonda McLeanDonald and Sharon MiddlebrooksBarbara N. MidkiffSusan MolluraVivian MontanoRonald and Penny MorganIan MorrisNaval Medical Center PortsmouthThe NIA CorporationNorfolk Academy ClubsNorfolk Sheriffs FoundationNorthside Norfolk Rotary ClubOptimist Club of Norfolk VA, Inc.Phyllis OQuinnKip Pagach and Dana FuquaParish of the Holy SpiritDon and Nancy Poole


  • Susan QuierJennifer RaffertyAnne RichardsonRoland VaultsTerry RoseWhitney and Ellen SaundersSecond Presbyterian ChurchKevin and Brenda SnashallSpaceMakers, Inc.Bruce and Sandy SpiroSt. Pauls Episcopal ChurchSuffolk Center for Cultural ArtsMichelle and Jeff SwingleT. J. Crooks, Inc.Janice M. ThalerTroutman & Sanders LLPValianos Grading & SeedingGrace and Robert VanDerveerVandeventer Black Foundation, Inc.W Gary Broome Revocable TrustWachovia FoundationWaldo & Lyle, P.C.Tom and Dyanne WalkerWilliam E. Wood and AssociatesWilliams MullenKen and Melanie WillsStephen and Lynn WoodsRhonda WoodyBill and Sabra Young

    $250 TO $499Terrence and Paula AbbottAmerican FundsJ. Fender Wray and Serena AmersonAnn AmundsenAntioch United Church of ChristMacKenzie ArbogustArt & Hair Design By JamesJill and Patrick BakerMichelle BargerWesley and Diana BarnesThe Barr FoundationSally BergerBertini ODonnell & HammerBethlehem Christian ChurchKristie BissellJames and Anne BuggSusan BurnettJohn and Julia CalderRob and Shannon CandlerChrist United Methodist ChurchMegan Christopher and John SheeleChurch of the AdventThe Episcopal Church of the

    AscensionEileen ChurchillClaremont and Cynthia CliftonMichelle and Aldon CollierMaryrose CutrinoMark and Elizabeth DanleyDAVCON, Inc.Patti DavidsonDonald and Margaret DavisStephen and Gale DavisWilliam and Alicia Devine

    Faith Lutheran ChurchJeff and Linda FarlowFarm Fresh Charitable FoundationLynanne GorntoGreat Bridge Middle SchoolMindi and Judge HaugenLeslie and William HennesseyMike and Liz HopkinsJohn JenkinsMr. and Mrs. Bruce JohnsonMartin and Rebecca JosephTom KennedyEdward and Anne KramerLakeview Medical CenterLewis & Compant PCDavid and Barbara LivingstonMannequin ProductionsLoli and Bjorn MarshallEverett and Nancy MartinJanet MarvelMetAmericaMiars PlantationMiles Memorial United Methodist

    ChurchBrian and Tammy MillikenDevina MohanMount Gilead Missionary Baptist

    ChurchNew York Life InsuranceNorfolk AcademyNorfolk Sheriffs OfficeOhef Sholom TempleJames and Linda OvertonKatherine PeseskyCarl and Abigail PetersonSteve and Amy PollariPress 626 Cafe & Wine BarMelanie and Reginald RiveraSam and Priscilla RoadyKevin and Margaret RoomsbergRichard and Mary RumbleSacred Heart Catholic ChurchJohn and Elisabeth SawyerAlvin and Virginia SchexniderHenry and Mary Ann SmithSpring Branch Community ChurchRob and Sybil SpurgeonGary and Susan StarkeyKathryn SteffensMatthew TarpeyRony and Kavitha ThomasTitan AmericaUnited Way of the Virginia PeninsulaVirginia Chapter of NATPJoseph T. WaldoJames and Miriam WatrousGlen and Cindy WhiteLaura WilliamsWilloughby Civic LeagueWindsor Ruritan ClubJanet and Barclay WinnAndrea and Chuck WistarDeborah and John WyldAaron and Lisa ZielinskiAnonymous

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    July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010


  • RADM Thomas Steffens USN (Ret.)


    Rear Admiral, US Navy Retired

    Marie Finch

    Vice President

    Community Leader

    Charles T. Saunders, CPA


    Saunders and Matthews, PLLC

    Thaler McCormick

    CEO & Corporate Secretary

    ForKids, Inc.

    Carolyn Abron-McCadden, PHR

    Community Leader

    Jim Berman


    Cathy Coleman

    Downtown Norfolk Council

    Dawna Ellis, CPA, CCIM

    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate

    Saphonia Gee

    In Your Own Skin

    Ray Gromelski, PhD

    Gromelski & Associates

    Mary Haddad

    Haddad Foundation

    Helen Kessler

    Pure English

    Janice Key

    Raymond Key Commercial Contracting

    Ed Kimple

    Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer

    Thomas Leeman

    Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

    Showanda Mayer

    JS&J Restaurants, Inc.

    Caroline McCartney, Realtor

    Prudential Towne Realty

    David Mele

    The Virginian-Pilot Media Companies

    CAPT. Joanne McCaffrey USCG (Ret.)

    Camp, Dresser & McKee

    Amy Pesesky

    Amy Pesesky, PLC

    Vincent Pilato, P.E.

    Robert W. Hayes Company, Inc.

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS: July 1, 2009 June 30, 2010 (*)


  • Chelsy Carter

    Gannett Media Technologies

    Kim Simon Fink

    Community Leader

    Howard E. Gordon

    Williams Mullen

    Mechelle Lassiter

    The Psychotherapy Center

    David Russell

    Tile & Terrazzo, LLC

    Chip Slaven

    Community Leader

    Hernani Tosoc

    NASA Langley Research Center

    Cherry Wittelsberger

    AMERIGROUP Corporation

    LaTisha S. Owens

    McGuire Woods

    Brian R. Schaefgen

    Harbor Group International

    Tod Smith

    WVEC Television

    NEWLY ELECTED BOARD MEMBERS: July 1, 2010 June 30, 2011

    * Board Members are elected to 3 year terms

    with a limit of 2 terms

  • www.homesforkids.org

    THE FINCH CENTER FOR FAMILIES AND CHILDREN (MAIN OFFICE)P.O. Box 6044 4200 Colley Ave, Norfolk, VA 23508 l P 757-622-6400 l F 757-622-3837

    EMERGENCY SHELTERS Haven House 131 D View Ave, Norfolk, VA 23503Suffolk House 400 Finney Ave, Suffolk, VA 23434

    TRANSITIONAL & PERMANENT SUPPORTIVE HOUSING Morgan Place 9600 7th Bay St, Norfolk, VA 23518

    Elizabeth Place 840 West 38th St, #2 Norfolk, VA 23508