2008 Sculptural Photography

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Transcript of 2008 Sculptural Photography

  • 1. Cuerpo y AlmaSculptural photography by Andrs Ginestet Ginestet, 2006-8

2. The series of photography in this exhibition is dedicated to some of the seven emotions that the artist considers to be the basic requirements for an artwork to become eternal and complete, and for it to transcend the time in which it was created. These emotions are tied to the images of gestation; a metaphor of the anguish the artist feels in the act of creating, precisely when his mind is being fertilized by the original idea. Ginestet puts all the models on the threshold of the door communicating between two spaces: the first one dedicated to painting and the second one dedicated to sculpture. This way, by superimposing the two opposite points of view, there is at the same time a fusion between painting, sculpture and photography. This fusion is both a paradox in its strength and its delicacy and has its counterpart in the three dimensions of the bronze casts of busts, in which the images find aesthetic continuity. Way beyond any sculptural speculation, the images suggest a double dimension with its being fusing the point of view most obvious to the viewer with its subtle counterpart, darkness, thus inviting the onlooker to enter this work (as much as a single piece as a collection of pieces) as if it were ones own existential enigma.Joan-Francesc Ainaud, 2006 (catalogue Cos i Anima, 2006) 3. adis 4. no me mires as 5. salgo y entro 6. almbrame farolillo 7. predisposicin 8. espejismos 9. cruz de sillas 10. aburrimiento 11. forma I 12. himno 13. himnos 14. tentacin de amor divino 15. inspiracin 16. en memoria de Frida Kahlo 17. sin ttulo 18. two hearts 19. perfeccin 20. es salvaje 21. sublime 22. calma 23. tempus fugit 24. daliniana 25. reflexin 26. composicin 4 27. flor de luz I-III 28. escena de saln 29. nereidas 30. en memoria de un pintor flamenco 31. imploracin de la luz cristal azul 32. imploracin de la luz cristal amarillo 33. imploracin de la luz cristal rojo 34. alma sentada II 35. alma sentada IV 36. emancipacin de cruz II 37. shiva 38. shiva blue 39. espejismo 40. indiferencia 41. indiferencia II 42. magia 43. maletas 44. destino de perla 45. guardando la perla I 46. mara de perlas con ngeles 47. ascensin de maria de perlas 48. perla azul I 49. timida