Sculptural Installations

of 12/12
34 East 23rd St., 4th Fl. New York NY 10010 Susan Benarcik
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This portfolio is designed to highlight examples of my 3-D installation work.

Transcript of Sculptural Installations

  • 1. Susan Benarcik34 East 23rd St., 4th Fl. New York NY 10010
  • 2. BioSusan Benarcik is an installation artist and surface designer based in New York City. Her work isexhibited across the country in private collections, sculpture parks and museums such as the BrooklynBotanic Garden, Lyman Allyn Art Museum and the Delaware Center Contemporary Art. The artist isthe recipient of a 2009 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award, and the 2006 E. Avery Draper Award forOutstanding Craft Exhibition at the DCCA.Evidencing a fondness and respect for honest and simple materials, Benarcik incorporates both recycledand newly manufactured sustainable materials into highly tactile and evocative contemplative compositions.The artists concern for the environment is made evident as she takes elemental forms of the natural worldand carefully transforms them by stacking, stringing, layering, knotting, and weaving them into dimensionalsculpture for public and private spaces. These interior and exterior compositions become part of our dailycognitive experience, and bring equilibrium to our sensesThe artist has a Masters degree in printmaking from Cranbrook Academy of Art. She was an apprenticeat the Fabric Workshop of Philadelphia, a Core Fellow at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas andis currently a fellow with CFEVA; the Creative Fellowship for Emerging Visual Artists in Philadelphia.She continues to design and install site-responsive and living installations for green spaces.
  • 3. Mental Notesbook pages and copper wire
  • 4. The Mooringtree limbs and live saplings
  • 5. Liminalsteel, wire, and string
  • 6. Loosing Touch with Realityplaster cast hands and wheat grass
  • 7. 30 Days; A Collection Of Disparate Memoriesnewspaper, wire, and wax
  • 8. Sensatustree limbs, branches, and steel wire
  • 9. Watermarkbook pages and cardboard tubes
  • 10. Resident Podsgrape vine and fired clay
  • 11. Ladder Patternscopper wire and dress patterns
  • 12. 30 Days for Iktomeigrape vine and book pages