12/09 Travel Oregon Partnering Opportunities Presentation

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Transcript of 12/09 Travel Oregon Partnering Opportunities Presentation

  • Travel Oregon Partnering Opportunities 2009-10 OACVB Meeting December 8, 2008 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • Purpose of Presentation Bring Travel Oregon, RDMOs & DMOs together Present partnering opportunities in advance of budget building for 2009-10 time period Kick off the Regional Cooperative Marketing Program (RCMP) Discussion / questions Not an overview of all Travel Oregon programs Programs subject to change based on Commission approval and budget forecasts OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • Travel Oregon Strategic Plan 2009-11 Biennium Strategic Plan Fall survey sent to DMOs and tourism industry Oct. through March building plan Public forums at Commission Meetings Dec. & Feb. April Review draft plan highlights at Commission meeting. Plan will be posted after conference for minimum of 30 days June final plan approval OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • Regional Cooperative Marketing Program (RCMP) RCMP is a Travel Oregon program Within the scope of the legislation, the Oregon Tourism Commission may appropriate as much as 15% of the revenue from the statewide lodging tax to Oregons tourism regions for cooperative regional and multi-regional marketing efforts Goals of the Regional Cooperative Marketing Program: Maximize the benefits to Oregons economy from the statewide lodging tax Encourage multi-regional and targeted niche marketing (focused on out of state and international visitors) Maximize economic benefits provided by the RCMP program to the seven regions Leverage Oregon Tourism Commissions programs Deliver consistent messages, outstanding experiences, and efficient use of resources Implement program in a manner that is efficient for both the RDMOs and the Travel Oregon staff OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • RCMP Timeline Dec. kick off Feb. Todd provides revenue forecasts to Commission at Feb. Commission meeting. RCMP forecasts then provided to regions Jan.-March - RDMO marketing committees build plans April RDMOs present proposed programs/budgets to Travel Oregon (week of Govs Conference) April/May Plan negotiation between Travel Oregon team and regions. Travel Oregon team gives approval pending Commission review June Plans reviewed by Commissioners and approved at Commission meeting OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • International Sales & Marketing and Domestic Travel Trade OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • International Marketing & Sales Highlights of Strategic Plan 2009-11 Promote inbound leisure travel with focus on target markets and international PDX non-stop flights and non- stops to Seattle and SFO Increase marketing efforts in Canada, with focus on B.C. Motor-coach operators, FIT and Golf operators Leverage Travel Channel Europe marketing opportunities with Tour Operators and Journalists in all markets Build product in emerging markets, Korea, China, India, Russia and Australia OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • All Markets Research Trips Media and Travel Trade Research Trips Focus of fall and winter months to host research trips (summer is preferred travel time) Recommend: RDMO budget minimum -$5000 to $10,000 funds for Research Trips Local DMO participation is highly recommended, join for dinners or activities, including non-financially supported trips OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • European Marketing Activities Partner Opportunities UK: WTM 2010, $3000, 2009 Sales Mission opportunity TBD Germany: ITB 2009-11, March, $3,000* All Markets: Pow Wow 2010-11, Spring, $3,000 (waitlist) All Markets: NAJ East and West, January/June, 2009-11 $1100 All Markets: Go West, 2009-11, $1300 Visit USA shows in Netherlands, France, and other markets will be attended by TO staff, leads distributed, no delegations planned Media and Journalist Research Trips are planned for all key markets, Germany, UK, France, Netherlands and Italy, on going Exploring Russia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia for product development *all costs on this page reflect cost per show each year OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • Europe Marketing & Promotions Travel Channel Europe television series: website advertising due by Dec. 29, 2009, rate sheet available Special promotions with tour operators for streaming video and website links. Special Events at ITB 09, POW WOW 09 and WTM 09 Radio promotion in France will offer giveaways for accommodations, meals and attractions Online Niche, Incentive, and Social Networking Marketing. Example: Goseeoregon.com tour operator advertising Co-op Advertising with Receptive and Tour Operators: $500-$1500 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • Asia Marketing Activities September 2009-11: JATA World Travel Fair, Japan, $2,000*, Sales Mission tied into JATA TBD November 2010: CITM China International Travel Mart, Shanghai, China, $2,000 NAJ West January 2010-11, $1,100 Active America Spring 2010-11, Travel Oregon staff to attend May 2009-11: International Pow Wow, wait list June 2009-11: KOTFA Korea Travel Expo, Seoul, Korea, $2,000, TO staff to attend Media and Journalist Research Trips, focus on shoulder seasons, culinary, student trips and golf, ongoing *all costs on this page reflect cost per show each year OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • Asia / Pacific Rim Strategies South Korea now a visa waiver country, with predicted inbound leisure travel to grow. Attending Kofta in June 09 to develop opportunities for new product in tour operator brochures and media trips; focus on golf China and India are both emerging markets Targeted efforts include CITM, working with NTA Tour Operators, official operators for China market. Education of suppliers is key for both markets Culinary and Golf will be targets for Asia and water-related tourism for India Australia: US is the most popular international destination with an average of 22 days per stay Australian dollar has gained against the US dollar Australian vacation time corresponds to Oregons shoulder seasons TO will attend Visit USA Show in Australia in 2009 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • Domestic & Canada Travel Trade Strategies Increase Oregon tourism product through packaged tour operators, focusing on Oregons unique experiences Focus: family travel, smaller groups, girlfriend getaways, culinary Build on success of NTA 08 sponsored lunch and tour operator dinner Implement action items to support above strategies in collaboration with OTTA Increased focus on Canadian market, targeting BC motor coach, FIT, shopping and golf packages, consumer direct online and print advertising OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • Domestic and Canada Travel Trade Activities Domestic Market NTA Spring Meet, 09/11 TBD National Tour Association Convention, November 09-11 Cost: $2,300 LA Sales Mission, dates TBD American Bus Association: January/February 09-11 Cost: $1,150 Travel Alliance Partners, June 09-11 Travel Oregon staff attends by invitation only OTTA membership Canada Market Addison Travel Show, Vancouver: January 0911, and Calgary/Toronto: August 09-11, $1,400 Media and Tour Operator Research Trips are ongoing in both markets OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • Advertising Co-ops All Markets Travel Channel Europe Website, rate sheet available Discover America USA Travel Guide: Travel Oregon 1,250,000 distribution in German speaking countries, Japan, Mexico, Italy, France, and UK, American Journal, Scandinavia, Netherlands 1 page Travel Oregon ad. Variety of co-op rates available based on TIA membership, etc. Example: page ad: (based on 2008 prices) $11,960-$14,260 Germany: Travel Oregon 3 inserts per year Co-op rates available from $1000-$6000. 40,000 distribution, six issues per year Courier: Travel Oregon 2 inserts per year, page $500 per partner, 6,000 distribution, monthly Canada: Consumer Pubs and online: TBD Adhoc opportunities for niche pubs, tour operator brochures and online, all markets: $500-$2000 OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • Domestic Consumer Marketing OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • Consumer Marketing Programs 2 Year/$5+ million campaign Media/Advertising Public Relations & Publications Media outreach and production of visitor guides Promotions, Broadcast & Strategic Alliances Oregon Bounty, Livewire, Golf Promotion Interactive Website, blog, e-newsletter Fulfillment Guide distribution, call center, CRM, TOOL, TORP OREGON. WE LOVE DREAMERS.
  • Consumer Marketing Objectives Direction for new Biennium Plan Contin