11 Proven Tactics To Grow Your Facebook Page Fan Base

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11 Proven Tactics To Grow Your Facebook Page Fan Base by Zoe Summers

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Transcript of 11 Proven Tactics To Grow Your Facebook Page Fan Base

1. 11 Proven Tactics To Grow Your Facebook Page Fan Base by Zoe Summers 2. 11 Proven Tactics To Grow Your Facebook Page Fan Base W h a t y o u l l l e a r n : 1 1 Tr i c k s y o u c a n d o t o d a y t o g r o w y o u r Fa c e b o o k f a n b a s e ! Mass Planner 2015 3. Add A Like Box Or Button To Your Website#1 Mass Planner 2015 4. Attract the audience that you already have on your website with a Like box or button The advantage is that the visitors dont have to leave your website to like your Page. They just have to click the button. Mass Planner 2015 5. Mass Planner 2015 People can also see the friends that already liked your Page which makes it more likely to click the like button. 6. Connect Your Personal Profile With Your Pages#2 Mass Planner 2015 7. In the About section, add the company you currently work for, which is your Facebook Page. Then, select I currently work here Mass Planner 2015 8. Mass Planner 2015 Everywhere on Facebook where your profile appears, a link to your page will show up from now on 9. Make Sure Your Current Audience Knows About Your Facebook Page #3 Mass Planner 2015 10. Have a link to your Facebook Page on your e-mail signature, mention it on your other social platforms, on your business card, in your local store, banner ads, forums and events. Let people know that you offer exclusive and valuable content on Facebook. Mass Planner 2015 11. Link To Your Facebook Page In Your Email Signature And Forum Profiles #4 Mass Planner 2015 12. Add a link to your Facebook Profile and Page in your e-mail signature. Mass Planner 2015 13. Mass Planner 2015 Dont forget to add these links in the newsletter that you send regularly. Add your Facebook links when creating user profiles on forums or communities in your niche. This way people that will find your posts and comments useful will click on your links to follow you on social platforms. 14. Ask Your Fans On Other Social Platforms To Follow Your Facebook Page #5 Mass Planner 2015 15. Let your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google+ fans know that they can follow you on Facebook too. Let them know they get more value by liking your Facebook Page. Mass Planner 2015 16. Interact As Your Page#6 Mass Planner 2015 17. You can always switch between using Facebook as your Profile or as your Page. Go to pages in your niche and like, comment or post as your page. This will get the attention of people in your target audience. Mass Planner 2015 18. Be Active On Facebook Groups#7 Mass Planner 2015 19. Posts on groups have a better organic reach. People get notified when theres a new post or comment. Create your own group or join groups in your niche to share valuable content and leave useful comments. Mass Planner 2015 20. How to Benefit from Using Facebook Groups Crea te a gro up fo r yo ur dedica ted fa ns to a ttra ct a nd co nvert them to loya l cus to mers Crea te a cus to mer s uppo rt gro up fo r yo ur current clients . Crea te co mmunity gro ups ba s ed o n the interes ts s ha red by yo ur ta rget a udience. Find a nd J o in gro ups in yo ur niche to co nnect with yo ur peers a nd pros pective cus tomers . Crea te a Fa cebo o k gro up to pro mo te a n o nline event. Crea te a gro up to bring yo ur dis tributed tea m to gether. Mass Planner 2015 21. Guest Blogging#8 Mass Planner 2015 22. Guest blogging will not only bring you traffic to your website but to your Facebook Page too. When you contribute on other blogs with content, make sure you add links to your social profiles and pages when setting up your author bio. Mass Planner 2015 23. Add Share Buttons To Your Blog#9 Mass Planner 2015 24. Each blog post on your website should include share buttons. Mass Planner 2015 Make it easier for your visitors to share your best content on social networks. 25. Add A HelloBar To Your Website#10 Mass Planner 2015 26. Use a HelloBar to get the first few thousands fans for your Facebook Page. This will help you get traction on your Facebook page. Mass Planner 2015 27. Use Popup-us That Request Likes Instead Of E-mails #11 Mass Planner 2015 28. For a limited time only, ask for likes to your Page in a opt-in popup on your site, instead of e-mails. This will get the ball rolling and you can get back to growing your e-mail list once you have enough social proof to support the growth of your Page. Mass Planner 2015 29. What to learn more? This presentation is a part of our tutorial: 11 Proven Tactics To Grow Your Facebook Page Fanbase Click here to read the full tutorial! Mass Planner 2015 30. Mass Planner 2015