1001-1015 Denman

1001-1015 DENMAN STREET VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA Nelson Street FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Mario Negris* 604.662.3000 [email protected] *Personal Real Estate Corporation Chris Taylor 604.662.5157 [email protected] OCCUPANCY FEBRUARY 2015 Denman Street Martin Moriarty 604.662.5123 [email protected]


Future development on Denman Street between Nelson Street and south to a lane.

Transcript of 1001-1015 Denman

1001-1015 DENMAN strEEtVancouVer, British columBia

Nelson Street

For more inFormation Please contact:

mario negris*604.662.3000 [email protected]*Personal Real Estate Corporation

chris taylor604.662.5157 [email protected]

occuPancy FeBruary 2015

Denman Street

martin moriarty604.662.5123 [email protected]

1001-1015 DENMAN strEEtVancouVer, British columBia

unit siZe lease rate aDDitional rent (est.)

CRU 1 1,587 SF $70.00 PSF $24.00 PSF

CRU 2 1,555 SF $65.00 PSF $24.00 PSF

CRU 3 1,701 SF $65.00 PSF $24.00 PSF

CRU 4 1,451 SF $65.00 PSF $24.00 PSF

CRU 5 910 SF $65.00 PSF $24.00 PSF

CRU 6 662 SF $65.00 PSF $24.00 PSF

total 7,866 sF

unit siZe lease rate aDDitional rent (est.)

CRU 7 1,148 SF $25.00 PSF $15.00 PSF

CRU 8 820 SF $25.00 PSF $15.00 PSF

CRU 9 749 SF $25.00 PSF $15.00 PSF

CRU 10 797 SF $25.00 PSF $15.00 PSF

CRU 11 799 SF $25.00 PSF $15.00 PSF

CRU 12 751 SF $25.00 PSF $15.00 PSF

total 5,064 sF

grounD Floor (retail) leVel 2 (oFFice)

leVel 1 leVel 2



oN St


cru 6 cru 5 cru 4 cru 3 cru 2 cru 1

662 sF 910 sF 1,451 sF 1,701 sF 1,555 sF 1,587 sF


cru 12 cru 11 cru 10 cru 9 cru 8 cru 7

751 sF 799 sF 797 sF 749 sF 820 sF 1,148 sF


the property is situated on the corner of Denman Street and Nelson Street in Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood. this location is in close proximity to the popular Sea Wall, English Bay beach, and all the shops and services located along Denman Street. area tenants include the Cactus Club Café, Vera’s Burger Shack, Shoppers Drug mart, HSBC Bank, and many others.


the property is an excellent opportunity to lease brand new retail space in the West End. the retail space provides good Denman Street frontage and large windows providing plenty of natural light.

north FacaDe

east corner (nelson street)

west corner (lane siDe)

rear oF BuilDing

Features • Excellent loading • 13 parking stalls • Brand new building • In the heart of the West End - one of Canada’s most densely populated


1 km 3 km 5 kmPopulation (2012 estimate) 46,397 147,598 292,821median age 40.1 39.6 39.8average Household Income $68,667 $74,879 $78,288


For more inFormation Please contact:

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mapping Sources: Canadian mapping Services [email protected]; DmtI Spatial, Environics analytics, microsoft Bing, Google Earth.

1001-1015 DENMAN strEEtVancouVer, British columBia

chris taylor604.662.5157 [email protected]

mario negris*604.662.3000 [email protected]*Personal Real Estate Corporation

courtney l. szabo 604 662 5574 [email protected]




cactus club

coast hotel

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Joe Fortes

King george secondary school




suBJect ProPerty

Denman street

nelson street

comox street

Denman Place mallshoppers Drug mart

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Dollaramacoast hotel

martin moriarty604.662.5123 [email protected]