Download - Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith

Page 1: Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith

T he Lady ‘Stangs

opened their 2017-

2018 season Dis-

trict play this past week

with games against the

Memphis Cyclones and

the Panhandle Panther-

ettes. Claude came out

strong in their first Dis-

trict game on Tuesday,

January 9th against the

Cyclones. The team played like

a well-oiled machine both

offensively and defensive-

ly. On the offensive-side

points fell for nearly the

whole Lady Stangs line

up from starter and lead

scorer, Jenna Cooper,

with twenty-two points to

the relievers, Addison

Hixson and Emmeri El-

liott, with two and three

points respectively. Junior

Jaden Hughes (fourteen

points) and senior Allison

Giles (thirteen points)

remained two of the Lady Stangs most consistent

scorers. The team worked

hard on the defensive side

of the ball as well. They

repeatedly caused turn-

overs and shut down

Memphis’ attempt to

score. Ultimately, they

held the Cyclones to a

mere thirty points versus

the Lady Stangs’ seventy-

nine points sealing

Claude’s victory.

The team’s second

District game was against

the Panhandle Panther-

ettes in Panhandle. As one of Claude’s fiercest rivals,

the Lady Stangs went into

Friday’s game anticipat-

ing a fight. From the start,

tension was high and the

teams pushed one another

up and down the court.

The Lady Stangs held the

Pantherettes close as the

game progressed, but as

Claude continued to strug-

gle to make their shot at-

tempts, Panhandle eventu-

ally started to claim the

upper hand. However, the

Lady Stangs demonstrated

their true fighting spirit and never gave up. Jenna

Cooper led the team with

thirteen points. Her fellow

scorers for the game were

Jaden Hughes with ten

points, Allison Giles with

five points, and Taylor

Fouquet with three. De-

spite their best efforts, the

Claude Lady Stangs ulti-

mately fell to the Pan-

dhandle Pantherettes by a

final score of 31-47 in

favor of Panhandle.

However, the Lady

Stangs still have many

District games ahead of them. They faced the

Wheeler Lady Mustangs

at home on Tuesday and

will face Clarendon to-

night in Clarendon. So

grab your red and blue

and drive on over to Clar-

endon for tonight’s games

which start with the Jun-

ior Varsity girls at 4:00

p.m. followed by the JV

boys, Varsity Girls, and

Varsity Boys. Keep root-

ing for your Lady Mus-


Celebrating Armstrong County

Volume 129, Number 3 Friday, January 19, 2018


Lady Stangs 1-1 in Districts

Katie Eichelmann dribbles down the court against the Panhandle Pantherettes in the Lady Stangs second District game. photo by the CHS Yearbook Staff

Page 2: Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith

Page 2– The Claude News– Friday, January 19, 2018

USPS 116-380 Established January 1, 1890

Periodicals Second-Class Postage Paid at Claude, TX

Armstrong County, Texas,

Under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879

Published Weekly Except Christmas Week

Publishers– The Claude News, Christiana Mustion

Editor– Christiana Mustion

Advertising Director—Jimmy Mustion

Postmaster, please send address changes to:

PO BOX 778

119 N Trice

Claude, TX 79019-0778

Phone: 806-226-4500

Email: [email protected]


Armstrong County Subscription Rate - $25.00 Yearly

Out-of-County, In Texas- $35.00 Yearly

Out of State- $40.00 Yr

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Thursdays are


Enjoy fresh catfish, fries, coleslaw, beans, tea, and hushpuppies for $10.99!


3rd Grade



Libby Green

Aydan Jackson

Charlee Johnson

Tanner Minkley

Joni Moss

Tamblynn Moss

Gideon O'dell

Bree Perez

Jaydan Pierce

Aaliyah Rojas

Kennedy Rucker

Brady Shelton

Levi Short

Dylan Sims

Thomas Slack

Kylee Stavenhagen

4th Grade

Shealee Brannon

Paislee Bray

Hayden Craig

Grady Denson

Madison Dew

Mary Jo Dushay

Jade Fletcher

Rili Fry

Kiera Harred

Cody Hoecker

Korbin Jackson

Marisol Lujan

Caden Mclaughlin

Raiden Parham

Clayton Reagan

Cameron Scroggs

Jacee Spann

Serenity Spohn

Bryce White

5th Grade

Magaly Martinez

Emma Campbell



Greyson Eddleman

Rian Eddleman

Phoenix Flores

Keshon Gillham

Cutter Haley

Brandon Johnson

Lathan Pierce

Kennedi Rawlins

Rhilar Satterfield

Colten Terrel

Hugo Vego

Rhett Moore-Yates

6th Grade

Jayden Blandford

Blaine Brannon

Clare Hoecker

T.J. Ivy

Luke Knox

Kailey Smith

Elizabeth Soliz

Alyssa Whitley

Aiden Young

7th Grade

Tyler Caudill

Cinch Deeds

Averee Eddleman

Dawson Ensey

Bobbie Fouquet

Baylee Gabel

Logan Harvey

Andi Holland

Ashlee Maddox

Hayven Moreno

Heidi Phillips

Madie Ray

Sadie Ray

Cloe Schulz

Maddox Scoggins

8th Grade

Christopher Dyess

Raelynn Fletcher

Brandon Fullen

Christian Haskell

Ashleigh Hatfield

Annette Hernandez

Sarah Hoecker

Kelsey Jones

Adyn Read

Gabrien Sullivan

Aiden White

Graycen Whitley

9th Grade Aubrie Brannon

Sage Deeds

Ty Gabel

Grace Graham

Jett Rankin

Jeorje Ryan

10th Grade

Millie Graham

Amber Hand

Ethan Hill

Joe Sims



Nash Stapp

Brayden Vidaurri

Emily Whitaker

11th Grade

Rebecca Ellison

Dawson Gleaves

Sydney Knox

Mattie Lovell

Kyndal Peden

Tristan Sims

Mason Smith

Shelbie Stapp

Heather Starks

Cole Thornton

12th Grade

Allison Giles

Katie Hatfield

Addison Hixson

Ty Ivy

Jason Lansbury

Shaunie Moore

Dawn Patin

Jack Rankin

Victoria Sullivan

Claude ISD 3rd Six Weeks A Honor Roll 3rd Grade

Trapper Godfrey

Shiloh Goen

Aleah Stone

4th Grade

Marcus Arnold

Shelby Britten

Dayton Daniel

Brynn Ensey

Holden Tice

Samuel Weinheimer

5th Grade

Aubrynn Bichsel

Brian Campbell

Keeley Colbert

Dori Dyess

Caroline Haskell

Dale Higgs

Brooks Myers

Coda Podzemny

A.J. Sims

Celia Stanghellini

Alex Warren

6th Grade

Braygon Conrad

Jordyn Craig

Bree Eddleman

Santana Flores

Layla Godfrey

Hunter Lovell

Ali Stone

Aiden Whitaker

7th Grade

Abigail Britten

Haley McLaughlin

Annsley Rawlins

Brendon Smith

Diego Vega

Jaden Wagner

8th Grade

Ryley Denson

Cody Kelley

Kandice Phillips

Carsen Roberts

9th Grade Jacey Weinheimer

Makenzie Miller

Zachary Moreno

Luke Stockett

10th Grade

Justin Hardin

Alyssa Higgs

Jakob Weinheimer

11th Grade

Julius Brettin

Logan Campbell

Jade Edwards

Katie Eichelmann

Shiloh Heck

Allyson Hoecker

Lindsey Monroe

12th Grade

Emmeri Elliott

Brady Gabel

Jaden Hughes

Callie Thornton

Claude ISD 3rd Six Weeks AB Honor Roll

Page 3: Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith


out to the Stock Show!


Jan. 19th, 8:00 a.m., Armstrong County Activity

Center, Come out and see the students show their



4:00/5:15/6:30/8:00 p.m., vs. Clarendon, AWAY


DINNER—Sat. Jan. 20th, 6:00 p.m. Dinner, 7:00

p.m. Sale with Dance to Follow


21st, 7:00 p.m., Methodist Family Life Center, 7

pm Sundays. This is Week 3 of a 4 Week Study.

Everyone Welcome!


4:00/5:15/6:30/8:00 p.m., vs. Wellington, HOME


4:00/5:15/6:30/8:00 p.m., vs. Memphis, AWAY


SILENT AUCTION—Sat. Jan. 27th, 5:00-7:00 p.m.,

Armstrong County Activity Center, Enter a pot of

chili for $25 or Come out and Eat. Adults $8 or

Children (10 and under) $4


28th 7:00 p.m., Methodist Family Life Center, 7

pm Sundays. This is Week 4 of a 4 Week Study.

Everyone Welcome!


Wed. Jan. 31st, 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Gem Thea-

tre, Individuals 3rd Grade & Up, No experience



4:00/5:15/6:30/8:00 p.m., vs. Panhandle, HOME


Feb. 3rd, 7:00 a.m., hosted by Claude UMC


URE CHEST—Mon. Feb. 5th, 10:00 a.m., First Bap-

tist Church. All current volunteers and New Vol-

unteers are welcome to attend

COMMISSIONERS COURT—Mon. Feb. 12th, 9:00

a.m., Armstrong County Courthouse

CITY COUNCIL—Mon. Feb. 12th, 5:30 p.m., Claude

City Hall


Don’t forget to say “I Love You” to the people in

your life who matter the most


ELECTION—Fri. Feb. 16th, Close of Business Day,

Deadline to file to run for City office.

PRESIDENT’S DAY—Mon. Feb. 19th, ALL DAY, This

is a bank and postal holiday. Plan ahead.

GAME NIGHT & POTLUCK—Sat. Feb. 24th, 5:30

p.m., Washburn Community Center. Everyone

welcome to come out and eat delicious food and

play games.

This year has started

off with a bang. We are

now housing Hutchinson

County Inmates for the

foreseeable future. We

started housing the 11th

of this month. This in-

come will help with re-

pairs, overtime, and pur-

chases to make the book-

ing area safer for the in-

mates and staff. This will

also help us update the

booking area and wiring

throughout the building.

Let’s hope we can contin-

ue to house inmates for


In February, we have

our Jail Administrator

going to training in

Huntsville. We will also

have one of our dispatch-

ers in jail school in Ama-

rillo. This will be the last

dispatcher to attend jail


All of the dispatch

jailors will be taking

Mental Health training

for the Sandra Bland Act,

which our Legislators

passed in this last legisla-

tive session. The legisla-

tion has put a financial

strain on all 254 counties.

The time constraints for

the training are not much

better. The Jail Adminis-

trator and I have been

working diligently to try

and find a better contract,

than the one the county

had to sign, because of

the time constraints set

up in the legislation.

That contract we believe

is priced at an outrageous

cost to this county. We

are talking with the Pavil-

ion and Texas Panhandle

Centers to come to a

more cost effective solu-


There are also more

rumors running through-

out the County that we

hired more deputies. No

we did not. We still have

Danny, Ronnie, and

Jaime. We also have 6

reserve deputies that can

help if we need them.

Other than Caprock

Roundup we have not

needed nor called on our

reserves. Everyone have

a safe weekend!

Fleta Barnett

The Claude News– Friday, January 19, 2018—Page 3


Janie Arc of Palo Duro Nursing Home and Billie Peden of the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension will be hosting the Arm-strong County Health Fair 2018.

The event is January 25, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Armstrong County Ac-tivity Center located at 901 Hurley St. in Claude, Texas. They will be providing in-formation regarding Health Care and Long Term Care for anyone that would like to attend.

The following are some of the vendors that will be there to answer any of your questions: Evolv Amerigroup

Davis Law Firm Corner Drug

Superior Accolade

BSA Hospice Kindred Hospice

TxDot Texas Tech

First Care Maximus

DentaQuest MCNA Dental

Nursing Home Rehab

Claude Medical Clinic

Hudson House Assisted Living

Area Agency Aging

Schooler Funeral Home

Sheriff’s Corner: A Note from Sheriff Barnett

January 20th Jasper Cornett Austin Miller

Trapper Godfrey

January 21st Keith Lowry, Sr.

Norma Bryant Jennifer Burnett Keela McElreath Kyra Samaniego

January 22nd Debbie Evans Stacy Robison

Serenity Spohn

January 23rd

January 24th Jennifer Cornett Breck Lemons Cierra Maddox Lori Stephenson


January 25th

January 26th Jeff Roberts

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Page 4: Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith

Page 4– The Claude News– Friday, January 19, 2018

Page 5: Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith

5 Tips for Healthy-Looking Skin All Winter Long

(StatePoint) The cold,

dry winter months are a

good time to change your

daily skin care regimen.

The low humidity dries

out skin, and without ex-

tra care, this may contrib-

ute to premature aging.

“Winter is harsh on

skin for many reasons,”

says Dr. Shirley Madhère,

a New York City plastic

surgeon with a holistic

practice. “We must con-

tend with cold outdoor

air, dry air from heaters

indoors, friction from

rough or irritating fabrics

and windburn.”

Dr. Madhère offers

these simple proactive

steps to help maintain

healthy, radiant skin dur-

ing the chilliest months of

the year.

• Stay Hydrated. Wa-

ter helps the body flush

out toxins that leave skin

looking dull. If you’re

craving hot coffee or tea

on a chilly day, be sure to

consume lots of water,

too, as caffeine and alco-

hol deplete the body of


Moisturize with a

cream or oil and then cov-

er up to help prevent dry-

ness -- especially feet and

hands, which are prone to

itching and cracking. Also

try using a humidifier, but

avoid hot showers that

draw out moisture from

the skin.

• Eat a Balanced Diet.

Maintaining healthy, radi-

ant skin starts from with-

in. Consume fewer fats

and carbohydrates and eat

more fresh fruits and veg-

etables, which are natural

antioxidants or anti-aging

agents. Foods rich in vita-

min C help fight free radi-

cals that break down col-

lagen, a process which

causes wrinkles. Foods

rich in antioxidants, such

as pomegranates, are vital

in maintaining healthy

skin. Find fun new recipes

to incorporate these key

foods into your diet.

Foods can also be

used externally. A milk or

honey and sugar scrub,

for example, is an excel-

lent gentle exfoliator to

help remove dry dull skin


• Soothe Skin the

Natural Way. When tem-

peratures drop, consider

switching out lighter faci-

al lotions with a more

moisturizing and thera-

peutic Calendula-based

cream. The Calendula

officinalis plant, or Gar-

den marigold, has been

used topically for genera-

tions to heal skin irrita-


“A Calendula cream

can provide an all-in-one

solution to soothe many

everyday skin problems,”

says Dr. Madhère.

She recommends a

line from Boiron, an 80-

year old French pharma-

ceutical company special-

izing in homeopathic

medicines, which includes

a cream and a heavier

ointment. Calendula Oint-

ment protects and heals

rougher patches such as

elbows and cracked heels,

chapped lips and nasal

skin irritations from colds.

Both the cream and oint-

ment are free of fragranc-

es, dyes and parabens. To

learn more, visit boironca-

• Stay Active. In-

creased blood flow during

exercise helps nourish

skin cells. Sweating also

helps flush toxins, helping

skin look more radiant.

Stay motivated by joining

a gym or learning a winter

sport. Just be sure to

change out of clothes wet

from snow or sweat to

avoid itching, inflamma-

tion and cracking. Alt-

hough nothing can replace

exercise, massages can

significantly help circula-

tion, too.

• Don’t Sweat the

Small Stuff. If you’re re-

laxed and happy on the

inside, it will show on the

outside. Manage stress

this season with activities

such as yoga, pilates and


For more beauty tips,

visit Dr. Madhère’s web-

site, TheNewAes-

With some extra care

in winter, you can enjoy

beautiful, healthy-looking

skin year-round.

The Claude News– Friday, January 19, 2018—Page 5


Aydan Jackson Mrs. Dushay, 3rd Grade

Carol ine Haskell Mrs. Britten, 5th Grade

Brandon Johnson Mrs. Britten, 5th Grade

Corbin Terrel Mrs. Minkley, PreK

Hunter Lovell Mrs. Sherrill, 6th Grade

Chloe Lemons Mrs. Adams, 1st Grade

Shiloh Goen Mrs. Dushay, 3rd Grade

Jose Rojas Mrs. Adams, 1st Grade

Clare Hoecker Mrs. Sherrilll, 6th Grade

What if you were following a plan for your money that you

KNEW worked? With Dave Ramsey’s class Financial

Peace University, you CAN take control of your money,

get out of debt, and create a plan for your future. If you’re

interested in learning more about the class, call today!

We will be offering this course at

Great Plains Western Church

520 US 287, Claude, TX

beginning Sunday, February 18th at 4:00 pm.

Registration and payment due by 2/11/2018

Contact: Kim Johnson 674-3256

or go to

for more details and to register.

Page 6: Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith

Battle of the Books is

a voluntary reading in-

centive program for stu-

dents in grades 2-8. The

purpose is simply to en-

courage students to read

good books and have fun

while competing with

peers. Because this is

Claude’s first year trying

Battle of the Books, we

will only be competing

amongst ourselves and

not battling with other

schools. Each student will

be responsible for reading

3-4 books from a list of

10 recommended books

for their grade. Then,

teams of 3-4 students will

be formed ensuring that

all ten books are repre-

sented among the readers

on each team. Students

may count books they

have read before, but not

if they have only seen the


Once the books have

been read and teams have

been formed, the battles

may begin! Battling will

begin in the classrooms,

narrowing teams down to

the best representatives.

Once all classes have

their best team selected,

we will have an assembly

and the best teams will go

head to head in an ulti-


BOOKS! There are six

different ways to battle it

out including a Family

Feud, Relay Style, Base-

ball and Books, Academ-

ic Whiz Kids, Super

Challenge and Book Club

Challenge. These six

styles have been tested

and developed by the

company in which we

purchased our questions.

They are believed to offer

the best environment for

students to compete, de-

velop socialization skills,

meet state standards in

literature and reading, all

while incorporating a lit-

tle friendly competition

into reading.

We invite you to be-

come a part of our 1st

Annual Battle of the

Books celebration by sup-

porting PTO with your

contributions in order to

purchase the books neces-

sary for this competition.

We will be ordering five

paperback copies of each

of the titles on the compe-

tition lists - PTO has

agreed to partner with the

library but we will need

your support to make that

happen. If you are inter-

ested in donating, please

send your contribution in

an envelope marked

“PTO - Battle of the

Books” with your child to

their teacher or the library

and we will ensure it

makes it to the PTO.

Thank you so much

for encouraging your

children to read and for

reading with your chil-

dren. Children’s author,

Emilie Buchwald once

said, “Children are made

readers on the laps of

their parents.” Please do

not stop instilling the im-

portance of reading in our

children for readers are

leaders and these children

are our future.

Battle of the Books Coming

this Spring to Claude

Elementary and JH


Shaunie Moore

The Claude News is very proud to shine this weeks’ Senior Spotlight on Shaunie Moore. Shaunie and her family have lived in Claude for the past 16 years. Shounie list her favorites: color is maroon, class A&P, book Paper Towns, food cheesecake and her team as the Green Bay Packers.

Upon graduating from Claude High School, Shaunie plans “on pursuing a degree in Psychology.” While in school Shaunie was involved in Cross Country, Basketball, track and softball. When asked about her favorite memory at CHS she shared “Running at the state cross country tournament.” In her friends Shaunie likes hang out with her friends.

“I love dinosaurs and candles” Shaunie shared what is unique about her. She states that “My mom” is her role model and if she would love visit Canada someday. The best thing about growing up in Claude is “Growing up with all my friends” and the thing Shaunie will miss the most about Claude is “seeing my friends everyday.” Shaunie is a wonderful young lady that Claude should be proud to call their own.

101 N. Trice St. Claude, TX 79019


Experienced, Dedicated and Professional

Ready to Work for the Citizens of Armstrong County

paid for by the shane rieken campaign

Page 6– The Claude News– Friday, January 19, 2018

Page 7: Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith

Fun Ways Your Family Can Get Fit Together

(StatePoint) Is your

fitness routine stuck in a

rut? Searching for ways to

spend more time with

your family?

Why not combine

these goals? There are a

variety of ways to lead an

active lifestyle that are

suitable for the whole

family and can include

children of all ages.

Let these four crea-

tive ideas help you turn

each day into an oppor-

tunity to get fit and have

fun as a family, without

stepping foot into the

gym. As with any

workout, it’s important to

have the proper gear, and

that starts with footwear.

So, each exercise below

has a suggestion of what

to look for when it comes

to choosing the right


• Participate in a

charity run/walk: Whether

you’re a seasoned runner

or have just signed up to

run your first 5K, many

fundraising races accom-

modate the entire family.

For younger children,

look for events that allow

jogging strollers or that

host a Fun Run. Events

that show the importance

of communities working

together for a larger cause

can provide a bonus to the


Shoe to try:

Nike, Adidas and

Converse all have a

variety of “updated

classic” styles

available in men,

women and chil-

dren’s sizing, so

that every family

member can find a

pair that reflects

their personalities,

while also provid-

ing necessary sup-

port for race day.

• Outdoor ac-

tivities: Heading

outdoors to go

camping or hiking

burns calories, while

providing incredible

views and memories.

Shoe to try: Built to

go off-roading, ASICS

hiking shoes features re-

versed lugs on the outsole

to ensure a dependable

grip both uphill and


• HIIT: High-

Intensity interval training

is being incorporated into

a lot of workouts these

days. HIIT workouts al-

ternate a quick, intense

period of exercise, such

as running or cycling,

followed by a short, ac-

tive recovery.

Shoe to try: A light-

weight cross training

shoes with a stable base --

such as a Nike Flex

Trainer -- are a good se-

lection when it comes to

HIIT workouts.

• Bodyweight train-

ing: The benefits of body-

weight training are seem-

ingly endless. From

pushups to squats, these

exercises require no addi-

tional equipment and can

be done anywhere and

performed with many

modifications. Get crea-

tive with your family by

doing a circuit of your

favorite bodyweight exer-

cises in the park.

Shoe to try: A shoe

with a mesh and synthetic

upper material is designed

to keep feet cool. Find

this feature in a style,

such as the New Balance,

which also have special

midsoles to ensure com-

fort from start to finish.

New footwear is a

great way for each family

member to show his or

her style, while getting

motivated to meet fitness

goals. Once you’ve got

the plan in place, get into

a fitness routine that

works for your family and

stick with it. For a one-

stop-shopping experience,

visit the Athletic Shop at

Rack Room Shoes in

stores or online.

To help ensure that

everyone meets their fit-

ness goals, consider com-

bining fun family quality

time with your workouts.

The Claude News– Friday, January 19, 2018—Page 7

Claude Family

Medical Clinic

Improved Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine Available!

This vaccine protects against 4 different strains of the flu.

We accept Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid & most Major Commercial

Insurance. Must bring your insurance card. Uninsured? No problem!

Flu Shots are only $30.00 Pay with cash, debit/credit card or check

Walk-ins welcome 201 Parks St., Claude, TX 79019


M & Th: 8:30a-5:30p; Tu & W: 8:30a-4:30p F: 8:30a-Noon

(StatePoint) Gather-

ing around the hearth this

winter? You don’t need

to forgo a cozy fire or

beautiful candles. Stay

safe with the following


Safety Devices

Before using your

fireplace or lighting can-

dles, check all of your

home’s life-saving safety

devices, including carbon

monoxide detectors and

smoke alarms for func-

tionality, and to ensure

batteries are still work-

ing. You should do this

periodically, but especial-

ly around a time of year

with additional fire risks.


A cozy, charming fire

is the perfect place to

gather on chilly days.

Heatilator, a leader in

fireplace safety and the

number one fireplace

brand used by home-

builders, offers these tips:

• Many household

materials are combus-

tible, so place all cur-

tains, pillows and furni-

ture safe distance from

the fireplace

• Conduct annual

maintenance on your fire-

place, chimney and asso-

ciated elements.

• Outfit your gas fire-

place with a safety

screens to prevent burns.

• Always monitor

children and pets near a

lit fireplace or one that

was recently turned off.

While safety screens are

meant to protect against

contact with hot glass,

remember that the metal

can also heat up, and

your heating equipment --

fireplaces, stoves, inserts

and their surrounding

material -- will remain

hot for some time after


• For more fireplace

safety tips, information

about safety screens --

including retrofit screens

for your gas fireplace --

and help finding your

local dealer for annual

maintenance, visit Heat-


Candles add warmth

and splendor to decor, but

they come with certain

risks. Place these burning

beauties in safe locations

away from fabrics and

other flammable objects.

Only burn candles in oc-

cupied rooms. If you

have children or pets,

candle warmers make for a safer alternative that

can offer you peace of


This winter, take

steps to prioritize safety.

Tips to Prioritize Fireplace Safety

Page 8: Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith

Page 8– The Claude News– Friday, January 19, 2018

MON., JAN. 22nd Breakfast: Sausage Kolache, Yogurt,

Fruit, Fruit Juice, & Milk

Lunch: Breaded Drumsticks, Texas

Toast, Baby Carrots, Corn, Grapes,

Cookie, & Milk

TUES., JAN. 23rd Breakfast: Cheese Omelet Toast or

Breakfast Taquito, Fruit, Fruit Juice, &


Lunch: Frito Pie, Salsa, Charro Beans, Veggie Cup, Apple Pine D’Lite, & Milk

WED., JAN. 24th Breakfast: Waffle,

Sausage, Fruit, Fruit Juice, & Milk

Lunch: Chicken Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes, Tuscan

Vegetables, Salad, Roll, Fruit, & Milk

THURS., JAN. 25th

Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza, Fruit, Fruit

Juice, & Milk

Lunch: Hot Dog, Oven Fries, Baby Carrots, Orange Smiles, & Milk

FRI., JAN. 26th Breakfast: French

Toast, Sausage, Fruit, Fruit Juice, & Milk

Lunch: Chicken Parmesan,

Breadstick, Salad, Green Beans, Pears,

& Milk

MENU In the Mustangs final

pre district game, they

fell to the Perryton Raid-

ers 22-77. Tristan Sims

led the team scoring sev-

en points. Behind him

was Mason Smith with

six points. Smith also had

one steal that allowed the

team to score. Rounding

out the Mustangs top

three was Ty Ivy who

had five points and three

steals. The Mustangs

fought hard against the

4A team, but unfortu-

nately fell short.

The Mustangs started

off district playing the

Panhandle Panthers.

They fought a good battle

and worked hard; howev-

er, they ended up falling

short 31-55. Coach

Vedran Krtalic had posi-

tive looks on the game,

"The Panhandle game

was a tough one. I

thought where we did a

lot of things well but ulti-

mately could not finish

the play. We competed

well, and kept our com-

posure but simply did not

shoot the ball well

enough to win the game."

As for the players, the

states were spread across

the board. Brady Gabel

led the team with nine

points, a steal, and two

assists. Ty Ivy followed

closely behind with eight

points. Ivy also had two

steals and five assists.

And rounding out the

Mustangs top three

against the Panthers was

Mason Smith who had

seven points, a steal, and

an assist.

Overall, the Mus-

tangs fought with all they

had, but unfortunately

just came up short. They

look forward to the rest

of their season and hope

for the best as district

continues. Keep coming

out to support your

Claude Mustangs.


Mustangs Face Panthers for

District Opener

Mason Smith goes in for the lay-up against the Panhandle Panthers in the Mustangs’ District open-er. photo by CISD year-book staff

Emmeri Elliot is this week’s female

player of the week. Emmeri is a

senior this year and has stepped up

her game. She has given great

minutes for the team these past few

weeks. In the game against Mem-

phis Emmeri gave us a spark off the

bench and helped the Lady Stangs

to a huge district win.

Logan Campbell Logan Campbell is one of our most

consistent athletes across the board.

He has a great reliability about him

and a maturity that makes him a

great leader in our program. Logan

understands the game at a high level

and is consistently on the correct

position to make a play. He has

greatly improved his mobility, he

consistently boxes out, and he has

developed a good jump shot. Logan

is a big time part of what we do and

we look forward to see what he can

do the rest of this season.

Emmeri Elliott

107 Goodnight St 806-226-2060 KeithsServiceCenterandHardware

Page 9: Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith

(StatePoint) When it

comes to helping chil-

dren with cancer, amaz-

ing new things are possi-

ble -- as long as there is

funding. And it’s not just

doctors and researchers

who can make a differ-

ence, it can be anyone

volunteering at their local

hospital, planning fund-

raisers, or simply just

spreading the word – all

paving the way for a

brighter future for chil-

dren with cancer.

Luckily, efforts are

being made to help by

both private businesses

and individuals across

the country. For example,

Aflac has raised and con-

tributed more than $118

million to the cause and

is making strides to help

increase awareness to

encourage others to get

involved. Aflac herein

means American Family

Life Assurance Company

of Columbus or New

York. Since 2013, the

company has donated $2

to The Aflac Foundation

for every use of the

hashtag #Duckprints

across social media, up to

$1.5 million per year. To

learn more about how

you can help, visit aflac-

With more support

and increased funding,

more children can get the

care they need.

Letter to the

Editor Dear Mustang Fans,

I write this letter to



am after attending recent

Junior High and High

School Claude Basketball

Games. I am not

ashamed of any behavior

displayed by our athletes,

but by the conduct of a

portion of fans in attend-

ance at these games.

We have fans that

come out to support and

cheer on our athletes

while they compete,

which is vital to the suc-

cess of any team. Yet,

we have other fans that

choose to show up and

consistently verbally be-

rate officials, yell things

at opposing coaches, and

scream comments at oth-

er teams’ fans. As

coaches we would never

allow our athletes to act

in the manner some fans

have been demonstrating.

The behaviors, man-

nerisms, and habits we

try to instill in our kids

are beginning to be un-

dermined by the poor

decisions and bad behav-

ior showed by certain

fans at the games. As the

Athletic Director and a

proud member of this

district, I speak for all of

the administration when I

voice my disappoint-


To the fans that come

out and cheer for these

hard-working athletes,

thank you! To the fans

that refuse to act in a

manner that is not a posi-

tive influence on the

game, please don’t attend

any more Claude ISD

athletic competitions.

Feel free to contact

me with any questions or


Sincerely, Jarrett Vickers Claude ISD

Athletic Director

The Claude News– Friday, January 19, 2018—Page 9

Community Bible Fellowship

Now Meeting at the Armstrong County

Activity Center Sundays @ 10:00 a.m.


On the Square (Goodnight & 287)


generated by

Last Week’s Solution


Notice is hereby given that Armstrong County will consider sealed bids for the following surplus vehicles including:

2007 Ford Pickup

Equipment can be viewed at the Armstrong County Courthouse parking lot. Bids must be received by 9:00 am on February 12, 2018. For more information, contact Robert Harris, Precinct 3 Commissioner at 806-570-9560 for more information. Sealed bids will be opened at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, February 12, 2018, at the regular term meeting of the Armstrong County Commissioners Court. The County reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all bids and to be sole judge of quality and equality.


Ordinary People Making

Extraordinary Differences for Children with


Page 10: Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith

SWIMMING POOL OPERATOR: Individual needed to run Claude Swimming Pool during summer. Must have Pool Operator and Lifeguard Certification. Schooling will be paid for by the City of Claude. Life-guards needed for sum-mer employment. Appli-cations available at City Hall, 115 Trice, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 and 1:00 p.m. to

5:00 p.m. or call 806-226-3261. EOE.

HOME FOR SALE 5262 County Road 8 Beautiful custom home on 10 acres. Home is 3725 sq ft with 4 bdr, 4 bath, with huge bonus/game room upstairs and oversized 2 car garage with storm shelter. For a private tour, call Dee Dee 806-236-

7918 or Heather 806-584-2716, Agents with Mitchell Realty Amarillo

classifiedsclassifieds Call in your ad at 226-4500. Deadline: Monday @ 5 p.m. Pre-payment required.

Buy, Sell, Trade, or Services to Offer?


Rates: Classifieds are $0.30 per word with a $6.00 minimum. Thank-Yous are $20 for a 2 column-by-2 inch “card”. Lengthy thank you notes that do not fit in that space can be extended for the regular advertis-ing rate. Call for more details or a quote. Announce-ments such as birth, engagement, wedding, and anni-versary vary by length and size of photo. Forms can be obtained at the news office.

Deadlines & Payments: Deadline for Classified Ads are 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday. All other ads and news submission must be received by 3:00 p.m. on Mon-day. Payment is due at the time you place the ad, unless you have an established account.

Errors: Check your ad for errors on the first publica-tion. The Claude News will not be liable for errors after the first publication. The Claude News does not vouch for the legitimacy of any ad, job, or money-making opportunity. We suggest that you thoroughly check out any offer before making a commitment or giving out personal information.

We Appreciate Your Business!

(806) 226-2251

Serving All Your

Grain, Feed, Seed

and Fertilizer Needs

Page 10– The Claude News– Friday, January 19, 2018

FABULOUS FREEBIES Giving something away for free or

looking for the owner of a found item? You

could get a FREE classified ad in The Claude News! Call 226-4500 or email




Nursing Home Claude, TX

Has the following positions available:

Housekeeping—PT Laundry—PT

806-226-5121 or come by to fill out an application

Page 11: Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith

Find the answer FAST with high speed internet from 806-316-5071

The Claude News– Friday, January 19, 2018 — Page 11

The Claude News kid’s page is brought to

you by our

2017 Newspapers In

Education Partners:

Page 12: Volume 129, Number 3 Lady Stangs 1 1 in Districts€¦ · Aydan Jackson Charlee Johnson Tanner Minkley Joni Moss Tamblynn Moss Gideon O'dell Bree Perez Jaydan Pierce ... Kailey Smith


DATE OPPONENT TIME LOCATION T 11/07 Bushland W 60-37 HOME T 11/14 Frenship (6A) L 43-48 AWAY F 11/17 Boys Ranch W 68-49 AWAY T 11/21 Canyon (5A) L 32-54 AWAY T 11/28 Spearman L 35-36 HOME 11/30-12/2 North Plains Tourney W 5-0 L HOME T 12/5 O’Donnell W 95-41 Plainview HS 12/7-12/9 Abernathy Tourney TBA AWAY T 12/12 Lbk Estacado 6:30 PM HOME F 12/15 Highland Park 6:30 PM AWAY T 12/19 White Deer 6:30 PM HOME 12/28-12/30 Gruver Tourney W 3-0 L AWAY F 1/5 Wellington W 47-43 AWAY T 1/9 Memphis W 79-30 HOME F 1/12 Panhandle L 31-47 AWAY T 1/16 Wheeler 6:15 PM HOME F 1/19 Clarendon 6:30 PM AWAY T 1/23 Wellington 6:30 PM HOME F 1/26 Memphis 6:30 PM AWAY T 1/30 Panhandle 6:30 PM HOME F 2/2 Wheeler 6:30 PM AWAY T 2/6 Clarendon 6:30 PM HOME 2/12-2/13 Bi-District TBA AWAY 2/16-2/17 Area TBA AWAY


DATE OPPONENT TIME LOCATION T 11/14 Hartley W 49-31 HOME F 11/17 Boys Ranch L 57-63 AWAY T 11/28 Spearman L 22-60 HOME 11/30-12/2 North Plains Tourney W 1-2 L HOME T 12/5 O’Donnell W 70-46 Plainview HS 12/7-12/9 Adrian Tourney TBA AWAY 12/14-12/16 Groom Tourney TBA AWAY T 12/19 White Deer 8:00 PM HOME S 12/23 Sanford-Fritch L 50-98 AWAY T 1/2 Fort Elliott W 58-34 AWAY T 1/9 Perryton L 22-77 HOME F 1/12 Panhandle L 31-55 AWAY T 1/16 Wheeler 8:00 PM HOME F 1/19 Clarendon 8:00 PM AWAY T 1/23 Wellington 8:00 PM HOME F 1/26 Memphis 8:00 PM AWAY T 1/30 Panhandle 8:00 PM HOME F 2/2 Wheeler 8:00 PM AWAY T 2/6 Clarendon 8:00 PM HOME F 2/9 Wellington 6:30 PM AWAY T 2/14 Memphis 6:30 PM HOME

Page 12– The Claude News– Friday, January 19, 2018

874-3515 or 226-2626

Phone & High Speed Internet


LJ Shutterbugs Photography

Crowell Water Well Service Mike Crowell Family

Office: 226-3811 Cell: 930-4633

Southwest Ag Insurance Services

Tim Young 226-2319

4-M Water Well



Cold Springs Consulting

Bill & Donna Forbes

We have faith in

the Mustangs!

- The Christians -

Shenee’ Bichsel Agent


Proud Supporter of the Mustangs Lendon Ray Attorney at Law

806-433-4551 or 806-226-2228 Go, Mustangs! Go!

Lendon, Gena, Sadie & Madie



Les Thornton

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