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Turning Student Leadership into Employability


11:40-11:45 am What an Employer Wants

11:45-12:00 pmWhat Behavioral Interviewing Questions Look LikeHow to Ace these types of questionsHow to Answer Strength & Weakness QuestionsExample Questions (group interaction)

12:00-12:20 pmTransferable Skills Map (give handouts)How Using the Map Can Help Translate Student Leadership Experiences into Jobs (group activity)

12:20-12:40 pmDiscussion with AshleyHow did she transform her experience into a job?

Questions & Review of Resources1What Do Employers Want?Ability to work in teamsAbility to make decisions & solve problemsPlan, organize & prioritize workCommunicate with internal & external partiesObtain and process information Analyze quantitative dataTechnical knowledge related to jobComputer proficiencyCreate & edit written reportsSell and Influence Others FOR THE INTERVIEW

BEHAVIORAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONSEmployers pre-determine the competencies needed for a specific job. Employers then ask questions to probe at behavior patterns.Tell me an example of an occasion where you had to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to get a job done.Provide an example of how you resolved a conflict.Everyone has to break or bend the rules sometimes. Tell me about a time when you had to do this.These questions often want to see how you handled specific situations. The idea is that past behavior will determine future behavior in a similar situation.

Dont get bogged down in the details of the story. Tell the story, and focus on what you did and why.5UNDERSTANDING TRANSFERABLE SKILLS

Role Responsibilities: Acquired Skillset:

Name: Current Job: Ideal Job: Transferable Skills Map7Role Responsibilities: Organize and supervise bi-weekly meetings Delegate tasks to executive board membersCoordinate weekly service trips for 10-15 students Partner with local organizations to schedule service trips Plan events related to hunger, homelessness, poverty throughout the year, collaborate with campus departments to ensure positive results Meet SGA and Student Activities Deadlines Acquired Skillset:Organize meetingsSupervise staffDelegate tasksEngagement and RecruitmentEvent Planning/FundraisingMeet deadlines Supervised a 6 person executive board to offer service opportunities to a population of 1800 undergraduate students Partnered with local organizations to coordinate weekly service trips for 10-15 students Planned and executed multiple fundraising and awareness events relating to hunger and homelessness in the City of Boston Able to perform under pressure and changing deadlines, and balance a full work and class loadName: Ashley CilentiCurrent Job: ECCO President Ideal Job: Non-Profit Management/Homeless ServicesTransferable Skills Map8IDENTIFYING STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES

9TIPS ABOUT STRENGTHSThis is not the time to be modest. If you excel at something, this is your opportunity to let the employer know.Be humble, yet use details to support your answerIf you know a companys needs and you have a strength that will meet that need, USE THAT EXAMPLE. Ultimately, a company wants to know what you can do to assist them.

Clich: Im a good communicator.

More realistic: I excel at outreach. As a member of Emmanuel College Programming Board, I inform the student body of upcoming events through advertising and social media. I was able to secure 100 people at a recent event, a record number for the organization.

10TIPS ABOUT WEAKNESSESYour weakness shouldnt make the employer question your candidacyThink of a genuine weakness, but also think of how you are actively working to strengthen itAvoid clich answers. Employers can see through it. They often ask this question to get a true sense of how you would balance out the team.

Clich: My weakness is that I care too much.

More realistic: My weakness is that I struggle with balance because I like to participate in every project. Im working on this by establishing priorities and saying no or delegating tasks that I cant take on.

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