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True Love does not change regardless of the response that is received


If True Love is alive in the Heart of a person then no matter how ugly he or she may be by worldly standards you will naturally love this person


The biggest test in life reaches us when we are faced with the issue of whether we can l o v e the person who has hurt us and our family the most


If we can love even our enemies

we are the most victorious people in the realm of Heart


People may debate the meaning of reaching perfection but a person with a mature Heart knows that it most of all refers to perfecting our ability to love


By uniting with another person in a loving relationship we are naturally lifted up to the same level as the beloved


True relationships do not change for the worse along the way but they become stronger as we move forward because True Love is an unchangeable quality


We must never resent not having received Love

but having been unable to give Love


The power of Love can bring a person from the lowliest

to the most supreme position


Goodness manifested with a truly loving Heart is to give unconditionally under any kind of circumstances


A boundless Heart is able to embrace the whole world


If we think of and love others with our whole Heart even the minds of evil people will turn towards us


Those who can give without limit can receive limitlessly.

This leads to

ever growing joy

when it is practiced in the realm of True Love


If you can treat all parents, brothers and sisters, and children in the world as if they were your own you have the key to the realizaton of an ideal world where True Love abounds


There is no distance between those who have perfected their ability to love in a completely selfless way


True Love is so powerful

even the Heart of the enemy

that it can melt


No matter how intensively enemies have hated each other

True Love can heal even that rift


but its practice must be shown by our character and the unconditional giving of True Love

The ideal needs to be conveyed not only by words


Being able to love and to forgive our enemies shows that we have become victors in the realm of True Love


True Love concers all and nothing can overthrow or displace it. Once it is firmly established it can never be earased


Only when we love with an unconditional attitude will we be able to harvest the lasting results and wonderful fruits we are longing for