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  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot




    A Doctor of Me!c!"e

    #F!r$t %&'(!$)e *$ Tr!&+%)W*-e" A"t!+o"!!... A" T*- -e'e" &rc) /o)*"" T)0(e". M!t e!"er

    Vorree, Doctor!$ /o*c)!+! T*"c!!., Le!%$!-, 1234. F&rt)er e!t!o"$ !" Ger+*" 5ere !$$&e !"

    1211, 1264, 1272 *" 1787. A L*t!" e!t!o" 5*$ %&'(!$)e !" 1242. A" E"-(!$) 9er$!o" 5*$

    %&'(!$)e !" 1223, *" t)ere 5ere *($o 1227, 127: *" 12:8 e!t!o"$.;


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    Whereas I, Basil Valentine, by Religious Vows am bound according

    to the Order of St. Benedict, and that requires another manner of

    Spirit of oliness, then the common State of !ortals e"ercised in

    the prophane business of this World# I thought it my duty before

    all things, in the beginning of this little Boo$, to declare what

    is necessary to be $nown to the pious Spagyrist, inflamed with an

    ardent desire of this %rt# as, what he ought to do, and whereunto

    to direct his aim, that he may lay such &oundations of the whole

    matter, as may be stable# lest his Building sha$en with Winds,

    happen to fail, and the whole 'difice to be in(ol(ed in shameful

    Ruine, which otherwise, being founded on more firm and solid

    )rinciples, might ha(e continued for a long series of time. Which

    %dmonition I *udged was, is, and always will be a necessary part

    of my Religious Office# especially, since we must all die, and no

    one of us, which now are, whether high or low, shall long be seen

    among the number of !en. &or it concerns me to commend these

    !editations of !ortality and )osterity, lea(ing them behind me,

    not only that honour may be gi(en to the +i(ine !a*esty, but also

    that !en may obey him sincerely in all things.

    In this !editation I found that there were fi(e principal eads,

    chiefly to be considered by the wise and prudent Spectators of our

    Wisdom and %rt. his first of which is, In(ocation of -O+. the

    second, ontemplation of /ature. he third, rue )reparation. he

    fourth, he Way of 0sing. he fifth, 0tility and &ruit. &or he,

    who regards not these, shall ne(er obtain place among true

    hymists, or fill up the number of perfect Spagyrists. herefore

    touching these fi(e eads we shall here following treat, and so

    far declare them, as that the general Wor$ may be brought to light

    and perfected by an intent and studious Operation.

    In(ocation of -O+ must be made with a certain ea(enly Intention,

    drawn from the bottom of a pure and sincere eart, and onscience,

    free from all %mbition, ypocrisy, and all other Vices, which ha(e

    any affinity with these, as %rrogance, Boldness, )ride, 1u"ury,

    !undane )etulancy, Oppression of the )oor, and other dependent

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    e(ils, all which are to be eradicated out of the eart# that when

    a !an desires to prostrate himself before the hrone of -race, for

    obtaining bodily health, he may do that with a onscience free

    from all unprofitable Weeds, that his Body may be transmuted into

    an oly emple of -O+, and be purged from e(ery uncleaness. &or

    -O+ will not be moc$ed 2which I earnestly admonish3 as Worldly

    !en, pleasing and flattering themsel(es with their own Wisdom,

    thin$4 -O+, I say, will not be moc$ed, but the reator of all

    things will be in(o$ed with re(erential fear, and ac$nowledged

    with due Obedience. %nd for this there is great Reason. &or what

    hath !an, that he must not own to be recie(ed from this his

    Omnipotent reator, whether you ha(e respect to the Body, or to

    the Soul, which operates the Body5 ath no he, for sustention of

    this, out of his meer !ercy communicated to us his 'ternal WOR+,

    and also promised 'ternal Sal(ation5 ath not he also pro(ided

    food and cloathing for the Body, and all those things without

    which the Body cannot subsist5 %ll these, by humble )rayer a !an

    obtains of that most e"cellent &ather, who created ea(en and

    'arth, together with things Visible and In(isible, as the

    &irmament, 'lements, Vegetables, and %nimals. Which is so (ery

    true, that I am certainly assured, no Impious !an shall e(er be

    parta$er of true !edicine, much less of the 'ternal ea(enly

    Bread. herefore place your whole Intention and rust in -O+, call

    upon him and pray, that he may impart his blessing to you4 let

    this be the beginning of your wor$, that by the same you may

    obtain your desired end, and at length effect what you intended.

    For the Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom.

    Whosoe(er purposeth in himself to see$ after that, which is the

    greatest of errene things, especially the $nowledge of e(ery good

    thing, that is in the reatures, and -O+ hath liberally imparted

    to !en, and implanted 2as to their effecti(e power3 in Stones,

    erbs, Roots, Seeds, %nimals, )lants, !inerals, !etals, yea and

    indeed in all things# let him cast away all 'arthly thoughts,

    re*ect all that depends on them, and hope for freeness of eart,


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    and pray unto -O+ with great lowlyness of mind4 So doing, his hope

    of freeness may at length be turned into freedom. Which no !an

    will doubt, who $nows, that he alone is -O+, who deli(ered Israel

    from all his 'nemies# which deli(erance he did in (ery deed

    effect, not only for Israel, but also for all !en ma$ing humble

    supplications to him, and praying with bro$enness of eart.

    herefore let )rayer by the first point of our %dmonition, which

    also is, and by us is called In(o$ation of -O+, which if made, not

    with ypocrisy and a feigned eart, but with such &aith and rust,

    as that, with which the enturion in apernaum prayed# with such

    lowlines of mind, and confession of Sins, as the Woman of anaan

    was endued with# with such harity as the Samaritan shewed to the

    !an wounded in the way to 6ericho, pouring Wine and Oyl into his

    wounds, paying his harges in the Inn, and gi(ing order he should

    be (ery carefully loo$ed to# 1astly, if a !an7s hristian harity

    e"tends itself so far, as if he obtain what he prays for, he would

    willingly communicate of the same to his /eighbour, then he shall

    unobtainably obtain Riches and ealth, this of his )rayer.8

    8What the Author hath premised here at large, and elsewhere often inserted

    touching Piety, the worship of GOD, and Invocation of his Name, I purpose

    neither to praise nor dispraise; et them !y "udged !y signs of his own earnest

    Piety, Arguments of his sincerity and signate Impresses of his fervent #eal $!y

    so many %autologies and &eiterations' often !oiling up( )very *an, according to

    the Opinion of his mind, and the presuasion, in which he was educated from his

    +hildhood, will more or less esteem of this( It was my !usiness to translate the

    Authors writings into atin, in such a *ethod and Order, as I thought would in

    no wise give any distaste to the delicate Palat of the &eader; also to indicate

    that, which seems pertinent to the !usiness of every +hymist and true pagyrist,

    and not to neglect the other( -or since Piety is availa!le for all things, as

    divine Oracles teach, and the principal e.ercise of Piety is Prayer; !y which

    +elestial Gifts are o!tained of GOD the giver of all good things; our Author

    wills, that unto him the mind !y lifted up, even in the midstof the Operations

    of +hymistry full of la!our and toil( If prayer effected no other thing, it

    certainly collects the mind $called away from all other things' into it self and

    renders it apt for that which is in hand; whence it comes to pass, that it

    reflects upon many things, and considers them, whichotherwise would not enterthe mind, if it set a!out its Wor/ perfunctorily, and distracted with vaious

    +onceptions0 And so !y the help of Prayer we receive many things, which we $if


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    not ungrateful' must needs ac/nowledge we have o!tained from GOD(1ow often this

    is found to !e of use in pagyric Wor/s every *an /nows, that hath any time

    entirely devoted himself to this !usiness; vi#( how often those things which he

    long sought and could not find, have !een imparted to him in a moment, and as it

    were infused from a!ove, or dictated !y soem good Genius( %hat also is of use in

    dissolving all &iddles, or )nigmatical Writings0 -or if you !urn with a great

    desire of /nowing them, that is Prayer; and when you incline your mind to this

    or that, variously discussing and meditating many things, this is +ooperation;

    that your Prayer may not !e idle, or tempting GOD0 yet this your endeavour is in

    vain, until you find the olution( Nevertheless if you despair not, !ut

    instantly persist in desire, and cease not from la!our, at length in a moment

    the olution will fall in; this is &evelation, which you cannot receive unless

    you pray with great desire and la!our, using your utmost endeavour; and yet you

    cannot perceive, how from all those things $of which you thought' which were not

    the olution of the )nigma, the olution it self arose( %his unfolding of the

    &iddle opens to you the mystery of all great things, and shews how availa!le

    Prayer is for the o!tainment of things piritual and )ternal, as well as

    +orporal and perishing goods0 and when Prayer is made with a 1eart not feigned,

    !ut sincere; you will see that there is nothing more fit for the ac2uiring of

    what you desire( et these suffice to !e spo/en of Prayer, which 3asilius and

    all Philosophers with him do not vainly re2uire, as an Introduction to

    +hymistry( -or Piety is profita!le for all Wor/s, especially for Great


    /e"t in order after )rayer is ontemplation, by which I understand

    an accurate attention to the business it self, under which fall

    these considerations first to be noted. %s, what are the

    ircumstances of any thing, what the !atter, what the &orm, whence

    its operations proceed, whence it is infused and implanted, how

    generated by the Stars, conformed by the 'lements, produced and

    perfected by the three )rinciples. %lso how the body of e(ery

    thing may be dissol(ed, that is, resol(ed into the first !atter,

    or first 'ssence 2of which I ha(e already made mention in other of

    my writings3 (i9. how the last !atter may be changed into the

    first, and the first into the last.8

    5What are here set down, touching the true %heory of Philosophy, are compendiums

    of those things, which Philosophers have in os many 3oo/s $writ a!out the same

    !usiness' revealed, shall I say, or concealed( Attend to the words of the

    Author, and you will see, that he perfectly /new that pirit penetrating all


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    things, which presides or !ears rule in all things, yet is involved and

    a!sconded matter and defilements on every side; from which if once freed, it

    returns to the purity of its own su!stance, in which it produceth all things,

    and is all in all( %o comment upon this, would !e a wor/ no less than the

    producing of all 3oo/s of Philosophers, compiled with such accurate study, and

    contending with so great contention a!out the %heory(

    his ontemplation, which absol(es the second part of our

    %dmonition, is elestial, and to be understood with Spiritual

    Reason# for the circumstances and depth of e(ery thing cannot be

    percei(ed any other way, then by the Spiritual ogitation of !an4

    and this ontemplation is twofold. One is called possible, the

    other impossible. he later consists of copious cogitations, which

    ne(er proceed to effects, nor e"hibit any form of a matter, which

    falls under the ouch. %s if any one should endea(our to

    comprehend the 'ternity of the !ost igh, which is (ain and

    impossible, yea a Sin against the oly Spirit, so arrogantly to

    pry itno the +i(inity itself, which is Immense, Infinite, and

    'ternal# and to sub*ect the incomprehensi(e ounsel of the Secrets

    of -O+, to humane Inquisition. he other part of ontemplation,

    which is possible, is called the heory. his contemplates that,

    which is percei(ed by ouch and Sight, and hath a formed /ature in

    time4 this considers, how that nature may be helped and perfected

    by Resolution of it self# how e(ery body may gi(e forth from it

    self, the good or e(il, Venome or !edicine latent in it# how

    +estruction and onfraction are to be handled, whereby under a

    *ust itle, without Sophistical deceits, the pure may be se(ered

    and seperated from the impure. his Seperation is instituted and

    made by di(ers manual operations, and (arious ways# Some of which

    are (ulgarly $nown by e"perience, others remote from (ulgar

    e"perience. hese are, alcination, Sublimation, Re(erberation,

    irculation, )utrefaction, +igestion, +istillation, ohobation,

    &i"ation, and the li$e of these# all degrees of which are found in

    operating, learned, percei(ed and manifest by the same. Whence

    clearly appears what is mo(eable, what is fi"ed, what is white,

    red, blac$, blew, or green, (i9. when the operation is rightly

    Instituted by the %rtificer, for possibly the Operator may err,


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    and turn aside from the right way# but that /ature should err,

    when rightly handled, is not possible. herefore if you shall err,

    so that /ature cannot be altogether free, and released from the

    Body, in which it is help apti(e, return again into your way,

    learn the heory more perfectly, and enquire more accurately in

    the method of operating, that you may find the foundation and

    certainty in Seperation of all things. Which is a matter of great

    concern. %nd this is the second foundation of )hilosophy, which

    follows the )rayer4 for in that the sum of the matter lies, and is

    contained in these words. See$ first the :ingdom of -O+, and his

    6ustice by )rayer, and all other things, which !an see$s in these

    emporals, and he hath need of, either for the sustentation or

    health of his body, shall be added to you.

    /e"t to the heory, which researcheth out the inmost properties of

    things, follows )reparation, which is performed by Operations of

    the hands, that some real wor$ may be produced. &rom )reparation

    ariseth :nowledge, (i9. Such, as opens all the fundamentals of

    !edicine. Operation of the ands requires a diligent application

    of it self, but the praise of Science consists in e"perience, but

    the difference of these %natomy distinquisheth, 8Operation shews

    how all things may be brought to light, and e"posed to sight

    (isibly4 but $nowledge shews the practice# and that, whence the

    true )ractitioner is, and is no other then confirmation4 because

    the operation of the hands manifests something that is good, and

    draws the latent and hidden nature outwards, and brings it to

    light for good. &or, as in Spirituals, the way of the 1ord is to

    be prepared# so also in these things, the way is to be opened and

    prepared# so also in these things, the way is to be opened and

    prepared, that no errour be from the right path, and the )rocess

    may be made, without de(ious errours, in the direct way to health.

    5*anual Operation is chiefly re2uired in this third Part, without which, every

    Operation, li/e a hip wanting 3allast, floats and is uncertain( It is difficult

    to this with a Pen; for more is learned !y once seeing the wor/ done,

    then can !e taught !y the writing of many Pages; yet if it !e no offence to you,


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    to peruse these +ommentaries together with 3asilius $in this so necessary part'

    will not a little help(

    %fter )reparation, and especially after separation of the good

    from the e(il, we are to proceed to the 80se of the weight or

    dose, that neither more, nor less then is fit, may be gi(en. &or

    abo(e all things, the )hysician ought well to $now, whether his

    !edicament will be wea$ or strong, also whether it will do good,

    or hurt, unless he resol(e to fatten the church yard, and with the

    loss of his fame, and ha9ard of his own soul.

    53y 4se, the Authour understands what others call Dose; for what will a good

    *edicine profit you, if you /now not in what 2uantity to administer it; that the

    same may rather heal, then hurt or /ill( 3y e.perience only to learn this, is a

    wor/ full of perilous casuality, yet the Discipline or /nowledge of Doses was

    found out this way first, and afterward easily taught !y Words( Where a living

    6oice is wanting, it is safer to !e too timerous, then in any wise !old or

    adventurous, although of Antimony I can affirm, that !eing duly prepared it is

    as harmless a medicine as +assia or *anna( %he whole caution is chiefly a!out

    its use, after the first preparations; !ecause it may still retain much of its

    own crude 6enom(

    %fter the !edicament is ta$en into the body, and hath diffused it

    self through all the !embers, that it may search out those defects

    against which it was administered, the 0tility comes to be

    considered# for it is possible that a !edicament diligently

    prepared, and e"hibited in due weight, may do more hurt then good

    in some +iseases, and eem to be Venom rather then !edicine. ence

    an accurate refle"ion is to be made to those things, which profit

    or help# and they are diligently to be noted, that we may be

    mindful to obser(e the same in other cases.

    ;et both in the 80se and 0tility, this one thing is necessary to

    be considered, (i9. whether the +isease be an e"ternal and open

    wound, or only an internal and latent e(il4 for as the difference

    of these is great, so the way of curation is not the same.

    herefore the bottom of e(ery +isease is to be $nown, that it may


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    be understood, whether the same may be cured by e"ternal remedies

    only, or must from within be dri(en outwards.

    5%hat Indication is to !e ta/en from things helping and hurting, is /nown even

    to %yro7s( 3ut what the Author su!"oyns touching internal and e.ternal curation,

    are not so rude, as not to deserve good Attention0 And also those things which

    he permi.eth with his own atyrical &eprehension, if the &eader !e so wise as to

    !elieve that 3asilius intermi.ed them to deter the unworthy deriders of

    +hymistry from approaching to his sacred Arcanums, he will !e wise for himself(

    -or whilst others rail and swell with indignation, he gathers the fruit of the

    Authors A.ioms, which as another Agent he scattered among these %horns( Whilst

    you, O lover of +hymistry, peruse these, so long will I /eep silence(

    &or if the enter of the +isease by within, such a !edicine must

    be gi(en, as can search out, apprehend and restore that enter#

    otherwise the )hysicians labour will be fruitless and in (ain.

    !oreo(er, if there be an internal +isease, which ariseth, and is

    fed from an internal Original, it must ne(er be dri(en inward by

    e"ternal remedies# for great discommodity will thence ensue, and

    at length +eath itself. Which may be understood by the similitudeof a ree# for if any one, whilst it germinates or flowers, repels

    the umours to the Interiours, whence they proceeded to the

    nutriment of the earth# that ree will be so far from bringing

    forth the desired &ruit by the flower, that a suffocation of the

    same ariseth from the (iolent con*unction of humours not finding

    any out

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    Symptomes which happen in wounds, and to dry up the &ountain of

    the e(il, this is the wor$, and this the labour of the %rtist.

    /ow come hither, you physicians, how many so e(er there be of you,

    that arrogate to your sel(es the itle of +octor of either

    !edicine, (i9. of internal and e"ternal +iseases# understand ye

    the itle of your honour, and consult your own onscience, and

    see, whether you recie(ed that from -O+, that is, possess it in

    (erity, or whether you usurp it as a form, for honour sa$e. &or,

    as much as ea(en is distant from the 'arth, so (astly different

    is the %rt of healing internal +iseases, from the Sanation of

    e"ternal wounds. If the itle be gi(en to you by -O+, the same -O+

    will gi(e a Blessing, &elicity, ealth and happy e(ents# but if

    your itle be (ain, and only de(ised and assumed for ambition, all

    things will e(illy succeed to you4 your honour will fail, and you

    will prepare for your self ell

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    in these things, and this way the noblest of %rts is become a

    !echanic$ Operation# and some of those who e"ercise it, are indeed

    so (ery rude, as they $now not 1etters, and scarcely $now how

    2according to the )ro(erb3 to dri(e an %ss out of the orn. hese,

    I say, profess, themsel(es !asters in curing wounds, and +octors

    of +octors# and to spea$ the truth as it is, they may by a better

    right glory in this itle, they thou magnificent +octor,

    umbratical hyrugion, and most ignorant Boaster of itles, why do

    you style yourself +octor of either medicine5 What more now !aster

    +octor, what say you, most e"pert hyrurgion5 I pray be not

    offended at this, or ta$e it amiss# for you your self will quic$ly

    confess, if you do but seriously consider wounds made by )ric$ or

    ut, that you ha(e as much $nowledge in the cure of them, as is in

    the Brain of a dunghill oc$, which hildren learning their %.B..

    are wont to set in the &rontispiece of their )rimer.

    herefore I persuade all !en, of what state or condition soe(er,

    who are desirous of 1earning, from your !asters to search out the

    true +octrine, which consists in )reparation, and afterward in the


    So they, or you, shall possess the itle assumed with honour, and

    !en will undoubtedly ha(e confidence in you, and you will in (ery

    deed do them good, then will you to the 'ternal reator gi(e

    than$s cordially without feigning. But let e(ery !an seriously

    thin$ with himself, what it is he ought to do, and what he is to

    omit, and whether he doth *ustly or un*ustly use the itle

    assumed. &or he, who assumes any itle, ought especially to

    understand the condition of that itle, and why he assumed it, or

    what the true foundation is. It is not sufficient, if anyone iwth

    the (ulgar say 2sa(ing your re(erence, let the more delicate !en

    pardon us, if we intending to spea$ to the purpose, ma$e mention

    of putrefaction3 this is egregious dung, it hath a strong and

    grie(ous ill sa(our, and $now not how it comes to pass, that a

    !an, who perhaps eats food of a most grateful taste and odour, and

    well accommodated to his natural %ppetite, thence ma$es e"crement


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    endued with qualities so contrary, and yielding an odour so (ery

    ungrateful, and repugnant to /ature4 of which there is no other

    reason, then natural putrefaction and corruption. he same happens

    in all %romatical well smelling things. It is the )hilosophers

    part to enquire, what odour is, and whence it recei(es its

    (irtues, and in what the (irtue of it may be made manifest to true

    profit. &or the 'arth is nourished and fattened by stin$ing dung,

    and noble &ruit is produced of it. Of this matter there is not one

    cause only, but our Boo$ would swell to an huge Volume, if we

    should but briefly hint at all natural -enerations and mutations#

    yet +igestion and )utrefaction are the principal $eys of them. &or

    the &ire and %ir ma$e a certain !aturation, by which a

    ransmutation of the 'arth and Water may follow# and this is also

    a certain mutation, by which of e(il smelling +ung a most fragrant

    Balsam may be produced# and on the contrary, of most grateful

    Balsam ill fa(oured +ung. But perhaps you will say, why do I

    produce e"amples of so (ery rude and absurd5 I do confess the

    e"ample is ta$en from a ottage, rather then a Royal ourt# yet a

    prudent considerer of things, more accurately di(ing into the

    matter, will easily understand, what such e"amples intimate to

    him, (i9. that of the highest things the lowest are made, and the

    lowest the highest, so that, of a !edicament is produced of

    Venome, and of Venome !edicine# of the sweet, bitter, acid, and

    corrosi(e# and on the contrary of the corrosi(e, another thing

    more profitable.

    O good -O+, how much is /ature absconded from !en, so that she

    seems to disdain to be wholly seen by us5 But since thou hast

    ordained so (ery short a time of our 1ife, and thou the 6udge of

    all, reser(est many things to thy self in the reatures, which

    thou hast left to be admired, not $nown, by us, and of which thou

    alone wilt be the beholder and 6udge, grant unto me, that unto my

    1ife7s end I may $eep thee and my Sa(iour in my eart, that

    besides health and necessaries of the body, which though hast

    liberally bestowed, I may also acquire the health of my Soul and

    Spiritual Riches# of which inestimable good I am freed from all


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    doubt by that thy mercy, in which, for my soul, for me a miserable

    sinner, thou didst 2on the ree of the ross3 shed Sulphur and

    Balsom# which is indeed a mortiferous Venom to the +e(il, but to

    us Sinners, a most present remedy. I do certainly heal my

    Brethren, as far as concerns the Soul, by )rayer, and in relation

    to the body, with apt Remedies# therefore I hope they will on

    their parts use their endea(our, that they with me, and I with

    them, may at length inhabit the abernacle of the !ost igh, and

    in him our -O+ en*oy 'ternity.

    But to return to my )hilosophy of %ntimony, I would ha(e the

    Reader, before all other things, to understand, that all things

    contain in themsel(es operati(e and (i(ificati(e Spirits# which

    inhabiting in the Body feed and nourish themsel(es, and are

    sustained by the Body. 'lements themsel(es want not these Spirits,

    which 2the li(ing -O+ permitting that3 whether they be good or

    e(il, ha(e their abitation in tehm. !en and %nimals ha(e in them

    a li(ing operating Spirit, which receding from them, nothing but a

    ar$ass remains. In erbs, and all things bearing &ruit, a Spirit

    of Sanity e"ists# otherwise they could not, by any )reparation, be

    reduced to !edicinal use. !etals and all !inerals, are endued and

    possessed with their own incomprehensible Spirit, in which, the

    power and (irtue of all their possible effects, consists. &or

    whatsoe(er is without Spirit, wants 1ife, and contains in itself

    no (i(ifying Virtue. herefore, you are to $now, that in %ntimony

    also there is a Spirit, which effects whatsoe(er in it, or can

    proceed from it, in an in(isible way and manner, no otherwise,

    than as in the !agnet is absconded a certain in(isible power, as

    we shall more largely treat in its own place, where we spea$ of

    the !agnet.

    But there are (arious $inds of Spirits#8 (isible to the Intellect,

    and endued with Spiritual $nowledge, which notwithstanding cannot

    2when they will3 be touched or apprehended, as /atural !en are

    touched# especially they, who ha(e their fi"ed Residence in

    'lements, as are the Spirits of &ire, 1ights and other Ob*ects


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    formally darting out 1ight from themsel(es4 such are %iry Spirits,

    who inhabit the %ir# %queous Spirits li(ing in Waters# and errene

    Spirits li(ing in the 'arth, which we !en call 'arthly !en, which

    are chiefly found in wealthy mines of the 'arth, where they shew

    and disco(er themsel(es to us.

    5What follow, seem somewhat confused, according to the entiments of certain

    %heologicians, who have held various opinions of pirits residing in the -ire,

    Air, and other )lements; ad"udging them to the )ternal -ire of 1ell( All which

    with 3asilius, we leave as un/nown, to the 8udgement of the Divine 9nowledge(

    3ut what he himself su!"oyns, touching the wonderful virtue and power of

    Antimonial and all other +hymical pirits, which we our selves with so great

    admiration have often seen, we understand only of material pirits; which

    certainly are endued with as great virtues, and effect things no less wonderful

    then those pirits, which Phantastic/ persons $oppressed with *elancholy' affirm

    they see and tal/ with; yea I cannot remem!er that I ever found written or

    declared $!y such, as ta/ing a li!erty of lying, endeavour to please or terrify

    others' any greater or more wonderful virtues then these pirits have(

    hese Spirits are endued with Senses and 0nderstanding, $now %rts,

    and can change themsel(es into di(ers &orms, until the time of

    their 6udgement# but whether a definitory sentence ought to be

    pronounced against them as yet, or no, that I lea(e to the

    )ro(idence of the +i(ine !a*esty, from whom nothing is hid. here

    are other Spirits, wanting speech, which cannot shew themsel(es

    (isibly in the (ery act# and they are those which li(e in %nimals,

    as in !en and the li$e, in )lants also and in !inerals#

    ne(ertheless they ha(e in themsel(es an occult and operati(e 1ife,

    and manifest and disco(er themsel(es by their efficacious power of

    operating, which they contain in and bear about themsel(es, and

    most apparently gi(e testimony of their (irtue of healing,

    whensoe(er that 2by help of the %rt3 is e"tracted from them, being

    accurately seperated from their body. %fter the same manner, the

    efficacious Spirit, and operati(e power of %ntimony, manifests its

    gifts, and distributes them among !en, being first loosed from its

    own body, and freed from all its bonds, so, that it is able to

    penetrate, and render fit to be applyed to those 0ses, which the

    %rtificer proposed to himself in )reparation.


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    But the %rtist and Vulcan ought to agree4 the &ire gi(es

    seperation for an operati(e power, and the %rtificer forms the

    matter. %s a Blac$

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    %lso let the well meaning and sincere obser(er of %rt $now, that

    there are two $inds of %ntimony (ery different from each other4

    one is fair, pure, and of a golden property, and that contains

    (ery much !ercury, but the other which hath much Sulphur is not so

    friendly to gold as the first, and is distinguished by fair long

    and white shining strea$s. herefore one is more fit for !edicine

    and %lchemy, then the other4 as when the &lesh of &ishes

    iscompared with the &lesh of other %nimals, although both these

    are, and are called &lesh, yet each of these (ery much differs

    from the &lesh of the other# e(en so of %ntimony the difference is

    the same. !any do indeed write of the Interior (irtue of %ntimony,

    but few of tehm e(er taught the true &oundation of the (irtues

    with which it is endued, or found out which way, or in what manner

    it recie(es them# So that their +octrine is founded upon words

    only, e"ists without any true foundation, and they themsel(es lose

    the fruit they hopes to recei(e by such Writings. &or to write

    truly of %ntimony is a wor$ that requires profound !editations, a

    mind largely unfolding itself, and $nowledge of its manifold

    )reparation, and of the true Soul of it, in which all the 0tility

    is cited, and which being $nown you may be able to gi(e an

    indubitate 6udgement, of what e(il or good, Venom or !edicine is

    latent therein. It is not a matter of small moment by a true

    '"amen to search into %ntimony, and thereby to penetrate

    fundamentally into its 'ssence, and through earnest study to

    attain the final $nowledge thereof, that the Venenosity of the

    same 2against which uns$ilful !en ignorantly e"claim3 may be ta$en

    away, and it be changed and prepared into a better State, becoming

    a !edicine fit for use and (oid of Venom.

    !any %rtists intending to %natomi9e %ntimony, ha(e di(ers ways

    (e"ed, wrested and tormented the same, in such wise as it cannot

    be well described in Words, much less belie(ed# yet, the matter

    being truely e"amined, they effected nothing. &or they sought not

    its true Soul, and therefore could not find the feigned Soul of

    it, which themsel(es sought. By the blac$ olours a mist was cast


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    before their 'yes, so that they could neither obser(e the true

    Soul itself, nor $now it. &or %ntimony li$e unto !ercury, may

    fitly be compared to a round ircle, of which there is no end# in

    which the more diligently any !an see$s, the more he finds, if

    )rocess be made by him in a right way and due order. ;et the 1ife

    of no one !an is sufficient for him to learn all the mysteries

    thereof. It is Venom and a most swift poison, also it is (oid of

    Venom and a most e"cellent !edicine# whether it be used outwardly

    or inwardly. Which is a thing hid form most !en by reason of their

    own blindness# and they *udge it an incredible, foolish and (ain

    wor$, because 2through their ignorance3 it is un$nown to them, who

    can no otherwise be e"cused, then that they deser(e the name of

    Stupidity4 yet that is not to be suffered in them, because they

    desire not to learn or be better informed, either here, or


    %ntimony is endued with all the four first qualities# it is cold

    and humid, and against it is hot and dry, and accommodates it self

    to the four Seasons of the year, also it is (olatile and fi"ed.

    he (olatile part of it is not (oid of Venom, but the fi"ed is

    free from all (enenosity# which is so (ery strange, as it may be

    reputed one of the se(en Wonders of the World, of which so many

    Writers ha(e discoursed, not $nowing themsel(es what they write.

    here hath been no 8!an before me, and at this day there is none

    found, who hath so thoroughly learned the power, (irtue, strength,

    operations, and efficacy of %ntimony, or so profoundly penetrated

    into all the 'nergy thereof, as nothing more is latent in it

    unfound out, or which cannot be brought to light by e"perience. If

    such a !an could be found he would be worthy to be carried about

    in a riumphal hariot, as in times past was granted to !onarchs

    and potent eroes, after they had happily fought Battles, and were

    returned with Victory. But I fear, that many of our +octors will

    be constrained to pro(ide a hariot for themsel(es.


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    51ere the Author spea/s largely in commendation of Antimony( &ead, read $I say'

    O over of +hymistry, and you will find nothing 1yper!olical, nor anything

    %hrasnic/( 3asilius in spea/ing as he doth, hath not e.hausted the Praises of

    Antimony; !ecause no *an unto this day could ever e.perience all its 6irtues( We

    have seen many of its )ffects, and many new )ffects are daily found !y curious

    earchers, yet many more remain un/nown( o that, as in -ire is an ine.hausti!le

    -ountain; $for the more you ta/e from it, the more it gives' so in Antimony is

    an inestima!le %reasure of new 6irtues( -or if from it you e.tract its Acetum a

    thousand times, it will a thousand times, yield new Acetum( Nature seems to have

    made choice of this *ineral, therein to hide all her %reasures( %herefore not

    without reason hath 3asilius made for it a %riumphant +hariot, which is daily

    enriched with poyls ta/en from the +amps of Ignorance(

    &or the !asters of this terrene World are so intangled with their

    own houghts, that they see$ nothing from %ntimony but Riches, and

    forget to search its utility for medicine, and the ealth of the

    Body, which notwithstanding ought abo(e all things to be sought,

    that 2being brought to 1ight3 the wonderful Wor$s of our -O+ may

    be made manifest, and the -lory gi(en to him, with great

    than$fulness. It is not to be denyed, but that more of Riches and

    ealth may be found in it than either you all, or I myself, can

    belie(e4 for I profess my self no other than a +isciple in the

    :nowledge of %ntimony, although in it I ha(e seen, e"perienced and

    learned more than you, and all such as you are 2who arrogate to

    yoursel(es great s$ill therein3 either ha(e learned, or e(er can

    learn. ;et no !an should therefore be troubled, or despair of

    Benefits# but because the World, indulging their own Ingratitude,

    ha(e neither esteemed, nor with due Re(erence ac$nowledged the

    !unificence of the !ost igh, but ha(e preferred Riches before

    ealth, -O+ hath spread as it were a Spider7s Webb before their

    'yes, that being blind they might not $now the Secrets of /ature

    absconded in the &orm of this !ineral.

    %ll men cry out Rich, Rich we would be. I confess you all aspire

    to Riches, and with the 'picure say, he Body must first be

    pro(ided for, the Soul may at length also find somewhat# and with

    !idas 2as in the &able3 you desire that all things whatsoe(er you

    touch may be turned into -old. ence it is, that so many see$


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    their desired Riches in %natomy4 But because they accept not that

    -ift of the reator with a grateful eart, which before all hings

    should be procured, and cast the 1o(e of their /eighbour behind

    their bac$, therefore they in (ain loo$ the orse in the !outh#

    for they $now his %ge and Strength no more than the -uests at the


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    the !easure, as I abo(e mentioned, when I spa$e of the fi(e

    principal eads requisite in the '"ercise and )ractise of

    hymistry# but here I only hint at it cursorily by way of a


    By Resolution the sum of the !atter is proposed, but by &ire it is

    prepared to profit. &or a Butcher cuts out an O", and di(ides it

    into parts, but no !an can profitably en*oy this &lesh, unless he

    first boyl it by &ire, by which Operation the Red substance of the

    &lesh is changed and prepared into white %liment. If a !an

    constrained by hunger, should eat that Raw and Red flesh, it would

    be Venom to him rather than !edicine# because the natural eat of

    the Stomach is too wea$ to concoct and digest that crude Body.

    ence, my dear &riend, you may conclude, that since %ntimony hath

    greater Venom, and a more gross !ineral Body than %nimal &lesh 2as

    by the abo(e recited common '"ample I ha(e already shewed3 it will

    also pro(e more perillous, if used rude, without remain Venom,

    which will suddenly $ill the Sic$.

    herefore the Venenosity of %ntimony is so to be ta$en away, as it

    may ne(er against be con(erted into Venom, after the same manner,

    as Wine, which being once, by putrefaction and corruption turned

    into Vinegar, ne(er afterward yields any Spirit of Wine, but

    always is and remains Vinegar. but on the ontrary, if the Spirit

    only of the Wine be seperated, and the %quosity left by itself,

    and the same Spirit afterward e"alted, it will ne(er in any wise

    be changed into Vinegar, although it should be $ept an hundred

    ;ears# but will always remain Spirit of Wine, no otherwise, then

    as Vinegar remains Vinegar.

    his ransmutation of Wine into Vinegar is a wonderful hing#

    because somewhat is produced from Wine, which was not before in

    its (egetable 'ssence. In which it is also to be noted, that in

    distillation of Wine the Spirit first comes forth# but 2on the

    contrary3 in distilling Vinegar the )hlegm first comes, afterward

    the Spirit, as I ha(e shewed abo(e in its own place, where I also


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    made mention of this '"ample. herefore Spirit of Wine ma$es

    Bodies (olatile, because itself is (olatile# but Spirit of Vinegar

    fi"eth all !edicaments, as well of !inerals as Vegetables, and

    renders them solid, so that they apprehend things fi"ed, and e"pel

    fi"ed +iseases.

    8onsider and obser(e these things diligently# for this principal

    :ey is of great concern. herefore %ntimony, which contains in

    itself its own Vinegar, ought to be so prepared, as all its

    Venenosity may be ta$en away, and he, who useth it, concei(es no

    Venom thereby, but rather dri(es away and casts out all )oison

    from himself, by the use thereof.

    53elieve not only 3asilius, !ut me also, with the same -aith and sincerity

    affirming to you; this is the first 9ey, this is the principla part of the whole

    Art, this opens to you the first Gate, this will also unloc/ the last, which

    leads to the Palace of the 9ing( 3ut as I said, not only !eleive, !ut also

    consider and o!serve( 1ere you stand in the )ntrance, if you miss the Door, all

    your +ourse will !e )rror, all your 1ast &uine, and all your Wisdom -oolishness(

    1e who o!tains this 9ey, and /nows the *ethod $which is called *anual Operation'

    !y which to use it, and has strength to turn the same, will ac2uire &iches, and

    an open Passage unto the *ysteries of +hymistry(

    herefore )reparation of %ntimony consists in the :ey of %lchimy,

    by which it is dissol(ed, opened, di(ided and seperated# as in

    alcination, Re(erberation, Sublimation, etc. as we declared abo(e

    it. %lso in e"tracting its 'ssence, and in (i(ifying its !ercury#

    which !ercury must afterward be precipited into a fi"ed powder.

    1i$ewise by %rts and due !ethod, of it may be made an Oyl, which

    is effectual wholly to consume that new and un$nown +isease, which

    the &rench, in their Warli$e '"peditions, brought into our

    Regions. he same is (isible in other )reparations, deri(ed from

    the Spagyric$ %rts and %lchimy# as for '"ample4 If anyone would

    ma$e Beer of Barley, Wheat, or other orn, all these degress must

    be most perfectly $nown to him, before he can from those -rains

    e"tract their most subtil 'ssence and (irtue, and reduce the same

    into a most efficacious +rin$. &irst, the -rains must be so long


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    steeped in Water, as until they be able sufficiently, to open and

    resol(e themsel(es 2as I, when I was a ;oung !an, tra(elling into

    'ngland and olland, diligently obser(ed to be done in those

    places3 this is called )utrefaction and orruption. his :ey being

    used, the Water is drawn off from the -rain, and the macerated

    orn is laid on eaps close together, and left so for a due time,

    until it spontaneously concei(e heat, and by the same heat,

    germinating, the -rains adhere each to other4 this is +igestion.

    his being finished, the -rains which adhered in their

    -ermination, are separated, and dryed, either in the %ir, or by

    eat of &ire, and so hardened. his is Re(erberation, and

    oagulation. When the orn is thus prepared, it is carried to the

    !ill, that it may be broa$ and ground small# this is Vegetable

    alcination. %fterward, by heat of &ire cocting these -rains, the

    more noble Spirit of them is e"tracted, and the Water is imbibed

    with the same# which without the aforesaid )reparation could not

    ha(e been. his way the crude Water is con(erted into Beer, and

    this Operation 2though I spea$ but rudely3 is and is called

    +istillation. he ops, when added to the Beer, is the Vegetable

    Salt thereof, which conser(es and preser(es from all ontraries,

    endea(ouring to corrupt the same. his way of boyling Water into

    +rin$, by e"traction of the Spirits from the -rains, the Spaniards

    and Italians $now not, and in my nati(e soil of -ermany about the

    Rhine, few are found s$illed in this %rt.

    %fter all these wor$s are performed, a new Seperation is made by

    larification, (i9. of the +rin$, in this manner4 a little ;east

    or &erment is added, which e"cites an internal motion and eat in

    the Beer, so that it is ele(ated in it self, and 2by the help of

    time3 Separation of the dense from the rare, and of the pure from

    the impure is made# and by this means the Beer acquires a constant

    (irtue in Operating, so that it penetrates and effects all those

    'nds, for which it was made and brought into use4 which before

    could not ha(e been# because the Spirit, the Operator was

    hindered, by its own Impurity, from effecting its proper Wor$.


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    In Wine also doth not '"perience teach the same5 hat cannot,

    before the time come, in which the Impuritys may be separated from

    it, so (ery perfectly and efficaciously perform its own Wor$, as

    after Separation of the pure from the impure4 which by +run$eness

    is manifest# for Beer or Wine unsettled, and not purifyed, gi(e

    not forth from themsel(es so much Spirit for inebriating, as after

    larification. But of this no more. %fter all the aforesaid, a new

    Operation may be instituted, by Vegetable sublimation, for

    separation of the spirit of the Wine or Beer, and for preparing it

    by +istillation into another +rin$ of Burning Wine, which may also

    be made of the 1ees or +regs of Wine and Beer. When this is done,

    the Operati(e Virtue is separated from its own Body, and the

    Spirit being e"tracted by &ire, forsa$es its own unprofitable dead

    abitation, in which it was commodiously hospited before. /ow, if

    this Burning Wine, or Spirit of Wine, be rectifyed, an '"altation

    is made by often distilling it, and by a certain method of

    Operating, the pure part 2free from all )hlegm and %quosity3 may

    be so concentred, and as it were condensed, as one !easure of it

    may effect more, then twenty or more could ha(e done before. &or

    it sooner inebriates, and is swift, (olatile and subtil for

    penetrating and operating.

    8ere I admonish you, whosoe(er you are, who desire to be taught

    by my Writings, and hope to obtain Riches and a true !edicine from

    %ntimony, that you would not carelessly peruse my Intention, in

    which is no letter writ in (ain, and which hath not a certain

    singular signification for your Instruction.

    5+ome hither you %raveller, stay your 8ourney here( +ontemn not or flighty pass

    over this tautological, !ut not impertinent, Admonition; often in your mind have

    recourse to this Description of 3eer, search, contemplate, and weigh all %hings,

    perhaps in this tur!id and famous Gulf, you will find the -ish you loo/ not for(

    If in this ight you yet !e !lind, I /now not any +ollyrium will profit you0 if

    with so certain a manuduction you cannot pass on to the wor/ itself, I /now not

    who will lend you a taff, or what Demonstration can direct the 8ourney of a

    tupid *an( 3elieve, read, meditate, la!our, and spare the use of so many


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    +hymical 3oo/s, which distract you with the )rror of various ways, this one

    tells you all things(

    ;ea, I here solemnly affirm, that there are many words dispersed

    here and there in my Writings, to which if the Reader gi(e heed as

    he ought, and $now in what &undamentals the principal eads of the

    matter are sited, and as it were buried, he will ha(e no ause to

    repent his often turning o(er the same 1ea(es, but will esteem

    e(ery word as much, as a piece of -old coin. &or you $now, that

    althought the '"amples by me proposed, sound harsh, as deli(ered

    in a rude manner, yet they contain in them somewhat that is

    e"cellent and of great !oment. ;et I am not here ambitious to

    procure %uthority or praise to my Writings, which is not my

    Business, nor would it become me4 for when the Operation of them

    shall be brought to 1ight, they will acquire praise enough to

    themsel(es. I purposely and willingly produce '"amples so rude and

    common, because the power of %ntimony and the true Virtue thereof,

    deeply and profoundly abscoded in its inmost parts, is to be

    searched out. I was willing, by these gross '"amples to lead you

    by the hand, and shew you the way, that by them you might attain

    to the hing itself, and not at the (ery first err from the -ate#

    for so doing you would long wander, and ne(er bring your Operation

    to the desired 'nd.

    &or %ntimony is li$e a Bird, which is carryed through the %ir and

    as the Wind dri(es it, so it turns itself which way that wills4

    here, in this ase, !an acts the )art of the %ir or Wind and can

    dri(e and mo(e %ntimony, at his pleasure, and repose it in such a

    place, as himself chooseth4 he can imbibe it, with a yellow, red,

    white or blac$ olour, according as he desires it should be, and

    as he rules and go(erns the &ire# because in %ntimony 2as in

    !ercury3 all olours are found, which no !an should wonder at,

    considering how many hings /ature bears absconded in her Bosom,

    which neither you nor I are able to comprehend in many days.


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    If a boo$ happen to be gi(en to a !an, that is unlearned, he $nows

    not what is signified by that Writing, or what that Scripture

    intends# for it is hid from his 'yes, and he stands ama9ed, as a

    ow at the sight of a new +oor. But if unto that unlearned !an,

    anyone suggest the '"plication of the Boo$, and teach him not only

    the matter contained therein, but also the use of the same, the

    !an no more admires it, as an %rt# but by this means it becomes to

    him a ommon hing, the Reason and Operation of which he

    understands, and by his own Study can learn, concei(e, and

    comprehend the 0tility so perfectly, as now none of those hings,

    which were contained in the Boo$, are hid from him# because he

    hath learned both to read and understand what is written therein.

    Such a Boo$ is %ntimony to those, who $now not of the %rt of

    Reading# therefore I faithfully admonish all, who desire to be

    parta$ers of its 0tilities, to bend their mind to $now and

    pronounce the letters thereof, that so they may acquire the %rt of

    Reading that Boo$# and in such a manner, that 2as in a School3

    they may be remo(ed from &orm to &orm, when he who hath rightly

    gained '"perience, shall preside as Rector, and *udge of that,

    which in rial is most worthy4 for One is worthy to be preferred

    before another, in the )ossession of that.

    But here, what comes into my mind, and ought in no wise to be

    passed o(er in Silence, I thin$ good to mention# (i94 that at this

    +ay many are found who e"claim, and rashly pronounce rucifige,

    rucifige, against all those, who prepare Venoms into !edicaments,

    by which 2as they say3 many !ortals perish, or, if they escape

    with 1ife, li(e miserably# such are !ercury, %rsenic$, %ntimony,

    etc. and this lamour is chiefly made by those, who 2if it please

    the -O+S3 are called +octors8 of !edicine, yet indeed understand

    not what the difference is, between Venom, and !edicine, but are

    wholly ignorant how Venom may be prepared, so as to pass into a

    salutary !edicament# and instead of its malignity, put on a better



  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    53asilius somewhat indulgeth his own Genius, inveighing against -alse:

    Phyisicians, whose ignorance $in his time' was so very greate, as they contemned

    every su!lime Preparation of *edicine, which he himself, and +hymists with him

    did profess; proscri!ing the same as unprofita!le, perillous, and hurtful0

    against whome, it is not strange, if the +hymists $on the other hand' rose up

    with some small vehemency, and endeavour courageously, !y assistance of their

    9nowledge, and +onscience, to !rea/ through that rout of uns/ilful *en; !ut the

    !est %hings are not allways the most prosperous( +hymists overcame !y the

    8ustice of their +ause, !ut were overcome !y Num!er0 yet, having verity and

    goodness on their side, thy fought with so great +onfidence, as they were

    certainly assured they should !ear away the 6ictory; which our Author here

    shews, and Paracelsus $prophesying of the +oming of )lias the Artist' did

    presage would !e( And certainly unto me $seriously considering how greatly

    chymists have in these times improved their 9nowledge' the Dawning of that Day

    hath opened itself, since I !ehold so many &ays of the approaching un(

    %gainst these I do in a special manner e"claim and protest,

    against these, I say, who 2ignorance of )reparation3 e"hibit

    )oison to !en4 for !ercury, %uripigment, %ntimony, and such li$e,

    are (enoms in their Substance, and unless rightly prepared remain

    Venoms. ;et after a 1egitimate )reparation, all their Venenosity

    is bro$e, e"tinguished and e"pelled, so that no part of themremains, but what is !edicine, which resists all internal Venoms,

    although most deeply rooted, and radically destroys the same. &or

    Venom, being in such a manner prepared, as it can no longer hurt,

    resists all )oison, which is not as yet prepared, and so (ery well

    prepares and sub*ugates it, as it is compelled with the same to

    put off its own (enomous /ature.

    ere I shall raise a great ontention among the 1earned# for I

    $now they will doubt what these my Words should signify, as

    whether what I affirm and write be possible to be done or no# and

    they will be di(ided into se(eral Opinions there

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    profound !ysteries. ;et a small part of these !en will with me be

    constrained to ac$nowledge, it is possible a (ile hing may be

    changed into a Better. &or you 2you +octors I mean3 must confess

    to me, that your purpose is to reduce that '(il, from which the

    +isease had its Original, into a better State. -o to then# will

    you not also grant, that if any '(il be in those hings, of which

    !edicine is to be made, the same '(il must be con(erted into a

    better State, that it may so much the better perform its

    operation, and more powerfully and profitably act, without any

    notable peril5 But since unto (ery few as yet is $nown, or by

    '"perience found, the Way, by which a !an ought to proceed in

    these )reparations, a (ery small part of these will assume and

    contend for the Opinion I here affirm, and publicly profess4 for

    (ery many will be carryed away with the greater Rout, crying,

    Venom, Venom= which Voices, whilst I hear them, put me in mind of

    those wild lamours, by which the 6ews required the Sa(iour and

    Redeemer of the World, that he might suffer the )unishment of the

    ross, often crying out rucify him, rucify him, whom they

    proclaimed to be the highest, most present, most pernitious, and

    cursed Venom, when as indeed he was the noblest, supreme, most

    glorious and most profitable !edicine of our Souls, which was to

    deli(er us from the +eath of Sinners, from the +e(il, ell> and

    all !isfortunes. %lthough those proud )harisees and 1awyers

    neither could nor would understand this, ne(ertheless he both then

    was, and will be to the end of the World, and after it to all

    'ternity, the same supere"cellent !edicine4 and neither the +e(il,

    nor +eath, nor the (ery -ates of ell, nor any reature, how

    powerful, or per(erse soe(er, can effect anything at all, whereby

    to o(erthrow this ruth.

    So I hope, yea doubt not 2although all (agabond and

    circumforaneous !edicasters, all )hysicians resident in ities,

    and how many soe(er there be, that profess themsel(es !asters of

    any part of !edicine, do all together contri(e what they can, and

    e"claim against %ntimony3 but that the same %ntimony will triumph

    o(er the ingratitudes of all those uns$ilful !en 2for true


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    )hysicians and such as are always ready to learn, I touch not

    here3 and by its own power and (irtue acquired after due

    preparation, will o(ercome and tread under foot all its 'nemies.

    But, on the contrary, those ignorant false 6udges, and

    pertinacious contemners of %ntimony, because they $now not the

    ruth, together with the proud and blood

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    man $now, he only $nows, that he found it so written in his Boo$s,

    and thence pretends )ossession 2or as it were )ossession3 by

    )rescription of a (ery long time4 yet he desires no further

    Information. ere again let it be lawful to e"claim, good -O+, to

    what a state is the matter brought= what goodness of mind is in

    these men= what care do they ta$e of the Sic$= Wo, wo to them= in

    the day of 6udgement they will find the fruit of their ignorance

    and rashness# they they will see him whom they pierced, when they

    neglected their /eighbour, sough after !oney and nothing else#

    whereas were tehy cordial in their )rofession, they would spend

    /ights and +ays in 1abour, that they might become more learned in

    their %rt, whence more certain health would accrew to the Sic$

    1abour is tedious to them, they commit the matter to hance, and

    being secure of their onour and content with their &ame, they

    2li$e Brawlers3 defend themsel(es with a certain -arrulity,

    without any respect had to onscience or ruth# oals seem

    wonderful strange, and as out

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    insited in the reatures, and percei(e the learness latent in

    them, by )reparation and %natomy 2as it were spea$ing in their

    'ars3 which otherwise surrounded and co(ered o(er with e"ternal

    Impurities, would deeply be concealed, and ne(er brought to 1ight.

    But I trust the reator of all hings, 2both of those which fall

    under our Sense, and of those that are remote from our Senses3

    will benignly hear our )rayers# that, if not whilst I and my

    Brethren li(e, yet after our +eath, such a on(ersion of hings

    and !en 2-O+ answer these desires3 may follow, as that thic$ and

    obscure Veil may be ta$en away from the 'yes of our 'nemies, and

    they by true and infallible Illumination, obtain a clear sight,

    that tehy may find their lost -roat4 which -O+, the eternal

    -o(ernour of ime and hings of his -race and !ercy grant.

    But it is fit, that I, who intended to publish a certain +iscourse

    of %ntimony, in all its /umbers %bsolute, should begin with the

    8/ame itself.

    8)oets do often posit in the midst of their )oems, istories or

    &ables of )rinces, that by a continued Series of hings, they may

    the more easily attain their 'nd, which is to delight their

    Readers4 hymists for another end use the same !edium. &or since

    their purpose is to teach the Readers so, as they may only be

    understood by those, who wholly de(ote themsel(es with a fer(ent

    desire to the Study of that Science, they $eep not that Order,

    which proceeds from the beginning to the 'nd by !ediums. herefore

    our %uthor, at length coming to treat of the name of %ntimony,

    whence it too$ beginning, acts as anohter !an addicted to some

    Scholastic Order4 but by and by turning from this +iscourse, he

    answers an Ob*ection, before it is made by Interrogation# (i9.

    whether from %ntimony all its Venom may be ta$en away, the

    possibility of which he pro(es by (ery profitable and significant


    he %rabians, to whom in times past this !ineral was $nown, did in

    their 1anguage call it %stinat# but the haldeans called it

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    Stibium# among the 1atines at this day the name of %ntimony is

    used, by which name they first of all signified it. We -ermans in

    our 1anguage ha(e gi(en it a /ame, which seems to e"press a

    certain property of its /ature, for since it is seen to consist of

    a certain strei$ed !atter, and of it may easily be made -lass

    endued with (arious olours, which proceed therefrom, we ha(e

    called it Spies

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    because li$e itself, much sooner and much more than any other

    hing of another /ature.

    /ow let any Reader consider, and obser(e it as a hing worthy of

    /ote, that the true 0nicorns

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    into !edicine, and by its own attracti(e (irtue, assume the other

    to and e"pel it with itself. Of which thing you ha(e a most clear

    '"ample of Soap4 hat is compounded of Oil and other fat

    ingredient !atters, which seem to be, and in (ery deed are, more

    apt to foul, than cleanse 1inen# but because in the Boiling of

    Soap, especially by the help of Salt, a certain Separation and

    )reparation is made, the Soap is rendered most apt to draw to

    itself and wash out all foulness and filths from 1inen and other

    things4 so indeed may Venom in a certain manner, by %ntecedent

    )reparation be accommodated so, as to be no more Venom, but a

    !edicament, it draws to itself all other )oison, casts it out, and

    restores the man to his pristine )urity and ealth.

    /ow since our +iscourse hath led us so far, and we ha(e begun to

    open /ature so much# that the truly Studious of !edicine 2though

    hitherto ignorant of this3 may clearly $now, what -ood or '(il is

    latent in /ature, what is Venom and what is harmless# which is a

    thing hath not as yet been found out by +octors, by reason of

    their own supine negligence# and that the ruth thereof may be

    demonstrated and also confirmed, it will not be amiss to produce

    certain '"perimental '"amples, which may disco(er the ruth, and

    refute the false Opinions of others. )ut an 'gg, which in the

    Winter is congealed with old, into (ery cold Water, there let it

    lie for a due space of time, and the Ice will e"ternally adhere to

    the 'gg

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    ;et lest this our purpose should not be fully enough confirmed by

    '"amples, I will also add another, by way of Supplement. a$e


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    me, before that, to fear and tremble# although in many principal

    %rcanums of !edicine, I far e"cel it# yet uni(ersally I am able to

    effect none of those hings, which the %strum of Sol 2confirmed by

    the estimony of elestial Verity3 is able to produce. he %strum

    of !ercury I omit, because I my self ha(e my descent from the same

    Original with it4 but as to a elestial penetrating power of

    Operating, I gi(e the first place of +ominion to the %strum of


    !y Writings and Boo$s, composed by '"perience, properly follow and

    answer each to other# as one metal 2as to its (irtue3 is obser(ed

    and esteemed by another, and must by &ire be pro(ed of what (alue

    it is. So these my Sayings, or Writings, or !edicaments, ought to

    be brought into the Schools, as tending to one Scope and 'nd. Into

    the Schools, I say, where Riches obtain to themsel(es 2as it were3

    an ereditary place, and instead of that ta$e away all the onour,

    which is due to Vulcan only, who can boast himself to be a !aster

    in his own 'lement of &ire. Which may be shewed by '"ample, and a

    true and manifest )roof. When most hard Steel is struc$ with an

    hard and solid &lint, &ire e"cites &ire by (ehement ommotion, and

    accension, drawing forth the occult Sulphur, or the occult &ire is

    manifested by that (ehement ommotion, and en$indled by the %ir

    so, as it truly and efficaciously burns# but the Salt remains in

    the %shes, and the !ercury thence ta$es its flight together with

    the burning Sulphur.8

    5ou, who read this most simple +omparison of teel and a -lint, slac/ the &eins

    of your Admiration, and seriously as/ yourself, whether there can !e found out

    anyway or *ethod, !y which from this tone and +old Iron may !e e.tracted, a

    u!stance, of which one only Grain $!ut why do I spea/ of a Grain

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    So here also understand, that %ntimony ought in a certain !ethod

    so to be handled, as its !ercury may be separated from the Sulphur

    thereof, in a /atural !anner. /ow as &ire, which lies absconded in

    !atter, unless it be made manifest, and can be demonstrated, is

    profitable for nothing, is not 2as I may say3 tangible by the

    ands, nor can it effect any thing to purpose# so !edicine can

    effect nothing that is e"cellent, unless it be first separated

    from its -rossness, rectified and so discharged of Impurities,

    clarified and brought to 1ight by due )reparation, as is manifest

    in all hings4 for when Separation of the pure from the impure is

    made, and all that is mountanour or terrestrial is segregated from

    the pure !etal, then the desired ar(est is to be e"pected. ence

    it is manifest, that &ire can effect nothing, before it is in a

    certain manner opened and set at 1iberty, that before it is in a

    certain manner opened and set at 1iberty, that it may operate.

    herefore, to comprehend much in few Words, I say, this is the

    ondition of %ntimony. Whatsoe(er is occult and absconded from the

    :nowledge of the Vulgar, that in*oys the /ame and onour of %rt,

    (i9. as long as it lies hid# but so soon as it is disco(ered and

    made manifest, %rt hath end, and it becomes a !echanic$ Wor$# as I

    ha(e than once declared in other of my Boo$s.

    % Bee suc$s oney from &lowers, with such %rt as the %lmighty hath

    insited in it, in which oney is latent a Virtue, 6uice, and

    orroborati(e )ower, of which a !edicine is made, as is ob(ious to

    the 'yes of all !en. /ow, from that oney, of a sweet and most

    pleasant aste, a (iolent orrosi(e and present Venom may be

    prepared# which perhaps no man, unless he who hath learned it,

    will belie(e# no man certainly considers this, unless he be a

    diligent Obser(er. ;et for this ause oney is not to be

    condemned, nor is it to be said, that although it hath a most

    grateful Sweetness, yet it is a orrupt !edicine# because a

    orrosi(e may be made of it4 but it should rather be said, that

    orruption proceeds from the )hysicians ignorance, who $new not

    how duely to prepare it. ere I am willing to teach the ignorant

    )hysician, to free him from the last 6udgement.

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    &or oney is prepared of the Superfluities of Brute %nimals, by

    which the -rounds and &ields are fattened# in those -rounds arise

    &lowers, erbs, &ruit

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    of it, and e"alted. When I say8 you shall ha(e performed his,

    then at length will you be able to *udge of the difference, and

    understand those things, which before were (ery far remote from

    your :nowledge.

    51ere again the Author wa.eth hot against false Physicians; !ut do

    you read on, and after this 1eat he will give you a profita!le

    Doctrine, which you may soon find in A2ua -ortis and pirit of


    O you wretched and to be pitied !edicasters, who painted with a

    &ucus, breath out I $now not what hrasonic$ Brags, and pass o(er

    !ountains wanting &oundation, wal$ing through louds in your own

    houghts, and $now not where at length you shall rest your &oot4

    you, I say, I admonish to consider what you will answer, in the

    '"treme 6udgement of the Son of -O+. See$, and when you ha(e

    found, con(ert what you find to use, and so performing your Office

    commit the Rest to -O+, who will gi(e success, and ne(er lea(e you

    destitute of help. But you infamous men, more mad than

    Bacchanalian &ools, who will neither learn, nor foul your ands

    with oals, *udge not lest you procure 6udgement to be pronounced

    against you, which your hildrens hildren may write down to your

    shame in an undeleble haracter.

    '(ery )hysician ought abo(e all hings to ta$e are, that he do

    neither less nor more, than procure the Restitution of ealth

    lost, not instituting his uration contrary to /ature, or

    de(iating from her direct Intention. When Spirit of Wine is poured

    upon %qua &ortis a (ehement 'bullition is made, and these two

    /atures will not easily permit themsel(es to be together# but he,

    that $nows how by +istillation to con*oin them and unite them,

    according to the true Intention of the )hilosophers, he may use

    them in many things for good. %fter the same maner, Oil or 1iquor

    of artar, and Vinegar made of Rich Wine, act each upon other, for

    they hate and fly from each other, as &ire and Water, although

    they proceeded from one and the same !atter. herefore the

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    )hysician ought in a special manner to be mindful, to understand

    all ircumstances from the Sic$ (ery e"actly, and consider the

    same being understood that in uring he may use such !eans, as are

    fit to remo(e the +isease, lest the )atient be in*ured by the

    !edicine. %s for '"ample, when Iron is dissol(ed in %qua &ortis,

    if you suddenly pour Oil of artar upon that Solution, you shall

    difficultly preser(e -lass from brea$ing# for the contrary

    /atures, li$e unto -un

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    But I will put an end to this +iscourse, lest my ears 2which I

    can scarcely $eep in, from continually falling from mine 'yes3

    should blot this my Writing, and whilst I deplore the Blindness of

    the World, I blemish this 1amentation, which I would ha(e $nown to

    all men. I am a man Religious, incorporated in a most holy Order,

    in which I will perse(ere, as long as it shall please the

    Omnipotent -O+, to animate this miserable Body with Vital Spirit4

    therefore I must not write other things, or otherwise, than is

    agreeable to this State. But had I the Office of a Secular 6udge,

    I would lift up my Voice, and sound a rumpet in their 'ars, that

    those deaf men may hear, who hitherto would not ac$nowledge the

    ruth, but out of Ignorance, without ause, falsely and

    slanderously persecute, calumniate, condemn, disparage, and

    meditate how they may totally suppress the same.

    But thou, O 1ord -O+, who dwellest in the ighest, who art called

    and truly art the -O+ of Rest, who sitting in the Supreme hrone

    of !a*esty, go(ernest ea(en and 'arth, which thou hast created,

    who conser(est the Stars, and ordainest the ourse of the

    &irmament in its !otion according to thy ommand, before whom all

    reatures tremble, which are found in the 'arth, or in ea(en, and

    the Infernal Spirits are astonished with une"pressable dread, be

    pleased, I pray to loo$ down upon the ransactions of this most

    ungrateful World, and teach them inwardly to $now those hings,

    which thou hast outwardly and (isibly proposed to the Sons of !en,

    that thou mayest be praised in thy hrone, $nown in thy Verity,

    and adored in thy immense !a*esty. %s for myself, I am unworthy

    and miserable man, gi(e than$s unto thee, for thy great and

    infinite -ifts and Benefits of Riches and health bestowed on me,

    and laud thy !a*esty for e(er for the same. !ore, O my &ather and

    1ord, I neither can, nor am able to desire in this perishing


    /ow, that we may write of %ntimony, and begin our +iscourse from

    the (ery &oundation, whence %ntimony acquires its 'mpire, riumph


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    and -lory, by which it is e"alted to perfect Operation, we must

    before all hings disco(er the certain Original of its Root4 how

    it is generated in the 'arth, to the +ominion of what Stars it is

    sub*ected, and what 'lements ha(e throughly digested it, and which

    tehy be, that ha(e brought it to !aturity. %ntimony is no other

    than a &ume, or 2as I may otherwise call it3 a !ineral Vapour,

    which is genited from abo(e by the Stars, and afterward by the

    'lements deduced and digested to formal oagulation and !aturity.

    ere it is to be noted, that %ntimony hath acquired its 'ssence,

    Virtue, )ower, Operation and ?uality, from the same )rinciple,

    Root and 'ssence, whence Vulgar !ercury is produced# yet with more

    firm oagulation, so that it is brought to an harder 'ssence, than

    the li(ing or running !ercury of the Vulgar hath. he Reason of

    this is, because it hath assumed from the three )rinciples, a

    little more of the Substance of Salt, than ommon !ercury. &or

    although of all the three )rinciples, it hath the least part of

    Salt, yet it hath assumed more of the 'ssence of Salt, than common

    !ercury, whence unto it hath happened such a oagulation. ardness

    in e(erything is from Salt, which (ulgar !ercury hath not. &or it

    hath a (ery small part of Salt, but in it, in a spiritual manner,

    is insited a certain more hot Spirit of Sulphur# therefore it

    always flows, and cannot be brought to oagulation, unless by the

    help of other !etallic$ Spirits, which endued with a (ery great

    Virtues, are chiefly found in the !atri" of Saturn, without which

    it cannot be fi"ed, unless by him, who possesseth the Stone of

    )hilosophers, by which its three )rinciples may be brought to a

    concordant 'quality, and then it acquires such a Body, as will

    melt, flow, and abide the ammer, li$e all other !etals4 other

    wise !ercuy is and will be fluid !ercury, until its (olatility be

    this way ta$en away. ence it is $nown, that all %nimals and all

    Vegetables are too wea$ to fi" !ercury into a malleable Substance

    2as many ha(e in (ain endea(oured3 because all these ha(e not a

    !etallic$ /ature. !ercury, within and without, is no other than

    meer &ire# therefore it is not combustible by any &ire, no &ire

    can apprehend it so, as to alter its 'ssence, but it suddenly

    flies and resol(es itself into a incombustible Oil Spiritually# or


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    after its fi"ation it remains so in(ariable, as no strength or

    power of men is sufficient again to alter it. %nd whatsoe(er can

    now be made of -old may then also be made of it by %rt# because

    after oagulation it is altogether li$e -old4 for it with -old

    hath one and the same Root, Stoc$, or )roduction originally.

    But since I purpose not in this place to discourse more largely of

    !ercury, and intend only simply 2yet truly3 to describe the (ery

    &oundation of %ntimony, from true and certain )rinciples, I will

    cease to spea$ of !ercury, and proceed to a further +eclaration of

    %ntimony. ;et, whatsoe(er I ha(e proposed by way of Similitude

    touching !ercury8, for an Introduction and further onsideration,

    is not written in (ain, or to no purpose# but to the end, that the

    (ery Beginning of %ntimony may be more clearly understood, which

    2as I before shewed3 recei(ed its original, as it were

    !ercurially, with it.

    5Which so misera!ly perple.eth all the tudents of this Art0 what our *ercury

    is, which is the *atter of the tone, which is found every where and in all

    %hings, is here !riefly and clearly manifested( %herefore our Author 3asilius

    doth not in 6ain invite your Attention( All the ight I am a!le to add to this

    +learness, would rather o!scure, than illustrate the same0 therefore, with him,

    I admonish you to attend(

    Wherefore most diligently thin$ on this# often bear in mind,

    obser(e and understand, that all !inerals and !etals together, in

    the same ime, and after the same manner, and of one and the same

    principal !atter, are produced and genited. hat !atter is no

    other, than a meer Vapour, which is e"tracted from the 'lementary

    'arth by the Superior Stars, as by a Sidereal +istillation of the

    !acrocosm4 which Sidereal hot infusion, with any %iry

  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    one of the three )rinciples acquires +ominion, and tehy ha(e much

    or little of Sulphur and Salt, or an unequal !i"ture of the weight

    of them, whence some !etals are fi"ed# that is, some constant and

    stable, some (olatile and easily mutable, as is seen in -old,

    Sil(er, opper, Iron, in and 1ead. Besides these !etals, other

    !inerals also are generated of the three )rinciples, according to

    the ommunication and )articipation of the unequal weight of them4

    as are Vitriol, %ntimony, and many other !archasites, or other

    'lectrums, and !inerals, which for bre(ity sa$e we here omit.

    But -old, in its %strum and Beginning was imbibed with a much more

    perfect Sulphur, and a much more perfect !ercury, than all other

    !etals and !inerals, and therefore its operati(e Virtue is much

    more potent and more efficacious, that the %strums of other

    !etals4 ;ea, all Virtues whatsoe(er are dispersed in other !etals,

    and many more than them, are found in the %strum of -old only.

    !oreo(er I say, when that one thing is brought to further !aturity

    by &ire, it contains more )erfection, than all !etals and !inerals

    together. here is one only !ineral, of which I ha(e often made

    mention already, in which is found a Sulphur of Sol, equally as

    strong and powerful, yea more potent and more strong, than in -old

    itself4 so also, there are two $inds of !etals found, in which

    this )redominancy powerfully riumphs, of which at this time I

    ha(e neither will nor disposition to write# but I am willing to

    $eep within the Bounds I ha(e set myself in treating of the

    'ssence of %ntimony, touching which I purpose now to spea$.

    herefore %ntimony is a !ineral made of the Vapour of the 'arth

    changed into Water, which Spiritual Sidereal ransmutation is the

    true %strum of %ntimony# which Water, by the Stars first,

    afterward by the 'lement of &ire, which resides in the 'lement of

    %ir, is e"tracted from the 'lementary 'arth, and by oagulation

    formally changed into a tangible 'ssence, in which tangible

    'ssence, 2(i9. whence %ntimony is formally made3 is found (ery

    much of Sulphur predominant, of !ercury not so much, and of Salt

    the least of all three# yet it assumes so much Salt, as it thence


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    acquires an hard and immalleable !ass. he principal ?uality of it

    is dry and hot, or rather burning, of old and umidity it hath

    (ery little in it, as there is in ommon !ercury# in orporal -old

    also is more eat than old. hese may suffice to be spo$en of the

    !atter, and three &undamental )rinciples of %ntimony, how by the

    %rcheus in the 'lement of 'arth it is brought to perfection.

    ;et the 1o(ers of hymistry should not thin$ this )hilosophic$

    Reason by me alleged of absolute necessity to them, nor need they

    be solicitous to $now, in what center the %strum of %ntimony

    rests, or from what root it flows# but should rather desire to

    learn the 0tility and use thereof# (i9. which way it ought to be

    prepared and reduced to its State, that tehy may $now its Virtue,

    )ower, and Operation, touching which in times past so many hings

    ha(e been written, and to this +ay are mentioned, and spo$en of by

    all men of all States and onditions. &or the 1earned, as well as

    the 0nlearned hope to ha(e their ardent and insatiable +esire

    satisfied by his# therefore I will not detain the Reader with

    ambiguous +iscourses, or tedious +elays, but simply teach e(ery

    hing, which I by great Study and +iligence 2which I ha(e often

    imployed about %ntimony3 could find out touching the 'ssence of

    %ntimony. &or no man, by reason of the shortness of 1ife, can $now

    or search out all its %rcanum7s4 because in )reparation of

    %ntimony, one new Wonder follows another perpetually# one +egree

    succeeds a former +egree, olour follows olour, and one Virtue,

    )ower or Operation always manifests it self greater than another.

    %nd, to begin here I say, %ntimony is meer Venom, not of the $ind

    of the least Venoms, but such, as by which you may destroy !en and

    Beasts, so (enomous a power is diffused through the whole

    Substance of this !ineral. ence ariseth the common '"clamation of

    all men. &or the )eople, uns$ilful +octors, and all hose, to whom

    the ground of true !edicine is un$nown, do with one mouth proclaim

    it Venom, Venom= )oison, say they 2as I myself abo(e confessed3

    lies in %ntimony. &or this ause let us dissuade all men from its

    use# for it endangers the ealth and 1ife. herefore +octors


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    resident in )rinces ourts, admonish !onarchs, )rinces, and other

    )otentates not to use %ntimony. Other Scholastic$s cry out,

    Beware, you in no wise admit %ntimony into !edicinal 0se# for it7s

    meer )oison4 these the Inhabitants of ities and Villages follow.

    %nd this far spread lamour so mo(es the greatest part of !ortals,

    as %ntimony in these our +ays is (ery ill spo$en of, and no man

    dares put confidence in the !edicine thereof, which in it is found

    so (arious and une"pressible. &or truly and holily I affirm 2as

    truly as -O+ is the reator of all things (isible, which are

    contained in ea(en or 'arth, which either ha(e come, or in time

    to come shall come unto our $nowledge3 that under ea(en, or by

    the Rays of the Sun, with the -uidance of '"perience, can be found

    or demonstrated no greater !edicine, than is in this !ineral# yea,

    there is no Sub*ect, in which so fluently and abundantly can be

    found such most certain Remedies for ealth, as shall be declared

    2by sure and undeniable '"periments3 to be in %ntimony.

    Son, attend to this my +iscourse, and do thou Reader gi(e heed to

    my Writings, and do you wise men of the World diligently obser(e

    my +eclaration of %ntimony founded on '"perience. &or my heory

    ariseth from /ature, and my )ractice proceeds from certain

    '"perience, which shews its manifold 0tility, and infinite Ways

    produceth the same, not without the incredible %dmiration of all

    men. But I assent to you, and confess 2as I ha(e before

    ac$nowledged in my Writings3 that %ntimony at first is meer Venom,

    and before )reparation hath nothing in or with itself, but )oison#

    and that I affirm to be true. But you, whosoe(er you are,

    insigni9ed or not insigni9ed with the +egree of +octor, !aster, or

    Bachelor, whether s$ilful in %rt, or by some other pri(elage

    promoted# you, I say, who so inconsiderately and so arrogantly

    without ruth e"claim, and prate against me, pause a while, and

    forget not your own %rgument, hear what I ha(e to say. %ntimony is

    Venom, therefore e(ery One must beware he use it not. /o, that

    doth not follow !r. +octor, Bachelor, or, !aster# it doth not

    follow, I say, !r +octor, although you be proud of your Red at.

    reacle is made of the most perillous Venom of a Viper, which is


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    called @animal7, whence also it had its /ame# therefore no man

    must use it, for there is poison in it. +oth this onsequence

    please you5 ow doth this my +octrine li$e you5A ;ou hear, that

    after )reparation, no Venenosity is found in %ntimony# for by the

    Spagyric %rt %ntimony is con(erted from Venom into !edicine, no

    otherwise than as of the Venom of a Viper is said, which is

    con(erted into reacle# but without )reparation you shall find no

    -ood in it, nor anything of !edicinal elp, but much loss and


    /ow, whosoe(er desires to become a +isciple of %ntimony, he must,

    after )rayer, and an earnest In(ocation of -O+, beta$e himself to

    the School of Vulcan# for he is the !aster and Re(ealer of all

    Secrets. his !aster is condemned by the Wise !en of the World,

    set (ery light by and derided# because they, by reason of their

    own /egligence and !alignity, ha(e learned nothing of him# and all

    Re(elation, through their own Sloath, is impeded4 for no !edicine

    was e(er prepared without Vulcan, whatsoe(er those senseless mad

    men shall babble and affirm to the ontrary.

    But I will proceed to the )roceed and )reparation of %ntimony# for

    I little (alue the lamours of arrogant and self applauding men4

    let them ma$e and bring to light any Wor$ that can e"cel %ntimony.

    It is well $nown to me, that of %ntimony may be made !edicines

    equal to hose, which are in gold and (ulgar !ercury 2I e"cept the

    %strum of Sol3 for of this may be prepared %urum )otabile against

    the 1eprosie, of this may be made Spirit of !ercury, the highest

    Remedy against the &rench )O, of this other infinite Remedies may

    be prepared. If those ondemners cannot percei(e and understand

    this, what wonder is it5 /one, because they ha(e not learned it.

    /o man can gi(e a sound 6udgement of that, which he ne(er learned.

    1et the %ss, an %nimal li$e them in stupidity be their '"ample,

    who cannot teach a Shepherd how to handle his )ipe, so as to play

    an armonious une# because he hath not learned. So, right

    6udgement, with a solid &oundation cannot be gi(en by a man, who

    before hath not bent his Studies that way, that from Writings he


  • 7/27/2019 Triumphal Chariot


    may be able to discern what, in such a Business