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Thirty Seconds To Mars.City Of Angels.

By Luke Walkley.


• The purpose of this music video is to show how Hollywood has been perceived over the years.

• They do this by adding famous entertainers into it and saying there input about how Hollywood has changed them and there lives over the years. It also keeps the image of famous dead people alive by using impersonators.

• By adding a music video to the song it helps promote the album and Instantly boasts the profits and sales of the song.

Intended Audience

• The audience for my music video is teenage boys and teenage girls. This is because it is a popular all male ban. This music video is aimed at young adults who have disposable incomes to purchase the song. It will be social economic group E.


• The form of my music video is 11:33 minutes. • This music video is classed as a short film

because not only does the song play but the song is cut short so that the entertainers can speak about Hollywood.

• The song is 3:56 minutes long.


• The beginning of the music video starts with famous

people talking about fame and how Hollywood has changed there lives. It then goes into song and stops half way through for the famous people to talk again then the song continues.

• The celebrities included all sit in the same chair when it is there time to speak and talk a little about there lives.

• Throughout the music video there are not any transitions between clips.

• The camera techniques that are used are tracking and close ups.


• The meaning for this music video is to show how Hollywood has changed over the decades. From classic Hollywood to modern. It also tells personal stories from famous people and the band members about how Hollywood has helped them.

• The reoccurring themes are fame, Illusions and stories.


• The genre of the music video is Indie/Pop Rock. It is in social economic group E as it is aimed at young adults who have disposable income.


• They included impersonators dressed up as famous legends; Marilyn Monroe, Superman/George Reeves and Michael Jackson. So you could say they used clothing that resemble or is associated with that person.

• It is set in Hollywood, Sunset boulevard is shown and the Hollywood sign.

• No CGI was used. • Famous entertainers telling there personal life stories.