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Teradata Manager

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Command Central

Teradata Corporation offers Teradata

Manager as the command center for

monitoring the Teradata® Database and

visualizing real-time performance and

historical trends. This PC-based graphical

systems management platform contains a

powerful, fully-featured suite of special-

ized tools and applications to centrally

monitor and control the Teradata Data-

base. Teradata Manager, which operates

from a single graphical user interface,

collects, analyzes, and displays workload

performance and database utilization

information in either report or graphic

format without impacting database users.

An easy-to-read dashboard feature allows

DBAs and systems administrators to easily

identify issues that require attention.

Teradata Manager’s client/server architec-

ture stores performance data in a central

location for access by any number of

clients. Because data are collected centrally

for all clients, Teradata Manager will not

impact the performance of the databases

being monitored.

Performance Analysis and

Problem Resolution

Teradata Manager’s suite of workload

and performance monitoring applications

collects, queries, manipulates, and displays

current and historical performance and

usage data to allow you to quickly identify

and resolve resource bottlenecks, thereby

ensuring that your Teradata system is

running at peak efficiency.

The heart of Teradata Manager is the

Dashboard, which provides you with

a summary of the current state of the

system on a single page. The page contains

real-time data and trend charts showing

resource consumption over the past 60

minutes or 24 hours. These include

Configuration Summary, Performance

Summary, Resource Usage (both physical

and virtual), Session and Lock information,

Session History, Control functions, and

graphic displays of Resource and Session

data. You can drill down on performance

information to examine trends at the

system, user, account, application, or

workload group level. Potential bottlenecks

are immediately visible via color alerts.

Data Warehousing > Tools and Utilities

System status at a glance with dynamicperformance analysis tools

Figure 1. The dashboard provides the system status at a glance.

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Teradata Manager

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Centralized Alerts/Event Management

facilitates the monitoring of performance

characteristics and faults on Teradata

Database. It can automatically activate

actions, such as sending a page, sending

e-mail, or sending a message to an SNMP

system. Other applications and utility

programs can also use the Alert function

by using a built-in request interface.

Alert Policy Editor defines actions and

specifies when they should be taken based

on thresholds that you set for performance

metrics, database space utilization, and

messages in the database Event Log.

Workload Management

Teradata Manager Dashboard has been

enhanced to take advantage of the

advanced features of Teradata Dynamic

Workload Manager and is the visualization

component of Teradata Active System

Management. It displays minute-by-

minute information about the current

usage and performance of your workloads,

enabling you to easily visualize any

unexpected conditions, such as queries

exceeding their response times thresholds

or larger than expected data volumes. You

can look at general workload performance

or drill down to get detailed information

on an individual workload. And all of

the workload management reports are

displayed from a single, easy-to-read


Figure 2. The Alert Viewer allows you to easily view system status for multiple systems.

Figure 3. Teradata Manager Dashboard displays real-time workload performance and historical trends.

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Teradata Manager

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Teradata Manager Trend Analysis collects

summarized workload data and reports

historical performance and usage trends

from a workload perspective. The infor-

mation can then be used to refine your

workload definitions to better meet

business needs. Or you can use the infor-

mation to determine the time periods or

specific queries that are taking up more

than their fair share of resources. Armed

with this understanding about your

workloads, you can make the correct

adjustments to keep your Teradata system

running smoothly.

Database Management

Teradata Manager’s database management

applications allow you to monitor system

tables and space usage and perform

database administration via a graphical


Space Usage monitors disk space utiliza-

tion and reallocates permanent space from

one database to another.

System Maintenance provides various

macros for performing cleanup of system

tables in Teradata Database.

Operational Control

Teradata Manager’s applications help you

monitor and maintain your critical system


Session Information dynamically moni-

tors the status of sessions on logical host

processors. The status can be updated as

frequently as every six seconds depending

on the size of the database and the work-

load. Information is reported on the

current status of a session including Idle,

Active, Blocked, Responding, Parsing,

Aborting, Details, Top Ten CPU, and

Prolonged Idles. With Session Information,

you can quickly identify abnormal condi-

tions in Teradata Database and abort any

jobs that are adversely impacting the system.

Remote Console allows you to run many

of the Teradata console utilities from the

Teradata Manager PC.

Error Log Analyzer provides an interface

to view the error logs for an associated

Teradata Database.

LogOnOff Usage presents daily, weekly,

and monthly logon statistics.

Query Execution

BTEQWIN, the graphical user interface for

the Basic Teradata Query Facility (BTEQ),

incorporates the ease-of-use features of

Windows® on the Teradata Manager PC.

You benefit from familiar Windows

functionality. Teradata Manager applica-

tions all provide a consistent, graphical


Customizable Installation

With Teradata Manager, one PC can

manage multiple Teradata platforms or

multiple PCs can manage a single Teradata

platform from distributed locations. You

decide how each of your Teradata Manager

PCs is configured and assigned. Each PC

can be configured using industry-standard

wizards with the appropriate Teradata

Manager applications for the job. You

can order a CD-ROM that contains all

Teradata Manager software, documenta-

tion, and the Internationalization Guide.

Teradata Lowers Cost of


Teradata Manager’s powerful, versatile

collection of integrated database manage-

ment tools provides you with real-time

insight to handle increasingly complex

production workloads. It allows you to

efficiently process your most critical work

and keep your entire enterprise running

at peak performance. This translates to

less work for administrators and a lower

cost of ownership than most other data

warehouse databases on the market today.

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Teradata Manager

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Web apps only
















Software Requirements


Win2000 Professional

Win2000 Server

Windows XP 32-bit

Windows XP 64-bit (32 mode)

Windows XP 64-bit (native)

Windows 2003 Server (32-bit)

Windows 2003 Server 64-bit (32 mode)

Windows 2003 Server 64-bit (native)

Hardware Requirements

Minimum PC configuration for Teradata


> Intel® Pentium®-Class PC or compatible

> 256MB RAM

> 100MB of hard disk space

> CD-ROM drive

> Network communications via TCP/IP

protocol (e.g., Ethernet card)

> A modem (required for the Alerts

paging facility)

For More Information

For more detailed information about

Teradata Manager, contact your Teradata

representative or visit

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