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  • 8/13/2019 Seminar 3_Canterbury Tales I


    The CanterburyToles Geoffrey Choucet


    InrRooucnon @ Goingon pilgrimagesn Medieval ngland asa wayof cornbining eligionwithpleasure. eoplerom manydifferentwalksof life would orm a group, ravelby cartandon foot to aholy shrine,'stayhere o r a while and hen go backhome ogether. herewasa holidayatmosphereaboutpilgrimages ecauseormostpeoplet was he only imethey couldgdt aWay rom thedrudgery f theirdaily outine.InTheCanterburyTalesgroupofpilgrimss on itsway o visitoneof England's ost amous athe-drals n the southerncity ofCanterbury.t is a variedgrouprepresentinggoodcross-sectionof English ociety f the day.

    TunpnotocunIn'ThePrologue'enre ntrotlucedo he ilgrimsntlividuttllyntlChnucerritespen-picturefeach ne f them. evernlembersf religiousrdersform artof the roup.nTexts 4 anrlBSwearemtroducedo two emaleharnctershonre onnectedith heworld f religion: Prioress,hl is heheadum n n converftpriory), nda wenlthywlmnrlwhos apparentlyvery eligious.Note: heCanterburyaleswereyrittenunn trthtticorm f :nglish hichsdifficultourder:sttrttd.heollowmgoderncrsiotrsfChnucer'st.xts+,urerifteny'Nevill oghill.'['r:xtJ5 ho+vsChmrcer'siithnl ersiuttlon,{siclehemudernersiun.

    A pen-picturesa detailedndaccurateescriptionf a personn words, irstly,oudescribehepersonphysically,nd henyougivedetails bout isor herpersonality,nterestsndabilities.Chooseomeoneou knowpersonally,r a amous ersonouknowa otabout, ndwritea pen-picturesfollows:STEFONE Fill n the ollowi ng otes:

    4 Face: air, yes, ose,mouth, ars ...,........... I Likes nddislikes: . , ,....,.,., . .. ,. TEFTWO- Usinghe nformationn StepOne,writea pen-picture.aragraphneshould over oints -5 ,while aragraphwo should over oints -8 .

    14nigbt[Danof [awcSbipman f{cvc

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    > Visual ink87GLOSSARY

    r StLoy:A saintwho was athercontroversialoecauseebecameichbycollectingretgiouselics,b Stradord-atte"BoweiThe ite famonasterYearLondon herehemonks ndnunsspoke om ofNormanrenchthatwas erydifferent romciassicalrelch.

    1. coy MiddleEnglish)iquiet2. oathrswearword3. she ang servicelshe angeligioussongs4, seemlyiptopet,correct5. daintily:delicately6. AJterh thestyle f7. meatrable8. well taughtr olite9. withal: swell10.morsel:iece f [ood11, estrnter(stl2,sedatelyicalmlyl3,straininS:rying er yhard14,counterfeitimitatelS.statelycaringlaristocratico5turel6.dealings:ehaviourlT.solicitousrl indoothers18.madet smart.causedtpain19, air of spreadivide


    ThePrioressThere lsowas Nun,a Prioress,Herwayof smiling eLy imple nd oyl.Hergreatestathzwasonly ByStLoy ^,Andshewas nownasMadamEglantyne,Andwellshe ang service3,ith a fineIntoning hroughhernose, swasmostseemly{,Andshe pokeaintilysn French,xtremely,After6he school f Stratford-atte-Boweb;Irench n the Pads tyle hedid notknow.At meatT ermanners erewell aughtswithale;No morselr0romheLipsdid she et fall,Nordipped er ingersn thesauceoodeep;Butshe ould arry morsel p andkeepThesmallest rop iomfallingonherbreast.For ourtlinesshe ada specialest11,Andshewouldwipehetupper ip socleanThatnota trace f greaseas o beseenUpon he cupwhenshehaddlunki o eat,She eached handsedatelyl2o themeat.She ertainly as eryenteftaining,Pleasantntl iiencllyn herways, ndstrainingr3To countetfeitracorutly indofgrace,A stately eaiinglsitting o herplace,And o seem ignifiedn all herdealingsr6.As or hersympathiesnd endereelings,Shewas ochadtablyolicitouslTShe sedo weepf she aw ut a mouseCaughtn a rrap,f it were ead rbleeding.Andshe ad ittledogs hewould e eedingWithroastedlesh, rmilk, orfinewhitebread.Andbitterlyshewept f onewere eadOr someoneookastickandmadet smartl8;Shewasallsentiment ndgentle eaft.HerveiLwas arriedn a seemly ay,Hernosewas legant,ereyes lass-grey;Hermouthwas erysmall, ut softand ed,Her orehead,ertainly,as airof spreadre,

    Portrailf heP oless romheI5Lhce u yEll smernonu ctiotThe anlerburyales.

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    The ConterburyTales GeoffreyChaucer

    Almost span2ocrosshe brows21,own22;Shewasndeedy no means ndergrownz:i.Hercloakza,noticed, adagrace.fulharm.Sheworeacoral rinket2s n her arm,Aset f beads,hegaudies26ricked2Tn green,Whence2sungabrooch2efbrightest heen30,On which heLeirstwasgravenslarowned ,And ower,Anror itrcit nnio3z.zO.span:hewidthof ahand21, rowsr yebrows

    22,own] ay23,undergrown:hort24. loak: oatwitlrout leeves25, rinket kindof rosary raceLct

    26.gaudies:heeleventhbead n a string f27. ricked: ecorated2S.whenceitomwhich29.brooch:iecefjewellery30.ofbrlghtestheenivery nlny31,graven:ngraved,ut32.Amor iflcitomnialLove onquersll

    COMPREH N ION1 What idpeopleall hePrioress?2 Whatanguageidshe peak?3 How idshe ehavet able?4 What idshery o mitate?5 Findnformationn he extabouthe ollowingtraits f her hysicalppearance:nose:..........,.......................

    6 How oeshePrioresshowhat heovedanimals?7 ltwas gainstconventulesforunso uncovertheirorehead,id hePrioressespecthe ule? ivea ine eference.8 Describehe osaryeads hichhePrioressoreonher rm.What ungn heplacefa crucifix?

    4 ThePrioressoes ot especthe ulewhich tatedthat uns houldoverheirorehead.hat oeshksuggestbout er ttitudeowardsow heooks?5 The oldenrooch hich angsrom hePrioress srosaryeads as lso gainstonvenLules. ocusnthe nscriptionrnor incit mnia. onsideringhatyouknow bouthePrioressoyou hinkAmorefersto sensualrspiritualove?6 Find videncen he ext o suggesthat hePrioressas ttractedy heupper ociallassesndwishedo mitatehem.7 Eglantyne wasa popularameorheroinesnmedievalomances.hy oyou hink eoplealledthePrioressy his ame?s t anappropriateamefor hehead fapriory fnuns?8 ThePrioress savouritexclamations By5tLoy .Saintoywas ccusedfhavingnappropriateorldlyinterests.ouldhePrioresseaccusedfhavinghesame eakness?efero he extnyour nswer.


    ANATY9II The arrator sescriptionf hePrioresstablemannerssvery etailed,nderlineheexpressionswhich uggesthat hePrioresssvery efinedt able.2 Thenarratorraws ttentionothe acthat hePrioressoes otdroohe iniestarticlef ood rsauFend eaveso race fgreasenher lass.nyouiopinionoeshis uggesthatheadmheshePrioress sefinementr shemakingunofherpreoccuDationith ablemanners?3 Focus n he ines hichof small nimals.

    refero thePrioress sovea. How oes heeactfshe ees mouseaughtn atrap?nyour pinion,sher eactionitting r sthenarratorakingunofher?b. Accordingo monasticule, uns ould otkeeppets. oeshePrioressbeyhis ule?c. What oeshePrioresseed er mall ogs?Consideringhe acthatmany eopleied fhungern his eriod,s t air o sayhat hePrioressismore oncernedbout nimalshanmen?

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  • 8/13/2019 Seminar 3_Canterbury Tales I


    fhe eanteftury Toles Geoffrey Choucer

    A worthywoman rombeside athcityWaswith us,somewhateafz, hichwas pity.In making lothshe howed ogreat bent3She etteredhose f Ypres ndof Ghent{.In all heparish ota dame ared tirsTowardshe altarstepsn front of her.And f indeedheydid,sowath6was heAs o bequiteput out of chalityT.Her erchie[s8ere f inelywoven rounde,I dared ave wornloheyweighed good en poundTheones heworeon Sunday,n herhead.Herhosetr ere f he inest carletedAndgartered12ight; hershoes ere oftandnew.Bold13as er ace, andsomend ed n huela,A worthywomanall her ife,what smoreShethad ivehusbands,ll at the chutch oor;Apart iom othercompanyn youth;Noneedustnow o speak f that, orsoothls.And shehad hdcebeenoJerusalem,Seenmanystrangeivers ndpassedvet hem;She d een o Rome ndalso o Boulogner6,StJames fCompostellalTndColognel8,Andshewas killedn wandeiing y he wayle.She adgap-teeth2o,etwidely, ruth to say.tasilyon anambling..horseshe atWellwimpled22p, andon herhead hatAsbroad ssabuckler2sr a shield;She ada lowingmantlehatconcealed

    7. charity; n theMiddleAges eople entup othealtarn order f socialimportalrceithgiftswhich heynladetheuuelves.haucerlayson theexpressionoutofcharity hichmeanseryangry nd ls ohat hcWife f lathwould olonger ffer ergift othechurch8. kcrchiefs: cad-coverings

    9. ground: laterial10,1 ared ave lvorn:amalmost ure11, ose;tockings

    TheWifeof Bathl fi O

    12.gartrediied13.Boldrroud14.h{e; oloullS.forsooth:o ell he ruth16,Bonlogne:ilgrimsent oprayo the mage f thcVirginvlarylT.StJamesf Compostella:shrinefstJamesn Galiciain wcstcrn painl8.ColoSDe:nGermanv.It housedheshrinc f thcthreevisemeoandSt.Ursula19.lvanderingy heway:this uggestshat hcdid

    Agoodwifwasherofbiside athe,But hewas omdel eef, nd hatwas

    scathe.0f clooth-makynghe adde wich n5 haunl,She assedemof ?resandof gaunt.

    In al heparissheifnewas hernoonThato theoft)ngebifore iresholdeoonlAnd f therdide,certelnsowroothwas he,That hewas utofalle haritee.

    19 Hir coverchiefsul yneweren fground;I dorstewereheyweyedenenpoundThat n a sonday eren ponhh heed,Hh hosen eren f fynscarleteed,Ful treiteteyd, ndshoesul moystendnewe.15 Boold as ir face, nd air,and eed f

    hewe.Shewas worthywomman lhir ive:Housbondest chirche ore he adde1ve,Withoutenother ompaignyenyouthe,B t therof edeth at o speke s owthe.20 And hries adde he een t erusalem;She addeassedany straungetfem;At ome he adde een, ndatboloign,InSalicetseint-jame,nd tco)oigne.She oudemuchel f wandryngey heweye,

    2s Gat-tothedas he, oothlyor o seye,Upon nambleresily he at,Yv ympled-wel,ndonhir heed nhatAs rood ss a bokelerr a arge;A oot-mantelborteht hipes arge,And nhir eet paire fsporesharpe,

    30 Infelaweshipeelkoude he aughendcarpe,Of emediesf ove he new er haunce,lor she oud f thatart heolde aunc.

    not alwaystay n thestraightand arrowway of pacesbetween er fontteeth,twaibelievedto bea sign t Lowmoral taldards21. mblingrwalking22,wimplcdrearingcoveringor heheadanonecx23. uckler: srhallcircular hiel Visual ink 7GLOSSARYl. Bathimportantentrorthecloth raden medievalEngland2, somewhat eaf; hewilllater xplainhat hiswasdue o a blow he eceivedfromher ifth husband3. bent: aturaltaLcnt4, Ypres ndGhent:impoftanilenishweaviDgcentrcs5, stir:move6. wmth:angry

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    CO'\PREHEN'IONI Fill n the tablewith


    detailsrom he extabouthev\4fe f Bath'shysicalppearancendwayof dressing.

    2 Whatwas heWife fBath'srofession?3 Howmanyimes ad he eenmanied?4 Underlinehenamesfplaceshe ad isitednpilgrimages,

    ANAIY9I94 In heMiddle gesapped-teethere onsidered Certainnformationn he extseems0 suggestthat heWife f Bathwas religiouslyevout erson.Inwhichinesoeshenarratorayhat he:- attendedassnd ommunion:ines.,.......,,...- wasmarriednchurch:- went nmany ilgrimages:

    The arratordds etailshatmakehe eaderquestionhe Mfeof Bath'sinceritynddevotion,Findnformationhat ontradictshe magef heWfeof Bath sa holyanddevouthristian.ompletethe ollowingentences:- she ttendedassnd ommunionut ..- shewasmarriednchurch.owever..- shewent nmany ilgrimagesecause..2 Themedievalhurchrderedomeno covertheir air o hat t would otdistract en heWfeofBath hooseerheadwearoutof a sensefmodesty?ind ther xamplesf hervanity nddesireo beat hecentre f attention.3 In ines 8,23and32 henarratormakesindirectreferencesothe act hat heWfeofBathedanactiveexife. xplainhat s mpliedneach ftheseentences.

    Which f hese haracteristicsoesheWife fBathhave?5 Which djectivesusedwice o describeheWifeofBath?s t used traightforwardlyr ronically?6 Althoughhenarratoi eemso mplyhat heWifeof Bath asmany efectsoyouget he mpressionthathedislikeser?Which f he ollowing ay econsideredo beher avingraces?ustifyourchoicesyrefeningo he ext.Shes:

    tobeasign f:* boldness* gluttony

    I independent* sociableE attractivex sulcesful4 seluallyctives modest

    E falsenessI lasciviousness

    d extrovertE generous* sincere wealthyf strong-willedn vivacious

    Headkerchief:J L v \ " r Y J i

    Shoes:.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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    fhe Canterburyales - Geoffrey Chaucer

    The erm hyme eferso the effect hat s created henapoet epeatshe samesounds t he endof two or more ines.Rhyme as everalmportant unctions:. it adds musical uality o thepoem; showshepoet's bility o manipulatehe anguage;. in poems uchas he Canterburynles, hichwascomposedorperformanceefore

    anaudience,t serveshe mportant unctionof ndicatingwhereone ine endsandanother egins nd t makeshe poemeasiero renemberor both heperformerndthe audience,

    {r Listeno the ecordingf theoriginalMiddleEnglishersiont TheWife fBath ndreadhe ert.Work ut he hymingchemeywritinghesameetter f healphabetbesideordshat hyme.s he hymingchemeegularhroughout?Rhymen a poem rsongsmost ffectivehent soriginalnd triking.hymeshat reworn rpredictable'love/above',mylady/myaby') re iring nd ninteresting.eadhesong yrics ndpoem elow ndsaywhetherou hink he hymes rewornor effective:

    There as omethingnthe [ thatnightThe tars ere right, ernandoThey erehininghereoryou ndmeForiberty,ernando(Feftntktoby Abba\Hereiesmywifer ereetherieNow he'st est, nd oam(John ryden)

    When he Wfe of Bath oes o churcht isas f she s aking art n a fashion arade. anyou thinkof otheroccasions henpeople verdressecauseheywant o impress eople? hinkof an example nd ellyourcra55mate5.