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Sanskriti Chronicle

January Quote

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A A A Month: January Vol.: TSSL- I/XVIII-IX

From Principal’s Desk

Dear TSSL Family,

As we begin the New Year, I would like to wish a very Happy and blessed 2019 to our

Sanskritian Family! I trust you are enjoying this festive spirit with family and friends.

As we celebrate this New Year, 2019, it is always a great time to reflect on the past year, but more importantly,

to look forward to the coming year. It is a time to reflect on the changes we want, or need, to make and resolve

to follow through on those changes. So, as we begin 2019, I want to assure everyone that the high expectations

in academics set at the beginning of the year will continue and we ensure academics is the main focus this second


Finally, on behalf of TSSL faculty and staff, I thank you for your continued support of our students and the work

we do for them. It is truly the community, parents, and staff partnering and working together that allows us to

maintain the successes we have so long enjoyed here at TSSL! As always, if you have questions or concerns, please

don’t hesitate to contact me directly. We are here to work together to provide the best possible education for our

students! Have a great January and continue to demonstrate Pride, Respect, and Excellence!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Padma Hariharan Founder Principal

Testimonial by Parent

TSSL is home away home. TSSL tries to provide environment for holistic 'AAA' development of personality. Out of class approach of learning is excellent. Principal maam is leading from front to clear hurdles of a new school like more options of transportation, enrichment of faculty, infrastructure issues etc.

Rachana Singh, Mother of SUYASH, class VI

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Events that caused a Stir

English Elocution and Impromptu Competition

An English Elocution and Impromptu

Competition were organized on 12th

January, 2019. The students came

prepared with poems to recite in front of

the judges and others present on the

occasion. Participants from classes VII and

VIII recited poems penned by them. The

audience appreciated their efforts. For the

Impromptu Competition, topics were given to

the participants on the spot. Each was given a

time of two minutes to prepare and another

two minutes to speak. Most of the students

spoke confidently without faltering. The

competition was a success.

Lohri & Makar Sankranti Celebration

Lohri and Markar Sankranti are important

festivals that mark beginning of new year as

per hindu calendar. To celebrate these

occasions, The Sanskriti School Lucknow

arranged a kite flying festival followed by a

‘khichdi’ meal on 14th January 2019. Skies

above the school looked colourful with the

kites flown by the students, parents and staff of the school. This was followed by a

‘dhol’ and ‘bhangra’ with teachers singer the lohri song – ‘sunder munderiye’. Delicious

khichdi – a meal prepared with lentils

and rice was served which was enjoyed

by all. The ‘joy of giving’ theme being

carried from December was borne in

mind and therefore labourers and their

families who are helping in constructing

the school blocks were also invited to

savour the feast.

Co- ordinator’s Note

The Sanskriti School Lucknow

believes that among the

greatest of all great services

that can possibly be rendered

to almighty God is the

education of children, building

their character and inculcating

in their tender hearts the values

that will lead to ultimate


We focus on making every

Sanskritian “A total quality

person and a total quality

manager” with our triple A

concept which we greatly

emphasize upon

Thank you

Sangeeta Agarwal

January Calendar

Sat 12th English Elocution &

Impromptu Comp.

Mon 14th Makar Sankranti &

Lohri Celebrations

Sat 19th Field Trip – Movie &

NBRI Flower Show

Thu 24th Special Assembly -

Girl Child Day

Sat 26th Republic Day


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Field Trip to Movie URI & National Botanical Research Institute

The year’s first and January’s field trip was

planned for movie URI. The film is a

dramatized account of the retaliation to the

2016 Uri attack and follows Major Vihaan

Singh Sherghil of the Indian Army, who plays

a leading role in organizing it. The movie was

a right pick for the students to share with

them a factual episode that has gone down in the pages of Indian political history.

After the movie the Sanskritians went to the

Botanical Garden situated in the heart of the city

for a Rose & Gladiolus Show. Every year in the

winter months the NBRI organises this show and

people of all Lucknow and around come to

witness the beauty of nature. Our students

hovered around the display stalls like little

butterflies and humming birds in awe. There

were never before seen varieties of roses

and gladioli. Among these there were

bonsais and ikebana arranged to perfection

for flower decoration contest at the venue.

The children had fun watching a ‘nukkad

natak’ being performed by children of another school on the disadvantages of using

polythene. After the tour of NBRI the students were treated to delicious ‘poori-bhaji’

at one of Lucknow’s famous eateries.

Special Assembly on Girl Child

The Sanskriti School ensures that all

special days are celebrated in school

by conducting special assemblies to

share with the students the relevance

and knowledge of that day. One such

assembly was organised on 24th Jan

2019 to celebrate the girl child day.

Samali Singh of Grade VII showed a

power point presentation on number

Student of the Month

Krishna Singh Class VIII

Krishna Singh is the School

Discipline Captain and a

cheerful student of Grade VIII.

He has a good commanding

voice and therefore conducts

assemblies well. He is also a

good athlete. His favourite

sport is Kabbadi and his

physique becomes a plus point

for his winning. A jovial natured

boy he respects his teachers a

lot. His favourite subjects are

Science & Mathematics and he

wants to become an

Automobile Engineer when he

grows up.
























Teacher of the Month

Ms. Anjali SIngh Art & Crafts Teacher

Ms. Anjali is the youngest

among the female teachers of

TSSL. A Bachelor in Fine Arts she

is very creative and contributes

greatly to all events, be it the

backdrop of the stage to

decorations in all the corners of

the school. She teaches art and

craft to students and in her free

time writes poem and other


Page 4: Sanskriti Chronicle Newsletter.pdf · Lohri & Makar Sankranti Celebration Lohri and Markar Sankranti are important festivals

of killings of female foetus nationwide. She also read out a beautiful poem written by

our Arts & Craft Teacher, Ms. Anjali Singh. In the insert we have a poem shared by

mother of Grade VIII student Suyash.

Republic Day Celebrations

India’s 70th Republic Day was celebrated on 26th

January with great reverence in our school. The

day began with flag hoisting ceremony by the

Founder Principal Dr. Padma Hariharan and the

national anthem sung as the tri coloured flag

kept fluttering in the free spirited wind.

Sanskritians marched with great pride and

honour. The programme had Class VI student

Ishaan’s speech in English and Atharv’s in Hindi. Beautiful dance performances,

choral recitation, street play and mime

kept the audience enthralled. As fillers a

quiz based on Indian Republic and

patriotism was conducted by the Co-

ordinator for the audience. For parents a

flag making competition was also held

where the contestants had to prick

through thermocol balls in tri colours using a toothpick and place as many of those

in one minute.

Following the programme Sanskritians had the privilege to host SPIC MACAY’s event

– a Sitar performance by Padmabhushan Awardee Shri Prateek Chaudhuri

accompanied with Mr. Chattopadhyay on

the tabla. It was an honour and moments

of pride to witness such brilliance and rich

cultural heritage that we Indians are

blessed with. What attracted the

audience’s attention was the talented

artists’ ‘jugalbandi’. The literal meaning of jugalbandi is entwined-twins where the

artists play instruments in perfection, giving competition to their counterparts and at

the same time playing in support of them in perfect synchronisation. Republic day

celebrations ended with a note of gratitude from the Principal. Sweets and

refreshments were served to all before dispersal.

Students Pen

The Night Sky


Devanshi Thakur

Class VII

As I Looked up

The stars gazed down

There was a place all


As I lay on the ground

Shooting stars passed by

lighting up the night sky

The moon made its


Now every nigh has its


It is a symbol of almighty

Even if there are people

one or ninety

It has no ending range

Time cannot make it


Takes away all the sorrow

Giving a fresh start


Feeling so light inside

Keeping my doubt aside

It makes every hope bright

The sun is now nowhere in


Moon and stars spreading

their light

Now looking forward to

the next night

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A Moment of Pride

Atharv of Grade VI brought immense

pride to school with his winning of

doubles under fourteen category with

his partner

Shahswat at

Late T.D. Dang



Tournament “Bar v/s Bench” held at Kanpur on January

27th 2019. Our heartiest congratulations to our dear


Editor’s Foreword

Dear Reader,

New Year brings with it, new

hopes, aspirations and

renewed energies to do and

create something new; new

questions to be asked,

embraced and loved.

Answers to be discovered

and then lived in this

transformative year of

delight and self-discovery.

Although New Year of a

school starts with the new

academic year but a change

in calendar on the wall

endorse the happiness of the

achievements until mid-

session and triggers the

enthusiasm to accomplish

more. On this note wish you

all a very happily blessed

new year.

Please feel free to mail at

[email protected]

Wishing you a very happy

new year.

Thank you

Mili Garg


12th January 2019

Impromptu & Elocution Competition

Winner: Agni House

26th January 2019

Slogan Competition

Winner: Jal House

26th January 2019


Winner: Vayu, Jal, Agni House

House Points

Until December

Vayu 442

Jal 463

Prithvi 453.5

Akash 457

Agni 467.75