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  • Saint Padre Pio Parish The Diocesan Shrine of St. Pio of Pietrelcina

    Our Lady of Pompeii 4680 Dante Avenue

    Vineland, NJ


    Saturday, 5:00 PM

    Sunday, 7:30, 9:00 & 11:00 AM

    St. Padre Pio Novena/OLP

    Thursdays 7:00 PM

    Mass & Novena 1st Thursdays

    7:00 PM/OLP

    Saint Mary 736 Union Road

    Vineland, NJ


    Mon., 7:00 PM

    Tues.-Friday, 8:15 AM

    First Saturday, 9:00 AM

    Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturday afternoon 4:15-4:45 pm

    Anytime by appointment.

    St. Mary School 735 Union Road

    Vineland, NJ

    Phone: (856) 692-8537

    Mr. Steven P. Hogan, Principal

    Mrs. Carol Kirchman, Advancement Director

    Jacqueline Quinlan, CCD Coordinator

    [email protected]

    Vineland Catholic Collaborative

    Felicia Navarro, Director of Life Long Faith Formation

    [email protected]

    Safe Environment Coordinator

    Barbara Bailey

    4680 Dante Avenue

    Vineland, NJ 08361


    Rev. Robert L. Sinatra, J.C.L., Pastor/Rector

    Rev. Alfred Onyutha, Parochial Vicar

    Rev. Patrick McStravog, O.S.A., Weekend Assistant

    Deacon Richard T. Sampson



    Saturday, July 6th First Saturday/Vigil 5:00pm/OLP Richard Todd Siciliano By Loving Family Sunday, July 7th Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 7:30am/OLP People of the Parish Karen Ale By Anna Conover Ronald Franceschini, Sr. By Albert & Denise Battelini & Family 9:00am/OLP Jessica Monaco 11:00am/OLP Stephen Volpe, Jr. By Rosemarie Spada Monday, July 8th Weekday 7:00pm/StM Jacquelyn Rodin By Ken & Mary Taft Tuesday, July 9th Weekday 8:15am/StM Angelo Pinizzotto By Mr. & Mrs. Charles Derr & Family Wednesday, July 10th Weekday

    8:15am/StM Nathan Sparacio By Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bertonazzi Thursday, July 11th St. Benedict/Abbot 8:15am/StM Jean Scapellato By Steven Bertonazzi, Jr. Friday, July 12th Weekday 8:15am/StM Rev. John P. Ward By Father Robert L. Sinatra Saturday, July 13th Weekday/Vigil 5:00pm/OLP People of the Parish Rosemary Buono By The O’Neill Family Michael Duffek By Loving Wife Ruth Anthony Renzi III By The Renzi Family Alyce Hutchinson By Bob Buono & Family Ronald Franceschini, Sr. By Debbie Franceschini Kay Tamagni By Larry & Joan Ricci & Family Jimmy Hill By St. Padre Pio Altar Rosary Society Charles E. Giacomelli By Peter & Nila Crovo Sunday, July 14th Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 7:30am/OLP Ronald Franceschini, Sr. By Marie Ferrari Janet & Gene Vernacchio 9:00am/OLP Dallas Rehm

    By Mom, Dad, Savannah Sisters & Family

    11:00am/OLP Stephen Volpe, Jr. By St. Mary School Community

    Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Tuesdays – 9:00a.m. – 3:00p.m. closing with evening prayer and Benediction. Holy Child Chapel is open daily from 9:00a.m. – 3:00p.m. for visitation. Experience the presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    MINISTRY SCHEDULE July 13th & 14th Readers:

    5:00P.M./OLP A. Bertonazzi, M. Venturi 7:30A.M./OLP L. Rohs, J. Tolotti

    9:00A.M./OLP R. Golden, C. Kirchman 11:00A.M./OLP P. Barse, M. Bylone EM: : 5:00P.M./OLP S. DeRose, J. Fries, L. LaTorre D. Ploch, D. Procopio 7:30A.M./OLP L. Duquette, M. Grotti, J. Hofstetter J. Richmond, T. Wagoner

    9:00A.M./OLP J. Bertonazzi, S. Bertonazzi, Sr. C. Croce, T. Quinlan, Deacon Rich

    11:00A.M./OLP M. Bik, H. Pinzon, E. Pinzon Deacon Rich, R. Yansick Altar Servers:

    5:00P.M./OLP E. & R. Buono, E. Grove, Volunteer 7:30A.M./OLP T. Kubiak, Volunteer

    9:00A.M./ N. & L. Calderone, E. & M. Kurelko, B. Morey 11:00A.M./OLP J. & J. Alvarez, J. Mercante, Volunteer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Fr. Goyette’s Bible Boot Camp For Adults Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible

    If you would like to have a deeper relationship with God & a better understanding of your faith, then join us for Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible. You will not only benefit personally from being part of this study;

    you will also help to bring about a profound renewal in your parish as you grow closer to Christ.

    Our Lady of the Lakes Parish, 19 Malaga Rd. Collings Lakes, N.J. Will begin Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible on the below dates: You

    may mix & match dates. For example, if you miss Wednesday class you can go to the same one on Saturday.

    Week of July 22nd to July 27th Monday thru Thursday 1-3pm (8 hours total) Monday thru Thursday 6:30 -8:30pm (8hours total) Friday 6 -9pm & Saturday 10:30am – 4pm including a break (8 hours total) For more information or to sign up, visit Or contact Fr. Goyette at [email protected] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“WeneedtofindGod,andHecannotbefoundinnoise







    Sacrament of the Sick:

    We are happy to administer the Sacrament to those at home or in the hospital. Please notify the rectory when a family member is ill and/or in the hospital. In cases of shut-ins or chronic illness, please arrange with the office for a member of the clergy or Eucharistic minister to make regular visits. You are an important part of our parish family and we want to make the Sacraments available to you.

    Sacrament of Baptism: Please contact the office.

    Marriage: Please contact the office at least six months

    prior to date of the celebration. Parish Bulletin Announcements:

    Please submit in writing by 12 noon Monday. New Parishioners:

    Please register at the Parish office, or online at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Pray for the Sick May the Lord bring healing & renewed strength to all the sick and bless those who care for them. Amen Alyce Andrews, John Baron, Susan Baruzza, Anne “Billie” Bergamo, Vera Bertonazzi Merighi, Robert Bubel, Chris Burrows, Emidio F. Catalano, Patricia Cavaliero, Charles Cestaro, Sr., Sherry Cestaro, Todd Chain, Andrea Cheli, John Cheli, Christine Cowperthwait, Dee Dobson, Anne M. Dondero, Stephanie Engle Michele Feltman, Donald Fiocchi, Sr., Delores Flaim, Alexa Flowers, Sue Fuentes, Jackie Gross, Mark Gugliemi, Howard Hammerstedt, Toni Infranco, Tim Jacobsen, Kayla, Florence Kerr, Michael Killeen, Donald Kinkade, Lorraine Koshak, John LaGreco, Jim McMahon, Patrick Murray, Emil Milano, Kathy Milano, Paul Milano, Sr., Paul Milano, Jr., Rita Milano, Victoria Milano, Larry Moratelli, Pauline Pace, Frank Pozzi, Jim Procaccino, Maria Procopio, Mae Reilly, Karen Richmond, Jessica Flaim Salerno, Weston Selby, Dorothy Smaniotto, Rita Smaniotto, Sheryl Soboloski, Samantha Souden, Sharon Speziali, Jerry St. Clair, Sr., Johnnie St. Clair, Sr., Roseann St. Clair, Lena Torchia, Eugene Vernacchio, Maryann Walz, Allison Winkler To have a loved one listed on the prayer list, please call the Parish office at 856-691-7526 or email us at [email protected] Names will remain on the prayer list for eight weeks unless requested. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    Thursday July 18, 2019 St. Michael Church, 504 S. West Ave., Minotola, NJ, 08341

    6:00PM Adoration – Confession – Rosary 7:00PM - Benediction 7:15PM Bilingual Mass

    Personal Prayer Time before the Miraculous Image and Refreshments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    “You did it for Me,” says the Lord

    Support the 2019 House of Charity-Bishop’s Annual Appeal Your House of Charity gift enables Catholic Charities offices in each of our

    6 counties to provide a range of vital social services to people in need. Collected as of 6/02/2019: $32,045.00 / 31.0%.

    SANCTUARY LAMP/OLP In Memory of Helen Hamaty

    Requested by Bruce & Linda Tiemann

    This candle burns perpetually as a reminder that Jesus is present.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SANCTUARY LAMP/ST. MARY’S Melvin Miller

    Requested by Sandy This candle burns perpetually as a reminder that Jesus is present

    Intentions may be placed by calling the Parish office at 856-691-7526.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our Lady of Pompeii Church

    The flowers in the Sanctuary are in loving memory of Dolores Carlson From her Daughter Linda Tiemann

    Flowers may be placed in memory of loved ones, or for special intentions, by calling Johanne Bylone at 856-691-3669 or

    Judy Fries at 856-825-0594

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ St. Padre Pio Candle Intentions may be placed by

    calling the Parish office at 856-691-7526 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Mass cards are now available in the Parish office for Special Intentions, either personal or for a loved one.

    Mass will be announced from the altar and placed in the bulletin. Offering / $15.00

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STEWARDSHIP

    Stewards Labor “He said to them, ‘The harvest is abundant, but the laborers are few…’” LUKE 10:2 As Catholic Stewards, we are all called to serve. However, many of us are unsure of what our charisms or gifts from the Holy Spirit are to help build God’s Church. Through prayer we are able to discern how God is calling us. The next time your pastor or fellow parishioner asks you to join a committee, ask God first, if that is what He wants you to do with your gifts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    PrayerforPriestlyVocations Lord Jesus, we ask you to bless the Diocese of Camden with an increase in vocations to the priesthood. We pray that young men from our parishes and families will hear your call and be both generous and courageous in their response. May more young men serve you as priests who teach the faith, preach the Gospel, celebrate the sacraments and make you present among us through their ministry. Encourage them to embrace the joy-filled and fulfilling life of a diocesan priest. May parents support priestly vocations in their families by prayer and good example. We entrust these prayers through Mary Immaculate, our patroness, hopeful that you will bless our diocese with more priests in the near future, who live and reign forever and ever.





    Children’s Choir Rehearsals: Tuesdays 6:45PM to 7:30PM/OLP The choir is open to all students in Grades 2nd through 8th. Children’s Choir & Rehearsals will resume in September Adult Choir Rehearsals/Wednesday evenings: 7:30PM to 9:00PM/OLP

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ASTROCAMP

    PresentedbytheRowanUniversity DepartmentofPhysicsandAstronomy





    campT-shirtLearnaboutmoregreatsummerprogramsat:[email protected]


    WOMEN SILENT RETREAT WEEKEND “The Call to Missionary Discipleship”

    Friday July 19, 2019 at 5:00PM through Sunday July 21, 2019 at 4:00PM

    John Paul Retreat Center, 414 S 8th Street, Vineland, N.J. Registration fee includes room and board $165/pp

    Checks payable to OLBS Parish-space is limited to 56 people Mail check and registration to:

    OLBS parish, 104 Catawba Avenue, Newfield, N.J. 08344

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLAYBALL





    [email protected]



    CAMP VERITAS A week long “Play & Pray” Pilgrimage experience & Summer Camp for

    teens entering grades 7 thru 12 Approved by the USCCB

    In compliance with Safe Environment Protocol. 100% of our volunteer base completes regular background checks & Safe Environment training.

    2019 Dates & Rates July 21-27 @ Mount St. Mary College, Newburgh, NY

    (optional Basketball & Dance Programs available) July 28-August 2 @ Lake Placid Camp, Lake Placid, FL

    July 28-August 3 @ Summit Lake Camp, Emmitsburg, MD August 11-17 @ Camp Lakota, Wurtsboro, NY

    Regular rate of $450.00 per week includes food & lodging. Volunteers 18 Years old & older are FREE

    For information &/or to register go to

    [email protected] 845-663-1689

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ATTENTION CONFIRMATION CANDIDATES FOR 2020

    Participation in Camp Veritas may be used toward Catechetical Preparation needed for Confirmation by the 8th grade CCD students.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WANTED

    The Knights of Columbus are in need of LARGE PRINT Books to distribute to the residents of the Veterans Home in Vineland.

    If you are able to help with donations, please contact Carmine Amico at 856-691-7526 or books may be dropped off at the Parish office Monday

    thru Friday 9:00AM til 5:00PM.

  • JULY 7, 2019


    Collection Weekly Collection (In Pew): 06/30/19: E-giving: 06/30/19: Total Weekly Collection: 06/30/19: Weekly Collection Goal: $10,200.00 Difference: 06/30/19: Monthly Collection: 06/30/19: E-giving monthly: 06/30/19: Total Monthly Collection: 06/30/19: Total Monthly Collection: Goal: $40,800.00 Difference: 06/30/19: Candles: 06/30/19: Collection Totals for 6/30 & 7/7 will appear in next week’s bulletin

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VIRTUS / PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN\

    The safe environment training program for adults in contact with children is VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children. To see upcoming sessions, go to

    the Diocese of Camden website and click on the VIRTUS icon. If you have never been to CAP, you are a first time user. Click on “First Time Registrant” click on “view a list of sessions” and select Diocese of

    Camden. If you have been to CAP you already have an account. Your user ID is

    your first name.lastname-521 (for example rod.herrera-521) and the password is camdendiocese. Once you log in you can alter your name and select a new password. This is how you register for an upcoming

    VIRTUS PGC session.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal

    St. Michael’s Convent Atlantic City N.J. Light the Fire

    Evening of Eucharistic Adoration & Evangelization at St. Michael’s Church 10 N. Mississippi Ave., Atlantic City. Begins with 6pm Mass, then

    Adoration & Confessions. The opportunity to go out in teams to invite others to come & light a candle in the Church & to join us.

    Friday September 6, 2019

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SAVE THE DATE

    St. Padre Pio Parish Presents Sunday, July 28, 2019 9AM to 1PM

    Rosary Hall 4680 Dante Avenue Vineland, N.J.

    CHRISTMAS IN JULY Stay tuned for updates


    We are in need of donations for our COOLER OF BEER and our GIANT BASKET OF CHEER for the Festival. We are asking for

    donations of wine, beer, soft drinks, lottery tickets, gift certificates, etc. Your donations have been a great help in the past and we thank you in

    advance for your generosity in this year's festival.

    All donations may be brought to the rectory or contact Gracie Hoffner (856)213-6748.

    Thanks and God Bless, Gracie and Kelly

    USAF: Stf. Sgt. Michael Rhodes, Sr.; Col. Jennifer Hammerstedt, C1C Rocco Sangataldo Gen. Michael A. Fantini, Sr., Captain Elizabeth Golden, AFC Rachel Wright Air Force National Guard: MSGT. Joseph R. Tolotti Army: Wes Jarrell; Col. Stephen P. Dondero, PFC

    Keith Harris, Jr., Pvt. S. Allen, John Caccia; Stf. Sgt. Special Forces/Medic Rusty Waymack; MSGT Timothy M. Dobson; WO Jason Heney; Stf. Sgt. Richard Rivera; SPC Michael Ruga; Sgt. James Conklin; Lt. Nicolette B. Pizzo. Navy: Chief Dennis Lloyd, Ensign Alexandra Wismer Marines: PFC William F. Butler, III, Captain Christopher Kuhlen Caldwell; PFC Elton King, PFC Michael Quinlan


    07/08 – Senior Club Meeting, Rosary Hall, 11:00AM 07/16 – St. Joseph’s Society, Rosary Hall, 7:00PM 07/28 – Christmas in July, OLP Grounds, 9:00AM til 1:00PM 08/20 – St. Joseph’s Society, Rosary Hall, 7:00PM 09/17 – St. Joseph’s Society Rosary Hall, 7:00PM 09/22 – St. Padre Pio Festival, OLP Grounds, 12noon til 5:00PM 10/15 – St. Joseph’s Society, Rosary Hall, 7:00PM

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Israel:PilgrimagetotheHolyLand

    Optional 3-Night Post Tour Extension May 4-12, 2020

    For more information contact: Nina Figarole

    Magic Carpet Travels Inc. 856-507-9110

    [email protected] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    FAITH DIRECT While you are gone, you help our church carry on. Online Giving helps grow and sustain our church.

    Online Giving allows you to make donations, payments, and pledges via your smart device or computer to your church back home. Stay up to date on your giving and continue your support

    through the summer months. Enroll online today at



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