Download - Props, Actors and Costume

Page 1: Props, Actors and Costume

Actors - JOJOKetan Roche will be playing JOJO, this is because he has the same jolly personality as my character – and so the audience will see this come through in the character. Ketan was chosen as he is the right body frame for what I pictured JOJO to be.

These are the three tops that he will be wearing, I have chosen to go with very plain casual clothes – I have chosen to do this as I want JOJO to seem like a normal, average, everyday guy. The use of the plain tops also links to the character as JOJO cannot deal with lots happening at once; as some patterned tops are, and so plain is perfect for him.

Headphones will be used, to show the character walking down the street, it will play music that the he dances to – this music will also be heard by the audience.

This phone is only used to show the character plugging in the headphones – he puts this in his pocket in the first shot.

Page 2: Props, Actors and Costume

Actors – Lacy (The Voice)

Jade Eaton will play Lacy, as she will not be seen, my choice of this was purely down to voice. Jade is good for this role as she has a very stereotypical English sounding voice – Which is what I was looking for in this character. Jade can be posh or opposite if necessary. Lacy has very immediate personality changes, Jade can do this; the ability to change tone and mood of her voice quickly.As she will not be seen during this process there is no costume for her.

Page 3: Props, Actors and Costume

Actors – The Woman

Sasha Alexander will play ‘The Woman’. This character will not be seen much, and has no words to say in the scene. However, I have chosen Sasha as she has a kind personality, allowing this to reflect her character.

‘The Woman’ will be wearing summery, smart-casual clothes – this is because I want her to seem like she hasn’t got to be anywhere formal, or anywhere in a rush; as if she takes time getting ready in the morning. Almost like the perfect person.