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  • 1. ShentonBushland21ha plus 5hain Health DeptHealth Deptpays us to spraytheir land.Sprayingcoordinated bythe City ofNedlands

2. City ofNedlandsEach January wemeet with City ofNedlandsbushcare Officer(Vicki Shannon)toreview bushlandmanagement andplan priorities.submit activityplan for comingyearagree on whateach of us will do 3. VeldgrassCity of Nedlandssprays as muchof the bushlandwith FusiladeForte as thebudget allows.We follow upeach summerby removingany plants thathave survived.We record usingGPS patchesthat needspraying. 4. MiscellaneousweedsWe removeanything we can(eg patches ofFountain Grass)and scatteredpelargonium.We note (usingGPS) any weedswe cant dealwith eg largepatches ofpelargonium for City to bringin EcoJobs orsimilar. 5. The TheBarrens Barrens 6. BulbousWeedsCity of Nedlandssprays bulbousweeds freesiaand lachenalia.We follow up byremovingisolated plantsmissed bysprayers andnote (with GPS)any patchesthat needspraying. 7. GCWGeraldtonCarnation Weedis mostly hand-weeded collaborativeeffort with Cityof Nedlands 8. MinorbulbousweedsWe handremove manyminor bulbousweeds Ixia,African CornFlag, Long-tubed PaintedLady 9. Black flag infestationsKates black flag control trials 10. 1998 2010April 2010 2012(after hail storm) 11. WatsoniaWe have beenhand-weedingthis patch ofWatsonia forover 10 years. Itis now just afew scatteredremnants. 12. SomechallengesThe BarrensPOW MoundsBlack flag