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  • 7/28/2019 NFPS Newsletter 5, 11.04.13 - revised.pdf


    UPCOMING EVENTSChinese Students Assembly

    Tuesday 16th April 9am

    ANZAC Service

    Friday 19th April 9am

    P&C Sundowner

    Friday 10th May

    NAPLAN Testing Years 3, 5 & 7

    Tuesday 14 16 May

    Next Assembly

    Wednesday 22nd May

    Western Australia Day

    Monday 3rd June

    Busy Bee

    Saturday 8th June

    TERM DATES 2013Term 1

    4th Feb to 19th April

    Term 2

    Mon 6th May to Fri 5th July

    Term 3

    Tues 23rd July to Fri 27th Sept

    Term 4

    Wed 16th Oct to Thurs 19th Dec

    School Development Days2013 - (Pupil Free)

    Term 2

    Friday 31st May

    Term 3

    Monday 22nd July

    Term 4

    Monday 14th October

    Tuesday 15th October

    From the Principal

    Busy Bee June 8thPlease mark this date in your calendar as we will need as many helpersas possible to make our backyard dreams come true!

    It wasnt that long ago that our schools back yard was a no go zonethat was overgrown and shabby and we have already come a long wayto making this a great space for kids, but we have a vision that involvesboats, cubbies, climbing structures, creeks and more great adventureplay and we really need the help of our community to see this project tofruition.

    Most importantly we need hands on deck on JUNE the 8th. We promisefood and drink rewards throughout the day! We would also love to hearfrom any skilled do it yourself-ers especially those who have skills inplumbing, carpentry, electrical knowledge, or creek building before thisday to help us with our planning. Please email the school [email protected] you can help.

    Sundowner postponed until Friday 10th May

    The P&C Sundowner planned for the 14thApril has been postponeduntil next term, Friday 10thMay. As this is the first Friday back the P&Cwould appreciate the prompt return of your food order formspleasesee attached.

    Earn and LearnLast year through participation in Earn and Learn we won many valuable resources for the school ( and craft equipment, new baby dolls and their clothes for the Kindy and Pre-primary, and sportsequipment). If you shop at Woolworths and are happy to collect the stickers just pop them into theboxes at school and lets see what we can manage to win this year. Please do not feel obliged toparticipate or to change your shopping habits!

    Newsletter Issue 5, 11 April 2013

    Swimming carnivalIt was wonderful to see all of our year 2 to 7 studentsparticipate so enthusiastically in this years swimming

    carnival. Its the first time weve had factions in a whileand the friendly rivalry made for some great cheering.Congratulations Black on a close win.

    Early Close Monday 15th AprilA reminder that we close early next Monday for Years 15Parent interviews.

  • 7/28/2019 NFPS Newsletter 5, 11.04.13 - revised.pdf


    Room 1 - Lisa Miller

    Room 2- Liz SmithOur school really is the Small School with Big Ideas Since Easter, students in Pre-primary have welcomed students from our

    exciting new partnership with Notre Dame and enjoyed a range of hands on and computer generated activities related to The VeryHungry Caterpillar and made an exciting class display.

    Room 3- Bev Lane

    As usual this has been a very busy week. Last Wednesday wehad a surprise visit from some Notre Dame students who

    taught us about the meaning of ANZAC Day through the use

    of the interactive whiteboard and our tablets. On Friday we

    met our new student teacher from ECU and today we have lots

    of fun playing squash with balloons and pressing the big kids

    buttons to hear about Federation. As this is our last

    newsletter before the holidays we wish everyone a lovely

    holiday and say a big thank-you to the grown-ups who help us

    with reading in the afternoons. Parents are always welcome,

    even if they can just drop in now and then before home time.

    It all helps and the children love to see you.

    Elixir Playing Squash

    We have a first year student from ECU with us on a Thursday, her name is

    Rosie Lawton and she will be working within all the ECE classes this term

    then just with Pre-primary on a Thursday for the early part of Term 2. In

    partnership with the Rotary Club of Mosman Park, some of our paintings

    will be on display at the Grove Library in Cottesloe from Thursday. We

    enthusiastically participated in the Squash session organised by Mr. John.

    Weve begun to use our phonics to help us write simple words and are

    becoming more confident in using, applying and writing numbers to 10.

    As an end of term celebration we will be joining forces with the Kindy

    children to have a party. Well be celebrating Elmer the patchworkelephant who loves colour and helps his friends - just like us! We would

    like to invite all the children to come to school on Thursday 18th April in

    brightly coloured / patterned clothing. As part of our party we will be

    having a shared lunch, please see the sign-up sheet outside the classroom

    and bring in a dish. Your child will need a snack for recess but wont need

    to to bring any extra lunch on that day.

    It has been a short two weeks in Kindy! The Easter

    Bunny visited the Pre-primaries on the Thursday before

    Easter and hid lots of eggs around the playground for us

    to hunt for. We had also been busy that week cooking

    chocolate truffle balls with Mellas mum. Thanks Faith!

    After Easter we have been settling back into our

    routine and enjoying the time we have left before the

    holidays. To celebrate our first term at Kindy we will be

    having an Elmer Parade Day and Feast with the

    Pre-Primaries. We cant wait it will be so much fun!

  • 7/28/2019 NFPS Newsletter 5, 11.04.13 - revised.pdf


    Room 5 -Chris John

    Room 7-Monica Parkes/Brent SnookTo culminate our study of Federation this term the students in Room 7 created a Wax Museum this week. Using the

    information they gained from their research they did on a prominent person from Federation, the students completed a

    Thinking Skills activity called Step Inside which required them to get inside the head of the person they researched and

    brainstorm what that person could see, hear and notice, what that person believed, what the person felt deeply about and

    any wonderings or questions the person had. Using this information they then prepared a speech from the point of view of

    their person, about their achievements and personal life and wrote invitations for their parents to attend the event. On theday of the Wax Museum the students came dressed in character and when their button was pushed they shared their

    speech with parents and students from other classes. The students did a great job of determining the important

    information from their research to create their speech and their characterization of the person they researched was


    Room 4-Rochelle ReevesThere have been a lot of wonderful things happening in Room 4 and with the Easter break we have been extra busy. The

    Swimming carnival was a great success and there were so many students who joined in and swam. You should be very proud.

    We have also had a Student Teacher from Edith Cowan University join us in our classroom on Thursdays for 5 weeks. Her

    name is Sarah Appleyard.

    Our Squash incursion was a great hit and many students showed off their great ball and racquet skills. Although it was hotthe children had a lot of fun and so did Ms Reeves.

    On Wednesday morning we were lucky to have some Student teachers from Notre Dame University conduct a lesson on AN-

    ZAC Day using some amazing technology. The students used iPads to choose a picture related to ANZAC Day and record

    their thoughts about the picture. This partnership between Notre Dame University and North Fremantle Primary School is

    one we hope to continue in various ways throughout the year.

    Room 5 performed very well at their assembly on Wednesday the 10th as they retold the local story of the Wagyl, the

    snake that created the Swan River. The readers worked hard to be clear and well paced as the snake people rounded the

    item off perfectly (despite fighting through doors and tape on the floor). Its a very busy end to the term with swimming

    carnivals, squash, cricket carnivals and more, but Room 5 have definitely earned their break after next week. NB: please

    dont forget to make a booking for parent interviews next Monday. There is a timetable next to the door on the balcony.

  • 7/28/2019 NFPS Newsletter 5, 11.04.13 - revised.pdf


    P&C UpdateShani Hasler Dates for your Diary

    1 Sundowner Friday 10th May 58pm

    2 Busy Bee Saturday 8th June

    Uniform ShopYou can collect an order form from the administration office. Please leave payment with your form in the box markeduniform orders and your order will be sent home with your child, otherwise the uniform shop will be available byappointment on a Monday morning and Afternoon. Please contact Pip Sivwright to discuss a suitable time.Ph: 0409 298 118, if no answer please sms and she will get back to you. Please note the we have needed to revise the prices of

    school uniforms to cover price increases from our supplier. The P&C continues to look at ways of keeping costs down.

    A little Treble Piano and Singing Lessons

    A fantastic way to learn to play the piano and sing!

    Learn in an enjoyable environment from an experienced, passionate and friendly teacher!

    Group lessons, or individual lessons available.

    Please Call Elisa: 0430 923 818

    Lessons available on Saturday mornings at the school.

    Car Pooling

    I was wondering if there are any other parent who would be interested in car pooling to and from school. I am happy

    to do the morning pick up. I live in Hamilton Hill and my phone number is 0424 111 000.

    This April School Holidays we are holding a Specialist Football Clinic with special guest West Coast Eagles Star JACK DARLINGWest Coast Eagles Star JACK DARLINGWest Coast Eagles Star JACK DARLINGWest Coast Eagles Star JACK DARLING.

    The clinic will be at Scotch College on 23rd & 24th April.

    This clinic will focus on improving technique and skill, whilst educating the kids about Aussie Rules and encouraging them to form

    quality fitness habits. With West Coast Eagles Special guest Jack Darling present to inspire and empower the kids to reach theirgoals, this opportunity mustn't be missed. Call Cara on 0414 078 172 or register online


    Art NewsMargie Campbell

    The students have been looking at artwork by Andy

    Warhol and how he has used popular everyday items

    and famous people in his artworks. Many of Andy

    Warhols works were prints. The children have drawn

    pictures of Vegemite, Promite, Baked Bean, Yoplait,

    Conrnflakes and other kitchen pantry items. They have

    now transferred these pictures to printing foam and

    are in the process of producing prints.

    They are learning that block printing ink getsEVERYWHERE!

    There have been some fantastic prints produced and

    more to come.

    Fleur Schell Workshop

    Local artist Fleur Schell is running a series of

    workshops for adults and children at the Wet Clay

    Centre here in North Fremantle. Please refer to

    posters on the notice board for details. There is also

    a kids holiday program on for these holidays.