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The Postal Service

The Postal Service is an American electronic, alternative band who often produces their music using guitars, keyboards and samplers.The mise en scene is a simple grey wall, illuminated by a burst of high key lighting. This appears to connote a deeper meaning or philosophy to their music. Similarly, the bright light around the heads of members Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello give them quite an angelic, well-intentioned look. This is further emphasised by the prayer-like position of their hands. On the other hand, the light could suggest a sense of euphoria, thus implying that they defy the expected genres of music or may be quite anti-establishment. Their alternative music reflects this. In the same way, both members are denoted to have a similar physicality and dress code; Gibbard and Tamborello are presented with short hair and black shirts which suggests that they belong to the alternative, electronic genre (we often see these features from other groups of the same genre).The informal balance and indirect mode of address presents the lack of formality to the group; they are signed to a subsidiary of a major record label but do not tend to follow the customs of music in ‘The Now’

Daft PunkDaft Punk is a French electronic music duo whose music combines elements of house and synthpop. Their electronic, futuristic sound is reflected in their costume design; both members customarily wear a helmet resembling the head of a robot in gold and silver. It implies that their music will be robotic, likewise. Both members are wearing matching leather jackets to signify their relationship as a singing duo and to induce a disorientating aura of anonymity. Indeed, they are seldom seen outside of their hidden robot personas. The bright array of colours reflected in their helmets as the only colour besides the silver and gold on the black image suggests that their music genre will be disco or house. There is a direct mode of address covered by their helmets which is unusual; the anonymity of their faces conveys the dance and electronic music genre.An informal balance is used to display how they don’t try and conform to musical norms. This is underscored through both words in the group’s name, ‘daft’ and ‘punk’. House and synthpop music is not supposed to be formal.

Olly Murs

Olly Murs is a mainstream singer in the pop genre. The colours used in this image are all very light which gives us the impression that he is a very bright and positive singer, which most pop singers are. His physicality alongside his facial expression and direct mode of address give us the impression that he is ‘blowing a kiss’ at the viewer – aimed at his fans – which carries more implications that he is a loving, happy singer. If not for his hand and the canted angle of the picture, this would have formal balance. It does not, suggesting that he is quite an informal singer; the majority of his fans are young girls and teenagers. Other qualities which give us the impression that Olly Murs is a pop singer is his hair – stereotypically styled – as well as the bright, high key lighting. The dress code in this image is supposed to give the impression that he is just an ordinary person, highlighting his supposed modesty and making people like him more.

SlipknotSlipknot is an American heavy metal band. This is connoted through the use in abundance of the colours black and red, which suggest danger, darkness and evil. All of the people in the shot are wearing masks that are supposed to be frightening; this tells us that their music will probably be dark and unusual likewise. In this way, the picture hints that Slipknot are a heavy metal band. All of them have a somewhat intimidating direct mode of address and are featured in a low angle shot, making them appear to have bad intentions.

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The BeatlesThe Beatles were an English rock band that formed in 1960. The picture is edited so it is in black and white.All four members are dressed in the same style of costume and have very similar hair cuts. These physical features reflect a sense of unity among the members, who look like rock stars. The black suits, the darkest shade in the black and white picture, connotes the rock genre.Their jump into the air is supposed to make The Beatles appear grand and exciting. They appear to be jumping up in excitement as if towards the camera. This alongside the low angle shot suggests that they are coming at their audience. This is often seen by rock artists. Interestingly, they wear smart suits and are well groomed, but also look goofy and wild. The Beatles, in this photograph, set an image for the rock genre.Besides their different poses, there is almost a formal balance to the picture which is because of the background of The Beatles. As one of the world’s first and biggest rock/pop boy bands, they were setting standards which are imitated by artists today. Indeed, their pictures and their band image, as seen here, are iconic of rock bands.