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  • Last week our guest speaker was Dianne Chataway from Feros Care who enlightened us about their role with the provision of the National Disability Insurance Scheme for those who qualified for it. Her role is a Community Development worker for NDIS whoaccess the client and match them with the services that they might require. They are helping to build an inclusivecommunity to accept those with a disability. A coordinator is available every Friday for consultation at Feros care office in the Wood St Arcade beside the Coffee Club.

    Our other speaker Miyun Shoemark was unfortunatelydelayed with school sport and arrived at the end of ourmeeting. PP Ross was on hand to present Miyun with aVocational service award on behalf of our club for her excellent work helping us to be able to gain $42,000 for the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS) for projects from Cyclone Debbie. Congratulations to Miyun.

    The guest speaker for this week is Mr Colin Hardy who will speak to us about Aussie Helpers.

    Our annual Christmas fair is fast approaching and there are many things we can do to make it successful. PP Ross will have corflutesigns available for anyone who wish to take and put up toadvertise the fair. Please take one or more. On Saturday morning at 7:00 am 20/10/18 Ian will need some help to erect the coloured lighting at Col Story park. Please put Friday 26th October into your diaries for the set up working bee. We will need as many hands as possible to set up all the stalls, so we would appreciate your commitment with this. This set up working bee normally start at 5:30am and is normallycompleted by 7:30 am so that you can then get off to work.

    Please don’t forget to put on your aprons and whip up some cakes, slices, lamingtons, sweets or the like but if you are like me who doesn’t cook, perhaps support someone who can. I’d also like to remind everyone that we are asking all members to donate either a cash donation or two cent sale prizes to the value of about $15-$20. Either can be dropped off to Eric and Sina Barry or just bring them to the meeting.

    Have a Great week and Be The Inspiration.

    Yours in Rotary.

    - President Kevin Casey

    Kevin CaseyPresident, Mackay West

    Rotary Grace“We break the bread of

    brotherhood.We thank thee Lord for all

    things good.May we, more blessed than we

    deserve.Live less for self and more to


    Barry RassinPresident, Rotary International

    Governor Rod Medew and Cathy

    Issue 16 Wednesday, October 17, 2018


    Chartered 1st October 1959 Club 17767 District 9570 ABN 45 468 490 754 PO Box 610 Mackay Qld 4740email [email protected]

    Meets each Wednesday 6:00 for 6:15PM at The Shamrock Hotel Mackay, 165 Nebo Road, Mackay

    Meets each Wednesday 6:00 for 6:15PM at The Shamrock Hotel Mackay, 165 Nebo Road, Mackay

  • Meets each Wednesday 6:00 for 6:15PM at The Shamrock Hotel Mackay, 165 Nebo Road, Mackay


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    Ladies Christmas PartyPotters (6:30pm)

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  • Meets each Wednesday 6:00 for 6:15PM at The Shamrock Hotel Mackay, 165 Nebo Road, Mackay

    Guest speaker, Diane Chataway, Local Area Coordinator of Feros Care in our region shared a presentation about delivering the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS is an enigma to most of us.Diane’s presentation did clear up some questions, I guess a full understanding will only come in the fullness time as we absorb more information.

    Last week meeting:

  • Meets each Wednesday 6:00 for 6:15PM at The Shamrock Hotel Mackay, 165 Nebo Road, Mackay

    After the Meeting last week, PP Ross walker presented a Vocational Service Award to Miyun Shoemark, recognising her efforts and assistance in bringingto fruition the Rotary grants made available to assist victims of TCDebbie. The after the meeting timing was bad, offset by the sincerity of the presentation.

    In May last year at a President’s meeting, our then President Ross, heard about Rotary grants available to help TC Debbie victims, and thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to provide assistance. As it turned out we were the only local Rotary Club toinvestigate and proceed. Theapplication forms required detailedinformation on the work required along with accurate costings.

    In addition, the problem was identifying persons who were genuinely in need and least able to help themselves. Through his connections in Council, Ross contacted the Department of Communities and was put in touch with Miyun who had at her fingertips basically all the information required.Miyun’s team had done in depthprofiles of those in need in the Mackay and District area and had costings of

    the work needed. Ross doubted that without that knowledge the Club would not have progressed the applications and even if we had, it saved us many days of research. It made our task much easier.

    Bruce Howlett joined Miyun and her team and completed the application forms. It was not long afterwards that we received notification that 3 of our applications were successful to a value of $45,000. Cutting a long story short only 2 were progressed.

    Again, Miyun came to the rescue and organised and supervised the work which was no easy task. It wasextremely difficult getting contractors who were already flat out doing cyclone damage repairs. This resulted in delays and additional work trying to secure contractors to do work at an equitable price, however Miyun never gave up.

    Paul W received a caravan costing $15,000 and Francis John K received a caravan plus on-site work andrenovations costing $27,000. Total value of both projects was $42,000.

    Both recipients were grateful for the assistance and our Club cannot thank Miyun enough for the huge amount of work she undertook to successfully deliver these 2 projects. The Club owes Miyun a debt of gratitude and last night PP Ross had the pleasure to present Miyun with a Rotary Vocational Service Award. The Club presents this award to recognise Vocational Excellence of the highest order and to honour an outstanding contribution.

    Ross congratulated Miyun and thanked her, he wished her well, on our behalf, in her future endeavours.


  • Meets each Wednesday 6:00 for 6:15PM at The Shamrock Hotel Mackay, 165 Nebo Road, Mackay

    Thank you to all those ladies who have volunteered to help work on the stalls. I’ll look forward to seeing you then. Please put in your diaries the following dates.

    20/11/18 - Finalisation of “It’s in the Bag” appeal. If you haven’t given me your donations yet, please bring them on this night. It’s going to be a pasta/dessert evening. I have also organised a guest speak who will address us on “wellness” 6.30 at Megs home.

    27/11/18 – Ladies Christmas Party – 6.30 Potters



    PrizesKerry Howlett - 0448 943 170Elizabeth Dean - 0407 936 959

    We are asking each club member todonate 2 prizes to the value of $15.00 aprize towards the success of the Cent Sale at the Fair.

    Cash may also be donated and suitableprizes will be purchased. Prizes may be delivered to the home ofEric & Sina Barry at 42 Peel Street, or given to Bruce Howlett, Brian Dean or

    Eric Barry at Rotary meetings. Thank you.

  • Meets each Wednesday 6:00 for 6:15PM at The Shamrock Hotel Mackay, 165 Nebo Road, Mackay

    I recently advised you that the management of the our District Rotary Australian Benevolent Society (RABS) project administered by the Rotary clubs of Pioneer Valley, Moranbah and Longreach were successful inapplying for $250,000 from the channel 9 drought appeal for the drought.

    The money has been used in drought effected areas in our District to:• Provide school uniforms and school dues, food for those families facing financial hardship because of

    the drought.• The distribution of cash cards to be used in local stores for families who are suffering through the drought.

    This process will be administered by the Queensland Rural Counseling Service.• The purchase of hay for farmers

    I am pleased to announce that the committee has been successful in receiving an additional $250,000bringing the total to $500,000 to assist drought effected areas. I thank Ron Poulsen, Damien Arthur andRussell Lowry for their efforts in obtaining this second round of money. For more information please contact: Ron Poulsen at [email protected] Rod MedewDistrict Governor D9570

    Queensland Drought Relief Appeal

  • Meets each Wednesday 6:00 for 6:15PM at The Shamrock Hotel Mackay, 165 Nebo Road, Mackay

    2018 Duties Roster

    HAM WHEEL CARAVANOrganiser: Ian Ritchie• Col Meng• Todd Shannon• Ross Walker• Jeff Sturdy• Alan Keogh• Garry Dobbie

    Organiser: Ross Comben• Harry Roestenburg• Vic Mason• Des Sievers• Doug Neville• Trevor Townsend• Geoff Morgan• Steve Taylor

    • Warren Benjamin• Bruce Howlett• John Lacey• Wendy Walker• Megs Stebbings• Kevin Casey

    MEAT TRAY WHEEL PICK OF THE SHELFOrganiser: David Dunkley Organiser: Coral Palmer

    • Ladies• Eddie Woodwell• Greg Sandral• Marc De Froberville

    • Michael Curtin• Dale Stebbings

    BOTTLE STALL MONEYOrganiser: Brian Dean• Frank Hurley• Jim Brown

    Organiser: Sina Barry• Eric Barry• John Palmer

    • Garney Woodman

    DRINKS SANTA’S HELPEROrganiser: Eddie Woodwell• Interactors - 3 people

    • TBA

    ELECTRICIAN MERRY-GO-ROUND• Alan Keogh • Dale Stebbings Organiser: Pioneer Valley Rotary

    FACE PAINTING RUNNEROrganiser: Paula Creen • John Deguara

    CAKE STALL CENT SALEOrganiser: Ladies Organiser: Kerry Howlett

    • LadiesLUCKY DIP

    Organiser: Ladies

    Please arrive at 5:30pm for 6pm start.Please brong lawn rakes each night for clean up.Contact Ross Walker or John Deguara if unable to attend or to change your duty.

  • Meets each Wednesday 6:00 for 6:15PM at The Shamrock Hotel Mackay, 165 Nebo Road, Mackay

    R.A.M. Rotary Malaria immunisation Project

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