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OverviewIntroduction to Intrexx Xtreme

Installation of Intrexx Xtreme

Introduction to LfG



08.02.2010What is Intrexx Xtreme08.02.2010

Integrated visual development environment

Consists ofPortal Server : controlling, based on JAVAPortal Manager : development

System RequirementsOperating systemWindows, Linux, SUN Solaris, Mac OS or FreeBSD

Web Server (-> Portal Server)Tomcat (from Apache) IIS (MS-Internet Information Server)

Database (-> Portal Server)Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 or HSQL

08.02.2010Where to get it ?Not a free softwareDemo version from


Portal ManagerBased on several modules :Intrexx CenterPortal DesignerApplication DesignerProcess ManagerUser ManagerIntegration CenterTools

08.02.2010Intrexx CenterCentral point to manage portalsExample : web-server and database settings


Application DesignerApplication developmentsUsing templatesBased completely on XML


User ManagerUser accounts



Introduction to LfGLandesbetrieb fr Gebudebewirtschaftung (

Facility Management for miscellaneous state owned buildings in Berlin

Round 1000 Employees

Examples : Fire Department, Police, KITA (daycare facility for children)

Main activities : Malfunction Management, Intern Ordering, Surveillance Control System, etc

Caretaker, Handworker and Cleaning Staff take care of building maintenance

08.02.2010Introduction to LfGMain requirement: organize Malfunction Management faster and more efficiently

Answer : Web-based Portal Solution ( developed using the software Intrexx Xtreme)

Examples : Notification of MalfunctionOrdering of Products

08.02.2010AchievementsIntern Ordering Application contains items from diverse suppliers -> maintained by the administrator

Idea : Suppliers usage of the web-portal to administer their own ItemsIndividual portal access for each supplierLimited access

08.02.2010AchievementsUser group Lieferanten(Suppliers) addedAccess rights only to certain pages / formulars / data

Overview of Items :Added filter to only show the items of the logged-in supplier

Adding / editing / deleting of Items :Form-extension : showing the logged-in supplier as the only choice in the box-selection


DEMO08.02.2010QUESTIONS08.02.2010SourcesDocumentation of the Project :E-Government: Facility Management von Berlins ffentlichen Gebuden

United Planet Handbook Intrexx Xtreme Start

United Planet Press Release Facility Management der neuen Generation

United Planet : LfG nutzt innovatives Enterprise Portal You !08.02.2010