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GraffitiartPhotography Presented and researched by Miranda Fielder Graffiti Art of Personal Expression, or Vandalism?

History of Graffiti Graffiti has been dated to Egyptian Age and has made the trek through Subway or Urban graffiti to graffiti that has taken on an art and expression formUrban = Underground 3Why & How Has Graffiti Evolved? do you think graffiti has evolved the way it has? Do you think its been a more personal exploration or how media (photography) has geared the shift in graffiti evolution? 4

Graffiti gone Mainstream CBS News article Quickly, how does media impact graffiti, if at all? Does it depend on the graffiti? 5Graffiti ArtVandalismPersonal ExpressionRebellionPolitical Statement

Locally, nationally, globally Graffiti may take on different roles on public displays around the world 6

Graffiti can be local Boone7

ASU Tunnel 8

Mixed media art? 9

Personal expression or frustration 10

How is this graffiti? Is this a public announcement of how a certain group feels Think, kind of like a public announcement on television but on a public wall. 11

Personal expression or random act of rebellion against local government? 12

Do you consider stickers graffiti? Why or why not? 13

Both images picture From Russia, Right picture Bethlehem 14

Both images picture Greece, Left picture England Here we have more muted colors Would you say muted colors or bold colors make more of an impact? Or do you think it depends on the story behind the graffiti. Art???15 graffiti Do you think such is rebellion/hatred toward another political party, or do you think its more of the collection of people frustrated and crying out for help in desperation?16 you think the photographer supports the political messages? If you took political graffiti photos, would you be supporting the message or simply documenting the image to have for later reflection? 17Interesting Graffiti ArtistsBanksy


Youll see how social or political issues stem from Bankys graffiti art Also, in Zevs art, youll see the aesthetic of graffiti applied to an original state 18 Website19 YouTube20Wheres Photography in Graffiti? Well Someone had to take the pictures of the local graffiti in Boone, right? And someone had to take the pictures of the national and global graffiti, right? Why would someone take pictures of graffiti? To simply document the end product? Or to document the process from beginning-to-end as the graffiti artist performs? Or does the photographer simply enjoy photographing graffiti and finds enjoyment or personal expression through someone elses personal expression? What do you guys think, personally, would be the reason youd photograph graffiti? Enjoyment, out-of-interest, expression, rebellion, support of graffiti? 21Interesting Graffiti Photographers Keegan Gibbs


Nils Mueller

Gibbs captures the process of graffiti well, and uses different camera techniques throughout his photosPaviania captures the feeling of graffiti well and mostly uses black and white photos, which I think creates a more dramatic-feel, dont you think? Nils Mueller captures the graffiti artist in the act of painting and has some great camera angles, which lead the eye well throughout the full picture.

22Illegal Public PaintingVandalism Art and Expression RebellionPolitical Statement Publicity /Public Announcement of Organization or Self Curiosity Allowed in Quarantined Area (i.e.: ASU Tunnel/StairsDocumentation EnjoymentInterested in the process of graffiti Interested in seeing if documented image remains or gets removed Interested in Urban Art Rebellion Support of self expression and exploration through public displays of art All elements and/or techniques of photography can be applied to photographing graffiti Above: Why people would look to graffiti something Below: Why someone would photograph graffiti. BRIDGE GRAFFITI and PHOTOGRAPHY HERE23People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible, and childish. But thats only if its done properly. Banksy, an anonymous English graffiti artist (38 Marvelous Graffiti Art and Street Art That Will Blow You Away , 2009) Student Spray Paint Activity Extra Credit per Jeff 24