Download - Google Paid Search Powerpoint

  • 1. S Google Paid Search By Dominique Carino
  • 2. Overview What is Google Paid Search? S Google AdWords S Businesses display ads on Google search results pages. S Businesses choose specific keywords that correspond to their ads. S SEM Search Engine Marketing S Paid, targeted ads S Compare with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • 3. Types of Google Paid Ads S Top/Bottom of Page S Side of Page S Mobile Phone Searches S Directly on websites S Image/Video Ads
  • 4. Is Your Ad Working? S Google AdWords helps businesses make the most effective ads. S With subscription, businesses can use data analytics tools. S Keyword Tool helps businesses select the most relevant keywords for their ad. S Businesses can change the ad at any time.
  • 5. Who Uses Google Paid Search? S Who Pays for the Ads? S Goods S Services S Large Businesses S Chains S International Businesses S Small Businesses S Can select geographical region that the ad reaches. S Who Sees the Ads? S Anyone who uses the Google Search Engine! S Depends on keywords. S Also depends on geographical location.
  • 6. Tactics For Using Google Paid Search S Choose specific keywords. S Google rewards ads with higher relevance with a more visible ad location. S Example: use Beginners Jazz Dance Classes and Jazz Dance Classes in Downtown Pittsburgh rather than Dance Classes. S Specify the geographic location where the ad appears. S Can reach a wide area, or smaller, more targeted locations. S Example: Do not advertise your local bakery in India.
  • 7. Creative Considerations S Use visually appealing ads. S Image/Video ads S Interest-sparking phrasing of the ads S Consider ad placement. S Top of page S First thing potential customers see. S Bottom of page S Catches potential customers attention before they click to the next page.
  • 8. Costs S Choose a daily budget to spend on Google Paid Ads. S No minimum requirement S No time frames or requirements S Determine the maximum amount to pay per click. S Businesses pay Google a set amount each time someone clicks on their ad. S Higher maximum amount spent per click = Higher placement of the ad.
  • 9. Strategies for S AdWords Express S Light version of AdWords S Ad directs potential customers to a Google+ page about the business. S Choose Highly-Specific Keywords S Example: High School Wrestling Team Management instead of Wrestling Management. S More relevant ads will gain a more visible spot on the search results page. S Not necessary to pay higher maximum amount per click.
  • 10. Source S Google AdWords Website: S g-awhp_nelsontest3_nel_p&clickid=sn-1r-og-us-0908