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Visual (Freehand) Effective Communication Through
One of the most important skills you need to acquire in the 21st century working environment
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Course Modules and Content Details 1.0 WHAT is Effective Communication Through Visual (Freehand) training
program? It is a program formulated to allow participants to explore and practice their freehand visualization ability in communicating their ideas visually. This ability will make your daily communication becoming more effective. Everyone in an organization should acquire this skills to improve their communication skills. This is an introduction program on Freehand Visual Communication Skills (FVCS).
2.0 Program Objectives
The objectives of the training program are: a. Hands-on experience on fundamental of Freehand Visualization Skills (FVS). b. Hands-on experience on technique of Freehand Visualization Skills (FVS). c. Hands-on experience on application of Freehand Visualization Skills (FVS).
3.0 Why Freehand Visualization Skills (FVS)? One the big issues facing by many of us in an organization is our ability to freehand visualize ideas to communicate effectively. Pictures above demonstrate one of the impacts if we are not capable to freehand visualize our ideas effectively. There crucial impact to these scenarios is “miscommunication”. “miscommunication” “Poor communication limits a company's ability to optimize performance. Specific negative effects of communication problems include a culture of distrust, limited employee engagement, uncertainty and ineffective customer interaction.” “When people work visually they have better ideas, make better decisions, and are more committed to producing results.” David Sibbet, “Visual Meetings”. “Visual communication can be used equally effectively in the workplace. Challenges to effective communication in the workplace include inconsistency of communication, over- reliance on technology, and wrongly assuming that employees understand jargon.”
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4.0 Program Modules & Schedule The four (4) hours training program comprises of two (2) modules: • Module 01: Fundamental FVS • Module 02: Visualization FVS
The program will be using the approach of 20% theory and 80% practical 5.0 Program Schedule
The program schedule as mentioned:
No. Module Description Hours Training outcome A MODULE 01
Fundamental FVS
(FVS)? • Why FVS is very important to
Theory (20%)
The participants will be able to understand and practice fundamental of FVS. Introduction to Freehand Visualization Skills (FVS)
… lines, shapes and arrows Practical (80%)
total 2 hours
Freehand Visualization Skills (FVS) • How freehand visualize your ideas?
Theory (20%)
The participants will be able to understand and practice FVS techniques.
Can you Freehand Visualize your ideas?
Practical (80%)
Day 01 (9am-1.15pm) Thursday
9.00am- 11.00am
2 hours
Theory: Introduction to FVS • What is Freehand Visualization Skills (FVS)? • Why FVS is very important to Organizations?
Practical: Lines, shapes and arrows
B Module 02 Visualization 11.15am-
13.15pm 2 hours Theory: Freehand Visualization Skills (FVS)
• How freehand visualize your ideas? Practical: Can you freehand visualize your ideas?
Discussion Video Demonstration lecture Practical