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A scholarly deconstruction of the cruise tourism phenomenon and its impact on destinations







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Let’s take a closer look at a 39 billion dollar, world-spanning leisure industry with a unique, mobile concept, unrivaled growth rates, rapid technological evolution and a 62% repeat cus-tomer rate – literally by any measure an industry well worth applying some scholarly scrutiny to.

With the massive current growth of the industry and the worldwide proliferation of cruise ships, more and more destinations find themselves in need of tourism professionals qualified to deal confidently with this extraordinary leisure travel phenomenon and that is a skill that I can teach.

cruisingA closer look at

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Come aboard..

..for an academic breakdown of the modern cruise industry, hosted by a for-mer crew member, a former cruise desti-nation manager, a self-made cruise scholar and an experienced presenter.

I can provide unique insights into the cruise industry - especially in the interplay between ship and destination – present challenges and opportunities as viewed from both perspectives, explain the conceptual as well as the operational framework and provide valuable context for dealing with the cruise industry.

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Using academic tools of analysis and inter-pretation and drawing from my own varied industry experience, I can design educa-tional input specifically for university-level students of international tourism, whether just for introductory seminars or for more comprehensive serialized sessions. I pro-vide context, know-how and clarity on most aspects of cruise destination management.

Focus will be on the European and American cruise industry and markets with special emphasis on the cruise ship / des-tination interface and the aim is to provide students with a broad working knowledge of cruise industry operations, strategies and priorities from a destination manage-ment perspective.

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Format:Classroom / auditorium

Duration: Customizable – from 2½ hrs to full-day programs (ambition dependent)

Tech requirements: projector / screen / audio (where required)

Presentation languages: English, Danish, (German)

Speaking fees:Subject to requirementsFull coverage of travel expenses


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Through a colorful, roaming 17-year career in cruise tourism & travel, shore excur-sions, destination management and more, I have gained a wealth of experience with and insight into the cruise industry, its dynamics, mechanics, culture, history and much more.

Life-long ship enthusiast

About me

Building ship models as a kid, devouring non-fiction on maritime history, seeking out maritime museums to visit, working on ferries for my very first job – it’s safe to say I have a passion for ships and mari-time affairs and it is a passion I bring into my speaking and teaching engagements.


Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Key account manager for DMC Denmark – Denmark’s largest destination manage-ment agency for cruise lines – handling calls and turnarounds in Danish ports. In this capacity I gained my experience with shoreside destination management, shore excursion programs, cruise service and hospitality expectations and more.

Shore Excursion Manager with two major American cruise lines; Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America Line - An on-board career that took me to more than 150 destinations on 4 continents and gave me a keen insight into onboard dynamics, industry standards and guest expectations, Shore Excursion operations and more.

Out to Sea 1999 - 2006

Back on land 2007 - 2015

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Teacher, trainer, lecturerIn the course of my career I have enjoyed many an opportunity to lecture, train and teach; I have taught advanced theoretical classes at university level, built cruise industry seminars to students of tourism, given countless tour presentations and presented at cruise industry trade conferences – mostly to international audiences.

For the last couple of years I have been applying my skill and passion for teaching and speaking to my ‘Cruise Insider’ brand, providing training, education, inspiration and more to students and practitioners of cruise destination management in the Scando-Baltic area.

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Previous versions of my educational program were held in the fall semesters of 2007 and 2008 at Aalborg University, Dept. of Culture / Global Studies to Master students of Inter-national Tourism.

In my capacity as trainer / speaker for local destination guides and freelance hospitality staff I have also worked a number of other destinations; Kalundborg, DK (2012), Aarhus, DK (2013+2014), Aalborg, DK (2014–2016), Skagen, DK (2016) and Bergen, NO (2016).

References available on request




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Jacob Lyngsøe

(+45) 50 34 60 66cruise_insider@outlook.



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