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7/21/2019 Brainstorming 1/1

1. Why is participation in this program important to you?


-This program is important to me ecause:

! It he"ps me to e#p"ore cu"tures aroun$ the %or"$ an$ pro&i$e me %ith a %i$er un$erstan$ing o' the

AS(AN community. I ha&e the chance to meet %ith internationa" 'rien$s! Wi$en my prospect o' 'uture stu$ies. It pro&i$es me %ith s)i""s that I %i"" nee$ *inc"u$ing

organi+ationa" s)i""s, "ea$ership s)i""s use these s)i""s to he"p my community prosper 

• During this exchange, participants will act as ambassadors for their

countries. What qualities do you have that would help you fulll this role?

BRAINSTORM: /ua"ities:

- A person %ho emraces mu"ticu"tura" cooperation

- A person %ho can a$apt %e"" to en&ironment- A person %ho has the ai"ity to communicate %e""

- A person %ho is recipient to ne% i$eas