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    fibreglass swimming pools & spas


    FEATURES & BENEFITS 25 year structural warranty on pool


    Manufactured in Australia by a family owned business for over 25 years

    Over 36 shapes, sizes and designs

    9 vibrant colours with shimmer effects to choose from

    Manufactured beyond Australian standards

    Safety features include - safety ledges, non-slip steps and no abrasive edges

    50% stronger due to the Divincycell high performance sandwich core process

    Approved by Lloyds of London one - of the worlds largest insurance markets

    Exporting fibreglass pools world wide

    Superior marine grade gelcoat is UV protected, fade resistant and reduces up to 99% bacteria

    SA Swimming Pool Association & MBA member

    For in-ground fibreglass pools that are made for fun, fitness and lifestyle, you cant go past a quality Barrier Reef Pool by Australian Outdoor Living.

    The pools we supply are of the highest quality and our extensive range is designed to suit a variety of sizes, locations and situations. We can also help with water features, solar or gas heating, fencing, landscaping, paving and decking.

    Our goal is to meet your individual needs to achieve your dream.

  • Majestic 10.5

    Majestic 9.5

    Majestic 8.5

    Majestic 7.2


    L 10.30 W 4.30

    L 12.02 W 4.30

    L 10.50 W 4.40

    L 9.50 W 4.40

    L 8.50 W4.40

    L 7.20 W 3.40


    L 8.85 W 4.20


    L 7.50 W 4.20


    Lap Pool 12m

    L 12.24 W 3.48

    Lap Pool 8m

    Monaco 10.5

    Monaco 9.5

    Monaco 8.5

    Monaco Slim 8.5

    Monaco 7.2

    CourtyardSquare Spa Oval SpaHorse ShoeSwim Spa

    L 2.90W 2.82

    L 8.38 W 3.48

    L 7.20 W 3.40

    L 5.20W 2.60

    L 8.50 W 3.45

    L 8.50 W 4.40

    L 9.50 W 4.40

    L 10.50 W 4.40

    L 4.59W 3.48

    L 2.60W 2.60

    shape, size... we have you covered

    D 1.95 S 1.10

    S 1.10 D 1.95

    D 1.91 S 1.13

    S 1.13 D 1.91

    D 1.85 S 1.18

    S 1.18 D 1.85

    D 1.81 S 1.24

    S 1.18 D 1.85

    D 2.00 S 1.20

    S 1.24 D 1.81

    Flat 1.35

    D 1.81 S 1.20

    D 1.85 S 1.20

    Flat 1.35

    Flat 1.35

    D 1.67 S 1.20 S 1.18 D 1.50Flat 1.00

    Flat 1.00

    Pixie Pool

    Half Roman

    L 11.00 W 4.10

    San Marino

    L 9.40 W 4.10


    L 9.40 W 3.25


    L 8.40 W 4.10


    L 7.00 W 3.25

    L 5.00 W 3.30


    D 1.90 S 1.15

    D 1.75 S 1.15

    D 1.75 S 1.15

    D 1.66 S 1.15

    Flat 1.35

    Flat 1.35

    L 6.50 W 3.50

    D 1.50 S 1.15

    S 1.20 D 1.70

    Pixie Pool

    L 4.90 W 3.00

    Flat 1.20

    L 2.58W 2.58

    L 2.58W 2.58

    Flat 1.00Flat 1.00

    Square SpaOverflow

    Billabong 6.2

    Billabong 4.2

    BillabongSlim 4.2

    Billabong 10.5

    Billabong 9.5

    Billabong 8.5

    Billabong 7.5

    Billabong 7.2

    S 1.11 D 1.85

    S 1.11 D 1.85

    S 1.24 D 1.81

    Flat 1.60

    Flat 1.60

    S 1.11 D 1.71

    S 1.11 D 1.95

    L 9.50 W 3.80

    L 8.50 W 3.80

    L 7.20 W 2.80

    L 7.50W 3.80

    L 4.20W 2.60

    L 4.20W 1.60

    L 7.50 W 3.80

    L 10.50 W 3.80

  • eLeCtrIC GreY


    mIdNIGht ShImmer

    OCeaN ShImmer

    PaCIFIC ShImmer

    rOYaL BLUe

    rOYaL GreeN

    rOYaL Jade

    SaNdStONe ShImmer


    Your fibreglass pool arrives on site ready to install. No-fuss installation in as little as 7 days, compared with concrete rendered or pebbled pools which can take up to 3 months to complete with all that mess in your backyard!


    Our pools feature a super smooth high gloss gelcoat surface in a fantastic range of vibrant shimmer colours. This ultra hard wearing surface is UV protected, non porous, fade, stain and chemical resistant and, of course, is easy to clean.


    Up-front information on costs means no surprises. Your investment in the pool, its equipment and installation are clearly set out to ensure you meet your planning, budget and time frame. Affordability, lower installation costs,

    and features that are built in not expensive add-ons.


    The range of shapes, sizes and colours is large enough to meet individual style and design requirements. Salt chlorinators for a healthy, natural feel, filtration systems, pumps and blowers to optimise water management, lighting and water features to create special moods all guarantee perfect compatibility. You can be assured of a quality lifestyle with a Barrier Reef pool.


    Every Barrier Reef pool by Australian Outdoor Living exceeds Australian and world standards for thickness. We use a proven high performance sandwich core with the highest strength to density ratio, making our pools 50% stronger. Due to this the Divinycell application is widely used in the manufacture of leisure, military

    and commercial marine transportation. This means that your pool is incredibly strong, yet being made of fibreglass, can flex to handle most earth movement. Concrete and other pre-formed pools with mineral fillers in their construction have greatly reduced flexibility. Your fibreglass pool has a full 25 year warranty, guaranteeing complete peace of mind. Ask us for further information.


    Australian Outdoor Living work alongside one of Australias leading suppliers of quality swimming pools, spa products and equipment.

    Each Product is researched, designed and manufactured in Australia specifically for our harsh climate. So rest assured your pool equipment is proudly Australian made.

    Divinycell high performance sandwich core which makes our pools 50% stronger.

    Fibreglass reinforcement supporting the pool structurally.

    Flowcoat and fibreglass to lock in Divinycell for strength like no other.

    Marine grade Gelcoat shimmer finish.

    Marine grade FGI Gelcoat, which is UV and fade resist.

    Derakane Expoxy Vinyl Ester Resin membrane which protects against corrosion and most chemical agents.

    Flow coat seals the shell, making it impervious to moisture.

    Multiaxial Fabric specifically designed to disperse excessive loads on flibreglass.

  • StaGe 2Crane pool into position

    StaGe 5Coping and paving

    Your Project Manager will submit a layout plan and obtain council approval.

    The hole is carefully excavated, with the base prepared and levelled ready for the pool shell to be placed in position.

    Your pool shell is lowered into position via crane with even tight and difficult access is not a problem.

    The pool is then accurately positioned and plumbing connected.

    A concrete reinforced bond beam is poured around the pool to lock it firmly in place, and to provide a surface for laying the paver surround.

    Final paving, landscaping, fencing will be completed. Pool is then commissioned and youre ready to go!

    StaGe 1Excavate & level base

    StaGe 3Plumbing & equipment


    StaGe 4Bond beam

    shape, size... we have you covered


    SA Builders Licence #214381

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