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  • 1. Next Step Email Marketing Louise Stephens ACIMHead of Email Marketing Little Green Plane @lgplane @loulou1987x

2. Agenda Status of email Audience profiling Design Analytics, follow-ups & re-engagementBreak Year of the mobile Group task 3. Who are we? Email Service Provider Email product of Itineris Ltd Established in 2001 6th fastest growing digital agency in the UK 4. What about you? 5. Status of email In 2013 the ROI from email is 24.24 for every 1 spent. There are 3.6 billion email accounts. By 2016 this number will rise to 4.3 billion. Apple iPhone is the most widely used email client. 6. Strategy stats 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase from a promotional email. 33% of recipients opened an email based on subject line alone. Emails that include social sharing get 158% higher CTR. 7. Audience Profiling 8. Why? To help you communicate and engage with your target market. 9. Demographics AHigher management, bankers, lawyers, doctors and other professionalsBMiddle management, teachers, creative and media people e.g. graphic designersC1Office supervisors, junior managers, nurses, specialist clerical staff white collarC2Skilled manual workers, plumbers, builders blue collarDSemi-skilled and unskilled manual workersEUnemployed, students, pensioners and casual workers. 10. Psychographics MainstreemersSEEKS SECURITY Tend to be domestic, conformist, conventional, sentimental favour value for money brands. Nearly always the largest group.AspirersSEEK STATUS Materialistic, acquisitive, oriented to image and appearance, persona and fashion. Style over substance. Typically younger people, clerical and sales jobs.SucceedersSEEK CONTROL Strong goals, confidence, high work ethic, organised, supports stability. Brand choice based on self-reward and quality. Typically higher management and professionalsResignedSEEKS SURVIVAL Rigid and authoritarian values, traditional. Brand choice stresses safety, familiarity and economy. Typically older people.ExplorersSEEKS DISCOVERY High energy, individualism, experience and adventure. Brand choice highlights satisfaction and instant effects. The first to try new brands. Typically younger people and students.StrugglersUnemployed, students, pensioners and casual workers.ReformersSEEKS ENLIGHTENMENT Freedom of restrictions and personal growth. Socially aware, independent judgement. Anti-materialistic and aware of good taste. Has attended higher education and selected products for quality. 11. Task Pair up and create profiles of each other. 12. Design 13. Serious design: #1 If you dont know where youre going you cant take your audience there! 14. Serious design: #2 Craft your subject line 15. Subject line 101 80% of your time on your subject line Be useful and ultra specific Test Urgency, questions, symbols Make it stand out Front load your subject line Digits 20% off / 30 voucher Use verbs (action words) 16. Serious design: #3 Maximise your golden real estate 17. Top left rule Branding Hook CTA 18. Serious design: #4 Guide your audience through your email 19. Hicks Law Describes the time it takes for a person to make a decision as a result of the possible choices he or she has. 20. Serious design: #5 Call to action 21. Rules of CTA Use them or there will be no action! Word them properly - Push Dont be mysterious Follow the line of sight 22. Analytics, re-engagement & follow ups 23. Analytics 24. What do you do with your analytics? 25. Opens When did they open? Did they go on to click? 26. Clicks What did they click on? When did they click? Send follow up email with more specific content. Call them? 27. Bounces A hard bounce doesnt mean they have gone Call and ask: Where have they gone? Who has replaced them? Turn one lost subscriber into two new ones! 28. Re-engagement 29. Re-engagement 30. Re-engagement 31. Re-engagement 32. Follow ups 33. Tips Use behaviour as a way to segment your audience. Send relevant content based on clicks. Highlight where they are in their buying cycle. Cleanse your database 34. Break Time! 35. Next Step Email Marketing Louise Stephens ACIMHead of Email Marketing Little Green Plane @lgplane @loulou1987x 36. Agenda Status of email Audience profiling Design Analytics, follow-ups & re-engagementBreak Year of the mobile Group task 37. Mobile 38. 2013 really is the year of the mobile! Whats your strategy? 39. Stats By 2017 mobile marketing is set to be worth 6 billion. 44% of all email sent is opened on a mobile. Accessing email is the most popular activity on a smartphone. 69.7% will delete an email that doesnt look good on a mobile device. 40. Responsive design is your friend 41. What is responsive design? Creates an optimal viewing platform across all devices. 42. Why go responsive? 21% of all traffic to websites globally is coming from tablets and smartphones. Gives your audience a consistent and optimised journey regardless of device. Your competitors are probably doing it. 43. Group Task 44. Part 1 Audience profiling Create profiles for the various audiences for your businesses. 45. Part 2 Email design Take a look at the emails your company sent, does it follow best practice? 46. Part 3 Analytics Create a follow up campaign from the stats provided. 47. Review 48. Resources Twitter: @lgplane or @loulou1987x LinkedIn: Louise Stephens ACIMGroups: East Anglia Email Marketing Forum Email Marketing Forum 49. Thank you