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2.22.2013 Digital Media Roadmap 2013 Howard Zoss 216.744.3040 [email protected]

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Digital Media Trends, Implications for Brands, Strategic Media Focus

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2. Digital Roadmap 2013 Digital Media Trends Implications for Brands Strategic Media Focus2 3. Digital Media Trends 4. Consumers Continue Shift to Digital Mobile42012 Blackstone Marketing Industry Review 5. Spend 11+ Hours with Media Daily Over 70% on TV / Online 52012 eMarketer 6. TV Usage Waning For the First Time Ever6 Nielsen 20126 7. Traditional Media is Becoming Less InfluentialThe Internet now trumps all media when it comes to influencing purchases 7 Source: Harris Interactive 2012 8. Marketers Follow Digital Shift 8 8 9. But Not to the Degree They Should 2010 9 9 10. Mobile Opportunity Arises 2011 10 10 11. Implications Pronounced shift to digital media continues Mobile is the only growing medium But brands are still clinging to their old media habits Dramatically overspending in print Continue to overspend in broadcast 11 Social Media and Mobile lead digital growth Mobile represents the largest future media opportunity 12. mobile 13. Mobile Devices Have Passed PCs in Sales 132012 BI Intelligence 14. Mobile Internet Usage Will Surpass Desktop This year20112012 142012 Nielsen Social Media Report 15. Smartphones Pass Feature Phones And Growing152013 Nielsen Courting Todays Mobile Consumer 16. Mobile Web and APP Usage Show Huge Growth 162012 Nielsen Social Media Report 16 17. Mobile Devices are Taking Focus Away From TV172012 Nielsen Courting the Mobile Consumer17 18. Marketers Follow Mobile Shift182012 Nielsen Courting the Mobile Consumer18 19. Implication Mobile is the marketing platform of the future 19 20. Social 21. Social Media Drives Internet Usage Overwhelmingly 21 2012 Nielsen The Digital Revolution 22. Social Media Drives Mobile Usage 2011 +92% 2012 +89%2012 Nielsen Social Media Report 23. 60% of Consumers Do Social on Mobile 31% Several Times a Day 23 2012 Edison Research The Social Habit 24. Facebook & Twitter are Becoming Mobile Companies24 June 2012 Data from Facebook & Twitter24 25. Consumers Talk Brand Constantly on Social Media 252012 Nielsen Social Media Report 25 26. Social Influences Purchase 26Pew 2012 26 27. In Fact Social Now Drives Purchase 27 28. Cumulatively Social Sites Lead Brand Sites 28 Technorati 2013 28 29. Facebook, Twitter, You Tube = Marketers Big 329Technorati 201329 30. Marketers Follow the Influence 30 30 31. Implication Social is the future of purchase influence 31 32. Video 33. 33June 2012 Data from Facebook & Twitter 33 34. 75% of All U.S. Internet Users Watch Video 34June 2012 Data from Facebook & Twitter 34 35. Video Drives Mobile 280 Billion Viewed and Growing35 June 2012 Data from Facebook & Twitter35 36. Nielsen > Brand Recall is Higher for Online Video vs. TV 36On-Air TVOnline Full-Length (Broadcast + Cable) TV EpisodesSource: Nielsen 37. Nielsen > Message Recall is Higher for Online Video vs. TV37Source: Nielsen 38. Nielsen > TV is More Effective When Video Runs Simultaneously38Source: Nielsen 39. Marketers Follow the Eyeballs3939 40. Implication Video is the future of viewership40 41. Implications for Brands 42. Implication Pronounced shift to digital media continues Mobile is the media platform ofthe future Social and Video are the key drivers of mobile growth especially Social There is strong linkage and connectivity between Mobile, Social and Video42media Because brands still remain behind in their media allocation an opportunityexists, for forward thinking companies, to take an even stronger digital medialead and influence consumers and their purchase behaviors beyond theircompetitors 43. Strategic Media Focus 44. Hyper Media Fragmentation = Declining Media Effectiveness44 45. Digital Focus Sharable, Connected Media Platforms45 46. Focus Media StrategySharability Scale Believability Purchase Influence46Efficiency Maximum Budget Utilization 47. It is not going to get any easier 48. 48 49. Thank YouHoward Zoss216.744.3040 [email protected] 49All ideas contained herein are the sole intellectual property of Zig Marketing Inc. and cannot be used without express written consent