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zales rebranding project book

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  • Zales Jewelersrebranding package

    S. Dionne Brown1

  • shine exclusively2

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    ResearchResearch PaperSWOT Analysis 18Target Audience 20Brand Attributes 22

    ProcessMood Boards 26Print Media 28Website 30Motion Graphics 32Logo Development 34

    Style GuideFont Usage 39Color Palette 41

    Photography 40

    Logo Standards 42Logo Usage 44Website 46Packaging 50

    Final DesignsPrint Ads 56

    Closing 60

    Table of Contents

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    INTRODUCTIONZales Jewelers, like many organizations has a visual personality that exemplifies

    the its values and mission.

    This visual guideline will assist

    you in producing efficient

    and effective communication

    materials that is consistent throughout this brand.

    These details will provide elements that should be used collectively, which should inspire you in developing our brand and establish useful

    parameters without restricting


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    Shine Exclusively. Our purpose is to make ev-ery customer feel uniquely glamorous. Our qual-ity and well design jewelry at unbelievable prices

    is now captured our visual branding.

    Elegance. Glamour. Tradition. Shine. The core of what Zales is about, is represented in these four descriptions. We find it necessary for our cus-tomers to experience the richness of our brand

    and the superb quality of our jewelry.

    The essence of our identity has been enriched

    and redefined in our rebravnding efforts. Here

    the focus is on giving every customer the op-portunity to feel the spirit of love, spirit of shine,

    and spirit of Zales. This defines brands morals

    by promising consistency and credibility for all

    our key customers and stakeholders and be-ing the foundation for all communication and

    activities around the brand.

    Zales Brand

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    make me

    Zales Brand

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    Research Paper ABSTRACTI love you, this short and simple phrase is currently important to the branding of Zales Jewelry.

    Zales has been helping couples say I love you since 1924 with the vision to provide customers with quality jewelry at the lowest possible price ( Although Zales Corp. is a major,

    hard-hitting brand with a foundational history; many major players are also in the same industry.

    Kay Jewelers, Jareds (The Galleria of Jewelry), Wal-Mart, and of course any towns local jewelry

    store are in the same competitive market. Although, there are many competitors Zales has been able to stay afloat by cutting cost and appealing many high-end jewelry buyers. Jewelry is in high

    demand for someone seeking to by an engagement ring for his or her significant other, a gift, or a

    personal treasure for oneself. As this jewelry industry is crowded the project has developed a strategic plan to

    make Zales Jewelry to standout amongst competitors.

    What is going to make Zales pop or standout from everyone else with similar products, prices, target audi-ence, location and many other similarities? The design. The design and the presentation in which Zales is

    presented to its target audience and consumers who plan on purchasing some type of jewelry is what it is

    going to take for Zales to pop. This new design plan will include creating a tagline that will create a reaction

    in consumers to compel them to purchase Zales. Revamping the black and white packing and make it unique.

    Revitalizing the bland website, existing logo, print and commercial advertisements will all propel Zales to the

    highest sales performance, increase its distribution, and expand its target audience.

  • IntroductionJewelry, a distinguishable fashion statement

    to accent any attire, is used to glamorize

    a personal image, a status symbol, or as

    a representation of love and affection.

    Zales is a well-known brand that provides diamonds, gold, rings, earrings and other

    fine jewelry, to many consumers. With the

    vision to provide customers with quality

    merchandise at the lowest possible price, Zales has been able to maintain its position.

    GoalAlthough, Zales has a solid foundation and history, and has remained strong

    during company economic difficulties,

    Zales needs to improve in many areas. The goal of this project is maintain company

    strengths and strengthen its weaknesses by

    expanding Zales target audience, evolving

    the existing logo, creating a new tagline/campaign slogan, and by completing a

    website reconstruction. While critiquing

    weaknesses and threats, then by providing solid design, campaign, new product

    solutions, and branding strategy, this Zales

    project will capitalize on the opportunity

    to make Zales the leading jewelry retailer.

    The Foundation & StrengthsWhat makes a company like Zales survive and

    thrive? Its foundation. Zales firm foundation

    of strengths holds the company to valuable

    standards; even in economic downturns this

    company is able to survive and thrive in an

    unstable economy. Zales keeps in mind the consumer market: what the customers needs

    and wants are. While keeping in mind these needs and wants, one of the strengths can

    be found in the vision. Zales is committed

    to providing customers with quality

    merchandise at the lowest possible price (Zales History: This vision is

    translated into Zales other evident strengths

    such as: financing/credit, quality jewelry,

    and reasonable prices. Zales also prides itself on having a strong history in developing

    various products and other brands. Consumers and competitors notice that Zales has a wide selection of merchandise. With an exclusive jewelry replacement

    program, Zales is a strong competitor.

    Weaknesses Some weakness could ruin a company, but

    by examining these pitfalls, Zales can be propelled to the level were its dominating the

    jewelry industry. One of the major weaknesses

    Zales exhibits are its stale marketing and advertising concepts. Television watchers

    are accustomed to watching commercials with the normal man and wife or fiancs;

    advertising engagement rings or anniversary

    gifts. While, magazine readers and web

    surfers are hit with the usual black and white ad- but where is the finesse? The black, and

    white cold color scheme is continued to the companys website. Although, black and

    white is very attractive, many viewers want

    to be attracted by other exiting elements.

    Shine Exclusively

  • There are little to no commercial

    campaigns by Zales, although older Zales

    television spots were popular; updated

    commercials have been depleted. Currently, Zales is not able to compete

    with other strong jewelry store campaigns.

    Brand NeedsZales is in obvious need of creating innovative, exciting, and attention grabbing

    commercials. Even though Zales is known worldwide and is a historic brand, there is a large gap in the Zales brand awareness. Do many people know that Zales offers

    quality merchandise at the best possible

    price ( Are ads showing

    people all of the financial benefits that the

    brand has to offer to purchase jewelry? The

    answer to all of these questions is, no. The

    lack of brand awareness is a major pitfall,

    but as the issue is addressed, the new resolution could propel this company higher.

    OpportunitiesThe windows of opportunity are open for

    Zales. The jewelry industry is extremely

    competitive and plays a major role in fashion

    retailing. High-end jewelry is always wanted

    for anniversarys, gifts, engagements, or

    simply just because. But, what does Zales have

    to offer? In this window of opportunity, Zales

    has a large chance to take the consumers by storm by enlarging its target market

    through creative, out-of-the box advertising.

    1313 Research

  • When the company logo is revamped with a classic, yet fresh touch, Zales will gain a an even

    larger retail audience. Zales usually stays safe with emotional campaigns, helping couples say I

    love you. To compete with others Zales can offer

    a more humorous and emotional advertising

    campaigns. Next, in addition to other customer

    loyalty programs that are revolving, Zales has

    the opportunity to create a more progressive

    customer program. This program has the

    opportunity to gain and include first time Zales

    shoppers to benefit from shopping Zales Jewelers.

    Key ThreatsOne of the key threats has always been competition. But, particularly, there is the advancement of

    competitive advertising such as Kay Jewelers and

    Jared. Kay Jewelers has the recognizable catchphrase:

    Every kiss begins with K. Jared- The Galleria of

    Jewelry has that famous line in commercials: He

    went to Jared ( By the use catchy

    and memorable catchphrases, customers are more apt to think of these places whenever he or she needs to purchase jewelry. Other jewelry store

    prices are also competitive, causing Zales sales to be threatened by these low pricing strategies.

    The PurposeAny strong company has weaknesses and the point of

    this project is to magnify those strengths, to decrease

    and eliminate those weaknesses in order for Zales to expand into larger markets and increase sales.

    The Solutio