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Transcript of YOUR INSTAGRAM BeWorthFollowing · PDF file YOUR INSTAGRAM CHECKLIST #BeWorthFollowing MONTHLY...



    CHECKLIST #BeWorthFollowing

    MONTHLY INSTAGRAM TASKS: To set yourself up for success, do these things at the beginning of the month so you have daily content for your Instagram platform. Also, when creating graphics, be sure to utilize o Create a list of 30-value based tips. Then, create a graphic for each tip. o Create a list of 30 fun, industry related questions that you can ask your community. Then, create a graphic for each one. o Create 4 #MotivationMonday posts/graphics that you can use to motivate your target audience. o Create 4 #TransformationTuesday posts/graphics that highlight how a client of yours has been transformed! o Create 4 #WednesdayWisdom posts/graphics where you share your wisdom to your target audience. o Find 4 #TBT (Throwback Thursday) pictures that you can use throughout the month. o Create 4 #FridayReads posts/graphics and share some of your favorite books with your target audience.

    INSIDER TIP: The goal with the monthly tasks is to not only get in on the trending hashtags on Instagram (because Instagram revolves around hashtags), but to also provide VALUE to your audience! When you create an Instagram platform that is filled with value, people will engage!

    Remember: For each post, use RELEVANT hashtags. Create the copy for your post and then place your hashtags as the first comment for that post. You are allowed up to 30 hashtags for each post (that doesn’t mean you have to use 30 all the time…the key is make sure that the hashtags you do use, are relevant). Create a list of the hashtags that you will use on a regular basis on a Note app on your phone. That way, when you post, you can copy and paste the hashtags into the first comment.

    Lastly, I would encourage you to not post more than 4x a day. 1-3 posts a day is ideal. Below, you will see a variety of ideas that you can utilize!



    CHECKLIST #BeWorthFollowing



    INSTAGRAM INSIDER TIP: Want to schedule your Instagram posts? Check out This tool is GREAT for scheduling some of your IG posts ahead of time!

    Post #1: “Day of the week” Trending Hashtag

    Post #2: Ask a fun, random question

    Post #3: Share a behind the scenes photo or personal photo

    Post #4: Share a value-based industry related tip

    Respond to comments left on your posts

    Connect with 10+ new people in your industry

    Repost a post from one of your influencers or someone you follow (Use the Repost App to do this)

    Comment and like on the posts of others (5 minimum)

    Send a DM (Direct Message) to your new followers. Don’t sell to them. Just welcome them and let them know that you are happy to connect and if they need anything, to let you know. The key here is to just reach out and engage.

    Review Your Posts: Go to and review which of your posts received the most love and comments. Do you see a trend? What posts is your audience engaging with the most? What do you need to post more of?

    Analyze Your Statistics: Go to and review your statistics. Who unfollowed you? Who followed you that you need to follow back? Who are your most engaged followers? Are you engaging back with them? Are you gaining new followers on a weekly basis?