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Nathan Spicer shares about the impact of YeHeIs.

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2. yesHEis iOS, Android, Windows 3. INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH I want to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and have prayed for years to have that assurance. I do not have the peace (nor) feel the assurance that I have been saved. Please pray that God will answer that prayer. - Does this mean that someone has to be born again to go to heaven? Can a good Muslim or Jewish person also die and be with God? - I do want to trust in God! I know God has a plan for me. I dont know what it is. I am going through some hard times in my life right now, and have asked God to take over and do what He will with it. However, I have a lot of decisions I need to make, and I need to know which ones are what God wants. I want to do what God wants, but how do I know its right? - I am a single Mom with two daughters and am at a major life transition. God has been working with me for some time. I have made some bad decisions and have been failing to follow Gods instructions. My life has been falling apart financially and in every other way. When I saw the video it affirmed for me that I was not trusting in Christ. I am going to put my trust in Christ going forward. Please put my family and me on your prayer list if you have one. 4. INDIA Thank you so much for your help. I havent met with Jesus personally but I always pray to him that hell change my life. I dont know, sometimes I feel so confused and also I used to have nightmares: devils with horrible faces tried to harm me. When I called Jesus name, then they disappeared suddenly. I want to get rid of these nightmares too. - I use alcohol three times a week. How can I get free from it? - God I am over burdened with a loan. Do I have to commit suicide? - Is Jesus God or Messenger of God? If I want become a Christian which group should I join or which church should I go to? - There are lots of religions in this world. Each one has its own gods to believe. I just dont understand, who made these gods? I know gods create people, so the question is who created these gods? I hope to receive my answer very soon. 5. CHINA I was a Muslim who refused to accept Jesus is the real God. (Now he has received the Lord into his heart.) - Although sometimes I still have fear and depression, I am willing to allow God to strengthen me. Thank you. - I am a Christian. Praise God, I can pray better now, although recently my life is very hardtroubles, despair, a failed relationship and job. Nothing is clear about the meaning of life. I know God loves me, but I was not able to embrace it. I am a Christian, but I have made so many mistakes. I am earnestly seeking freedom, but feel so bound by something. Life is so hard! If it is possible, can you pray for me? I feel I am outside of Gods home, like a prodigal son for many years. God is there, but I cannot get closer to Him. (She has recommitted her life to Jesus.) I just lost my husband who I love deeply. My heart is full of guilt, blame and sadness. - I feel so confused! My mother worries about everything. She organises everything for me. I feel if I leave her I cant handle anything. My grandma and mum are Christians, but I am afraid to be with them. My grandma is so negative. She has no faith. Although she prays daily, her heart is dark because all she talks about are the dead people in her life. My mum also never sees any good in my life. She always treats me like a problem child. I have been working for three years now but my mum still treats me like a two year old. Mum does so much for me, it is debilitating. I feel so unbalanced and left the Lord. I havent prayed for a long time. Can I come back to the Lord? Will Jesus still help me? 6. INDONESIA I am Moslem who lives without hope to face my problems. My life is completely ruined and there is no one who cares. That is why I use this forum to share my burdens. I would like to meet with the Lord Jesus the One who is always full of love. I am sure that the Lord Jesus is real. - As a Muslim, I want to ask few things. Who allowed Jesus crucifixion? Is it the real Jesus (Isa) who was crucified? If Jesus is the Son of God, should God not be angry when His son is crucified? In Christianity, there is God the Father and God the Son. Is it logical that there is more than one God? Is it not a more logical explanation that Adam is the son of God because he does not have a father and mother? - I am a Muslim and currently working in a government bank. I am terrorised by the debt collectors. A Kyai (Muslim leader) tricked me and I lost a lot of money. I am frustrated so I tried gambling. I want to repent and consider following Jesus if he can save me from this trouble. - As a Muslim, I want to ask how to believe that Jesus is real? Is there any saviour for this dark world? I really want to know. Is there any miracle that can make me believe in Jesus?