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Find out more about Xiaomi! Find out more about the fastest growing and one of the top app stores in China!

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  • 1. Xiaomi MIUI App Market

2. Xiaomi MIUI App Store Milestones 5.10 Developer platform launched Operation team established 6.29 11.15 200 million total app downloads 100 million total app downloads 1.05 400 million total app downloads 4.09 7.02 800 million total app downloads Xiaomi App Store was officially launched in June 2012 3. Aug 30th, 2013: Xiaomi App Market reached 1 billion total downloads (took 391 days) 4. Key Numbers Ranked 5th in China amongst 200+ other app stores 18,000,000+ users 1,300,000+ daily searches 5,000,000+ daily downloads 5. Xiaomi App Market distribution 70% of Xiaomi users utilize the Xiaomi app store In 2013, Xiaomi sold 7.5 million handsets in the first half of the year and expected to sell over 20 million by year end. Total Xiaomi devices produced so far: 15 million+ 6. Xiaomi users are one of the most active Android users in China SourceTop 40 (:2013-5-012013-5-31) Galaxy S3 Note2 S2 Ace 1s 1 2 Note C8812 C8813 7. Books EntertainmentPhotography Most popular app categories in Xiaomi App Market: 8. Least popular categories in Xiaomi App Market: Education Music & Videos 9. Other trends to note The mid market segment for the Shopping, Education and Travel and Traffic categories, showed good growth trends and momentum 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Shopping Education Travel & Traffic 10. Network data shows: - 92.5% of apps are downloaded from WiFi network - More than 10% of utilize carrier network to download from the most popular app categories: photography, book and entertainment - Only 4% of users utilize carrier network to download the least popular app categories: Education and Music & Videos 11. Xiaomi App Market download patterns throughout the day 37% of downloads occurs after 8pm Weekends are the peak periods 0:00 6:00 12:00 18:00 12. Our team is always looking for new and interesting apps for Xiaomi users! Add your app into one of the fastest growing app stores in the nation! Your app can get up 20,000+ downloads per day depending on popularity and other factors 13. Further inquiries: michelle.cheung@xiaomi.com