X- TREME C USTOMER S ERVICE = X- TREME P ROFITS Ed Laflamme, LIC The Harvest Group 284 New Canaan...

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Transcript of X- TREME C USTOMER S ERVICE = X- TREME P ROFITS Ed Laflamme, LIC The Harvest Group 284 New Canaan...

  • X-TREME CUSTOMER SERVICE=X-TREME PROFITSEd Laflamme, LICThe Harvest Group284 New Canaan RoadWilton, CT [email protected]TING.COM203.858.4696

  • Why give X-treme Customer Service?

  • The cost of acquiring a new customer is 5 times that of retaining an existing one-INC Magazine

    MoreThe Why

  • CustomerPeopleCultureCustomerCulture

  • How do you measure up?

  • Customer Satisfaction ScorecardYour Customers

    Indicators#sGradeReferralsSurveysExtra Work %Renewals / $Multi-Year renewals w/$

  • Top 5 Qualities of your Fantasy Customer: Customers

  • Your CustomersClassify your customer relationship

    NewVendorsTrusted AdvisorsPartnersJobs in Jeopardy

    Re-evaluate at least every 6 months

  • All customers are not equal80/20 PrincipleYour Customers

  • Your PeopleCustomerPeopleCulture

  • Your People

  • Hire RightYour PeopleQualitiesnatural leadersflexiblestrongcommunicationskillshardworkingGoalorientedselfmotivatedambitious

  • Zappos Family Core Values:

    Deliver WOW Through ServiceEmbrace & Drive ChangeCreate Fun & A Little WeirdnessBe Adventurous, Creative & Open-MindedPursue Growth & Learning

    Your People

  • 6.Build Open & Honest Relationships With Communication7.Build a Positive Team & Family Spirit8.Do More with Less9.Be Passionate & Determined10.Be Humble

    Zappos Family Core Values:

  • What does YOUR ideal Employee look like?

  • Attitude is Everything

    Your People

  • CustomerPeopleCulture

  • What is a customer service culture?Companies create a culture that supports excellence in customer service. It's not that they simply train their employees in customer service skills. What they do is ensure that customer service is interwoven into everything the company does

    Customer service excellence simply becomes the way things are done around here.

  • Creating an Xtreme Service Culture

    Know your CustomerDeliver Consistent & Superior workCreates TrustAnticipate NeedsSense of Belonging

    The How

  • Build Relationships NOT Transactions

    Trader Joes Advice to Entrepreneurs It's passive just to "know your customer." You must choose your customer, and then target your business toward them.

    Eds Advice now that you have the right customers get to know them even better

    The How

  • Actions to building an Xtreme Service CultureSurveysCRMCustomer Profiling Comment cardsCustomer Care Managers

    The How

  • Deliver Superior WorkBe on timeCompetenceTrainingProfessional Development

    The How

  • CommunicationE-newsletterCallsCommunicationFace-to-facePhone etiquette

    The How

  • The HowCommunication

  • The HowCommunication

  • The HowCommunication

  • Great Culture Breeds Trust

    Its All About Trust

  • Its All About Trust

    Deliver what you promiseCompetenceConsistency

    Example: Fedex/UPS

  • Its All About Trust

    Actions: Follow up after job is doneTrainingSet and manage expectationsJob startup meetingCustomer Evaluation

  • Anticipate NeedsAmazon/iTunes examplesWalk the propertyWhat is the property potential?What is your customers vision?ManageExpectationsAnticipateNeeds

  • Sense of belongingApple StoryCustomer of the monthHallmark SignatureWhat is your hallmark? If you dont have one, create one now!

  • Loyalty programs

    Customer Appreciation

  • Promoting X-treme Customer Service

    Internal Discussion GroupsJob Descriptions, performance reviews: CSProcesses and TrainingEmpower people meet the needs of each customer & to sWall of FameReinforce importance of XCS 24/7

    Your People

  • Empower Your PeopleTo fully meet or exceed customer expectationsTo solve issuesExample: Ritz CarltonWhat is your policy?Action: If you dont have one create one today!

  • Stay in touch

    Ask Ask Ask

    Thank Thank Thank

  • Moments of Truth

    Your Culture

  • Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word:

    1. Recognize the problem2. Acknowledge it3. Apologize4. Own it5. Fix it6. Hug the customerjack mitchell

    Your Culture

  • Barriers to Xtreme Customer Service?

  • Your People:Internal Discussion GroupsJob Descriptions, performance reviews: CSXCS TrainingWall of FameReinforce importance of XCS 24/7Publish your XCS policy on everythingCreate an employee empowerment policyRewards based CS incentives

    3 in 3Your Customers:Profile your customersJob Startup MeetingLost Job AnalysisNeeds AssessmentCustomer Satisfaction SurveyWhat is your hallmark? If you dont have one, create one now!CRM80/20Comment cardsCustomer Care Managers

  • Ed Laflamme, LICThe Harvest Group284 New Canaan RoadWilton, CT [email protected]TING.COM203.858.4696

    *Overview of workshopGoalsUnderstanding CS3 Action Items; written down, turned in*To gain Loyal CustomersReferalsProfit*Loyalty;ReferralsUpsalesFriendshipsForgivenessPROFITS

    referrals upsales friendships forgiveness profits*Loyal shoppers is largely due to their passionate approach to customer service: "Rule #1 -- The Customer is Always Right"; Rule #2 - If the Customer is Ever Wrong, Re-Read Rule #1." This principle is so essential to the foundation of the company that it is etched in a three-ton granite stone at the entrance of every store**survey*review*Breakout groups of 3s. 5 qualities of ideal customersCustomer Selection Criteria*Now target the market!Drive to the $$*Notes: Create your 80/20 list***explain*3 acct mgrs to dinner*Positive problem solvers, passionate about their job, customer is king

    **ExplainWalmart example how feel?Mark in Venice; how feel?Make them feel special; Lollipop*ExplainWalmart example how feel?Mark in Venice; how feel?Make them feel special; Lollipop*ExplainWalmart example how feel?Mark in Venice; how feel?Make them feel special; Lollipop*Who answers the phone? How many rings?Never say cantNEVER ask caller to call back*Grammmarspelling rereadsubject line greetingClosing: good will *Listening MOST importantSecret shopper experience*Development, implementation, documentation, reinforcement of CUSTOMER CULTUREThe employees at The Ritz-Carlton are empowered to use their own good judgment in doing "whatever it takes" to ensure a customer's satisfaction. This often involves committing some portion of the company's resources without permission from anyone. Each employee can: (1) "move heaven and earth" to satisfy a customer, (2) contact appropriate employees to solve a problem swiftly, and (3) spend up to $2,000 in order to satisfy a guest.**Joe GerardGary from Tom James

    *what happens when big dreams get mugged by reality? Thats what Nancy Fein addressed in her talk. As soon as the first Lexus 400 sedans hit the market, she said, the company learned that there were three minor technical problems with the car.So more than 300 Lexus officials organized into small groups and traveled to all parts of the country. They visited the affected customers at home, brought them a gift, apologized for the glitches in person, and, of course, brought along a technician who fixed the problems. On the spot. In their driveways. A familiar story, but I was very interested to read about a more current event:Last year, another small problem developed with a Lexus modelthis time, the new ES 350 sedan. Something about the transmission skipping second gear and slipping from first to third. (Dont ask for more details, Im not a car guy.) The problem affected about 700 cars before the Lexus factories fixed it. This time, rather than visit customers at their homes, Lexus did ask them to visit their dealer. But instead of just fixing the problem, Lexus gave all the affected customers a brand new car. No questions asked. **What prevents you? No time Costs money.No processesNo trainingNo consistencyNo cooperation No commitment***