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The story of one of the the greatest World Cups - with links to video clips of highlights from the best games and most sublime moments. Ideal for classroom use. With learning activities here: More World Cup history here:

Transcript of World Cup 1970

The 1970 World Cup

Sample chapter & audio of The Big Match here:

The 1970 World Cup

The qualifying campaign for the 1970 World Cup does not go well. A war breaks out between two competing nations. There are riots in the host countrys capital, Mexico City. And there's a strange incident involving the England captain, Bobby Moore.El Salvador and Honduras are neighbours in Central America. In June 1969 they play each other to qualify for the 1970 World Cup. Honduras win the first game at home 1-0, but a week later El Salvador win the return match 3-0. At this time, goal difference is not counted so the two teams are level. They now have to play a replay in Mexico City. Two weeks later there is a replay a very tense atmosphere. The score is 2-2 at the end on normal time. In extra-time El Salvador scored a dramatic winning goal. Riots followed the game and almost immediately a war started between the two countries. It only lasts a 100 hours but around three thousand people are killed. Stolen Bracelet Another bizarre incident in the lead up to the tournament begins when England captain, Bobby Moore walks into a jewellers in Bogota, Colombia. He is with a team mate, and is looking for a present for his wife but is about to leave when the shop assistant called hotel security. You have stolen a diamond necklace, she says. The Colombian police arrive. They search but do not find the necklace. Moore is released. Then a man calls the police. I saw Bobby Moore put the necklace into his pocket, he says. Moore is arrested at his team hotel in Bogota. The police detain Moore in Bogota for three days until the British Consulate finally secures his release. Almost immediately the England team fly out of Colombia. What really happened? It is still not clear but probably it was probably an attempt by a criminal gang to blackmail Bobby Moore. The England team are not popular with local Mexicans. They bring their own food from the UK but this is illegal. The Mexicans burn it at the airport. There are more problems for England at their hotel. On the nights before matches, Mexican and Brazilian supporters drive their cars around the hotel. Brazil As usual, Brazil also have problems before the tournament. Centre forward, Tostao, has not played for nearly a year because of serious eye injury. There are also arguments in the dressing room. A few days before the first match their manager resigns, claiming that politicians are trying to pick the team. Despite these difficulties, Brazil quickly show that they have a great team. In the first game, they beat Czechoslovakia 4-1, with two goals by Jairzinho, one by Pel, and one by Rivelino. Brazil's then beat England, 1-0, in a wonderful match, won by a goal by Jairzinho. Many expect the two teams to meet again in the Final. See brief highlight here:

The 1970 World Cup

Sample chapter & audio of The Big Match here: Italy draw level and Luigi Riva then scores an amazing goal with his le foot. Surely they are in the Final now? Somehow West Germany equalise but Rivera scores again. Italy nally win the game 4-3 (YouTube highlights) e Final In the Final, Brazil give a masterAbove all it has Pel. e Brazilian striker plays brilliantly throughout, scoring four goals. He is the best player in perhaps the nest team in the history of football. Pel does incredible things with the ball. In the semi-nal against Uruguay he tries to chip the goalkeeper from the halfway line - and almost scores! In the same game Pel does another amazing trick which you can see here Inspiration Like all great players, Pel lis the standard of play from those around him. He even inspires those playing against him. In the England-Brazil game the England goalkeeper, Gordon Banks, makes what Pel describes as the best I have ever seen. And Bobby Moore makes what is described as the perfect tackle See Banks save here: Pel Pel is the greatest player in the history of the World Cup. He played in four tournaments: Sweden 1958, Chile 1962, England 1966, and Mexico 1970. ough injured in two of these tournaments, he was a member of three World Cup winning squads. He scored 12 goals in 14 World Cup matches.

In the quarter nals England face West Germany - a repeat of the 1966 Final. e night before the game the England goalkeeper, Gordon Banks becomes ill. His replacement, Chelsea goalkeeper, Peter Bonetti has not played for more than six weeks. England start well and are leading 2-0 with only twenty minutes le. Manager, Alf Ramsey is condent enough to take o Bobby Charlton to rest him for the semi-nal. Everything starts to go wrong for England. Beckenbauer scores to make it 2-1. en 34 year-old Uwe Seeler heads the ball over the England goalkeeper. It seems a simple save but Bonetti is England goal is blinded by the sun reecting o Seelers bald head. In extra time Mueller volleys the winner. (YouTube highlights) In another exciting quarter nal between two attacking teams, Brazil beat Peru 4-2. Semi Finals In a repeat of the 1950 World Cup Final, Brazil meet Uruguay. is time Brazil win 3-1, with one of their goals a tremendous shot by Rivelino. e other semi-nal is one of the most exciting matches in the history of the competition. Aer beating England, West Germany are the favourites but Italy take the lead. en with only seconds le to play, West Germany equalise. In extra time Germany takes the lead aer ve minutes. en captain, Franz Beckenbauer, seriously injures his shoulder. He plays the rest of the game with his arm strapped to his body.

class in the beautiful game. ey beat Italy 4-1, with goals by Gerson, Jairzinho, Pel & Carlos Alberto. CarIos Alberto's goal in the nal has been voted the best goal of all time by British football fans. e team that wins Brazil their third World Cup championship is not perfect. e defence is weak and the goalkeeper has some very bad games. Despite these faults, this is perhaps the most exciting and entertaining team ever to play in a World Cup. Fun Facts about 1970 Brazil team: 7 players scored a record 19 goals All 7 featured in the Carlos Alberto goal Jairzinho scored in every match Best ever e Mexican summer causes serious physical problems for the players. Matches are played at high altitude in thin air with reduced oxygen. ey are also played during the hottest part of the day. Despite these diculties, the 1970 World Cup is remembered as perhaps the greatest football tournament in the history of the game. It has wonderful games, great goals and moments of individual genius.

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