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This is given in conjunction with the Teacher Librarian providing great and not-so great examples of book talks.

Transcript of World Class Book Reviews

  • 1. World Class Book Reviews

2. 3. Choose your Book
4. On your Blank paperWrite the title in the circle.
6. So, how do you grab the attention of your audience??
Read a short section
or quote
Ask a Question
Describe the setting.
7. Grabber Ideas
Title of Book
8. Take two minutes to think about your book.what kind of hook are you going to use?
9. 10. How you will be graded.
11. ??Good or Bad??
12. Plot summary points
Grabber Ideas
Title of Book
13. Take four minutes to write down 3 to 5 major points that you think your plot summary should include.
14. Developing an opinion
Ask yourself a few questions.
What was your reaction to the characters?
Did the plot flow smoothly?
Did the conflict make sense?
Did you like the way the story ended?
Was there anything you didnt like?Why?
If you were going to change the story, what would you improve?
15. Plot summary points
Grabber Ideas
Title of Book